INCIDENT  N - 01 - I - 019


COVERING THE TIME LINE   67-070   THRU   73-013




[C]  1983








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W. L. WAALS 080
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LSD-25 133



THE 1978-1979 LA. LAW REVISIONS 152































THE N1I19 report is a compilation of personal experiences and observations of events centering about the Mental Health System in the State of Louisiana during a critical period of US History and includes data with a broad scope of applications.
N1I19 deals with the attempt by the government to suppress the publication of another book, called Plan Theory, and with the methods and techniques - seen from first hand experience - that the Government will use against the Citizens when it disagrees with them even though they have broken no law.
During the N1I19 period,  the US Government developed a Master Plan for establishing an absolute dictatorship.  Part of this plan included the CIA project called "Mind Control" which was  implemented using Psychiatrists. Both Tulane University and Louisiana State University had CIA contracts during the N1119 period and Charity Hospital of Louisiana was used as a setting for bizarre Medical experiments directed against helpless people and others that the Government  did not like.
As a Tulane University student I was targeted for discreditation and destruction when it became known that I planned to write a book called "Plan Theory". Young then, I had no idea that what had happened was that innocently searching for the truth - and so finding it - I had been classified as an "enemy of the State" and it was the intent of the State to kill me. It seemed un-real then- and now as well - that the basic facts of life are the most closely guarded Government Top Secrets and that the US Government fears the TRUTH above all military weapons and will kill to prevent its public disclosure. However, experience has shown that this is the way it is.
The system of political prisons in the United States is called the "Mental Health System" and It is - I learned - directly run by the Intelligence Community itself. Additionally, there are "secret police" known by various names who operate in "the interest of the Government". The "interest of the Government" is to keep the people in ignorance So that, helpless and frightened, they will "worship the political bosses".
The President of Tulane University turned out to be a Government Agent and another Government Agent, named Phillip A. Schaefer was a Psychiatrist at the Student Health Service. Schaefer joined the Government Spy Network while in the US Air Force where he was initiated into the secret cult that runs the country and given a "Q-rating" (this is the code letter for "Top Secret" in the US System)
Phillip Schaefer, whom I was ordered to talk to, said that he thought that my ideas were those that "might upset some people" and that he was empowered to lock up for life - on his own say so - any person who he felt knew things that might upset other people unless they agreed voluntarily take mind control drugs. He became very upset when I refused to take the mind destroying chemicals which he said he had the power to force on people at will.
Schaefer, a Government Agent, acting under the authority of Longnecker, a secret agent for the IDA [Institute for Defense Analysis] who ran Tulane University as a  secret front for the CIA project Mind Control,  then said he would order me arrested under his absolute arbitrary authority  to be sent to a forced drugging camp called HB6 which was also run by personnel from Tulane University.


Once captured by the Medical Cult it proved difficult to escape.
Systematic testing of all legitimate sources proved that there is no easily accessible group that has the power to stop psychiatrists from essentially doing whatever they want to a person - including murder.
I tried lawyers, the ACLU, legal aid services, and all conceivable places that  normally can help people who are under government attack, however none of these places had the power to stop psychiatrists.
I was finally able to stop the psychiatrists myself by infiltrating the medical cult and learning its secrets and ways of operation and also by learning about another thing which has today been given the popular name "the Force" which means the power which comes from GOD.
In the concentration camps I learned that I was never alone and that not only was the "Force" there but there were others - real people - who had assignments to help other people -  sometimes they were patients - sometimes lowly staff like janitors - none of them had titles or were rich and famous - but they were "agents of the Force".  They formed the counter-secret network to control the government - thru the "Force" - when it got out of line.
So in N1I19 I will go with the student down the rabbit hole and try to give a fairly well rounded look at the Mental Health System in the United States and point at it from different perspectives to give a more complete viewpoint.
People studying Nut Farms and the Psychiatric Movement should know that it is not a trivial subject. Basically, it involves Religion and Atheism and Metaphysics and the Occult or psychic World. You may say that none of these things exist and all this is crazy - you are right this is what it is called and that is why you can't find good teachers and Masters - they are all in Government Concentration Camps labeled "crazy" - and it is in these places that the secret war between the government of Earth and the Government of the Higher Worlds is fought out and played out most viciously.
So we begin with the Time Line - which has been re-generated from the Akashic Records (they are very accurate and are one reason that Mind Control does not work 100% of the time).


The following is explanation for interpretation on special nomenclature used in the N1I19 Report. These symbols are designed to simplify the report writing because they identify key areas mentioned often.



B4                                        TULANE UNIVERSITY


HB5                                     CHARITY HOSPITAL OF NEW ORLEANS


HB6                                      SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA HOSPITAL (MANDEVILLE)


HB7                                      SOUTHEASTERN AFTERCARE CENTER

                                              A/K/A  SOUTHEASTERN MENTAL HEALTH CENTER

                                              A/K/A  CHARTERS MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC


HB9                                       EAST LOUISIANA STATE HOSPITAL (JACKSON)



The N1I19 period is subdivided into ten periods for compartmentalization.

The period codes P1 thru Pl0 represent these divisions of the

Time Line. What was going on during each period is summarized below:








HB5,  HB6   [1st. trip]








HB5,  HB6   [2nd. trip]








HB5,  HB6   [3rd. trip]








HB5,  HB9















The code "L2" refers to the time frame of  67070  thru  77070

The N1I19 period covers the time frame of 67070  thru  73013


This is a "white paper" format report for the incident period.  This means that nothing has been omitted for any reason and that the report contains all the correct names of the persons and places involved.  We have a right to seek the truth and report the truth to the best of our ability.  It has been arranged for this report to remain available on the internet forever and it will not be removed, censored or edited for any reason.







Data for time line has been re-generated directly from the Akcashic Records which are extremely accurate.

N1I19 time line covers about seven years which is a long time and since to record all events would result in writing an encyclopedia length report the events reported are mainly by summary and also are those events concerning overt civil rights and law violations which would be generally recognizable to the average person as such.

No event history is ever lost because all is recorded in Akashic Records and so the truth cannot be covered up - it is simply not possible. persons who think that when they tear up a document or kill someone who knows too much or hide information and stamp it "secret" and the like that they have evaded the truth are wrong because the Universal Records System records all and there is no escape from it. Therefore there is no escape from the truth, or from the deeds committed by people, groups, and the Government, and also no escape for payment for those deeds.

During Project Mind Control the Government thought that it could make a dictatorship by using drugs to stop people from thinking and could also control their thoughts. But, unaware of the Universal Laws and the Universal Records System they apparently did not realize that everything they did - and thought about doing - was recorded forever and that one day they would have to face the truth and pay for their crimes against the people.

Psychiatrists and psychologists,  thinking that people were animals and refusing to believe in religious truth,  felt that people could be "conditioned" in camps where they were given obedience training like dogs to do anything the state wanted under theories proposed by Pavlov relating to conditioned response. Being atheists these things made sense to them and still do - but they have a lesson to learn someday as has the US Government and that lesson is that there is no escape from the truth and no escape from Universal Justice.




Here I will detail the material from the Sophomore year at Tulane University which was the fall semester of the year (session)

1966-1967 which was causal to N1I19. The semester terminated on 67-031 and the incident began on 67-070.

I was trying (not too successfully) to get a break from school so that I could write my book (Plan Theory).. However, the forces of the establishment  were making themselves known and interfering to the point that it was not possible to concentrate.

I had to return to B4 this semester because I was threatened under penalty of death by a female named Elieen Wagenshauer who was a Government Agent for the SSS who said that I must either go to College or be sent to be killed by the state in Vietnam - a war contrived by the US Government to boost the economy.

Therefore under threat of death I submitted and returned to B4.  I had no intention of being intimidated and was locking for some way out of the "system" but it appeared that the "system", also being intelligent, had found al the loopholes and plugged them up.

While in B4, my Grandmother was learning from a friend named Blanche Thompson whom she worked for about the method that she had found to keep her son in line - she kept him drugged. She explained that she had simply had him certified insane -that the police came out and caught him - and then he was taken off to be drugged and sent home "quiet and co-operative". She kept the supply of pills (Thorazine - so he could not move around; and Stelazine - so he could not think straight) and she made sure he took the pills and stayed drugged all the time. If he did not take the pills, she could call the cops to take him away and force the pills down his throat. It was a good racket - she kept the guy as a pet kid.

I knew that my Grandmother was in a conspiracy to get rid of me with the assistant dean of the Engineering School, John Martines, who was the advocate for the ROTC program at Tulane and believed in authoritarianism, but it was felt that this was not and easy thing to do.  I had my Grandmother under close surveillance and knew of the secret phone conversations that she was having with her co-conspirators at Tulane University,  however she would never admit to me that she was plotting a scheme with the University to ruin my life.

My Mother and Grandmother were summoned to secret meetings at B4 with Dr. Elbert Lee Hoffman, the then Director of Financial Aid and he told them (his degree was in Psychology) about the methods the University had to force mind control drugs on students against their will. Hoffman referred them to John Martinez.

Martinez then threatened me that I would be thrown out of the University unless I went to see the campus shrink and of course to be thrown out was to be immediately killed in Vietnam so it was essentially an order to be drugged or killed - take my choice.

As of (current) there is Federal Legislation which prohibits the staff of any University which receives Federal Aid from ordering students to take mind controlling drugs - however it was not in effect during the N1I19 period.



Therefore, under threats I was forced to see a Philip A. Schaefer - the campus shrink. Schaefer wanted me to take the mind altering drug Stelazine and was surprised when I refused. "Everyone takes drugs - these will help you - do what I say because I'm a doctor, etc..." but I refused. He had no power to force the drugs on me but he said I had to come and talk to him or I would be thrown out of the University.

I left B4 at the end of that semester on 67-031. It was felt that at least I would not be under intimidation from the shrink although I would now be threatened with being drafted.

While talking with Schaefer I had asked him if he didn't have any rules or regulations to follow in his manipulation of people's' lives and he answered that as a Psychiatrist he was above all rules and that "we do as we like".  This proved to be an honest answer because it appears that there is no effective weapon against these "paternalists" - short of  blowing them away.

I had now left B4 reasoning that I would not hear from Schaefer since he was employed by Tulane and I was no longer a member of the Tulane Family (sounds like the mob ... doesn't it;  it is, in a way - but the mob Tulane belongs to is called the US Government Inner Circle  and is worse than the mob-type mob).  It was not to be so, however, because Schaefer decided on his own "initiative" to take all of the records on our talks and give them to the State Mental Health Clinic so they could harass me.  This may seem unethical because, after all,   these records  are supposed to be confidential and released only with patient consent - however doctors have no ethics and apparently there is no remedy to correct this. I was now getting calls from some place that called itself  "Pontchartrain Health Clinic"  telling me how they knew all about "my problem" and how I needed their help - I told them I did not want any thing to do with them and to stop calling.

They did, but now Schaefer sent all the records to Charity Hospital and to his friend, William Christian Super, the director of Psychiatry. He also sent copies of the confidential files to the Coroner, Carl Raburn. He (the Coroner) later committed suicide (which may reflect on the state of his brain)- then Schaefer entered into a conspiracy with my Grandmother, William Super, Carl Raburn, Blanche Thompson, J. Browne Larose, and a relative named Harry Duke to have me sent away for the rest of my life- where " I could get this treatment (drugs) I needed so bad".

The conspiracy was plotted without the knowledge of my mother. Grandmother had had my mother certified insane years ago after my father died - in this way she could control everything. She could control me now because she controlled my mother and I was 20 years old (you needed to be 21 then to be an "adult"- I would be 21 soon- but if certified insane she could keep both my mother and me as pets - and this was apparently the long range plan.





P1 covers material during the period 67-070 thru 67-146 which is the original conspiracy to arrest and commit, the first secret trial and the first time at Charity Hospital (HB5) and then at Mandeville (HB6). This is the introductory period to the sets and sets the formative patterns to be used later.


It was a weekend and I was working in the back yard when Grandmother and Blanche Thompson, who were inside the house, secretly let pigs into the house and they crashed thru the back door to take me away. I asked them if I had any "rights" and they laughed saying "No,  man - none at all - you see rights are for  people who are being arrested but you are being committed.

I was then taken off to HB5.  At HB5 I was told not to worry because a representative of the Coroner's Office would come and see me and he would probably let me out. This later was found to be a lie.  In real life, the Coroner never sees the people he orders put away - he just signs papers as a courtesy to doctors and to politicians who want to get rid of people.

It was an introduction to the concept of "stonewalling", a term which would later become popular during the Watergate period. I learned by experience that everything that doctors and hospital staff say is a lie or deliberate deception of some type - just to stall for time. You only have so much time in a lifetime so the "stonewalling" technique is effective and avoids direct confrontation.

Student nurses were running the ward (C-301) where I was and they had orders to find out if I was "in touch with reality". The method used to find this out was to ask if you knew what the date was, the time was, and where you were. If you did, you were written up as "officially in touch" and if not you were labeled "disoriented". Since most people are brought in from the House of Detention where they have been held in rat filled dark cells for days it is not un-common that they would not know what the date was.

Meeting With Buddington

An old, tall and skinny man who said he was a doctor came to see me.  He did not give his name. The guy was freaky and talked as if he were addressing a small child saying "How are we doing - I am a doctor - you have a problem ?  Tell me your problem.  Doctors help people - I am a doctor..." He rambled on like this for a while until I said "This is just like in the book '1984' ".  This stopped the rambling and the man began to talk in ordinary English.  "1984 ? You read the book - so I see - So, you read the book. .well now. I am not your regular doctor, she will see you later". The old man left. I learned later that this man was Ralph Wells Buddington, an employee of Tulane and an agent for the US Government [Buddington said later his security classification was "Super Q - Quasar Rating"]. His assignment was to do experiments on people who knew too much about the Kennedy Assassination so that they would never live to talk. He was, in fact, the real life equivalent of the "Thought Police" from the fiction book "1984", which I had mentioned to him. His wife was also an agent and she worked at the Counseling and Testing service on the Tulane Campus. She and I had passed each other in the hall and I had never known who she was.

This brought to a close day one. At 8 PM everyone was ordered to line up to be drugged for the night. There were no drugs for me yet. All the other people had drugs and they were poured down their throats. It was standard practice that in addition to whatever other special drugs were ordered to make everyone drink a glass of liquid "chloral hydrate" (a classical hypnotic drug) at this time. No doctor had to authorize this - it was just part of the routine, like food and water. I was sent into a cell block with about fifteen black inmates who spent the rest of the night trying to rape me. Such was day one.


There were two sets of visiting hours on Sunday. During the first set Grandmother came with a neighbor, Randolph Dennis, a man who lived across the street "for protection".    He apparently was also a co-conspirator with the group. I warned her that I would eventually now go to the press and call in the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). She left, but the staff overheard  the word "press".  Press, it appears, is not a good thing to say. Using the telephone and writing letters are carefully guarded "privileges" and they were then taken away so there was no way to communicate with the outside world. Everything, I learned later, is called a "privilege" - including the right to remain alive at all. I could not help but wonder why no one on the "outside" ever talked about what was going on in here -now I learned the answer - once "in the system" you never return to the outside world in any shape to talk to anyone - and all communication from the inside is censored.

During the evening visiting hours Joseph Peter Frederick, a "friend" from high school and now also a classmate at Tulane came to visit. We both had read "1984" and now he was finding out too that these things talked about in "science fiction" books are not "fiction" - they are really going on. I gave Joe letters to pass out to people on the outside because they would be confiscated by the staff and never mailed otherwise and told him to go to the press. Visits with visitors were watched by the staff and they waited until Joe left to talk. Once the visiting hours ended and all the doors were locked, I was told: "We saw you giving out letters that had not been censored. This will be reported to the doctors and you will never be allowed to have visitors again - this sort of thing is not allowed - everything you do must be approved in advance by Doctors".  Now I was completely cut off - no phone, no letters, and of course no visitors. They were told that "I was too sick to see them".

I had hoped that Joe would deliver the letters but he never did. He had learned that it was easy to get rid of people forever in this country and had decided to save himself - so that he would not be taken too.

However;  he did do some things. First, I had noticed that the doctors used a book which we later learned was the "Bible (doctors are atheists) of Psychiatry" called "Outlines for Psychiatric Examinations" By Nolan D.C. Lewis. This book was sitting in the nurse station and all the doctors looked in it before they talked to patients.  It gave them all the official "labels" to put on people and how to use them. Joe found the book at the Tulane Medical Book Store for two dollars and got me a copy. We now had the key to the method used by the doctors.

Also, Joe and his parents had called Phillip Schaefer at Tulane who we reasoned was the doctor responsible for initiating the conspiracy.

However, they had no great luck with him. He first asked them if' they were doctors - they said they were friends and then he came up with "The law only requires me to talk to other doctors and unless you are a doctor I don't have to even talk to you and I will not".  He was asked what I was charged with and Joe learned that I had been charged with being a Paranoid Schizophrenic and had been presumed guilty already and was to be "sent away for a long time".  They also learned that the people at Charity had "the authority to do whatever they wanted to me".

Joe had purchased another book which was used to train students and it gave directions on what to do to people according to their "label".  Together, we looked up Paranoid Schizophrenic and the book said that this was the worst possible of all labels and that (instructions to doctors) they were never to be trusted and were to be watched all the time that "they were to be considered a danger to the system"  because they might talk to outsiders or try to get legal help.  It recommended shock treatments until they were "under control" which meant that you would be brain damaged until you could not think any more.


This was the first working day of the incident.  At 10:35 AM I was assigned to an 'official doctor" for the first time after already being held two days with the staff doing whatever pleased them. The doctor was Patrica B. West, a divorced woman who brought her two kids up to the nut floor and let them run around behind her. She was a resident (legitimate doctors are not used in charity Hospital - its purpose is to train new doctors and they are allowed to treat patients as part of their schooling)
and she was part of a state program which gave her free schooling in exchange for her promise to serve the state (work at state hospitals) for a certain number of years to 'repay the state' for her education. It is a program similar to the attitude of the system in the Soviet Union.

Now that I knew who the doctor was (I had not seen her yet) I was able to interview other patients to find out what the woman was like and what she would likely do to me. One of her patients reported that he was going to be discharged but that West had first forced him to take "blue pills" which made him shake all over so that he could not stand up. Another reported that he had been shot up with a drug called "Thorazine" until he was knocked out completely and when he woke up he could not move (had no strength at all). From these interviews we learned what to expect from West who I would see later this day. Patients said in general that West was "not as cruel" as most doctors, probably because she she had family problems herself (resulting in divorce) and so was somewhat sympathetic to others. The other doctors, we heard, gave shock treatments to "essentially everyone" but West used mainly mind altering drugs (like "blue pills" that make you shake all over - these turned out to be the drug Stelazine, incidentally).

My first meeting with West was that evening at 6:40 PM until 8:15 PM.  The girl was rather nice - said that she would not force me to take drugs and she promised me that I would be discharged on Thursday because "the hospital was overcrowded and she needed the beds for those people who were really really sick".   I concluded from this that she was telling me that I was not "really sick" and, being naive,  actually believed that I would be let go as promised on Thursday.  Of course,  she was lying to stall for time.


Introduction to the student nurses

Three girls who were my age and were student nurses are considered



in this first trip to Charity (HB5). These girls were Mary Reck, Mandy Babin, and Charlotte Lamar (Charlotte was my "official student nurse"). Everyone gets an "official student nurse" it seems - they are there to use the patients as "training aids" in their schoolwork. Also, being all young white girls at approximately 20 years of age, they are used because of their friendly attitude to get information out of patients to be used as evidence against them at the "secret trials". Charlotte ended up giving out 'more information than she got.   From her we were able to learn what was written on the chart (she could read it) to formulate strategic plans for the future. I learned in this way that Phillip Schaefer's charges of "Paranoid Schizophrenic" had been changed to "Schizophrenic - Unclassified" whatever that meant but it sounded better.

The girl with no hair

I can't skip the girl with no hair. She said her name was Patricia Kendeigh and she was a prisoner at the House of the Good Shepherd where girls who were charged with having sex without a government license (marriage license) were held in preventive detention. Apparently, she had systematically pulled out all of her hair- every bit - and someone had given her a wig. She said she was charged with being a Nymphomaniac which was all right with me and we used to make out on a pile of dirty linen in a corner of  the hallway. I wanted to find a semi isolated place to screw her but this proved difficult.

 I learned later, after period L-2, and after the House of the Good Shepherd had been shut down (because of the free sex revolution and liberated women, etc.) that what was really going on was that Nymphs were picked up and taken to this place run by priests from the Catholic Church - now the Priests would go over there to give the girls "spiritual counseling" when ever they wanted a piece of ass. It was a good racket because these broads were more horny than the average broad - and much more than a Nun, which is what Priests normally screw.

The original Intelligence Briefings

The girl with no hair was fun but I needed to find some people who were still able to talk from whom I could learn how the medical cult operated here and how to get away from these people before I became one of the mindless zombie type creatures who I saw tied down to the beds groaning and staring with "blank type" eyes. I will run thru one of these, a guy who was tied down and kept saying "Two per-cent" over and over. I asked him what two per-cent meant and he said that they told him he had two per-cent brain damage and added, " You know why they brought me here ?" . "They want the other 98 per-cent".

I met three main people (patients) who had been thru the mill and survived well enough to tell their stories.  These were Kathy Mc Govern, (who was called a 'dangerous psychotic'); Thomas Alford (who was called a 'Paranoid Schizophrenic' and Georgianne Elizabeth Herndon (who was called a Simple Schizophrenic).

I will run thru the original briefings from these people:

Georgianne's Story

Georgianne had a doctor named James Henry - she called him Jim and said  she was in love with him. She called him a "good doctor" because he gave her speed (Dexedrine) instead of downs and they also had sex frequently. She had been to Mandeville before - which is where I would be sent if taken to the "secret trial" and found guilty - you are always found guilty so to be taken to trial automatically means conviction. She said that at Mandeville people will be held locked up until the doctors decide weather they want to shock them or not and if not they will be drugged and allowed to walk around outside. The favorite drug is Thorazine. She said that she liked Thorazine because it helped her get a suntan (the drug has a photosensitivity side effects and is not recommended to be used on people exposed to direct sunlight for long periods- doctors, however, do whatever they please regardless of manufactures' instructions) and that "She got her best looking suntan during the summer she spent in the "Big House".



Kathy's Story

Kathy was more aggressive than Georgianne and she said they drugged her from early childhood. She explained her attempts to resist the doctors, but said they always won.  She said she tried refusing to talk to them at first, but then she was tied down and shot up with sodium penethol (truth serum) - then the things about her life she was forced to say were used to get her convicted of "'mental illness" and then she was shocked and drugged. Kathy reported even resisting a shook treatment and managing not to lose consciousness - this is unusual - and she was apparently a very strong person with a good will to survive and not be broken. She was labeled "very dangerous" and forced to wear a "red robe" - this was the symbol to the staff that she was a dangerous patient. Kathy said it was essentially impossible to escape conviction at the "secret trial", she had done it once but she had never met anyone else who had.

Tom's Story
Tom had experience in the state hospital system in Mississippi  where people are held in a place called "Whitfield".  This is the city where the bug house is located, just like state prisons are commonly called by the name of the  town they are in.

He described his trip to Whitfield and how he had held up against the tyranny of doctors. First, he pointed out, never take any of the medicine they give you. He explained how to fake swallow the pills and added that since the law is ineffective against doctors the best procedure is to pretend to cooperate with them - never take the drugs but walk around like you are "stoned" and compliment the staff and tell the doctors that you like drugs and you feel real fine, etc. This will cause the doctors to let you go - with a handful of pills to take for the rest of your life.

Doctors believe everyone should be on some kind of drug and there is no way to reason with them to the contrary so this procedure is recommended. Tom concluded that when he used this technique, the stupid doctor discharged him telling him "You've come a long way - you just don't know how much good these drugs have done for you." He smiled and walked away and, of course, he never had taken any of the drugs either inside the place or later.

Tom was being held by a girl doctor named Ponds. She wanted desperately to give him shock treatments but he refused to sign up - Ponds was trying to find his sister (blood relative, etc.) because if she found her she could have her sign and shock Tom silly - but if not she would have to let him go free. Tom's sister was out of town and it was a question of timing which would determine if he was a free man or would be shocked into a mindless zombie.


Patricia West came up to tell me to get ready to meet the director. This was spoken of in a lofty way as if this fool was some kind of god. In practical reality, these doctors behave as if they are "superior beings" of some kind and apparently the law allows them to do as they like.

We walked down the hall past the telephone room where three "operators'  were always busy - it was rumored that they listened to and censored all calls - even those made by patients on a pay phone. Around the corner was the office of Super (the name went to his head) and his secretary who was a little old lady.

Super never smiled. His face could pass for the face of "Big Brother" from '1984'. He said, "I asked to see you to determine if you are thinking the right way". It was about a three minute talk. His only two questions were on my book (Plan Theory) and on being raped (apparently he wanted to make sure the hospital was legally protected). "We have information that you say that
you are writing a book", he said and then was appeasing with the rape calling it an "unfortunate incident" - you understand these things, of course, etc.,.. "We understand that you are displeased here - that you have been talking about going to the press, calling in others - these things are not appropriate behavior", he mumbled.

We left and Patricia, who had already lied once about being discharged now had a new story that I would be sent down the hall to the LSU center for "extended treatment" - this is where Tom and Kathy were and their "extended treatment"  had already "extended" for many months.

Patricia did not talk much after the meeting with Super. She said that the time would soon come for her to leave for her next assignment - which was at Pineville (Central Louisiana State Hospital) and that I would be handed off to her replacement or whatever - I questioned her about her earlier commitment to let me go and her reply was "Well, what do you want me to do - I can go to Dr. Super and say "Dr. Super, I think there is nothing wrong with this patient and he should be discharged" - and you know what he would say - he would say "Dr. West, I think you should look for a residency elsewhere".

After the meeting with Super,  the stonewalling process became more obvious. First, I was going to be "discharged Thursday" - a lie -  then I was being transferred to another ward - a lie - and West was not talking much if at all.  The staff uses the technique of politely avoiding giving direct answers. This is continued as your life time drips down the the drain - if you insist on facts, you are called violent and this is then used against you to justify holding you longer - however, if you put up with the "stalling"  you are held anyway, so it makes little difference.

I made the decision to try to get hold of Leonard A. Calcagno, an attorney with whom I had worked with on political campaigns with my father. I had not seen the man in some time, but he was the only attorney to cross my mind. Getting a message to him was not simple since you are watched when you make phone calls. The "phone" was a story in itself. They had a pay phone on a cart so it could be "wheeled around" and a wall plug at each end of the long hallway.  At certain times the phone was wheeled out and plugged in. The guards, called "nurse-aides" (all black men hired for physical size and a pre-disposition to violence) guarded the phone and held one hand on the plug - if you said any thing that was not supposed to be "leaked to the outside world", the plug was pulled.

No one in authority (like doctors) ever tells patients they can't have an attorney - but none do - and you learn that you are not supposed to even try. However, living dangerously, I found a phone book that someone left in the library and got Calcagno's number - I could have called information - but this would have been overheard causing phone calls to be restricted. With the number, I got Calcagno on the phone and avoided saying "attorney" so the guards would think he was some "harmless" person and not pull the plug. As the conversation went on, they began to realize who I had on the phone but by then I had delivered the message and it was too late to stop it.

Calcagno and I felt that perhaps the nightmare was over - really it was just beginning.  Calcagno had a "writ" typed up and he said it was no problem for him to get me out but it would cost money - he wanted to know specifically how much money was in my name and what bank- it was in. Then he asked if I had any "contacts" or belonged to "any organizations" adding that "they have ways to get out of things like this if you do". I was sorry to tell  him that I was just me. He left me to say that he was going to go see Super - he never came back and he never talked to me again. He wrote a letter saying that Super told him I needed "more treatment" and that he was not going to file the writ because Super said I would need a private shrink who would say (for a price) that I did not need a shrink and there was not enough money (in my name) to pay the price.

...- -.. .


It was not a great day. You get one chance to find an attorney in the system and this one chance must work.  I had failed and would now be at the mercy of Super. The staff was no longer even "putting on the act of being friendly".  I was told, "You were warned not to try things like this - we know you tried to get a lawyer - now things will be real bad for you".

I had learned that the legal order to hold me in Charity had expired two days ago.  Of course, the guards would stop you from leaving but the hospital had no right to hold me - even when Calcagno came I was just being held by "brute force".  I asked my teachers Georgianne, Kathy and Tom about this and the word was that the doctors had reached an "understanding" with the Judges and police and they simply did whatever they wanted to do - if something they did was not legal, it was fudged up later to make it legal-looking but they never got into trouble and no one had the power to challenge their power. It seemed unreal - but it was happening never-the-less.


Apparently as soon as Leonard Calcagno had left Super, Super had filed a petition to have me put away for life. The petition was dated 67-086 and ordered me to report for secret trial on 67-103. I did not learn of this until later. I had noticed that periodically certain patients were rounded up and  taken to a corner of the hallway - they came back with sheets of paper which they usually threw away. This was the process of serving the secret trial orders.

Now, I was handed the neat, legal, secret trial order. I noticed the reason that secret trials are hard to beat -  the reason is that you are presumed guilty and must prove you are innocent - exactly the opposite of regular trials. The official notice reads "Let (this patient) show cause why the application for commitment should not be approved and that said person be committed in accordance with law". So, these doctors do not have to prove anything - you are assumed guilty unless you can prove you are innocent. This, of course, is essentially impossible.

During this time Patricia West left to work at Pineville and her replacement, an intern named Falit, said that it was his expert opinion that whatever Dr. Super said was correct (looking to move up in the system, he had the right ass-kissing attitude). He asked me what I felt about the trial and naive as usual - I said that I did not feel an honest Judge would send me off.  Of course, there are no honest Judges in Louisiana - but I did  not know that yet.


Finally the day of the secret trial came. I thought that "trial" meant trial like the place where you confront the witnesses against you. But these secret trials are different.  In the secret trial, everyone who is in favor with the feeling that you should be put away gives testimony in secret - you wait in the hall and never know what was said. Then, after the Judge finds you guilty, you are called in to hear the verdict. So, when I first saw the Judge, who was  supposed to be Oliver Carriere, the trial was over and he was mumbling "I will follow the doctor's recommendation" and signing the papers to have me sent off.  It took a little while to realize that this kangaroo trial had actually happened. So, in addition to being presumed guilty, you don't even get a chance to say anything to show you are not guilty if you wanted to.

I was told that I would be sent to Mandeville on 67-107 to be held for the rest of my life or whatever the doctor decided whichever came first. Also, I learned that now they had permission from the Judge to force whatever mind-altering drugs on me that they wanted - and it was a certainty that they would. I had four days to prepare before the drug torture would start-

- there was no telling what shape I would be in after drug torture.

I had my final briefing from the group, Georgianne, Tom and Kathy and decided that the only logical procedure was to be "dumb and polite" to these fools at Mandeville - and as Tom had done - smile at them and spit the drugs out later and say that I was being helped so much, etc., to the idiots and there was a chance for freedom. Certain information was sent to Mandeville and I had talked Charlotte Lamar into obtaining that information and so I knew the Mandeville routine, some of the doctors' names, how they operated, and what information they would have on me before I ever met them. This was at least some advantage against a system of total corruption.


Having now been duly convicted at the secret trial, on this morning all of the convicted people were awakened very early before dawn and taken down a special elevator to the basement of the hospital. The basement is a neat place in itself because here a group of buildings are linked to Charity by underground tunnels - in this way people can be "spirited around" without being seen to and from different divisions of the medical cult headquarters consisting of  Tulane, the Hospital and LSU. At any rate, we were all stuffed into a station wagon to be driven to the "Big House", as Kathy and Georgianne called the place.

Once at HB6 everyone was taken for mug shots. They were told that the mug shots were for the police - and the FBI in case you made it to another state - in case you managed to escape and the guards added "The Government keeps track of people like you".  This was interesting because we had not been charged or convicted of any crime. Later, we would learn that state mental hospitals are part of a system of political prisons in the United States similar to the system used in the Soviet Union. However, it would be many years before revelations of how the US Government operates would become public knowledge.

I had already formulated the plan to use Tom's technique. After mug shots the men were taken to cell block (called 'wards') number D-1 where you were kept for "observation".  The doctor for this trip to HB6 was a resident named Leona Bersadsky. She came in to do her official evaluation to certify me insane. All she asked was "You think people are out to get you - don't you?"  I sort of just looked at her while she added, "They did not give you any drugs at Charity" - reading from her notes - "well I certainly think you need drugs - you will get drugs starting tonight". And with that she left.  It was a few hours yet before "night" and all the other inmates lined up to be drugged four times a day. The evening drugging I could watch as a spectator. The people were marched to a window to be drugged and guards (called Psychiatric Aides) watched - but there was a problem because instead of pills which I was trained on how to fake - the drugs were given liquid. I checked on this and found out that this was only done on this cell block - and if you did not resist you were sent to another cell block where you got pills (which you could spit out).  Resistance did not work anyway - one guy tried it and he was thrown down to the floor by the guards and immediately shot up with his drugs and dragged to an isolation cell in the back (called a seclusion room).

Later at eight PM  I was told to join the line to be drugged and had to drink some shit that tasted terrible. I was soon paralyzed and could not walk.  I learned that the drugs were "Stelazine" ( the "blue pills that make you shake") and also a genocide agent called "Mellaril".  Mellaril  is given to everyone to make them sterile - this is part of the standard routine - in case you managed to find a chick to screw, you could not - it is a drug invented to protect the hospital from liability suits in case a female patient should become pregnant. After I was paralyzed they brought me more drugs which were supposed to make me "less paralyzed".

This was called Artane. I learned that the drug "Stelazine" causes the brain to react as if the person was old and had "Parkinson's disease". The drug Artane is used to treat these old people so they will not shake.  These people were not old - but now their brains had been damaged as though they were old and had this disease and so they had to take "Artane" too.

Also, the "Artane" had to be taken frequently or you would become paralyzed and collapse - therefore, if you would escape from the concentration camp you would only have about three hours to make it anywhere before you fell to the ground paralyzed unless you took some of the pills with you.

On 67-118 I was sent to another cell block down the hall. It had been an un-comfortable ten days because as long as you are on this D-1 cell block there is a chance that you will be sent for electric shock torture treatments. Once you leave, however, it means that you will be spared from this. Three times a week, these people are lined up and dressed in red robes - they are "tied together" with heavy cloth ropes to form a chain gang and marched out the door - when they come back they don't even talk, they just kind of fall into a chair somewhere and look off into space with glassy eyes. To see them is punishment enough because you know what torture is waiting for you someday at the whim of these witch doctors.  I had heard that in the Nazi concentration camps, they did not need to actually torture everyone - they made movie films of the people they tortured and then showed the films to new inmates - the film was enough to make them cooperate without actually doing anything to them. So it was here because even if you did not get the electric torture - you saw those who did get it - and you knew you could be next.

But, I  had escaped torture and was now on the medium-secury cell block called D-3. And, as I had heard, when I was lined up to be drugged, the drugs were pills - finally I could spit the shit out and be free of mind control. In a few days, I felt great - just walked around "stoned" looking and mentioned how "good things were" and "I just love to be in prison", etc. People who were too stupid to spit out their drugs were shaking and trembling all over - and the more they complained the more drugs they were given as punishment for complaining.

I had a lucky break here. A girl who was called the "recreation director" named Mary Jane Alexander had one (only one) inmate assigned to work for her as part of the prison labor detail called "occupational therapy".   I was picked for this and it was the best job in prison. Also, it was a key to getting into other parts of the prison where normally you could not go.

With Mary, I got to see the camp for Alcoholics which is off limits because they get better treatment. In the Alcoholic cell block the men are treated rather nice and given suits of clothes and good food - there is a reason for this - the reason is that there has not been developed any way to "force" these people not to drink and so - in desperation - they are shown kindness. The medical cult prefers brute force - it only uses kindness as a last resort. Other people are charged with "inappropriate behavior" and there is no need to be kind to them because they can damage your brain so that you can't think of any behavior  to "behave" - but the Alcoholics keep on drinking no matter what is done to them so they are shown kindness.

Mary did not keep the people assigned to her long - they were all discharged  - fast.  Mary was unorthodox and the bureaucratic staff did not like her -  but she was friendly to patients. As her servant, she explained the way that doctors think - she had wanted to be a doctor, she said - and the technique to use to get freedom fast. Mary, of course, never knew that I took no drugs the whole time I was with her - it was a well kept secret. Now Mary explained that the system was based on three points: First, getting people to take drugs; second, "testing" them with a pass to see if they would come back; and lastly, discharge. She explained that while on the pass they


would send a questionnaire to whoever had put you away asking them if they wanted you back and if they said yes you would be free.

On 67-138 I was sent to the minimum security cell block called A-3.  I was free to run around the prison grounds and my only job was with Mary.  Also, now I had recovered from the ten days of drugging and really did not care about the time because I was no longer being brain damaged and, as Mary's helper,  I could go wherever I wanted. If I ended up in a restricted quadrant of the prison I could say that I was on an errand for Mary and get passed thru.

It was warm weather now and Mary was giving picnics - each cell block had a picnic on a different day but I went to all of them as Mary's slave. So, as I got into my fourth or fifth picnic, the guards - who write down everything you say or do - wrote down that I looked "happy and content" - which was true. However, stupid Leona Bersadaky, just as Tom predicted, - thought that it was the drugs that had made that way - and not knowing that I was not taking her drugs - would mention from time to time "how good the drugs were making me look and behave" and following the cook book recipe for discharge I would smile and tell her that I know she was right - good doctor - etc.

In only eight days, on 67-146, I was discharged  with three bottles of pills and the same story that Tom had reported "You don't know how much good these drugs have done for you - you must take them indefinitely".

I left for freedom in what was considered record time - only 38 days.

However, all the things my teachers had told me were shown true:

Doctors do not know what they are doing - they believe in drugs on the basis of some kind of "religious-type" faith they can't tell the difference between patients who take drugs and those who spit them out -  but they believe anyway and are fanatic on this issue.



Period two covers the time line from 67-153 until the second attack of the paternalists which was approximately March of 1968.   It includes the introduction to the set at HB7 (the "parole board" known as an "aftercare clinic") and the follow up relations with Tom, Kathy, and Georgianne. The set at Tulane University (vietnam era) with the conspiracy by Schaefer and also the campus riots and the "secret swat team" sent by the US Government onto College campuses to crush out the free will of students.


I planned to eventually return to Tulane after a break to recover from any brain damage caused by the doctors. Lee Hoffman, the Director of Financial Aid  at Tulane, knew Leona Bersadaky - she was a Tulane student doctor. He said she was a dis-oriented girl and that she had spent lots of time trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life - apparently, one of her reasons for going into Psychiatry was to figure herself out.

Lee promised that whenever I was in the mood to return to school I could  have a full academic scholarship and whatever other money I needed.  We knew that the doctors were "touched themselves" to put it politely - Lee Hoffman taught abnormal psychology but he had no authority over doctors. Psychiatrists and Psychologists have certain academic aversions to each other because doctors say they don't care what the nature of a person's problems are as they have the power to "erase their brain" so that the problems are irrelevant. However, Psychologists believe that people should be taught to understand and cope themselves instead of just erasing their brains with drugs - and of course they cannot use drugs, not being doctors of medicine, so there is disagreement.


After leaving HB6, I began to get letters from the parole board which was called "southeastern aftercare center". In the psychiatric cult, once the cult captures a person they never let him go. You must break away somehow or you will be followed and harassed for the rest of your life. I was told that it was "entirely voluntary" to go see these people but if you did not "volunteer" you could be arrested and returned to prison. In my first meeting with the parole board, the two doctors were named Hamm and Reese. Hamm was a crippled doctor (usually deformed people and other weirdoes work for the state system because they can't find jobs in the private sector). The parole office was located in an old state building in the French Quarter across the street from the Wildlife and Fisheries Building.  These fools had received reports from HB6 that I was loose now and it was up to them to follow me around. Reese assumed that I was drugged and gave me more bottles of drugs to take home.  I decided to put up with these clowns  because I only had to see them once a month and they had no way to make me take these drugs they were giving me - I brought them home saved them.  Eventually, I had collected thousands of pills. They were no earthly use to anyone - you couldn't sell them on the street because no one in their right mind would take dope that paralyzed them and made them shake all over and permanently damaged their brain.

I never talked much to these doctors- they just assumed I was eating their pills and, if I had been,  I would not have been able to think of anything to say, so saying nothing was apparently the right approach to them.


Now, free, I wanted to check up on my teachers to find out what had been done to them.  The advice from Tom had worked and for that I was grateful - if I had believed the doctors and actually taken the dope I would be a zombie now, and unable even to remember who they were.

The news was not good: Tom had escaped shock treatments because Dr. Ponds could not find his sister to get her signature on consent papers but she had written him up as "hopeless" and "violent" and shipped him to Mandeville.

Georgianne had been discharged but this was only because Jim Henry, her doctor, wanted her for his mistress- he had plans to set her up in an apartment in the French Quarter so he could have a discrete place to screw her when he wanted some ass. But, Georgianne was talking too much about this and Henry was scared of public exposure - things are "done" to people who talk too much - and they are not pleasant things.

Kathy was labeled "a potential murderer" and sent to Jackson. I wrote to her but she never replied - Jackson has its own "private graveyard" and people who are sent there do not usually come back. Kathy had the same doctor as Georgian - James Henry - but she would not screw  him and he was pissed.


At HB7  I was now assigned a permanent shrink named David B. Regan. I talked very little to this man who I saw for about one hour each month. There was really nothing to talk about. I already knew what I was going to do - return to school - and I already had the money to do it.  The guy would give me bottles of pills which of course I did not take- so there was nothing for us to do except sit and look at each other. These doctors said very little as usual and to say anything to them was to give them evidence to use against you in secret trials so it was best not to talk at all.  Every doctor would eventually



give me "words of wisdom" but they were, collectively, so few that they would not fill this page. From Regan, I asked him about the drugs - were they safe to take - I already knew the truth but I wanted to see if he would lie to me. His answer  was: "The drugs you take - Stelazine and Mellaril are completely harmless - in fact you could take 'a carload of them' if you wanted to. You know, I think of prescribing drugs for my patients as an 'art'  it is like baking a cake - you just have to get the right mix of ingredients- yes sir, an art!". So much for Regan.

Now, it was time for Grandmother to get rid of my mother - she was charged with being depressed because I had been taken in away secret and she never knew what was being done - but Grandmother had already had her certified insane in 1959 as soon as my father died so whenever she objected to anything she was sent for torture immediately.

She was now sent for electric shock torture - eventually she would become a vegetable but not this time - she was due for many years of torture yet- this time she was just to be drugged and shocked and sent home. Mother was stupid - she trusted doctors- they would tell her to sign things and she would sign them without reading what she signed believing that doctors always did what was best for people - today she is a mindless vegetable and it takes a few minutes of "coaching" for her to remember that I am her son -  however, she is "technically alive", for what it's worth.


I wrote a letter to Mary Alexander to see if she would look up my mother who was now a prisoner at HB6 - but Mary wrote back saying to please send all letters to her home from now on because my letter had been intercepted and she was now being watched. I knew that patients were watched but I now learned that the hospital staff  is also watched and their personal mail is opened and censored. Mary said that she finally got my letter - opened and marked "approved" by her Supervisor.


Mandeville has a rule (among others) that anyone who has been a prisoner cannot return to visit. However, since my mother was now a prisoner- this rule did not apply to me. So while seeing mother (she was shocked silly and did not know me) I also got a chance to sneak over to see Georgianne and Tom. Georgianne was glad to see someone "from the outside world" because she needed to get letters mailed to friends- the hospital would have destroyed them and so hey must be smuggled out to the free world by friends. She explained that Dr. James Henry had told her that "he loved her" (etc...) and had paid for a French Quarter apartment where she would stay and be his mistress but that she knew too much now and so the honeymoon was over and he had sent her here to protect himself. Her doctor in Mandeville, Sue Kitchin - who was later to be promoted to Superintendent.- had talked to James Henry and knew that this was true but doctors protect each other from "mistakes", shall we say, and so Kitchin planned to send Georgianrie ~ Electric Shock Torture to confuse her mind so that James Henry would be safe from bad publicity.

Georgianne gave me a letter to smuggle out to James Henry.

Tom confirmed in a letter to me on 68-030 that the shock torture had been started and "not to expect to hear from Georgianne any more".  She was scheduled for full-duration which means one hundred and thirty volts at one and one half amps shot into your head three times a week for seven weeks. You usually do not feel too good afterwards.




Dr. Regan- who by his age I would guess was a "legitimate" M.D. - now wrote a letter saying that I should see a new Dr. named Pierce. There is an in indication that this man was some type of student- he was young and inexperienced. This fool continued the same routine of handing out bottles of pills.

68.-030 TIME  TO START B4E

It was now time to return to Tulane for semester B4E. I had called Lee Hoffman and told him I was in the mood to return and he had given me an academic scholarship at the maximum he could together with "federal money" to increase the total because I wanted to experiment living in the dormitory- which increased the bill.


It was time to make plans now in case the paternalists should launch another attack and I would be sent off again to the concentration camps. I first checked with the Legal Aid Bureau where an old lawyer named Wax said that there was really nothing he knew of to prevent doctors from attacking whenever they wanted to. Since this was not comforting,  advice we then sought to find some method that would be effective against the medical cult in case "the mood struck them" to come for me. I say "the mood struck them" because we never knew why the pigs attacked in the first place - they do not talk to patients except to say "you're sick",  etc.

The Peiser Plan

To compensate for the problem of the medical cult, the Peiser Plan was formulated. A friend at that time, Robert Rarick Peiser, a few years older than me, who was now living with some broad in the French Quarter, and I discussed the medical cult and came to the decision that I would have to save up money to pay off some lawyer to counterattack the cult if it attacked again.  He said he knew a lawyer- named R.J. Skinner- who, I believe, did his divorce from his #1 wife, Nita Kay Bradley. This guy would want money- probably lots of money- but Buddy (nickname) promised that this lawyer had already successfully gotten people away from the clutches of the medical cult and so he was apparently proven. Here we ran into a technicality which stops most patients from ever getting a lawyer- once you are a prisoner of the cult you are "presumed incompetent"- therefore a lawyer cannot "legally" collect a fee from you because you are "not contractible". Consequently, once in the hands of the cult, no lawyer who makes money as a lawyer will have anything to do with you because there is no guarantee that he will be paid- lawyers are mercenary type people who will do anything for money - but nothing for no money.

So, some way had to be worked out to pay off this guy so that he would feel comfortable about helping if called upon- Buddy agreed to pay the lawyer so that he would know he had money and I would pay him back after escaping from the hands of the paternalist pigs- should they come to attack me again.


Now I was on campus continuously, however the campus was in a state of "unrest", shall we say.  This was the Vietnam era and things were "happening" to college students. Today, as of current some of these things are just becoming publicly known- and others - such as the secret involvement of  Tulane University with the US Government - are still secret and quietly covered up.  I will now run thru some key points of the Tulane set at that time:

The SDS Advisor "runs away" and hides in Canada

There was a full professor who was faculty advisor to the SDS on Campus - he was fired by Longnecker - the US Government Agent who was planted as the president of  Tulane University at the time. Longnecker was with a "Top Secret" organization called the "Institute for Defense Analysis" - he still is today



but another agent has replaced him as University President.  Now, full professors are not supposed to be fired- they have "life tenure" and under the concept of "academic freedom" they cannot be fired no matter what they do or say - but this professor was not only fired - he had to leave the United States t keep from being murdered by Longnecker - who, as a Government Spy - could have people killed and stamp, it all "Top Secret".

The whole campus was on LSD - which was manufactured on the Tulane Campus

The kids had a "new look" now - the look you get when you are not in the same place as your physical body because you are flying off "somewhere" on LSD.  LSD was very easy to get at Tulane because it was made at Tulane. Chemistry graduate students made the LSD in the Chemistry Building on the main campus and sold it to make extra money. This was common knowledge at that time - but what was not common knowledge was that the US Government also supplied LSD - manufactured by Sandoz Laboratories to the Tulane Medical Center and that the head of the Tulane Medical Center was a CIA agent working in the now publicly exposed program called "Project Mind Control".  This has only recently been exposed by the press as of Summer 1979 in a National Television Special on the experiments done on citizens by the US Government. Now, in retrospect, it is questionable as to how much of the LSD on campus was supplied by the US Government and how much was "made illegally".  We know that the LSD on campus was a "very high grade" and it is very likely that much of it did not need to be made and was the 'pure Sandoz acid' supplied by the US Government in secret to the Tulane Medical Center and to its Director who has been exposed now by the Press as a CIA spy.

The secret "swat teams"

During this period there were riots across the country on essentially all college campuses - including Tulane - no first hand data is available on other colleges but I was on the Tulane campus and I will run thru the main points of the "riots".  College students are not completely dumb - and what keyed in the riots at Tulane was that the students - complaining about "inhumanity in Vietnam", etc. now learned that the President of the University- who had his degree in Chemistry -  was, in fact, a researcher in Chemical Warfare and most likely had worked to develop the very chemical weapons that were in use in Vietnam - when the students questioned Hebert Longnecker he told them,  "I am the President of this University and 'student affairs' are not my concern" - which went over big. Now to the swat teams: The US Government - remember them- which at that time was giving out the command from CIA HQ:  "Everyone has his breaking point - your job is to find that breaking point" to its spies- sent "teams" onto certain "selected college campuses" and Tulane was one of these "selected"  campuses. Late at night, some students "disappeared", and just "dropped out of sight"- the dorm room would be empty- the name erased from the list of those enrolled and that was that. Some of these kids were apparently killed but most were declared insane as I was - and sent to concentration camps - in many cases this was "morally the equivalent" of killing them.

In the morning,  you had to check on your friends to see if they were still there or whether they had become "un-persons".


During this time I was still reporting to this "parole doctor" named Pierce.  This little turkey - whom I guess was some kind of a student doctor - was becoming an annoyance. For a long time, of course, I had building up a collection of these drugs - which I had never taken - save for about 10 days at HB6. This fool was now interfering with my time because I had to leave the campus -  miss classes - just to sit and look at him for one hour and hear a few words of bull shit.  Finally, one day I told him that seeing him was becoming an inconvenience and wasting my time.  I recall that the



TV series Star Trek was big then and the time he had picked was the same time slot. The fool asked me "What do you think is more important - STAR TREK - or your therapy with ME?" - I told him Star Trek was and several other things. This kid was young and on our last visit I questioned him point blank about the stunts he and other doctors were pulling. He was visibly shaken at direct confrontation. I said "Just who do you think you are that whenever you dislike some one you just lock them up - Are you aware that other people do not like your type - that you are called "paternalists" and that there are groups opposed to "paternalism" ?  Pierce did not know what to say - he could only recite the "party line", "You must not be taking your pills - If you took your pills you would not have these thoughts - Take your pills - here - here are more pills" And (it was winter and I had an overcoat with large pockets) he began putting bottles of pills into the pockets saying "Take your pills - Take your pills..."

This was the last time I went to Pierce - he would later order me arrested on the charge (the only charge) of "refusing to take drugs". I did not know that you could be arrested in the United States for "refusing to take (mind- control) drugs" - however there were apparently many things I did not know about - but it appeared that I was getting a "crash course"  like it or not.

Ironic, because most people think the Government "takes drugs away" from people - that the opposite should be closer to the truth.


A letter came (written rather politely) from Philip Schaefer - the shrink for Tulane - "requesting permission to verify that I was still 'in therapy' ". This wording was legally correct because Schaefer had no permission to talk to Pierce but obviously he had been told that I refused to see Pierce and the conspiracy to send me to the concentration camp as punishment was now activated.


One day when I returned to the dorm I was tipped off that agents of the campus police (called "Greenie Pigs") had been looking for me. The pigs said that "it was routine and they had a 'special delivery letter that looked important' which had come for me and they wanted to deliver the letter". This sounded "fishy" at the least - pigs always lie - and I activated the "Peiser Plan" to fail safe position immediately because once you are arrested all contact with the outside world ends.

With the plan activated I called the pigs and they "wanted me to come over to pick up the letter" - of course.  I told them to put the letter in the Campus mail, waited a few hours, and them went by the office to "ask for the letter" - the pigs were off guard - and of course there was no letter- but on the desk I saw several legal documents stamped "Court Order" and while the pigs were "thinking" (if pigs think) - I just walked out - but now I knew I was wanted and had only a few hours of freedom before I was found- the pigs were activated now and searching the Campus- to be taken for "God knows what" but whatever it was would not be fun.

I decided to call Irvin Magri - who I went to high school with and who was now heading the police union in New Orleans so that he might check to see if I was facing fictitious charges of some kind or just what the story was. He found out the pigs had orders to take me to the concentration camp and search and seize all my things in the dorm room. Magri suggested that, since he was with the real police, and I could not run away forever and did not have enough money to make it to Canada- that he would get the orders and I would ride with him to the concentration camp - but first we would stop at a phone until I had notified everyone who needed to know what was going on. Magri explained that the police have "instructions" that no person they pick up in this way is to be allowed near a phone - in this way they just 'drop out of sight' and are never heard from again- but since he knew me he would break the rule so that I might have one last chance to communicate with the outside world before "whatever" was done to me.

I activated the Peiser Plan from the fail safe position to full power- then it was off to the concentration camp for drug torture until (hopefully) the lawyer could stop the paternalists and set me free again.



Period three covers the second trip to HB5 and HB6. The contact with the attorney R.J. Skinner, the conspiracy to prevent me from having an attorney, the methods used by the hospital to frustrate attorneys and torture those patients who try to get attorneys - the murder threats by the hospital staff - the drug torture, etc.


So now I was locked down again in HB5. It was about three in the morning- the "wee hours" when people disappear and do not return.  Back at Tulane the cops secretly cleaning out my room - searching thru everything -  it would be "just an empty room" in the morning, when the other students woke up, and I would have become another "unreason" (in the words of George Orwell).

In the prison there were no doctors on duty - they were all off making it with student nurses or whatever - only the guards who were, as I have said, 100% black and not too polite. The guards came with a glass and said "Drink this"  - I knew it was Chloral Hydrate (from the first trip) and that it was standard to make everyone drink it - no doctor had seen me - the staff themselves can give certain drugs which everyone gets no matter what they are charged with. This is called "prn" orders and they apply weather a doctor writes them or not as "hospital routine".  So, I said to the guard "That is 'pm' and I do not have to accept it" - this went over big but there is no injectable form of this drug so the guard just gave a mean look and walked away - maybe he drank the shit himself.

In the morning I thought 1 would see some doctor but that was not to be- this had all been arranged in advance and no one even talked to me here- I was just handcuffed and shoved into a station wagon to be sent immediately to HB6- This is what "parole" - which is not called parole but "convalescent leave" means - any time anyone pleases and for any reason you are sent back -  no secret trial necessary - you just automatically go. Now, these people had a Judicial commitment but that was for a minor child because I was 20 last time. Now I was 21 - an adult theoretically - a cute technical point but the system knows no rules.


So, here I was again, the "mug shot room" and then the "admitting doctor" - of course you are certified "very sick" - you are always "very sick" and then off to the maximum security cell block called Dl.  Here, a new guy- he had been there last but I did not have him-  named Dr. Billy Graham (sounds like a hallucination - doesn't it) - that was his real name - sat me down for the initial interrogation saying,  "You were warned what would happen if you ever refused to take your pills" - I did not have to guess that more pills were waiting - what scared me was that now the character knew that I was actively resistant to "their cause" (for want of a better phrase), and sometimes this was punished by full-duration shock torture and sometimes you die (might be better off if you did). However, this was not to be - they just wanted to drug me again.



Graham closed with "I have orders to forbid you from attempting any contact with Tulane University - we understand you are an annoyance to them".  I told him that I would call a lawyer and "I hoped he would not try to prevent it",  and he said I could "make one phone call per week" - wrote orders for more drugs - and walked off.


Now, before I left, I had had a chance to tell everyone who I was in contact with what was going on - I trusted that they would figure out to look in Mandeville because the hospitals will not admit to outsiders weather you are an inmate or not. Buddy had called Charity but they said "they never heard of me" - and I was not there now. Fortunately, he had located me in HB6- because they had told him they "would not discuss anything with outsiders" but he had found out anyway. A letter came now. It said "expect a visitor soon" - he had to be non-specific because letters are censored but it was enough to let me know he had found me and that he would now activate the lawyer R.J. Skinner - promise him money or whatever he wanted in exchange for my freedom.


The staff were caught off guard the day when Skinner showed up - otherwise they could have drugged me so I was unable to talk at all.  Skinner and I sat in the hall- the staff kept away while he was there - he talked about a girl that he had successfully rescued from here - she had been locked up because "her relatives thought that she was spending her money inappropriately" so they locked her up so they could take her money away from her and spend it "appropriately for her"- Skinner said after he got her out she spent all of her money - but so what - it was her money.  So we talked like this and then he left to see the "superintendent" - who was a Dr. Young at the time to see about setting me free - however,  just like Leonard Calcagno, he never came back and he did not even write me a "dear john" letter.


I was returned to the locked cell block to face the staff.  They now knew I had managed to get a lawyer and they were mad: "That guy was a lawyer you was talkin' to - What do you think you're doin' - You don't call lawyers here- You got any complaints you talk to the doctor - We don't let this happen here, etc."  I told them to go to hell.

But, when the evening shift came on, the anger had increased and I was told, "The last guy who called a lawyer here had an accident and died we don't think you're going to bo alive tomorrow - you don't look too good" and with clenched fists the guards just stood around me - everywhere I went they went- just "staring".  I wanted to find a way to tell someone ( there was no nurse or doctor now - they only came in the morning - the rest of the time only the guards were there) and then I remembered the "church list" - this was a "church night" and, if  I was on the list, to get to the Church I would walk past the main control room where a doctor and nurse always sit. I made the list and when I passed the control room, the nurse who ran the open cell block called A3, Naiomi Smith,  was at the command console so I told her what had happened as I passed - the guards could only watch, they had been placed in check.

I lived thru the night and was immediately transferred the next morning to the open cell block A-3. The guards on this cell block are all women - it is the only way to prevent physical abuse of patients to have no male guards allowed. It is significant that this was done because it means that they knew that  I was in legitimate physical danger - these people were not "just talking" - otherwise there would have been no need for such a fast transfer.  These guards were mad - but they could not come on the open cell block - although I got "looks" when they passed near as if to say "almost - just wait till next time!".




Now, Dr. Graham said he was "leaving for a few weeks" to go in the hospital for some 'elective type' surgery and he would let Dr. Foret baby sit for his share of patients while he was gone. Dr. Foret was known as the "shock doctor" as this old man put essentially all of his patients on shock and he was mean.  He gave orders and did whatever necessary to fulfill them. (Eventually, after I was thru with HB6 - Foret died - after he died shock treatments were stopped at Mandeville but he insisted on them to his last day.) As an example of the "direct nature" of Foret, one guy he approached with a form for him to sign so Foret could get his "blue cross insurance money" - the guy told Foret to forget it - he was being held involuntarily and he would not authorize payment - so Foret just said "You're certified incompetent - shock treatments immediately" and the man was shocked silly and Foret signed the form himself as "authorized representative of an incompetent patient". The poor old guy did not know what a "blue cross" was when they got thru with him. I point out here that I was a bit uncomfortable now because we all knew that this Foret guy was "capable of most anything".


Foret had apparently decided that I would not be calling any lawyer on his time. He could not "order me not to call my lawyer" so he wrote the following order which accomplished the same thing:  "Patient may only make phone calls to blood relatives and no one else" - in this way I was stopped from calling Skinner but the official record would not show this "in an obvious way" - however the intent was achieved.

With the lawyer out of the way, Foret now increased the dose of genocide drugs to above the maximum manufactures recommended dose (to 1.25 Grams of the genocide chemical Mellaril). This showed his intentions but had no effect on me personally since I spit the drugs out - it was probably a lethal dose if I had taken it. Then he started adding other drugs - the maximum permitted dose level each time - until I would have been asleep continuously if I had really taken the stuff.

I tried to get other patients who could get to the phone to notify Skinner that the guy was drugging me to death and to do something - one of them got thru but Skinner told him there was nothing he could do that he had called "Foret" and that Foret had told him that he felt I was either Psychotic or Neurotic or maybe both" (the terms are opposites and this is the medical run-around) and that he could get all the other doctors to agree to support whatever he said and that " I would not leave" because all the other staff would back him and he had the power to do as he pleased. There was an indication that Skinner had given up- and I could not call him any more anyway.  So, I would wait for Graham to return and be meanwhile at the mercy of the "shock doctor".


The staff got together to fortify its position in case Skinner should be "for real".  I was called for interrogation before all of the doctors so they cold all back up Foret. Dr. Sneed - a vicious atheist - presided. It was all over quickly.

Sneed: "We are here to determine if you are sane or insane. They tell us that you have strange beliefs - that you believe in God - Is this true?

         Me: "Yes"

Sneed: "Science has not proved that there is any God - you have a belief which is not a proven fact therefore you are Psychotic by definition. You may leave now."



The trips thru "the system" were full of surprises - I had "just assumed" many things as people do only to  be surprised over and over as time went on and you learn the "doublethink system" of the US Society. You would normally expect that a minister would believe in God - right -. wrongo!  The Protestant chaplain at Mandeville was a guy named Rev. Baxter M. Pond. I talked with him privately on several occasions thinking that he would disagree with the "party line" that anyone who believed in God was a psychotic. But he did not. He said that "society needs the idea of God to promote good behavior - really, of course, there is no such thing - but it helps people if people like him say there is a God but of course there really is not". Whoopee - ready for the next one - I asked him if he was always a minister - he said no ( he was crippled and limped) that he had been with the FBI (apparently he had been shot) and that now he was disabled and needed a job so he became a minister. In his sermons, he used the Bible to support the official policy of the hospital. For example, he preached "Now, patients, we know from the bible that when Jesus Christ was dying on the cross and they brought him vinegar instead of wine and he drank the vinegar  like a man and did not complain so you patients should not complain about drinking your liquid medicine although it tastes bad and then you will be good Christians like Jesus". -This was simply unbelievable and I gave up talking seriously to the man but saw him "just to chat" because it was a method of breaking the boredom. He believed in doctors - said whatever they did was right, etc. and obviously had a secure job.

There was a Catholic chaplain who did not have to believe in God because he knew - he was very old. He told me he had been actively against the system when younger but had gradually been "worn down" - it was against the rules to see this man because you had to be Catholic and I was not - but we would bump into each other occasionally.


It gradually became obvious that Skinner was not going to do anything for me - I was left to the mercy of these people - really, it was only time being wasted because I had been on open ward since early on and so I had essentially avoided all pills because on open ward you are assumed "Conditioned" and can spit the pills out with little effort.

I eventually assumed a "what the hell" attitude which was apparently the right attitude because the doctors assumed the drugs had turned off my brain and emotions so that I would do whatever they told me - now and later (like after a discharge).

Dr. Graham came back and had "group meetings" where everyone complained about the side effects of all the drugs they had to take - they shook - they trembled - they could not sleep - they could not have sex - they were miserable - their skin was all pealing off (side effect of Thorazine), etc. I did not complain at all because I did not take the drugs and so had no side effects to complain about - but Graham did not know this and so he assumed that "my system had adapted very well to the medication" and he told me how calm I looked now that I was back on drugs and how he was sure now I knew that to take drugs for the rest of my life was the best thing after all - (they talk like this when they are getting  tired of seeing you and are in the mood to discharge) ahd so I just to had to agree  with him that he was right, etc. - this went on for a few weeks and then I was discharged (but I had one more parole to put in now).

So with this ended period three.





Period four covers the "revelations from Skinner",  the period with Karen and Sev,  the decision to force the state to assume financial responsibility, the truth about Tulane and the IDA, the arrest of Claudia, the Tulane set for this time, Tulane groups B4F & B4G with the introduction to Bill and Cris, the fight with the "world's most famous atheist" (Madeline O'Hare), etc.


Now, no thanks to Skinner, I was free again and he wanted five hundred dollars for "all his trouble" which he said consisted of a "complete report" on all the things he had learned - I paid the guy - but when I went for the "report" it turned out to be an empty file with a few little notes on odd sized pieces of paper which would mean nothing to me. However, for $500 I did not get completely nothing. Skinner explained that the system (of mental hospitals) is commonly called "paternalism" - in the language of other "isms" like Communism, etc. He said that they had compiled "evidence against me" and so he could not get me out- but he did not say what this "evidence" was. He did say that he had called people at Tulane University and had been told that they considered me "more trouble than I was worth" and wanted me "out of the way" and they considered "the matter closed now because I would never get back in there again" and they were "glad I was thru with", etc.  None of this sounded like "events of a suicidal or homicidal nature" which is the legal basis for putting people away and Skinner advised, "You know, you just don't rock the boat in this country" - which is what I was beginning to suspect - mental hospitals are part of a system of political prisons for people who have not broken the law but have "rocked the boat".

I was introduced here to a new classic problem and that is that lawyers are essentially ignorant of medical knowledge. I happened to mention that I was forced to take genocide drugs (Mellaril) which I thought was common knowledge but not to lawyers and I had to go slow with Skinner and explain how everyone is given this drug to protect the state by making them sterile - that the philosophy of the cult is that "once accused of mental illness you should never be allowed to reproduce, etc." but he apparently had never heard that drugs existed to do this. It became a classic problem, and still is, because medicine operates at a level of knowledge above the "average level of consciousness of the society" (so do other specialties and science and religious groups) and therefore it is not generally "obvious" to the uninitiated exactly what  they are doing to people - if it was, there would be a public outcry against them.


Unfortunately for the naive, the people in bug houses do not sit around thinking they are "a rose bush" (or whatever) like Mary Hartman,  but talk to each other in English like everyone else.  Here we compare notes with each other on what is being done to people in general and in other concentration camps across the country - once caught in one state you are "on a list in all other states" and many patients have experience with other state systems of  brainwashing. Also, just like in "real prisons in state penitentiaries learn from each other - so do patients.  I had learned now that had been stupid to "pay real money" to Tulane University and that I could now force the state to pay my bills thru a "give away" program called "vocational rehabilitation". It seemed "illogical" to that the state would pay tuition to send "hopelessly insane" people to college but they did -  so from this point on I made the decision that the money I spent would be the state's and not mine.




Now, older and wiser, I was sent back to the parole board which was called a "mental health clinic". This time the parole doctor was Severence Kelly -  a little man with gray hair and a beard (the very picture of what most people think a shrink should look like). He had a group with about ten patients and I was supposed to go to this group. Of course I was given more bottles of pills and of course I never took any of them - my box of pills was increasing now and I had collected many hundreds which I saved thinking I might find some use for them (they had no street value because not too many people want to voluntarily take shit that makes you sterile and shake all over).

I now kept "mentioning" vocational rehabilitation because I knew I could make these fools pay off - and at least I might get something for all of the time they had wasted which was now lost from my life.  I say "mentioning" because if you insist on anything a doctor can have you arrested for "sounding violent" - so it was necessary to be a bit diplomatic but they were made aware that I knew what my rights were as far as the give away program was concerned.


Kelly finally got the message that I wanted them to pay for college and I was sent to a guy named Henry M. Rightor with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) who sent me to a dude named David D. Clark whose business card said he was a "psychologist for children and adolescents" - I was 22 now, so I don't know why they picked this guy but at any rate he was supposed to "examine me to see if I was intelligent enough to go to college". He found that I was, which was nice, of course so did the College Entrance Examination Board four years ago - but it is always good to be re-assured I suppose.

Now I was set up to go back to Tulane - Phillip Schaefer did not approve of this but Sev ( they called him Sev for short) called the guy and told him that he was a shrink too and he would decide what happened and he had to go along with him.


Now we had a quiet little group with older men and women with Sev until he said he planned to "call in a co-therapist" who was a girl social worker named Karen Brown. A girl in the group named Claudia objected to this because Karen worked in the dehumanization program called GAP - I did not go to the dehumanization sessions but she did (don't worry - I get there eventually - but not this time) and in these sessions she was harassed by Karen Brown.  Now Karen, on good behavior, but still a prick teasing smart ass bitch type, joined Sev in the group.


In the dehumanization sessions where Claudia was sent the objective was to fill the patient with negative thoughts so that they would feel worthless and therefore be quiet and noncomtraversial people who would do as they were told.  Karen did this as part of her job.  Now that Karen had joined the group,  Claudia - who remembered the harassment sessions - was not fond of Karen. One day in the group she made the mistake of telling Karen that she would go tell the press (specifically WDSU-TV - which was just down the block in walking distance) and tell them the truth about what was happening here.  Immediately she was arrested - Sev ran for the phone call the pigs- and the staff including Karen physically prevented Claudia from getting out of the building.  It was a warning to all of us who watched this of the absolute arbitrary power given to doctors - that they are not afraid to se this power - and that they intend to keep the truth quiet and get rid of anyone who objects to them or disagrees with them.

N1119 029
Now, with state money this time, I was back at Tulane for B4F and B4G.  From other students I learned that medical harassment was becoming common. As we have noted elsewhere - the forced use of mind altering drugs by colleges against students is now prohibited by Federal Law but this was not in effect at that time and new brainwashing drugs were making this method of control look more attractive to "authoritarian type" regimes in public and private sectors. One student, Bill, said that he was under "the threat of commitment"- what had happened is that the two doctors who were heading the brainwashing now - a husband and wife team named Seastruck - had written in advance to parents of kids who they wanted to intimidate and got signatures on consent forms to have them committed - then, they used the forms to threaten the students into taking mind altering dope by telling them that if they refused they would be arrested and the drugs forced on them.

[The "Seastruck team" of  husband and wife psychiatrists - I believe their names were Jay and Jeromie or something like that - has a pretty unbelievable history.  The man routinely raped and otherwise sexually harassed his female patients.  Later, the pair got divorced and his x-wife - possibly using her maiden name - reportedly opened a practice of counseling patients who had been sexually abused by a psychiatrist.  So, while her x-husband was merrily rapeing all the girls he could get his hands on, his former wife was charging (sometimes the same) patients for abuse counseling.  Absolutely amazing!]

The Q-Detail

A special contingent of campus police had been organized into what was known on campus as the "Q-detail"- their job was to hide in bathrooms and capture homosexuals, who were officially classified "sexual psychopaths" at that time,  and "arrest them" and then take them to the Seastruck team for brainwashing.  If they resisted brainwashing- they were sent to the Tulane Service at Charity Hospital where they were given brainwashing by force - of course now queers are "reclassified as normal" and called "gay"  instead of queer and so this would not be done today- but it was at that time.  The combination of "secret police", the fact that campus telephones used by students were tapped,  the general environment of intimidation of the Vietnam era still persisted here - and it was not the type of environment which one would consider "conducive to higher learning".  I did not live in the dorms this semester and so I could avoid the atmosphere of "continuous surveillance" by going home.

The key phrase from George Orwell's "1984" - "Big Brother is Watching You"- was the keynote of this time - and all students came to appreciate exactly what that meant.


While at Tulane during period two I had taken a political science course with a professor named Rouyer. I now looked this guy up and had a talk with him (in private, of course) about the secret relationship between Tulane University and the US Government which existed during this time and continues today.  He knew about the IDA (which stands for the Institute for Defense Analysis) to which the president of Tulane, Hebert Longnecker belonged. Rouyer said that as a political science graduate student he was recruited to join this super secret organization but he had decided against it - he said that the first stage of recruitment consisted of written interrogation about "everything that he did since he was born" (national security check) and that after this he was called to a secret interview with a man who was already an agent - he described the surprise at this interview because he met the man and they walked silently towards what appeared to him to be a bank-type vault -  like in the main office of a bank - the vault door opened and inside was a brightly lit room with a conference table and chairs.  They entered the room (vault) and the big door closed and there was just him and the secret agent there.   Here he was given the "final interview" - if he said "yes" he would "never leave the secret service of the US Government for the rest of his life" - but Rouyer said "NO" - This is the entrance procedure for "joining the Government" - just like the Mafia - once in you do not get out - Hebert Longnecker - the President of the University had gone thru this years ago - but he had said "YES".




During B4G Madeline O'Hare was invited by Tulane to come to the campus to talk to everyone about atheism - the university as a government front had the official policy of scientific atheism and materialism - which is of course the "party line" for the United States in actual practice.

Now this was a wild broad, Madeline, an old hag with freaky gray hair and all wrinkled up - the thing looked like a bat out of hell - and she stood in the center of the University Center and screamed at students challenging their beliefs and shouting "Don't believe in God because god doesn't give a god-damn about you".  This was her slogan, apparently. Most of the kids watching her had been on so many LSD trips to the inner planes out of their bodies that they just laughed at her because they did not have to believe in anything having seen it for themselves.

I told the broad she should be locked up.  In the audience were goons hired by O'hare to physically attack anyone who disagreed with her and I was grabbed by one of her body guards but got away - however, being on the "undesirable student list" I now found myself locked up in the University Health Service, where, unknown to me, they had constructed their  own cell block - apparently this is where the greenie pigs took the people  arrested  by the "Q-detail"  for "brain washing . Here Philip Schaefer said I was "decompensating" and he was "ordering me held" - I wandered where he got that right but it was an academic point because here I was.

It was late at night again (as usual) when I was locked down in a campus police wagon to be taken - this time to the Tulane section of Charity Hospital (the other times were with the LSU service) for brainwashing Tulane Style.

This proved to be very interesting as I will relate.



In period five we cover the Tulane (Buddington) service, the Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, the UFO cover-up,  the talks with the Government Men, the Top Secrets, the introduction Amy Buttterworth,  the inner structure of the National System of Mental Hospitals, the young people of that time who were being destroyed by the establishment, etc.


I had met Ralph Wells Buddington during period one however he did not remember this and I was now taken to him under guard in a little office in Charity. He was in command of the Tulane Residents in Psychiatry at that time and was to be "supposedly" watching the students so that they did not get too far out of line in brainwashing and kill too many patients. He is not there as of current because, so the word is, "he talked too much and leaked too many secrets"  - this may be true and I feel sure the system will regret the top secret information I learned from him because it is still  top secret as of current and I will discuss it here as well as elsewhere in this report.

Buddington said he had orders from the University to hold me. There was no commitment this time - no legal orders and I did not sign anything to consent to be held.  Buddington said he was a "Super Q"  agent of the US Government and had the power to do "whatever he wanted" regardless of any law state or federal or the US Constitution because he was "an agent enforcing the National Security".  We know now that his main assignment was to brainwash people in this area who had information on the Kennedy Assassination so that they would be

brain damaged and so dis-oriented that they would not be able to tell a coherent story.

I asked Buddington what kind of residents he had - he had four of them - and he told me I could have the pick of the litter - there were three boys and one girl and I picked the girl - Joyce Jean Lemons - who was on a disability scholarship - she had both of her legs cut off and rolled around in a wheel chair and said she was from Tennessee - she had floppy red hair, light brown eyes, and was basically dumb but learning fast.


Tulane called Lemons and told her "to make sure I was finished and never returned" and she preceded with brainwashing. Fortunately, the only drug she knew was Stelazine but she was wild and ordered me to be shot up with the maximum dose of the stuff every six hours 24 hours a day - "just to make sure I was taking it".  She was oblivious to the fact that she had no legal permission to hold me and when I told her she was guilty of False Imprisonment she simply smiled and said "that would be true if you were competent - so I am declaring you incompetent and now I can do whatever I want to you". According to Lemmons the procedure for declaring someone incompetent was to say "you're incompetent" - ahd that was that. Again an academic point because the hospital guards hold people by brute force and since there is no way to communicate with the outside world and no one would help you if you could communicate with the outside anyway it is of little practical use to know your rights because you will not get them.


The people on the Buddington Service were mainly political prisoners - people who knew too much and were destined to be destroyed by the Government.

The Kennedy People

There were a "bunch" of people - mostly young - who were talking all about the Kennedy Assassination. Some of these had been arrested and brought here from other states. They were all labeled "schizophrenic" and were being "treated" until they "admitted to themselves" that "the things they knew about the Kennedy Assassination were figments of their imagination and not true". When they were confused enough from the drugs and constant interrogation to say this over and over again - they were let go. None of them was apparently a key witness - or they would have never gone free.

The Man Scheduled for BRAIN SURGERY

There was a man who we came to call "The Soldier" who was in some service and was being held because the Government had ordered him given brain surgery to "make him cooperative" - whatever that means - the surgery would be a pre-frontal lobotomy and was to be done by Dr. Heath who does weird things to people. I saw the man before surgery - lord knows what he was after surgery but he said (he was rather calm and resolved to his fate) that he was given "no choice" and was "under orders" (from the US Government).


There was a very old man who was apparently with the FBI. The reason I felt he was with the FBI was because when we were all stripped naked to take showers I noticed that on this man's side, at a level just above the belt line, was tattooed the letters "FBI" in about 6 to 8 inch high black letters. Since people who join these type of Government services "never leave the service of the Government" - apparently the Government likes to "mark its property for identification".  The man was apparently here because he was becoming senile and had to be kept on ice so he would not be loose in the streets babbling secret information.



Another man said he was Q-273 - that was his secret agent number. He explained the structure of the National Security which is discussed elsewhere and he also gave the true story on why there are Mental Hospitals.  He explained - with pride - that "Psychiatrists are trained to have the power to 'instantly negate' any 'psychic powers' and that they are, in effect, an army to defend the country against the people who have learned to develop their spiritual and psychic powers. Officially, there is "no such thing as psychic powers"  and the anti psychic army of doctors is stationed here to make sure that "there never is any such thing" by arresting and brain damaging the few people who are advanced enough to use their "supernatural powers".

We know now that this is the real nature of psychiatry - actually, what is being called "schizophrenia" is generally admitted - in private, of course, by both doctors and religious people to be simply the natural "transcendence into higher realities" which comes to every person eventually. Since World Governments need to keep people as "slaves" to do menial work it is in their interest that they never learn their true potential as members of the family of humanity and so these things are suppressed in every age- and in our age the main instrument of suppression is Psychiatry- and specifically government ordered drug control of the body, mind and soul.


We discuss Edward elsewhere, but he is introduced at this point on the time line so I will discuss him here briefly. Edward was a "human research animal"- a very intelligent boy who was being used for "developmental research experiments" in electrical control of the brain by radio controlled implants. He knew that he would be killed when they were thru with him - but he kept hoping that he might somehow escape to "tell his story" - he did not make it.


There was a 'federal prisoner' - charged no doubt with some fabricated crime - who was kept chained to the bed at all times and who was guarded- 24 hours a day- by an agent of the "Federal Office of Police" (FOP). I had never heard of that office but I would learn.

Late at night, the "night watch guard" was an old semi retired man. At this time - say three in the morning - everyone was asleep and I would sit up with the man and talk about the US Government and all the Top Secrets.  He was a "lonely guy" and was glad to have someone to chat with. We usually talked about UFO's - which are real, of course, and as of current the Government has finally admitted this - but it was Top Secret at that time.

At any rate, we would sit there and discuss sightings' the UFO's that were actually captured by the Air Force with live prisoners (aliens) and how the Government , after capturing and killing the visitors from elsewhere- was now secretly building their own UFO's- how the money for this was carefully concealed in the National Budget, etc. We would just talk on and on. BUT WHENEVER ANYONE WALKED IN - like a nurse- the old man or I would be in the middle of a sentence - we would stop. Once a nurse walked by while we were talking and overheard us and "sort of looked"- the old man said immediately "Oh, nurse ,I am just humoring this patient - he is very sick and thinks there are UFO's - ha ha" - When she left the room, we resumed our conversation.

This is what is commonly known as "doublethink" - every fact of truth has a "lie to cover it up" - It is all right to tell the truth in private but you use the corresponding lie in public -  it is the "law in this country" and a violation is punishable by medical experiments, with death in some cases.




This kid who said he was a "student doctor" and whose name tag said "Dr. Ray" came to see me to give me the standard test from the "Lewis Book" - I told him I had read the book and the test but he wanted to give it anyway as "it was his assignment". In parting he volunteered the information "All the things you think are true but you will never be allowed to say them in the outside world - this is not allowed - and besides, no one would believe you anyway".


I saw Buddington privately during this time in his office in the Tulane Medical Center - this building is linked to Charity Hospital by an underground tunnel.  Here he freely admitted to me that he - as well as most everyone else in the Tulane Medical Center worked secretly for the US Government. But, more importantly he stated that "the Superintendent of every state mental hospital in the country is a Government agent". In other words, the nation-wide system of Mental Hospitals are actually a nation-wide system of political prisons operated in "the National Interest". He said that at Mandeville, the current superintendent, whose name was Dr. Young, was - just like him - a "Q-man" who received his orders directly from the intelligence community (clandestine services) of the US Government.

He said it was "unfortunate" that now I knew too much and "I would be watched" now wherever I went and that the other agents "would know".

Here I should point out that I had learned that a special "FTS Telephone Line" was connected to Dr. Super's office - and later I managed to see a Government Telephone Directory and it listed lines to Tulane and LSU Medical centers.  I confirmed the line to Super by making friends with the telephone man who came to Charity Hospital every day- to make sure the line was "secure".


While at Charity one of the patients locked down was Amy Butterworth.  She explained that her husband,  Dr. Al Butterworth, was the Chief of Staff at East Louisiana State Hospital and whenever she was disobedient he had her arrested and drugged and shocked into submission.  She had made it, this time,  as far as New Orleans before being caught and she was being held here until "he could get the paper work done" to have her transferred to Jackson so he could drug her and then "take her back home" as an obedient pet wife.

Amy was considered a "sensitive person" because at one time Dr. Al Butterworth worked with the US Government on LSD Experiments and Amy was trained by Sandoz Laboratories (who invented LSD and still manufactures it for export to all other countries and this country also but its use in the US is "not admitted").  Amy's job title was "LSD Technician" and she was taught all the information (the TRUE information) on what LSD really is and what it really does. This information is still secret today and Amy was a very talkative woman and was therefore kept drugged constantly to "eliminate her credibility".

There  is an "L-shaped" corner which leads to the Director's office in the third floor and this is where you can go when you want to screw because you cannot be seen there.  So, periodically Amy and I would meet here for some sex to break the boredom and she would tell me more Government secrets and other things that she knew. She would say, in the language of the intelligence community, that she was my "sex therapist" which was all right by me.

I will cover Amy in more detail elsewhere - eventually " the people from Jackson" came for her and took her "back to her  husband"  however we would meet again later.



Joyce Lemmons was becoming "very aggressive" and was guilty of many legal and ethical violations. She knew she was guilty of malpractice and feared that she might get into trouble if she could not think up a cover-up. She tried a murder attempt - but it was not successful.

In the murder attempt, she ordered that I be shot up with an overdose of Seconal in addition to all the other dope she was shooting me up with and then had me chained to the bed in a seclusion room with the door locked also and instructions for "no  one to enter" - thinking that when the door was opened again I would be dead. However, all she managed to do was to get me out of my body briefly and really I did not want to go back into it - but it did not die and I was still there the next morning. However,  now I knew the secret of death - having remained conscious while I was watching myself on the bed and once you learn this secret it is hard to intimidate you with the threat of physical death since you know it is not "real".  So, in attempting to make me "weaker", she only managed to make me "stronger".

Lemmons, having run out of brainwashing tricks, and fearing malpractice, and having found that I did not die easy, called for Mandevilie to come take me (I was still on 'parole') and they came with chains and tied me up (she told them I was 'very dangerous') but later took the chains off in the station wagon because they recognized me and knew she was just bull shiting.

However now I would be sent back to "the Big House" once again.


Locked down on the maximum security cell block (D-1) I again met Dr. Billy Graham who smiled this time saying  "I know you have a 'special problem'".  To use this phrase was to tell me that - as Buddington had said - the other agents "would know". They never talk in straightforward sentences you are supposed to be smart enough to "pick up the idea".

I was not doing too good now,  trembling, etc. from all the dope that Joyce had shot me up with before I left - I told Graham the broad was nuts and she should not be using the drugs that way.  He could see that for himself and let me have the dope  that would reverse the side effects but said "you will be here for a while" - which meant "a long while".

Mandeville is very peaceful by comparison to Charity where the students "practice brainwashing" and in the process kill many patients thru incompetence until they learn better. At Mandeville the doctors are supposed to at least know what they are doing.

People are usually not "deliberately killed" at Mandeville.  When this is desired they are sent to Jackson which is equipped with "its own graveyard" so that the cover-up can be complete.


Most of the patients here now were young adults who had "defied the establishment" and so were sent for punishment.

There was a girl from LSU in Baton Rouge who was caught smoking pot on the campus grounds and was "sentenced to twenty years at hard labor" to make an example for other students. Then they told her that she could "plea bargain" and be declared insane instead.   Really, she should have taken the twenty years because she was now diagnosed as "insane as the result of drug abuse" and her punishment was full duration shock treatments.   I saw her when she just came in - she was a cute  "free spirited"  hippie girl but when the treatments were over there was nothing left to her  - she was a mindless hulk and had gained so much weight from the drug side effects

that she looked like a pig - had no personality - etc.  The doctors were "happy with the results" and said she was "cured of Marihuana Addiction" - it was simply a waste of a perfectly good human life and was disgusting but this was the "Kent State" period and the Government was determined to crush out the free will of young people and they did not give a damn how they did it.

WILLIE WATSON  was another young kid on shock. His mother said he was "disobedient" and would not listen to her. He escaped once but was caught and sent for shock treatments as punishment for escaping.  We became friends and I learned that there was a door with a broken lock and helped him to escape again - he wanted me to come with him - just go - and pray that you would find freedom "somewhere" - but I did not go. Well enough because he was captured later and brought back in chains after having been beaten up by the pigs and was immediately shocked again. He escaped again and never returned - hopefully he is still alive today somewhere - perhaps safe from the tyranny of the US Government in Canada.

Joey Wish  was a kid who played in a band and did card tricks, etc., who was put away by his mother because he would not slow down and relax and she said he was "overactive" and was "an annoyance" - he was ordered slowed down with "high voltage" and sent for full duration electric shock torture- he had a good outgoing personality when he first came in but no personality at all when he left. The doctors said that there was "no such thing" as "magic card tricks" so he was technically guilty of having hallucinations and therefore mentally sick - I think they were jealous because they had no talents - this guy could have gone places but unfortunately was destroyed and reduced to a zombie who had to think a while to remember his name.

The Concert Pianist was a real trip. One day Mary Alexander said to me, "guess what we got overnight - a concert pianist - he won't like it here".   It was customary to talk this way. We who had been thru the ropes now knew how the new ones would be tortured and broken down and we would naturally talk about it.  At any rate this guy lived in another state and came here to play.  But he was busted down by the pigs in a bar and charged with "alcoholism" because he was drunk and had been routinely "committed for therapy" - it was the end of his career. On the first day he thought he would get out by saying that he was a Concert Pianist and he liked to drink and so did his friends but he was just laughed at and told he was having "paranoid delusions" and then drugged and shocked.  He managed to "promise himself never to come back to the State of Louisiana"  but it was irrelevant now because his ability to play was destroyed by the drugs and shock and his career was ended.


Billy Graham wanted to shock me this time but to do this he needed me to "sign up" which I would not do.  He used the standard argument that "if I signed up he would let me out quickly but if I refused I would be kept 'ta long time' " but I just told him,  "Keep me a long time" which went over big but I did not really care because I was on open cell block now where I could spit out the pills and run around with the women on the grounds..


I decided to try a completely oblivious attitude this time which consisted of ignoring the doctors.  Most patients hound these doctors for passes and discharges so I wanted to see what would happen if you went out of your way to avoid them. Eventually, I had Graham "asking me" if I wanted a pass and I would say,  "Well, I don't know - you know the food is good here, etc."  After a few weeks of this the guy came up to me one day and said, "You're discharged - get out" and I learned that not only was I discharged but that he had canceled my parole.



So, I left Mandeville for the last time and was told that I would not be let back in there because "it looked like I was enjoying the place- which was not the 'idea'".



In this period we cover the period with Lathrop and Cohen, the de-humanization treatments, the declaration by the paternalists that I am "hopeless and worthless", the events leading to period seven with the theft and cover-up by the New Orleans Police - and the origins of the plan to finish me off "permanently".


It was now fall of 1969.   I had been held prisoner all summer but was free now and not on parole for the first time since the incident originated in March of 1967.  However, I was still under harassment from the parole center called Charters Mental Health Clinic to go to them.  I was also on a mailing list for  "propaganda letters" from Mandeville telling me "how important it was to always take drugs" which kept coming for many weeks.  They were "form letters" and had been copyrighted by some firm dealing in public relations "pre-packaged propaganda" and had apparently been "bought" by the state system.

At the parole board,  Severence Kelly was still there but he said he "could not see me any more" and that he was planning to "move up" and leave the parole center. During period four,  when I was at Tulane, Sev was a student there also earning a degree in "Master of Public Health".  He had apparently now gotten this and so was looking for more money.

I was handed off to a doctor named Lathrop who was prominent in the city for treating "disturbed children" (in private practice) and apparently he made more money here at the state parole center where little or no effort was required to collect his check (people who work for the state do not work much - this is true in general of all bureaucrats).

Lathrop had a personality exactly opposite from Sev.  He was openly hostile toward patients - threatened them - and physically assaulted them.  His favorite statement was "I am Dr. Lathrop and I am the very best Doctor you have ever had". He liked to say this over and over between the threats and physical harassment- not to mention, of course, drug harassment.


I will run thru this story about a patient in the group -  which I was threatened that I must attend  - which was run by Lathrop. This guy had been told he needed "work therapy" and was then shot up with Prolixin and forced to get a dead end job at Pontchartiain Beach (a local amusement park) as a "laborer".  [It should be noted here that it was not necessary for patients to get a job to get money because they were entitled to Social Security Disability and/or SSI payments automatically due to their condition.  However, no one told them this and they were forced into dead end jobs because they did not know any better.] This was hurricane season and a storm this year caused him to be forced, drugged and trembling,  to do dangerous work tying down things at the lake front during the storm - he was injured on the "job" and need treatment but the doctors could not give him any pain medicine because it might conflict with Prolixin so he was given stitches, etc. with no anesthetic (they just held him down) and then sent back to the parole clinic.  He was "not too happy" about this but Lathrop was not happy about anything.

When he complained about the treatment he was physically assaulted and harassed by Lathrop who, sitting with the guy's master file in his hand, proceeded as follows. "You want to argue with me - do you want shock treatments you know I know all about you - you were at Milne Boys Home as a worthless kid - you got shock treatments then - do know who ordered



those treatments - Well, I ordered them and I can send you for more - you don't want that do you - I have a phone right here - you want shock treatments now - Now get your ass up - you look mad- are you mad - want to fight -  fight me - you think you can take me - I doubt it - (a nurse had been sent out while this was happening to get a handful of  Thorazine pills in the largest size 200 mg.) You're not going to do a damn thing - take these pills and shut your mouth or you will be arrested and be on shock treatments by morning!

I was cautious with Lathrop because he was prone to do anything. The law allows doctors to do anything they want but this guy was the most openly hostile and aggressive doctor that I met thru the incident.  Most doctors do not openly brag about how they have caused people misery and suffering deliberately - but Lathrop was an exception to this.


Since it was coming up on time for school again I thought (mistake) that I could make VR pay again but Henry Rightor said he "needed approval" from Dr. Lathrop. This was not likely because of Lathrop's general attitude but I asked him any way and was certified "hopeless".

Lathrop was obviously mad to even be "asked such a thing".  He replied: "What?   Do you know how much money the state has wasted on you - you worthless thing - how much - do you know - well don't even think you're ever going to get anything from us cause you're not - if you want to go to school get your ass out and work".

This was applauded and confirmed by a social worker named Ben Ray who ran the de-humanization sessions called "GAP". He said, "we have decided to give up all hope on you because it is not worth the effort - however you must keep coming here and always take drugs".

Obviously, this was not satisfactory - and of course I never took drugs anyway- but it required time to figure a way to leave the parole board because to attempt to "walk away" is grounds for immediate arrest as we saw in period two.


I was now ordered to report three times a week for the de-humanization sessions- where you are harassed and ridiculed by teams of brain washers consisting of mainly nurses and socials workers (women and queers). Ben Ray ran the harassment sessions and was assisted by Karen Brown and other social workers- also a nurse- to make sure you were kept drugged.

It was this time that the order had gone out from the US Government to doctors who worked for the government "Everyone has his breaking point - your job is to find that point and break the person down".  This was project "Mind Control", exposed publicly for the first time in Summer 1979 on national TV.

The dehumanization sessions were called GAP ( which meant Group Activity program).  It was the purpose of this program to make sure you were "kept down" by a combination of drugs and verbal harassment.  If anyone objected to being called "worthless" etc.,  they could be charged with "aggressive behavior" and "attempting to resist treatment" and be taken back to the "hospital".  So you had no choice but to submit.  In these sessions the first order of business was to call on the phone anyone who did not show up to harass them over the phone.  Patients who came were told to call others who did not come and call them "chicken, idiot, etc."- if they sounded "hostile in response to this" the doctor could get on the phone and threaten to use this as "evidence of violent thoughts"  which was grounds for re-commitment.  So was the basic structure of the GAP system.  Also, once you got into the



"Group Room" you could not leave the room - if you did - one broad made it to the sidewalk, the social workers would follow you and physically drag you back into the room and threaten to commit you for "refusing to accept treatment".  So it was just a system to see how much abuse and frustration you could be caused - and the staff - whenever they were in a bad mood - could always go into the "GAP Room" and be free to take out their hostilities on whatever patient they wanted to.  They could just walk in, secretaries or whatever, pick out someone and start in on them with,  "You know I never liked you you ass hole - you know you'll never amount to nothin'... etc." So it was.

There were a set of "rituals" which were made up by Ben Ray (who was the "administrator" at HB7) which were always performed at every meeting and I will run thru the main ones here"

The "MF" of the year award

Patients had to select another patient, who was stood up in the center of the room, as "MF of the year".  Ben Ray said - that in case anyone was thinking of complaining to anyone on the "outside" - that the letters "MF"' 'officially meant': "M Friend". However, aside from this cover story you had to vote on who was going to be the "MF" today and his/her name was written down and posted on a bulletin board in the room and he had to stand up in the center of the room to be laughed at and put down.  To object to this was "refusing treatment" and grounds for arrest.

The "Chanting" Rituals

In the chanting rituals, a patient would be selected and some weakness they had would be "chanted" over and over.  The girl that comes to mind said she "was having trouble going to the bathroom" (this was aside effect of the drugs she was forced to take but she did not know that).   So Ben Ray said well, we will have to "treat your problem with group support" and this broad was forced to sit in the center of the room and everyone chanted "give her an enema" over and over until the girl was in tears from embarrassment.

The "Goals" list

The goals list was kept on the bulletin board with everyone's' name and notes on how they would never make it - had failed - would always fail, etc.  It was read out loud during each meeting and then "amended" with more "notes" - nothing supportive or encouraging was allowed because there was no intent that you should ever succeed - you were told that your future was coming here and taking drugs and "keeping out of trouble".


One day Lathrop said that "he did not need this worthless state and could make more money elsewhere and was leaving".  It was a bright moment for all of us who had put up with him that his "reign of terror" had at last ended here and we would not have to be harassed by him any more.  He said in leaving that his replacement; Dr. Cohen, was a "stupid ass" and "needed help himself" and told us to "take good care of him" (Dr. Cohen).   And then the madman said good-by (rather politely) and he was gone.

His replacement, Allen Cohen, lived up to Lathrop's expectations and proved to be a complacent old man who made his living mainly by certifying people for Social Security disability payments.  He did not talk much - softly when he did and was a do-nothing "baby-sitter type" which was a great relief from the oppressive attitude of  Lathrop.  Cohen believed in the status quo and told patients to "keep doing whatever you have been doing" and did not want to be bothered charging anything saying, "everything looks all right to me", etc.




I had not felt it a good idea to try to leave the parole clinic while the tyrant Lathrop was there because of obvious reasons but now that a pussy had replaced him it was time to drift away and hopefully escape from the system. The system never discharges patients - if you cannot break away somehow you are held for life (if you can call it living). It was obvious also that the state had no plans to pay for anything - I was blacklisted at Tulane and "certified hopeless" by the state and this information was essentially "available to everyone" so I saw no need to plan for any future but did hope to find a place somewhere where I would not be constantly harassed and tortured.

However, this was not to be because I still had my grandmother living in the house and she would always "threaten to call the doctor to "report me" for "something".   I began to realize this was rather ridiculous being 23 and kept as a pet kid and it seemed that there should be some escape method from this but none that I had thought up had been successful so far.

Granny was obviously delighted that I was supposed to be "incurable insane" and would remind me how fortunate I was to have her and she had "dedicated" her life to taking care of me and she just did not know "how I would ever make it if she would die" because I "needed her so much". The old bat was in her nineties now and it seemed she was immortal.

However, wanting basically the same things others my age wanted,  I managed to slowly drift away from the clinic by never refusing but just missing more and more appointments more frequently until they got tired of calling and writing to tell me how important it was for me to have their "treatment" and how I could not make it without their care and the usual party line.


Mother broke her hip and was taking so many anti-depressant drugs that it took her a week,  walking around on her broken hip,  to realize that she had broken her hip.  She went to a quack named  J. Browne La Rose who told her she had broken her hip and to go to Mercy Hospital. But Mercy Hospital is mainly interested in making money off rich people and they learned fast that we had no money and one day my mother "disappeared" and all the hospital would say was that "they had no record of her as a patient there". We learned later that they had had her sent directly to Jackson "to get her off their hands" and also so they could write off her three thousand dollar bill for the few days she had been there as a loss.  How they did this without consulting relatives has never become clear - but they did.

Now it was just me and Granny and Granny was scared because the parole clinic had told her I was failing to report to be drugged and therefore must be dangerous and needed drugs, etc. By now the box of pills I had been collecting since 1967 had grown to many thousands and I could have made a fortune if they were popular on the street - of course they were not -  there was no market for "downs" at that time.


Granny activated the pigs for the first time on July 3rd., 1970 at 11:30 AM.  Two pigs,  named C. Chapman and Mr. Davillier broke into the house by smashing thru the front door which was glass.  This got them into the house but not into my room and so they picked the lock on my room with locksmith picks and then crashed in there where I was on the phone complaining to the Bureau of Internal Affairs that pigs were breaking in.   However the pigs had now broken in and needed to make up a charge to justify their unlawful entry so I was grabbed and charged with "disturbing the peace on the premises"  and taken off to jail and held on $50 bond.   The pigs wrote a note on the arrest form saying that I was



to be put away.  However, when the case went to the Judge at  2:00 PM on July 3rd. in Section C of Municipal Court,  the Judge threw the charge out and said  "I looked calm to him and did not need emergency treatment".

So I went home and called the FBI to file charges against the pigs for breaking into my house but the FBI (which has now been exposed in Watergate as totally corrupt) called me back and said that the "official report" of the police said I was planning to commit suicide and they had to break into the house to "protect me from myself" and therefore they were perfectly correct, etc.


I felt that I had escaped another trip to the brainwashing camp but at 7 PM a new batch of pigs crashed into the house. This time the pigs were named Anthony Cannatella and C.  Jeanings and again I was charged with disturbing the peace and again hauled off to jail.

These pigs apparently knew that I had reported the first set of pigs to the FBI and they set the bond at "five hundred dollars" (this is un-heard of on that type of charge - 50 is the maximum) and wrote notes saying that  "I should not be allowed to get away this time".   But, at 10:00 PM when I was paraded up before a Judge in section D of municipal court (called 'night court') the Judge said it was late at night and I looked calm to him and he saw no reason to hold me and for me to go on home.


It was now the fourth of July and the pigs were scared now because they had failed twice and now two different judges had ordered me cut loose and they had been turned in to the FBI for rights violations. Now the pigs returned determined that their will would be done regardless of what any Judge said.  I was not arrested this time.  Instead the leader of the pigs said, "You see, the Judges just did not understand what we had in mind but we have the power to put you away without a Judge's permission on our own special authority as an "emergency case" so the Judge can't cut you loose this time."  So I was taken by the pigs off again and they went straight to the hospital  and just said to Charity Hospital "take him" and they took me and I was locked down in HB5 once more.

In retrospect we know that the pigs had committed many civil rights violations and that they use these techniques to cover up. Everyone protects each other in the Louisiana State Political System and so it is virtually impossible to get any justice.  Sometimes  pigs just kill you outright if you have a good case against them so some argue that it is better to be "brainwashed" than "murdered",  however perhaps someday enough citizens will learn the truth about the corrupt government that both will be stopped and people will not live at the mercy of pigs and corrupt Judges and politicians - but this is a long way off.



In period seven we cover the medical experiments,  LSD experiments, the second secret trial, commitment to Jackson for life, the interdiction attempt,  the $100, 000.00 theft by the Peiser Family,  the beginning of the end for my mother and grandmother, the physical torture center at Jackson,  the patient murders and cover-ups and the special "graveyard", etc.




The pigs, in leaving, said that the legal authority for holding me had come directly from Dr. Mary - the director of Charity Hospital - who, they added,  "worked for the government (US) also". [Only the Coroner is supposed to have this legal authority]

I was handed off to a Dr. Maggio who was a smart ass type and his goofy partner, a girl named Martha Wickett.  The girl was a trip.  She screwed all of her patients "to see if they were normal".  I asked her for some ass too but she said I was not her patient and belonged to Maggio. Maggio and Wickett acted more like a vaudeville team than what doctors are normally thought to be.  Maggio, who seemed to be queer or bi had a complex on perfection.  He said he was "perfect" because he had eliminated all bad habits like smoking.  Wickett, who seemed high on something all the time,  spent most of her time in the "treatment room" having sex with her patients.  After sex, she would "shoot them up" with sodium amytal so that they would fall asleep.  She is typical of female shrinks who learn that the power of drugs can be used to dominate men and that the law and their degree has bestowed this power upon them.


Maggio ordered that I be forced to take three thousand milligrams of Thorazine per day which is above the maximum recommended dose.  However, this was not Maggio's idea. Another doctor, who has never been identified,  would walk up to him and tell him what to do to me - Maggio would say "Yes sir" and then do it.  The other doctor - I was told - was "undercover" (whatever that meant).  He did not talk to me but told Maggio what was to be done to me. Maggio would say only that "his orders came from above".


There were a bunch of  "old men"  locked down with me.  They were mainly white and were not particularly disoriented.  They said they were being  "held by the government"  and some said they were "held as specimens".  The old men said that one requirement for their leaving was marriage to one of the "charity nurses" who are raised for that purpose.  I had  been taught on the Buddington service during period five about the ritual of the "agent and the psychiatric nurse".  Briefly,  government agents must  marry a psychiatric nurse who is a US agent also and her job is to make sure the man agent remains "loyal to the US" and to "do whatever is necessary" if he does not.  These old men were apparently being held because their "spy wives" had died and they could bet leave until they picked another "fresh one".  The charity hospital school of nurses provides young girls for this "service" as part of the covert side of its operations,  I was told.

THERE WAS A MAN who was a victim of Police Brutality  there who was all broken up and taped and bandaged.  He was being held because he had  "hostile feelings" and  "delusions that he was being persecuted by the authorities".  They were treating his many open wounds and apparently planned to hold him as long as necessary until it was too late to prosecute the police who beat him up.  This is standard practice for one state unit to cover and protect the other.  It is called "state loyalty".

THERE WERE RESEARCH PATIENTS  who had signed up to take drugs for pay here also this time and they were the "privileged class" because they knew they were getting money for all the horse shit they were going thru and they also had a definite date when they would (theoretically) be discharged.  One said he was on speed and the others were apparently on pot or THC or LSD.

R. J.  SKINNER WANTS  $2000.00

I called R.J. Skinner who had already ripped me off for $500.00  from period three but I knew no one else and his secretary "gave the story away"



when she volunteered the information that "it was no problem she was sure because the 'firm' was personal friends with Dr. Super and they got patients released all the time".  But the catch was money - when Skinner came on the line he said  "It will cost you two thousand for 'our service' ".  I said I did not have two thousand and Skinner said,"Well , then you are wasting my time - do not call here any more unless you have money". So much for that.


I was told that Dr. Heath - who worked for Tulane (and Tulane worked for the CIA and project "Mind Control" which was in full swing at that time) had a new research project involving  putting "field effect transistors" directly into the middle of the brain to "re-direct the current flow of the brain to see what happens if you do that".  Heath was and is a madman and I had already seen the results of his work on Edward from period five- it did not seem to me that he could force me to submit to this unless he had consent and so I disregarded the threat and it did not materialize. However since we know today that Tulane Medical Center was working for CIA at that time, I really doubt if  "informed consent"  was any hindrance to them and so the threat was more serious than I had believed at that time.


The Tulane student doctors were playing with LSD at this time, and also afterward, and were walking around the floor to all wards and giving the LSD to everyone.  They had the LSD laced into special bags of "potato chips" Marked with the name "Sunshine".

I discovered the truth here by accident.  What was taking place was that the Tulane students were going from ward to ward with a movie projector and these bags of potato chips and showing old "Laurel and Hardy" movies (silent films with the text on screen) and giving out these "strange looking" bags of potato chips.  I never saw any bags in real life with the design on these bags and they were colored a weird shade of "purple".

In the top secret color code used by the government the color "purple",  I had been taught,  was used for things that "officially do not exist" - like UFO's and the like and putting two and two together intuition just kept saying to me that it was LSD - there was no other explanation because the students did not talk - they just showed the movies and watched to make sure everyone ate their potato chips. I tried calling their bluff by just saying outright,  "I know that you have LSD on these potato chips" and the shocked expression on their faces told me I had guessed right.  They stopped the movie right there and left. One of the students was mumbling to the other, "Who was that guy and how did he find out -- I don't know", said the other one, "lets get out of  here".  A nurse walked up to me and said, "Now, stupid, see you spoiled everything.  It was not a big dose and they would have all come down with no bad effects later - but you had to open your big mouth - you know too damn much - you know that !" and with a "pissed" look she walked off back to the safety of the Tulane Medical Center where they had "the protection of the Government" since they were doing a CIA project.


I had been in Charity since 70-184.  The police "emergency complaint"  was only good for twenty-four hours but that is irrelevant once you are inside of Charity because they make their own rules and law. When you have the backing of the CIA and orders like "everyone has his breaking point - go find it" you do not have to follow the law and so it was a while while these characters played with me threatening medical experiments and giving me LSD and an overdose of  Thorazine, etc.



Now I was served with notice that I would be taken to "secret trial" and committed to Jackson for life - apparently for "knowing too damn much". I was duly convicted at the secret trial arid was ordered sent off to Jackson on 70-225.  I was held in Charity for 41 days on a 24 hour commitment order.

Of course the secret trial is held in secret.  I was marched in at the end and was told,  "its Jackson this time" by the Judge and "We're sending you to the "cute ward" this time", by William Super.  In the room where the secret trial was held there were other men I had never seen before - later I was told that these men were with the government and I was considered a "security risk" because I had found out about the LSD and that I would be "tortured this time" to make sure that (if I ever got out) I would know to "keep my nose clean".


There were about four or five of us loaded into a station wagon to be shipped to Jackson (HB9) at five in the morning.  It was a long ride thru a rather pretty section of the state to the desolate isolated area among large farms where the concentration camp is located.  On the way we passed the fields where the prisoners from the "colonies" who are kept for life are forced to work.  It was a scene out of the past from the days of "plantations" and slaves working in the fields. Most of the men in the fields are black and most people who are sent to HB9 are black - white people are normally kept at Pineville and Mandeville. There are exceptions due to court ordered integration but there is an understanding that it will mainly be kept this way among the judges and doctors.

We were left at the administration building and the wagon pulled away to return to New Orleans and we were "taken for processing".  Processing consisted of fingerprinting and mug shots. An old man in a  State Trooper's uniform did the "processing".  We held our prison numbers in front of us for the mug shots.  The old man said in a slow drawl  ( this red-neck country)  "We don't use names here - just numbers - your number is 67908 - remember your number".  Then for fingerprinting and the old man added "The government keeps track of crazy people like you. See, there are two cards one we keep and the other goes to the FBI.   Don't even think of escape because they'll hunt you down and bring you back to us."

After "processing" it was off to the "admitting doctor" to be certified in need of  "treatment".  All the doctors here were old men - it seemed to be a "old age home for doctors".  The admitting doctor did not even talk. You sat down long enough for him to sign that he had found you insane and then left.  He found everyone insane, of course, it was just more "kangaroo style" routine - like the secret trial.

We left here for the maximum  security cell block. Everyone was given the standard drugs which were Mellaril (for genocide) and Thorazine (to keep you drowsy).  There were no pills used at Jackson - everyone was forced to drink the dope liquid.  It takes some practice to fake swallow liquid medicine - but you learn fast.


Now we were all on the WING  D Cell block which appeared to be new construction.  The doctor here was an old man named Metz. We know now that he was a heroin addict and an alcoholic as well and was here at the hospital mainly so that he could get the illegal drugs to which he was addicted (methadone).  He was "out of  it" most of the time.  Young kids, called "Psychiatric Aids" and "Attendants" ran the ward arid did as they pleased.   Metz would party with these kids in the local bars and they would get him the drugs that he was addicted to from the hospital pharmacy.  Metz was married to a baby girl who
could have been his granddaughter and who was a nurse on the infirmary.   There was supposed to be a nurse on this cell block but she was on vacation.  There was a baby girl social worker named Miss Poche who was apparently just out of school.  Metz interviewed me once but said only "you must think people are after you or something",  and then sort of stumbled away. Metz was drunk and/or high all of the time and spent most of his time talking to the kids who ran the cell block about where they were going to boogie that night. When it was time for that shift to leave at 3 PM, Metz would come in to meet them saying, "Time to booze it up" and they would all leave together.

People sent to Jackson are not expected to be discharged.  They are put on dope and sent to the fields to work until they die. I had decided that, if it was going to be this way, I would prefer to die soon and get it over with rather than be systematically reduced to a mindless nothing and be used by the state for slave labor. Basically, the same system is used at Angola, the state penitentiary,  which is not far from HB9  and from which you do not usually leave either.  The only difference between Jackson and Angola is that you must be found guilty of some "legitimate"crime to be sent to Angola but you can be sent to Jackson simply on the whim of a politician, Judge, or doctor.  Otherwise, the treatment you get is essentially the same. And, you have a "federal record" equivalent to the record of those who have been found guilty of a felony at Angola - of course you have not broken any law, but that is an academic point because you get the same treatment as if you had.


I knew that somewhere in the sprawling complex my mother was a prisoner also.  I mentioned this to Poche but she thought it was a hallucination and just walked off. It took several tries before she bothered to check and then I learned that mother was a prisoner in the Infirmary and was expected to be held for life.  The infirmary was essentially an old age home with old,  sick people who died on a daily basis.  It smelled like a bathroom because the old people were tied down to wheelchairs and urinated all over the floor and no one bothered to mop it up.  Usually one or two died every day - it was probably the best thing that happened to them since they were brought there.


The staff in the maximum security cell block listened to whatever you said so that they could write a "scenario" that would serve as evidence to justify that you were insane. You were assumed insane and so whatever you did or said was written up in such a way as to support this assumption. Here I  met Richard Walton for the first time and stupid me (Richard had gone to Tulane as  had I) - I was talking to him about the technology of terminals which allowed computers to talk to each other.  This was told to Poche and she wrote that they had "conclusive evidence that I had strange hallucinations that coffee pots could talk to pop-up toasters".  This was the only thing that her bird brain knew when she thought of  "machines"  this place was in the sticks and the girl had never seen a computer and did not know what we were talking about.  As a small town chick, she only knew how to get drunk and spread her legs and little else.


I was grabbed and beaten by some nut who was having some kind of fit and sent to the "clinic" for treatment.  Some old doctor gave the guard eye drops for me to take. We went back to the cell block and the guard was getting ready to squirt the drops into my eyes when a  nurse who was walking past happened to look at the bottle and saw that these drops were for ears or something and that they would have put my eyes out and blinded me permanently.  She stopped the guard just in time.  The old incompetent "things" that pass for doctors here apparently are so bungling that they



mess up more people than they help. They decided to forget about the drops all together and the nurse said "these things happen" and walked off.


I finally got really sick which was inevitable eventually being held indoors with no sunshine and with people who were generally old and dirty and usually physically sick with something.  This proved to be a better trip than expected because I met Mrs. Metz here and she remembered that I had talked to her on the phone when my mother had "disappeared".   She wondered what I was doing  here and hinted that perhaps she could talk someone into letting me out.  She said mother was in this complex and let me walk over and see her.  She was tied to a wheelchair and had many open sores and secondary infection from the treatment she had gotten at Mercy Hospital.   She was also drugged heavily but remembered who I was and was glad to see me.  They said she was "in bad shape" and probably would never leave the hospital "alive".

In the infirmary I was with mainly old men who were sitting around waiting to die.  One died while I was there and they "wrapped him up" and took him off to the graveyard.  Jackson has its own graveyard and you are put in a box and buried with your hospital inmate number stamped on a brick over the grave sight.  Other patients who are able to be forced to work are sent to dig the grave.

I was pronounced "recovered" from whatever I had caught and sent back to the Wing D cell block but was immediately transferred to the "extended treatment building"  for  "incurable hallucinations".


Now I was marched a few hundred yards to an old cement three story building called building 250 and told "how good this was" because some of the patients here are "actually discharged in a few years" and taken down into the basement of this building where cell. block 251 was located.  Here you were about one-half underground and the windows were near the ceiling which was ground level on the outside.  I was told that "I must work for the state as treatment" and every day they would bring in bushel baskets of butter beans and peas that other slave patients from the colonies had cultivated in the fields. We were supposed to "shuck the peas" as "work treatment therapy"  and this was all you did.   No one ever left the basement except to eat when you were marched in a long line to another building which was called the "big kitchen" where you fed trash food which was just enough to keep you alive.

Here in the basement I met Red, an attorney who had graduated from Loyola University.  He was the only other person here who was from "civilization".  The other patients were from small towns and also they were drugged into a semi-zombie state and walked around like robots "shucking the peas". I remembered old science fIction movies about "the living dead" and these people behaved the same way - just stumbling around in the basement here shucking peas and eating and sleeping.  They did not talk much and most were illiterate and goofy  from the drugging as well.   I could just imagine "three years of this".


Now I was taken upstairs to the first floor where Dr. Walker had an office. Also here was the offIce of the "building social worker" named A.O. Ott and the "building  nurse" named A. Rebold.  Each building had a social worker and a nurse but a doctor had "several buildings" under his command - Dr. Walker had three buildings and some colonies - well over three thousand patients and, on the average, they only saw him once every two years.  The rest of the time they were put to work and drugged.



I will pause here to point out that the doctors here were old "semi retired" men. They really were only "doctors in name".  The building nurses prescribed the drugs and so did the staff of attendants and aides. Whenever the doctor "passed thru"  he would sign whatever they had ordered "to make it legal" but he did not actually do the prescribing.  Dr. Walker was retired
from his last job - which was the GP doctor at a state penitentiary in another state.   He was not a psychiatrist and therefore was not competent to be here.  He had come to the hospital because it was a quiet place to "retire" - he had a free house,  good food,  and a few  young nurses to [try to]  screw.

Now I met this guy with the social worker and nurse.  He wanted to know if I was an alcoholic and said,   "I bet you drink - I know you drink - you drink don't you?" and I said "No" and then he said, "Well, you must be some kind of addict. You take dope - smoke marijuana or something don't you ?"

This went on for a while and he concluded with,  "Have him tested to see what he is addicted to - he must be on something since he is from New Orleans - everyone from there is some kind of dope head".

I was ordered sent for a brain wave test to see how much brain damage I had from "whatever I was addicted to" and I left.


I was sent back to the basement to wait to be tested.  Here the night shift was an old man.  There is a problem, I found, being in this part of the state if you are from New Orleans.  These people are red-neck baptist bible belt types.  They hate New Orleans and call it "sin city".  They believe that everyone who lives in New Orleans is some kind of pervert  "just because they live there" and they are "sinners" and need to have "the fear of God beaten into them".  You do not have to do anything to get this reaction - you just have to "have come from that place (New Orleans)".   This old guy just up and started slapping me - first with his hand, then with a belt, then he went for a mop.  I just moved out of his way because he was semi-senile and could not move too fast.  He was screaming "repent sinner", etc.  This was the "night attendant" and when the day shift came on I told them that I wanted to see the social worker to report the guy but instead I was charged with "hallucinations of persecution" and ordered punished with a shot of  Thorazine and sent to bed.

Later,  I was called back to the social worker who said that originally they had believed that I was "high on LSD"  [from purple potato chips provided by Tulane student doctors maybe?] but that the EEG test showed that I was perfectly normal and also that Miss Poche had written that I had these hallucinations but that he had gone to a college that had a computer and terminals and so he knew that she had made "an honest  mistake" and that what I was saying was really true and so I did not have hallucinations after all.  I was beginning to think that they were going to let me out when Ott paused and then said, "But I feel sure you must have some kind of mental illness or you would not have been sent here - we will just have to wait until we see what it is that you do have - it must be something".

And with that I was sent back to the basement to "shuck more peas"

I decided that I was simply not going to sit here for years and shuck peas and wait while my life time went down the drain.   The staff was complaining now that I was "guilty of being lazy" and "not shucking peas fast enough" and the old ladies who ran the cell block during the day would come up and say, "now you work hard or we'll have to shut you up in the "strong room" (seclusion cell)". There were two isolation cells on each floor of the building and whenever "the mood struck the staff" they would lock someone in them and leave then  there for a few days as punishment.



So here was this old bat screaming this - she was the only one there and I said to her, "You really think I'm going to just walk in the room - you stupid old bat what would you do if  I broke your neck off".  The woman started screaming and sounded the alarm to call the guards in.  Guards stormed thru the cell block door and put me in handcuffs screaming "It's all over for you now - you're gonna learn what this State is all about - you never talk back to the State - we're sending you to 'Angola' now!"

Obviously, they could not send me to "Angola" - what they were talking about was a special cell block at Jackson where anyone who objected was taken and beaten daily and tortured until they submitted to the will of the State or died.


It was days now that I had been in the "strong room".  Guards would open the door to bring in food and then lock  it and leave.  You did not get out to go to the bathroom - you just did it in a corner of the room and tried to sleep in the other corner.

A contingent of about five guards came with handcuffs and leg chains and opened the door saying,  "This is the end for you"  and I was marched a few hundred yards to another building while the guards laughed and said "this is 39-D - this is the end" and one guard told the other, "This guy thinks we don't mean business here - we (the guards) run this place - he'll learn to take orders now !".

Dr. Walker was the doctor in charge of the Torture Center.  He apparently had authorized its creation because where he worked before (at a state prison),  it was the method used to condition new inmates to follow orders without question.  I was to be tortured daily for eighty-four days.

On the torture building I met Richard Walton again. He said that he had tried to escape by simply walking down the road hoping to hitch a ride back to the city.  But his only clothes were the prison uniform with the cell block number stamped on the back and he was spotted and brought to the torture center to be punished - he would be kept for several years but of course he had no way of knowing this at this time.  Eventually, he would become a zombie like all the rest and "pray for death".

The torture building was completely self contained and once inside you did not leave.  It had its own kitchen and housed also the Tulane University experimental drug center where "research patients" were kept and given experimental drugs. [This hospital is one of the places used by the US Government for secret human experiments - "secret" means illegal & unethical]  Because of the experimental drug center,  the food in this building was the best of any other building.  This was necessary  because it was important to rule out any possibility of "malnutrition" when compiling the statistics of the reactions to the experimental drugs - so the "human guinea pigs" were, at least, well fed guinea pigs.


I will run thru the main torture methods briefly here because we discuss them elsewhere in this report.

THE COMBINATION  was the most common torture and consisted of physically beating patients but always with a "open hand" - to use a fist would have left marks.

THREATS OF DEATH  were routine and all the guards carried long knives - about eight or ten  inches long - with them.  They would pull the knives as one of guards was beating someone to make sure that no one "objected" and threaten to use the knives but never actually did.  However, no one ever actually attacked a guard,  so it is not clear whether they would have killed or not.



THE WORK DETAILS  which consisted of digging graves for the patients who died or were killed and of doing whatever physical work was needed to run the complex were performed under the threat of torture because the guard in charge of the detail would report to the guards on the torture unit if anyone was "slow at work" and that person would be beaten and thrown into the "hole" which was the name for the seclusion cell and left there a few days.

THE "GAMES" were done daily and these were "fights" where patients were forced to fight with each other.  Anyone who did not want to fight was beaten up by the guards.  This was worse than the abuse you would receive if you took part in "the games".

PLAYING WITH DRUGS  was common. All patients, of course, were on some kind of dope "officially" but the guards did not use the prescribed dope but made up their own.  The guards liked to drink and would come to work with usually a half-pint of whiskey in their back pockets.  They mixed the whiskey with Thorazine concentrate usually and made people drink. Then, when they passed out, they threw ice water on them and kicked them.

SPECIAL TORTURE  was used on anyone who objected to the above tortures which were "normal routine".  In the special tortures there was "STRINGING UP" which meant you would be stripped naked and tied with restraint belts by your hands to a window bar in the "hole" so that your feet barely touched the floor.  Then everyone was marched in to see you and had to spit on you.  Also, your food was dumped into a gallon sized tin can which was used as an ash tray and spittoon on and you had to eat it.  Additionally, every shift would come in and beat you with belts until they were tired.  You stayed "strung up" for many days.

There were "breaks in torture" periodically because the guards got tired and went into a corner to play cards.  They usually gambled. Patients who received anything in the mail from friends on the outside had it confiscated and the guards would "gamble" to see who would get it for themselves to take home.  If any money came in cash - well you could just forget it - most patients got money as a check - the guards could not steal that and it went into their "account" and they got to actually use it.


The torture unit was run by Dr. Walker.  However,  he never came into the cell block so that he could say "he did not know that this was happening".  A female named Helen Doughty was the "Guard Supervisor" but she never came in either.  The building, social worker was named Chustz and he came in usually once a month but he would call the day before and on the day he came no one was tortured "so he did not have to see it" - torture resumed immediately after he left and anyone who had complained to Chustz about anything at all was given the "special torture" as punishment for complaining.  The guards called complaining about them "long toungin" and it was punished by severe torture.

The day shift did the torture. The three men were named "Mr. James", "Mr. Paul" (Apparently there were first names) and "Durr" (this was a last name).  The night shift did not torture people because they were sleeping and the evening shift just had "better personalities" and did not attack patients unless they did something.  If they did they were tortured rut otherwise they were left alone.

The evening shift usually sat at a table and played "bourae" (cards) and let patients play with them if they had money to gamble. If they had no money, they had to put up whatever they did have - cigarettes, and any personal belongings of value, etc.




I will run thru a few patients who are representative of the group of about thirty or so of us that were here.

J.C. LOCKHART  was sent here because he was queer and homosexuals were considered mentally ill at that time.  He was kept "strung up" during the day nut "cut down" by the evening shift who would tell him "go blow somebody - we don't give a shit - you degenerate" and he would stumble off.

RICHARD WALTON of course was here. Richard was physically larger than the guards and so they left him alone.

WARREN WILLIAMS was a man in his twenties who had an adopted name - he was raised in an orphanage and did not know his real name. He was kept here "until someone adopted him" - this would never happen of course - so he was here for life.

MR. SIMINEAUX was an old man who was physically sick. He was sent from the infirmary for torture because he was "an annoyance". The guards would pour the liquid medicine down his throat and he would fall down from shock and vomit.  Then they would kick him and make him "lick it up" and mop the floor clean.  Then they would pour more dope down his throat. They told him to hurry up and die because his kind did not deserve to live - but  was still barely alive when I left the unit.


Of course I had no way of knowing what was going on back at my home in New Orleans.  What had happened there was that my Grandmother had been taken off to a nursing home and the house was vacant.  The family of  MR. AND MRS. ROBERT ANTHONY  PEISER who lived in the block had cleaned out the house of all furniture and taken it to their house. They also planned to burn down the house when everything of value had been stolen, however this did not happen. The plan was never completed,  however the stolen property has a value of over $100,000.00 as of current and it has never been recovered because no lawyer will have anything to do with a case involving a former patient in New Orleans - it seems to be an understanding that still continues.  The theft and conspiracy to interfere with the rights of  lawful  heirs by the PEISERS is covered in incident report number N-01-I-029.


In the physical torture center we were on the second floor of the building.  From the window,  you could see people walking around in a fenced in "courtyard" where the building made an open "E" shape.  I would watch these people - they were men and women, aimlessly stumbling around.  They did not even look human any more, they shuffled looking straight ahead with "glassy looks" and did not seem to talk.

One day I was standing there looking at these zombies and a guard had walked up behind me and was just standing there watching me watching them.  He said, "Do you know what those people are those are - those are research patients - you know that's where you are going - the research doctor has said he wants you - you know, you are young - got a lot of years to go - they need young men for research - you will be sent to the research doctor tomorrow so I guess we won't be seeing you any more"..

There were no words to say what I was feeling.  I just walked off and sat down.  The next morning they came for me. I was taken to the "research doctor" whose name was  Donald M. Gallant and he was with Tulane University.  He sat down with his nurse who was also Tulane.  I was face to face with "Project Mind Control" [These Government projects such as MK ULTRA, MKDELTA and the like have been extensively written about now but were quite secret at this time] (but, of course, I did not know about it at that time).



Gallant said,  "You hear voices don't you" (one wrong word meant death now) I said, "No".  He said "I know you hear voices - admit it" and I said, "I do not know what you are talking about".

We want you for our "phase three research project" - sign this - it is just a technicality. I said "I won't sign anything".  He said, "We can get a relative of yours to sign if you refuse."  And I said "I won't sign anything".  He said "that will be all" and I left knowing that there were no relatives he could find.

It is not uncommon for doctors to just forge the consent documents since you will not live to sue,  but apparently he was not prepared to take this chance.

In parting Gallant said,  "You know you are under Judicial Commitment for the rest of your life - if you change your mind and cooperate with me you might go free some day but if you don't you will be held here a very long time.

I was returned to the torture unit and one of the guards said that "Gallant was pissed" that I did not sign and "now he couldn't have me".  I breathed a sigh of relief but the best was yet to come.


Now the family of the Peisers had stolen everything I owned but they wanted more - they wanted the house which was worth about $50,000.00 [at that time].  They knew that both me and my mother - the owners - were here and reasoned that if I was interdicted by them they could sell the house and all the contents and have me sent to the "colonies" where I would never return.

A doctor named George Bishop now came to see me and said,  "Hi, you're going to be interdicted" and "I am here to examine you so that this can be done- it is just a technicality".  The reason that Bishop was here was because Dr. Walker was not a psychiatrist and so he could not sign the report.  However,  Dr. Bishop said, "This is strange - you seem to be in touch with reality to me - what are you doing here" - and he walked out and the interdiction attempt failed. Bishop, who was now handling things,  ordered the torture stopped and had me sent to the "Rehabilitation Unit" where you can do as you please and do not even have to work.  It is like the "casual barics" in the military system - where they are nice to you because they know you are leaving.


I was now taken to the rehabilitation cell block where I was told most patients were "discharged in less than a year" (whoopee) and sent to the VR section where a guy named Durr [not the same Durr as the torture unit guard] ran the center.  He said I was supposed to be checked out to see if I was able to be rehabilitated.  I was supposed to make a nutcracker cut of wood to see if I had "any useful talents" and if I did I might be sent to a half-way house in New Orleans.  I told him I had a real house in New Orleans, but he said, "Well, we only send people to half-way houses here".


Here on this cell block  I was free to walk around the for the first time.  In another building I blundered into a girl who looked familiar. It was Claudia - the girl who Severence Kelly had ordered arrested [because she said she planned to talk to the press] during period four in the Summer of 1968.  She had been held here all this time. She told me how she had been sent to Dr. James Henry. (remember him - the guy who raped Georgianne Herndon during period one) and that he had shipped her here to Jackson and she had been here ever since - no pass - no hope.  She said they told her she might go free "someday" but she was not looking too great.  I saw her that one time - but never again.




I was moved down the hall to cell block #256 and told that I had been found "not suitable to be re-habilitated"  and taken again to Dr. Walker. He said, "the time has come to put you to work for us (the State)" and "You know what happens when you do not work (physical torture unit)".

I was assigned to a man who was the Janitor in the Center Building where the executive staff works and told to report to him to "mop the floors" and this continued for some time.

This is a weird building - one floor is nothing but bedrooms "like a hotel" - sometimes the beds had been slept in.  The old man explained that this was for "the use of the Governor and his staff and sometimes they spend the night here".  I could just see them.  There was lots of dope here - no one would guess to look here - and they could fuck all the secretaries to their harts content in complete privacy.

Since I was free to walk around, I periodically  stopped in to see Ott,  the social worker, and tried to get a pass to go back to the city.   He said maybe Bishop would give me one and I was scheduled to meet with him.

Bishop said  (doctors compete with each other and each one thinks he knows more than the other one) that he had thought about me and decided that I had been diagnosed wrong.  That all the other doctors had felt that I was schizophrenic but he thought I was a manic-depressive and a new drug,  called "Lithium Carbonate" would "cure me".  He ordered me doped up with this stuff which of course I did not take and said he felt now that he had cured me and that I must get a job on the outside in order to be discharged and he would give me a two-week pass to "find a job".  If I did not find a job, he said I would have to "be held in the hospital until I did".

The pass was for 71-013 - which was my birthday and it was the best present I could think of. Of course, I had no intention of returning having been given LSD, beaten and tortured, threatened with medical experiments, etc.  I vowed that if they got me back it would be in a pine box but certainly not alive.  I collected everything I had built up, told the people I had made friends with good by (they knew I would never come back) and got into the station wagon to return to the city. Six months of hell had ended but there would be more.



In period eight we cover the escape from the tyranny at Jackson, the meetings with the ACLU people, the aftermath of returning to find everything stolen, the fight to survive and find food,  the attacks by the City Of New Orleans,  the attempt be condemn my house, the try to recover the stolen property, the police raids,  the burglaries committed by "agents of the city", and the Threats by Tulane University, etc.


I returned to find an empty house.  The Peisers had taken everything - they had called a moving company and had dismantled the house furniture which was 18th century antiques and taken it to their house.  They said they took it for  "safe keeping so it would not be stolen" - they still have it.

They left the beds and so I had a place to sleep.  The power was still on but the phone was cut and the refrigerator was broken.  The dog we had owned had been killed by the SPCA.  My first stop was at the bank to get some money.  I learned I had about 600 dollars to survive on until I could find some way to get money.



The next stop was the ACLU.  I just walked in and told them I needed to see somebody.  A girl named Beverly Jackson was there at that time and I told her I had two weeks to figure out how to escape from the people at Jackson or be taken - I briefly went thru the torture, etc. She said that the only way to escape was to find and pay off a private shrink who would say, for a price, that he was "taking care of me".  She was apparently not aware of what "taking care of" really meant. I was trembling and I remember however that she was nice and gave me a cigarette.

She said that ACLU had no attorney but that some lawyers in the city "were friendly to them" and arranged for me to meet with a lawyer named Waltzer who had an office in the french quarter.  This man called Jackson and tried to talk to George Bishop but when he said he was an attorney the operator at Jackson told him that Bishop "could not be located" and he could call back "if' he wanted to".  Waltzer appeared willing to help but he apparently never could get Bishop to come on the phone.

'The Hospital wrote me a letter signed by Ott (the social worker) and Bishop (the shrink).  The letter said that I had until February 4th. to prove to them that I had a steady job and that "proof" meant a call from the parole clinic (HB7).  If not, the letter said, they would order the pigs in New Orleans activated to search for me and take me back to them.

I debated weather to wait for the pigs and try to kill as many of them as I could before I was killed because it was preferable to be dead than returned to the physical torture unit.  This would be followed by the colonies for the rest of my life and working "in the fields growing butter beans and peas". Death was looking more pleasant now.


I passed by the parole clinic to see if I could spot Karen Brown who had usually been reasonably friendly and found her and asked her if she could stop Jackson from ordering the pigs to attack.   She said she could but only if I would submit to drugs forced on me by them.

I asked her if I said I would would she promise not to allow Jackson to send pigs to attack my house and she said she would.

I was taken before some female doctor or resident who said I would be forced to be shot up with the latest drug which was designed to keep you messed up for one month at a time on just one shot (Prolixin) and that I must come every two weeks to them or be arrested.  I told the girl that I had read the fact sheet Prolixin and that it could kill you. Her reply was, "So what, lots of things can kill you".

On February 5th. 1971 a letter came from Jackson saying that I was discharged - also  that they had decided not to hold me on parole which meant that I could not be returned "automatically" they would need a new Judicial Commitment which was semi-good news.

I say semi-good because the secret trial system is so easy that it would be no problem to get one on some pretext especially since you do not know what is said to the Judge and have no chance to refute it.


There was no immediate crisis now so it was time to see how much damage I had suffered this time.  It was extensive.  The house was empty - that was a $100,000.00 loss there.  Granny was in a nursing home located at 1007 Jackson Avenue.  My Mother was still locked down in Jackson.  I had $600.00 to live on as long as it lasted.  The refrigerator was broken so I could not buy any food that needed to be refrigerated and so I lived on the cheapest canned shit I could find.




Now the city began harassment.  They ordered me to come to court because the grass was over six inches high (the lawnmower was broken also) and then they sent the Fire Department to certify the house "unlivable".

I learned that these attacks were arranged by the PEISER FAMILY who had failed in their plan to interdict me and were now trying the next best thing.  Under Louisiana Law,  if you attempt to interdict someone and you fail in that attempt,  then the person you moved against has cause to sue you. The Peisers, working closely with a crooked lawyer named Fred Bronfin, knew they were in trouble and wanted to do everything they could to get me in a position where I would be helpless against them.


Amy Butterworth had now sent me the secret phone number that links Jackson with New Orleans.  It was 504-525-7124 and was known only to politicians,doctors, and important lawyers.  With this "New Orleans line code" I could call Amy and talk without going thru long distance. The conversations with Amy and the meetings with Amy and her husband during this time and later are covered in Section Eight of this report because they are significant and lengthy. Amy later committed suicide as did her daughter, Martha, who was close to my age.  Her husband was ordered destroyed by the Government and is now in hiding to avoid being sent to political prison himself because he favored more rights for mental patients and changes in the system, also he knew too much about "Project Mind Control" and had worked on LSD research for the US Government who wants to get rid of all who know about those days.


Karen Brown knew at this time that I could have received Social Security and SSI payments and that I had no money and was starving but she deliberately withheld this information and told me that the only way I could get money to live was to go work at the Goodwill store for six days a week making ninety cents per hour. This was less than I could have gotten for not working at all if I had known the truth. If it has occurred to you that this wage is below the minimum wage that is true but you do not have to pay - it seems - the minimum wage to people certified "hopeless" as I was but can claim that their working for you is "therapy" and give them essentially nothing as salary under special rules that put mental patients in a special "last class" citizen category. The job did not last long and I was "fired" by the Goodwill store and told that I should try to get a job somewhere - like "bagging groceries" or "something like that" because "I was not rehabilitateable" and "hopeless".

Notwithstanding this bull shit, I managed to get two jobs, one with the State in civil service and then left the state to go to work for the US in civil service for the US Geological Survey.  I learned that these people - not having the files that proclaimed me a worthless person - actually liked me and saw no difference between me and the others.  After leaving them, they apparently found the "hopeless files" somehow and friends said FBI agents called on them to ask if they knew that when I was working for the US Government was I signed up as some type if Russian Agent or something.  I laughed when I heard this.

I spent essentially no money except what was necessary for food because it had occurred to me that I might be fired at any time and at that time people who had jobs in civil service were not covered by unemployment insurance.  However, I did decide to spend about $125.00 for a small refrigerator so I could have cold milk and frozen foods.  I had been living on cans up to then and eating bread and sandwich spread which did not have to be kept cold.



Every year letters would come from Tulane University with an "alumni card" saying that I was a member in good standing of the "Society of  Tulane Engineers"  because apparently  I had gone there long enough to be on their list even though I did not graduate. I would go there occasionally because I could use the ID card to swim in their pool and the lake was polluted so people could not use it.

However now I was attacked by the greenie pigs and taken to the man who ran the campus police whose name was Scruton. He was sitting at his desk with a pipe in his mouth filled with marijuana and next to him sat a man from the Bureau of  Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (which is today called the Drug Enforcement Administration).  Scruton was an arrogant bastard who did as he liked.

I told the fool that as alumni I could come in campus any time I wanted to and it was none of his business.  He said he had a file on me and that I was "guilty of numerous crimes of a non-criminal nature". He talked in standard government doublethink language.

He then said that,  "You see - this is marijuana we take it away from the students and smoke it ourselves - we do anything we want".  The BNDD man smiled in agreement.  You know, Scruton said,  "I am a powerful man - you will address me as 'the Colonel' whenever you talk to me".

He continued, "I have decided to do one of three things to you. Number one is to declare you "persona non grata" and the University will use its power to ruin your life.  Number two is to have you sent to prison.  And number three is to have you sent to Mandeville.  I will definitely do one of these three things to you because we (the University) do not want you around here.

I was tempted to laugh at the man because he was just a pig and I knew several professors at the University who were friendly to me - however the pig meant business and when I went to go swim I was attacked by the entire campus police force and dragged off to the pig command station called the "Campus Security Office".  The pig who was the leader said, "You don't listen- you were warned by 'the Colonel"'  and then regular pigs from the New Orleans Police came in and said I was charged with "Criminal Trespass" and took me off to jail.


I  felt that eventually I would go before some Judge.  An attorney named Steve Mortillaro (who is president of the Fat City Business Men's Assn. as of current) was retained by me and being paid to look into the case of the theft by the Peisers at that time and I called him to come represent me at the trial.  But he cursed me for waking him up (it was after midnight when I was allowed to make my  'one phone call') and he never showed up at the trial leaving me defenseless against total corruption.  He told me later that he had been threatened (when I made my one phone call the police demanded to know who I placed the call to - they said I must give this information to them and it was the Law)  with the loss of his job (he worked the City Council in New Orleans in the "Council Research Division" at that time)  and that  "powerful forces wanted me out of the way" and that there was nothing he knew that could stop them.

I was taken up before some Judge but as I stood there was no "guilty or no" and no charges were read.  Instead, pigs from Tulane University were standing next to the Judge on the bench and whispering in his ear.  I was taken away to the basement of the Central Lockup building to a strange room with beds and held there overnight.  The next morning a LSU Student doctor


came in and said I was obviously mentally sick.  I asked him, "with what" and he said "don't worry - we'll think of something" and he walked off.

In a little room somewhere in the basement I was pushed thru a door where pigs watched me thru several layers of  heavy glass. The pig in charge had forms in front of him and stamps. He stamped the forms first with the letter "W" and then with the two letters "XC".  I was fitted with an arm band with my name and following the name was typed the code:
"N CC XC CC XC XC XC XC XC XC XC".  This code refers to dimensional levels, which in religion are commonly known as "planes" and I knew what it meant and so did they.

I was put into a police wagon and taken off to Charity (HB5).  At Charity I was sent to the LSU service and to a doctor named Roland Ancira who was a student.  He ordered genocide drugs (Mellaril) and said that I was being held - but refused to talk much.  I remembered his supervisor, Dr. Deaman as the gay doctor Georgianne Herndon (Period 1) had talked about who "just loved satin sheets".

I waited a few days and then asked Ancira for a pass to go home and get some money for cigarettes.  He agreed to a 24 hour pass and I left and never went back.  It was obvious now that I was being harassed for political reasons and I was getting tired of this shit.

They made no attempt to come and get me so I just went home and stayed there.  Mortillaro said that I should be careful because next time Tulane might arrange for me to be sent to a "real prison" (Angola - the State Penitentiary in Louisiana) and that they were "very powerful" and wanted me out of the way "permanently".  I asked him if he would speak up for me if I was killed and he said he was not sure - but he felt that he probably would.

The dates for period Nine are 72-284 thru 72-290.



Period ten covers the time line from 72-291 thru the end of the incident on 73-013. Included are the police raid and the burglaries by agents of Tulane University against my house and the police cover-up of these. Also ,the final meetings with HB7 and the "Test of Power".


I had made a final decision to get away from the paternalists or to die trying. I picked the date 73-013 for this (it was my birthday) and actually told the parole clinic that on that day I would leave and not return regardless of what they threatened to do to me.

Now Tulane University attacked my house with a group of kids who worked "undercover" for the University and were known as the Aubudon Security Club. Their job was to commit illegal break-ins in the interest of the power structure of the University  (government type  illegal break ins were popular in 1972  but slacked off after Nixon was de-throned) and they were protected by Longnecker - the Government Spy.


When I called the police to investigate the burglary by the Aubudon Security kids, the police caught one of the kids with my TV in the trunk of his car.  He was not arrested but they made him bring the TV back to me.  Then one of the kids showed or said something to the police indicating that they were secretly working for "powerful people" and the police



let them go and arrested me and began running around waving guns searching my house.  The arresting officer was Anthony Cannatella - a dangerous pig - who was one of the pigs who broke into the house during period six.

I was charged with being a "major drug dealer" and Cannatalla seized the box of pills (remember all those pills that the parole clinic had forced on me that I never took) as "evidence".  The arrest was a "secret arrest" and never recorded but I was taken directly to the office of the head of the Narks for the city whose name was Spanko.

Here I was told that "it was the end for me" unless I became an informer and led them to my "source of supply".  I told them "sure" and that my source of supply was "the Charters Mental Health Clinic".  Spanko's face turned actually bright red and he said " we will keep these pills - you get the hell out of here" and I was driven back home by Anthony Cannatella and his partner named Hardwin.

However, the theft. by these kids were never reported and Cannatella gave me phony item numbers for police records reports he claimed to but never actually filled and I had to complain to the Internal Affairs Division to get them to force him to write a legitimate police theft report - which they did - but that's all they did.


At the nut clinic they were having a Christmas party and I add this part to the already "ridiculous" truth about what really goes on in these places. All these people were on dope and were told over and over that they could die if they drank alcohol while taking the dope but here at the Christmas party (paid for with state money) the social workers made punch and poured several fifths of whiskey into it and served it to all the patients.  Most of them fell asleep but none died but it just goes to show you.


It was quiet at the final meeting with the parole clinic.  I said that this would be the last meeting because the next date fell after 73-013 and apparently they realized that I was serious.

It came down eventually to the test of power and the final words were said quietly.

Karen Brown spoke for the State: "Dr. Waals has said that if you leave the clinic he will have you sent to the hospital."

Me: "That is no longer possible. You know that I am personal friends with Dr. Butterworth who is the Chief of Staff at Jackson.  Waals might have me arrested but I talk to Al's wife every day and he will discharge me as soon as I arrive there. You know the secret state network number, 525-7124, as well as I do."

A kid social worker student chimed in,  "You must think you have power or something"

"Yes, I do."

KAREN:  "Well, you know we are here to help you and we can't help you any more if you won't come see us.
                Don't you want to be made 'well' ?"

ME:        "I enjoy the way I am."

KAREN: "You mean you like to be sick."

ME:        "I want only to be me."

KAREN: "Well, then we can't help you any more"



The ordeal had ended.  The pigs never attacked again and I walked out of the parole clinic for the last time.

Having tried asking for help from everyone that it was possible to think of,  I learned that none of them would help me but that I  had the power, without any assistance from anyone else at all because all my friends had run away scared, to stop the harassment on my own.

This event became known as the "Excommunication Order ot January 1973".  Basically it established that since no one either, friend, government agency, or hired lawyer,  would help me when I called upon them, that therefore the US Government and all that pledge allegiance to it and to the society are excommunicated forever from my life and I shall determine what course that life shall take with complete freedom from all authority, and with also of course,  complete responsibility for what I choose to do.

The excommunication order has never been violated.


The following is a compilation of the other incidents in the "N1119 Group".  They are directly related to N1I19 causally but are covered under separate incident reports,  however a brief summary is included here.


Total Losses $4000.00.  The police later admitted off the record that they, together with young kids, conspired to rob the house during P-10.  . They said in justification that they felt that there might be some police radios in the house capable of intercepting their broadcasts and that they did not like that and just decided to break in, tear the house up, and steal everything of value.  Of course, they will never be brought to justice because of  total corruption in New Orleans and throughout the Nation in general and they know this and really don' t give a shit.


During P7,  the family of MR and MRS ROBERT ANTONY PEISER conspired with the Medical Cult and specifically with the secretary of  William Christian Super with whom the female, Betty Peiser, was personal friends, to do all of the following:

Steal everything in my house
Interdict me to make it legal
Burn down the house to complete the cover-up
Take over and liquidate the property that the house was on and then kill me (with medical cooperation)

However, only parts of the Conspiracy were completed. These were:

The theft of major antiques and jewelry valued at $100,000.00 [in 1970's dollars]  This was covered up in a conspiracy with a crooked lawyer named Fred Bronfin who advised the female Betty to go to my grandmother, who was in a nursing home, get her drunk using whiskey, tell that everyone else (me and my mother) were dead, and (because the Peisers were now her only friend alive) get her to sign documents saying that she gave "everything to them". Even at this, the date on the so called "document" (which is not even legal under Louisiana law) is AFTER the point where they actually took everything.


Co-conspirators include Karen Brown,  a social worker at HB7, W.L. Waals,  the director at HB7, William Super of  HB5, G. Bishop of HB9 and A.O. Ott of HB9.

Karen Brown admitted she knew that the Peisers had taken my things and she saw no problem with this.  Apparently, her reasoning was that, since they had certified me hopeless and worthless,  I did not deserve to possess nice things and it was better to have someone else own them.


In this incident, the PEISER FAMILY, having failed to complete their first conspiracy, tried to get the crooked government to use its regulatory authority to condemn my house so that I would have no place to go.  The attempt failed.


This report covers the secret plans by the Government to kill me during 1972.  Our sources reveal that the Government authorities had decided that I knew too much and since the standard trick of giving people dope to make them act strange and so loose credibility (like was used on Martha Mitchel) had not worked for some reason the only thing  left for them was to kill me overtly.

However, the power structure of the Government was breaking down rapidly at that time with Nixon and Watergate, etc. and apparently they hesitated long enough to be stopped by the general change in public attitude towards government.

Nixon was thrown out and then a new President named Carter wrote a new executive order stopping the government from freely killing anyone they disagreed with which was the "standard procedure" previously and never even questioned.

The causal incident to Incident N-1-I-19.  The book was published on  January 13, 1980 completing a life's work that had been slowed down by "interference" and now was finally achieved after over twenty years of contemplation's.   Plan Theory is a scientific language format approach to basic religious truth and covers material that the government has routinely suppressed from the masses.


Tulane University now attacked me and my mother with a law suit claiming that they had not been paid for this "real great education"  they had given me and that we owed them $4000.00.
However the ass holes seemed to forget that they had declared me insane and insane people cannot be held responsible for debts.  This was pointed out to the University Pig named HAVA who had ordered the suit filed and I never heard any more from them.
But, they did stop sending me their "alumni magazine" called  "The Tulanian".
They also stopped sending alumni "Society of Tulane Engineers" cards.

The fact that Tulane University, who according to their rules and guidelines, had determined that I was in fact alumni and then revoked this status once informed that social security had certified me disabled, is a clear and provable violation of  the Federal laws on rights of disabled people for which Tulane University can be prosecuted, even to this day.

My mother was sold to a nursing home called Pontchartrain Guest House by HB-9 and, when I tried to take her home,  the "owner" named Roland Goux, became upset and said she could not leave because he was waiting for payments from Social Security in her name which he intended to confiscate for "fees" and she would be kept until the checks came so he could seize the money.
I told him that you could not hold people for money as he was doing and went for legal assistance.
When I tried to get assistance from the Legal Aid Bureau from an old attorney named Wax (sound familiar) the "owner" (Roland Goux) became upset and said in a taped telephone interview that he "knew all the Judges in Saint Tammany Parish - and that if I knew what was good for me I would never threaten him because things were always done his way in Saint Tamany parish and so I might as well give up."
I had no money and realizing now that corruption was total in the United States,  I gave up but I saved the telephone tape for the record.


This report covers the Murder of my grandmother by the staff at the Nursing Home called Magnolia Health Center in New Orleans.
After the murder, a Tulane University social work graduate was assigned to "cover up" for the Nursing Home. She  refused to discuss anything saying that "medical records were confidential", etc.
When I requested that the Coroner's office investigate,  I was told that "the City of New Orleans had an 'understanding' that they did not investigate deaths in Nursing Homes regardless of how suspicious the circumstances were".
Briefly, the circumstances here were that grandmother had a bruise, so bad that it covered all her forehead at the wake, and the Nursing Home claimed that she died of "arthritis".  She had said in a phone call days before that she was afraid and had been threatened with death by the staff because she complained that the food was always cold.

[Much later,  I was provided with conclusive evidence that my Grandmother was, in fact, murdered by Magnolia Health Center.  The details are as follows:

I made acquaintance with a young man named Louis Poche who lived in the neighborhood.  During our acquaintance, he related to me the following:  He stated that his mother, Jackie Poche, was a nurse and that it just so happened that she was on duty at the hospital where the nursing home brought my grandmother's body late at night after they killed her.  She knew my grandmother and recognized her immediately.  She stated my grandmother was "dumped in a corner" [dead, of course] and that she was covered with bruises and that it was clear to her [and, as a nurse, this is an expert opinion] that she had been beaten to death.]





The psychiatrist was himself now a prisoner during period three at HB6.  Unfortunately, this man's name escapes me - Amy knew him and he was a staff doctor who was employed at HB9.  There is a rule that you can not be a prisoner at the same concentration camp where you have worked - so he was sent to HB6.  Similarly, you can't work at a concentration camp if you were previously a prisoner there.

So much for introductions.  During the N1119 period, the "patients" were from all levels of society - which is scary because it indicates that you are subject to be "jailed for an illegal personality" no matter where in the spectrum of social status you may be - there was Red who was an attorney, several GP type doctors, politicians, (including, from the past, a Governor of Louisiana) - but this is the story of the "psychiatrist".

We talk,  locked up together, about what excuses were used to get rid of us and exchange stories.  The psychiatrist said he was officially labeled an "Alcoholic" - he said he enjoyed being "high" and used to drink booze mixed with Thorazine concentrate this will get you "away from your problems" - to use conservative language.

Doctors do not make good patients - this often said but the reason that they do not make good patients is that they know the "game" - and that it is a game - they too make their money by putting on this "aura of  benevolence" and so they can't be fooled by other doctors who they know - just like themselves- are full of crap and b.s. - so they do not make good patients - they make downright bad patients.

It was interesting to see how a shrink would react to the Mandeville routine of being "shrunk" himself.  The psychiatrist was "not amenable to therapy",  to use medical language. He knew the routine. He would curse the nurses - call them bitches and whores (which they are - and all doctors know that; they are nice to screw when kept in their place, as the servants of doctors- but they have little other use). Psychiatrist was "promoted" to cell block A 3 (probably because the staff on D-1 wanted to kill him for disobedience) but he would curse Naomi Smith (the nurse on A-3) so they compromised and kept him on the "half-way ward" called D-3 where he still cursed the staff but they just put up with it.

The final disposition of psychiatrist is not known - he was a licensed doctor and being accused of mental illness would not effect his license to practice so he probably got a job at some state hospital and now "dishes it out" to others.

The most interesting "revelation" from the psychiatrist was how shrinks put labels on patients - how they "make up" a diagnosis. According to this man - who should know - what they do is pick a label according to the "most prominent pathology". What this means is that they "assume you have some mental illness" first and then pick out the label that describes what is "most prominent".  Since the labels refer to "exaggerated states of normal routine" - such as being "too high or too low" - "too excited or too sad", etc., if you look at a person with the assumption that they are sick and then label by what is "most obvious" you can put a label on anyone because at any given point in time something is "more obvious" than other things - except when you are sleeping or dead.  So you just "pick on" the "suspected mental patient" until he "does something" - laughs, cries,  looks scared,  looks angry, etc. and then use the appropriate label for his diagnosis (in sequence, they would be:  Psychotic Joy, Depression, Anxiety Reaction and Manic Reaction).  So, as soon as patient "does something",  he gets a "label" according to that "something".




Georgianne was part of what I refer to as my "original group" from P1. Information from her, together with Thorns Alford and Kathy McGovern, formed the basis for strategic intelligence throughout N1I19.

Georgianne lived with her parents. Her father,  Dr. Herndon, was and is a baptist Minister and lives in the Seminary in New Orleans.  Georgiaxine's father put her away because she was "misbehaving" which meant she had had sex with a couple of boys.

In the hospital (HB5) her doctor was Jim Henry.  He told her that she should not listen to her father and sex was fun and then, he told her to have sex with him. This went on for some time during P1 and P2.

Now, Dr. Henry charted that Georgianne was a Simple Schizophrenic and was gravely disabled and wrote that she was on Stelazine.  However,  he discharged her and gave her Dexedrine 15 mg. (I saw the scrip.) and implemented a plan to set her up in an apartment in the French Quarter as his mistress.

The motivations for Dr. Henry's seduction of female patients are discussed elsewhere.

In time Georgianne became strung out on speed,  provided by Dr. Henry, and began to have guilt feelings about living for him as his mistress.  In August of 1967 she went to Mandeville (HB6) and told Dr. Sue Kitchin what was going on with Dr. Henry from Charity Hospital (HB5).

Sue Kitchen locked her up immediately and charted that she was having hallucinations about being seduced by a doctor (which, of course, "officially never happens").  Now, Sue called Jim Henry and they had a little talk and decided to damage Georgianne so that she would not talk about what had happened.

On August 26, 1967,  I saw Georgianne and she gave me a letter to mail to Jim Henry.  This was necessary because all mail is censored in the bug house. This is the text of the letter, which I mailed to Henry after we went back to New Orleans:


Dear Jim

As you see, this letter comes from "The Big House", where I am planning to stay a few more days.  During the past week, I've been pretty upset - extremely so.  I came over one day to see Dr. Kitchen,  and ended up telling her the whole thing.  Dr. Kitchen says this type of thing is not unusual - patients are always falling in love with their doctors and vice versa.

By the way, this letter will not ne read by anyone here. I am sending it out by a friend of mine.

I'm aware that you will be very angry with me for telling her, naturally, though no one will get into any trouble because of this. It happens often. In thinking about why I've been telling people all this, I decided that I had 2 reasons:

A. I feel so terribly guilty - without even trying.

B. I sort of subconsciously hoped you would get mad at me and never want to see me again, so that I could stop all these crazy guilt feelings that we both have had. I guess I'm just too weak to ignore that rigid Baptist Superego of mine that you are always talking about.

But even if I never see you again, even if you are so mad at me you can't stand the sight of me, I love you.  In fact, "love" is not nearly a strong enough word, and "adore" sounds trite.  But believe me,  I have never felt and will never feel toward anyone the way I feel toward you - not anyone. I realize that I am pretty stupid about some things and don't know how to handle difficult situations.  I often say and do the wrong things.  But,  I love you with all my heart.



Some day I'm going to write you and tell you all the ways I love you, but right now I'm crying again, so I'd better stop.

Dr. Kitchen plans to send me out on pass to get a job this week.  She says I seem well, but just upset.  Now you see why I'll have to wait another year to go to nursing school.  By then maybe I will gain more maturity and perspective. Right now, no. (but I miss you so much I could die,  and I would die if  I thought you didn't still love me)

(SG)  Georgianne


Now, Georgianne did not die, at least not then - but she would wish she was dead if she knew what was being planned for her.

Georgianne thought she would just be in Mandeville a "few short days".  But she knew too much,  and Sue Kitchin and Jim Henry wanted to keep out of trouble.

This was August 1967.  In February 1968 she was still there and Tom Alford, who was also there then,  reported the situation to me in a letter:


"If you don't already know, Georgianne is on shock.  She has had about 10 already with 7 to go.  She has been holding up rather well - so far!  I received a marriage proposal from her after she had had her 7th. jolt, which she probably won't remember after the series.  If you write her don't expect an answer..."


I did not write.  There was little contact with Georgianne and no contact after P6.  Her current condition and location are not known.


In 1978,  CBS REPORTS did a program on a woman who was routinely seduced by her shrink and was now suing for malpractice. She had won but he was appealing.

This press is really the first major discussion in public of cases like that of Georgianne - 10 years too late for her.

The points of the CBS program were mainly:

Psychiatrists have sex with patients all the time.
In malpractice cases, the patient is really "on trial", the doctor is presumed a "Good Guy"' and he can also use all the personal information he has gathered on the patient in court as he wishes.

          The probability of success in such cases is virtually non-existent.

The point that was not discussed was that you may not live long enough to get into court.  A doctor will kill a patient or brain-damage them to the equivalent of death if he feels his career is threatened.  And,  fellow doctors will cooperate in the brain damaging of a patient to protect each other as in this case with Kitchen shocking Georgianne silly to cover up for Henry.

Q- 273



During P5 on the Buddington service at HB5 I met this man who said he was Q-273.  This code represents his rank in the U.S. Government "inner party" of people who have the knowledge of what the Government is "really doing" everyone else is told lies to some extent.  There are about 10,000 "Q-men" - the number is artificially kept stable - so a rank of #273 would be advanced.

Here, on the ward, officially "insane", Q-273 freely told all he knew.

In discussing  world economics, he made the passing comment, "well all money (in the world) 'passes thru' Washington, D.C.". This reflects the source of U.S. power as the central command thru which all other nations of the world are economically controlled.

Of course, in order to control someone thru economics, they must "relate to economics". Obviously, a nation based on some reference standard or social order not economically oriented would be oblivious to economic values and so not be "controllable" in that way.

Following this line, Q-273 and I got into a discussion of the things in life that do not relate to economics and materialism, the so called "Best things in Life" which are "free".  In the area of psychic abilities, Q-273 commented,  "any Psychiatrist is trained to be able to 'instantly negate' any special psychic abilities".  He said this with a certain amount of  pride - as if it was an objective once sought after and new achieved (by the Government).  And of course, it makes very goodsense when you look at the "national purpose" of the United States.  The "National Purpose", incidentally, is to take over the world and control it thru economics. Obviously, if people developed their inner potential and "transcended" they would place economic considerations in a minor perspective and control would not be possible.  However, by manipulation with drugs,  genetic modifications, surgery, etc. the Government sees the possibility of a new "custom built" population which would be incapable of "transcending" and therefore could be brought under absolute control in a new world dictatorship in the future.  The U.S. Government sees itself as the "dominant power" in such a future dictatorship.

Getting to the "bottom line",  there are two basic ways to "escape" from U.S. power. One is to develop inner potential and "transcend away".  The second is to physically hitch a ride on one of those "UFO's that don't exist" and fly away from the planet.

Q-273 was fully briefed on national security which simply means the methods that are used to keep people in darkness and bondage and prevent them from leaving the US area of control.  The primary duty of  Psychiatrists is to be on the lookout  for people advanced enough to be able to see the truth and damage them so that they cannot see it any more.

0~273 said there was a "standard procedure" that was used when a Government spy (like himself) was in the bug house. The procedure was that the agent's "security file" was "pulled" (an apparent state of suspension) and later when the spy was cut loose he was "reevaluated".  The time in the bug house, i.e. what he did there, was not counted either for or against the man.

In leaving,  Q-273 said he learned (they have rudimentary telepathic abilities) that he had now been upgraded to Q-1O.


N1119 064
Maggie was a lesbian - a rather cute lesbian and you would not normally know that fact except that Maggie liked to talk about being a lesbian.  In fact, that was all she liked to talk about.

Maggie I met towards the end of the N1119 period in 1973.  This is my first recall of her but it appeared that our paths had crossed somewhere before during N1I19 and she saw me one day in a drug store and sat down to tell me her story.

Maggie was put away by her parents because they were "horrified" that she was gay and wanted her "changed to normal".  One of the persons she had become involved with was Karen Brown (from HB7) who was definitely not gay and she related how the behavior modifiers had harassed her for years trying to destroy her and change her lifestyle.

This was 1973.  The "Gay Movement" was just beginning out of sight behind the scenes.  She attended "secret meetings" where the strategy was mapped  to lead to some future time of freedom for herself and friends. She hung out at gay bars in the quarter and had broken away from the brainwashing team headed by Karen Brown by this time.

We should note again here that the reason gays had to have "secret strategy meetings" was because they were officially cataloged as "Sexual Psychopaths" by the American Psychiatric Association which made them liable for immediate arrest and "treatment".

Maggie had this dream of  fulfillment which involved "Owning her own Gas Station" and her job now was pumping gas at a local station.

This was cool - the broad pumped gas just fine and whatever else she did was no body's business.

Maggie drifted away eventually and there was no contact but she did finally become a gas station manager and she is happy and has escaped from harassment from her parents and the Charters Clinic (HB7).


The Gay Movement was just beginning then.  Later, as we know from history now,  the American Psychiatric Assn. simply "reclassified" gays as "normal" and avoided talking about these thousands of people who were harassed, damaged with drugs, damaged with shock, or killed because they were labeled as "Sexual Psychopaths" before and during the N1I19 period.

Maggie represents one of the few cases that were able to escape from total destruction at the hands of the medical community and who succeeded. A combination of factors,  including political and social changes in the U.S., made this escape possible but mainly Maggie was  young and very strong and determined to live her life as she wanted and she did.


Locked down in the basement of the 250 Building at HB9 I met Red.  We all called Red "RED" because he had bright red hair.  Here in the basement you had to look up to see the windows, which,  at the ceiling,  were at ground level outside.

Red was an attorney and had his degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. We would talk to Red for legal advice which was free from him as he was a prisoner too.

Other than walking with a slight limp,  Red was 0K.  For a while I wondered if he was simply a political prisoner because there was nothing detectably strange about him.  One day later a fat nurse, Ms. Rebold, who ran the building and even prescribed drugs apart from others on her own "judgment" was meandering around the ward and Red and I were talking and she mentioned that Red had Huntington Chorea, which I recalled from high school sociology was an incurable genetic disease.


Later I asked Rebold what they planned to do with Red and she was quite honest and said that it was "predicted in the future" that Red would become insane although he was OK now. But, later he would be completely mad and have to be tied down to a bed  (probably in colony nine) and he would just stay there until he died.  Rebold said "we intend to keep him here 'for the duration' (of his life)".

Now Red was married and had a cute wife and some kids and they would occasionally come by to see him as a "duty"Red said that when his wife learned he had Huntington Chorea she put him into a nursing home so she would not have to be around him and found another boy friend.  When he refused to stay locked down in the "old age home",  she proceeded to commit him to Jackson. She could do this because one of the bases for putting someone away is that "you can predict that sometime in the future they may be dangerous to themselves or others" (preventive detention).  The fact that the "future" is not here now is apparently irrelevant.

Now, Red safely tucked away in the basement, his wife had already spent the life insurance money and it was just a matter of time until "the problem of her 'poor sick husband' " would be solved.

So it went with Red. He was still there alive and with no signs of decompensation when I left.


By now I suppose Red is dead. But he was not dead when I knew him - in fact he was very much alive.  I developed considerable empathy for Red.  Here he was, alert, very intelligent, an attorney, told he would be in this dungeon until he died just "because he was going to die someday ' in the future' ".   So what if in "the future" he was going to be gravely ill.  This was not the future- this was now and this shit had been going on for some time. First,  he was locked down in some nursing home and now here - and for the six months or so  that I knew him there was no sings of anything.  So this guy gets to sit there, alert and active, when he could be spending whatever time he had left in freedom doing whatever turned him on. One factor appeared to be that, if in freedom, he would "live out dreams he always wanted to do".  This would cost money and if he stayed here his wife could seize that money as his "guardian" and blow it herself with her new found "boy friend".


I first met Richard Walton at HB9.  He had had a fight with his wife and she had put him away.

Richard was in his 40's, and had been in the service, was married now with several kids.  He had three houses, a couple of boats, some cars, and $50,000 in stocks and he was now set up to "enjoy the good life".  He would now get a taste of "the bad life".

Richard was eventually sent to an open ward and here he simply "walked away" from the Hospital one day and was "captured" by one of the maintenance staff.  Charged with attempted escape he was sent immediately to the physical torture unit.

Meanwhile, his wife was "learning".  First, she learned she could score $300/month from Social Security but only as long as Richard was locked down.

Then someone enlightened her that Richard (whom she hated now because of the family row) was in a very bad position - she could have him interdicted - he would never leave - she would always get his Social Security and she could seize and liquidate everything he owned - and being "mentally ill" he did not even have to be told this was going on.

So, in time, Richard got the word that he had been "interdicted in accordance with law" and periodically his wife, now his "legal guardian", would trip on



up to the bug house to see him.  He would be guarded, of course, to "observe his behavior and protect him from himself".
Now, each time she came she had "sold something".  "Hi darling, I just sold your boats - I'm going to take the money and buy ME a mink..."  On this went.  Of course, it was duly recorded that "Richard appeared to have 'hostile feelings' towards his wife every time she would visit him".  And on each subsequent visit she would, in time, report how she had disposed of something else.

When I left HB9,  Richard was still there - he stayed there for four years.  It took that long for his wife to systematically and "painfully" liquidate everything he had owned and built up over his lifetime.  Then, since there was nothing else to steal (the last to go was the house they lived in), his wife, "who had become quite informed by now" simply got some divorce forms and Richard was instantly divorced.  No contest, since Richard was interdicted and "not a real person" in the eyes of the law and he did not even have to be told he was divorced.

Now, divorced, the act of interdiction was affected so that Richard "drifted back into the eyes of the law" to a "real person" again. The hospital, which had followed the "desires of his wife" now had no desires to follow and so they discharged him as "cured".

He got Social Security for himself  for a change and was able to stay alive in a little one room apartment.  He had a "Father" he knew at Loyola University (Richard had attended Loyola and Tulane) and the good Father "let him have a job at Loyola".

The Father later died and the and the "gift job" Richard had died with the Father and he went to work offshore.  But, as soon as he did, Social Security re-classified him as sane and cut off all his benefits.

Because he was now sane,  his wife (remember her) off somewhere with the kids now demanded court ordered "child support" and seized his wages so that all the work he did meant little and all he could afford was a single room apartment - the same as he had on the "free money" when he did no work at all.

When he got laid off from offshore he was smarter and decided to "stay on unemployment" for as long as possible.


This case history takes Richards case from 1970 thru 1978.

It is an example of a very bad trip. And, if Richard would somehow come into more money he could be taken off at will and it would "disappear" too.

Here we illustrate how the system plays with the concept of  "sane/insane" so that  it is to their advantage and your disadvantage.   If you have money you're "insane" until it is all stolen but if Social Security has to pay you money, it is to their advantage to call you "cured" so they do not have to pay off.

This case is not unusual.  Although few people compared to the total are affected by this, the new "smart liberated woman type" can easily destroy her husband "overnight" and perfectly legally using this technique.  There is little defense unless you reverse the process by killing your wife and then using "temporary insanity" to get off scot free in which case you win and she loses.

And as a "bottom line", dig this:  Richard is "officially sane" now but he still goes to the bug clinic (HB7) where he is being treated with drugs for "mental illness".  He has been damaged somehow by the massive doses of shit poured down his throat for four years at Jackson (mainly Mellaril at 1.2 grams per day) and now - when he tries not to take the dope, he claims he has visual and aural hallucinations and that he "sees dead people".  But he is officially "sane" for Social Security - "sane" to pay child support-



- sane to work his ass off - and "insane" to go to the Mental Health Clinic. So it goes.

Richard told me he "doesn't plan to live that much more" because he is drinking and smoking a lot - he did not add as he could the liver damage and cancer the drugs he is given by the "Health Clinic" will cause in time.  And, of course,  there is the added factor that when all you have - physically,  mind, body, and soul - is ripped off from you there is little rationalization to continue.


I met the Electrician at Jackson (HB9).  He had, on some pretext, found his way into the Hospital System.  Here, he was being "treated".

So much for formalities. Now, it seems, whenever there was a thunderstorm and some electrical problem resulted like transformers blowing out - even at wee hours of the morning - someone would come and get the Electrician out of bed in the cell block to "go fix it".  This went on.

Electrician said that they were using him to do their work because they did not know how - the "for real" electrician had retired or something and they were too cheap to hire another one "legitimately".  In passing,  the staff had noticed that this man was an electrician by trade on the "outside" and so they had simply "put him to work" (as therapy, naturally).

Unfortunately, as time passed, it became obvious to the Electrician and to everyone else that this "therapy" was forever - why hire a for real electrician when for three (shitty) meals a day and a bed you have an "electrician slave" who comes complete with a "lifetime Judicial Commitment" and no one on the outside to help him.

He was still "in therapy" when I left.


Here we illustrate the idea of a person held purely for exploitation as a slave.  The man had no escape - if he refused to work he would be sent to the Physical Torture Unit and beaten until he agreed to work - and as long as he lived he was going to be used to do the hospital maintenance. Of course, when he co-operated he was treated OK - but his future as a slave never to see the outside world again was sealed.


I met Mr. Kennedy during P5 at HB6.  He was there on some pretext, apparently for depression or nervousness or a "rest". Whatever it was for, he would have been better off with "it" than the "therapy".

Mr. Kennedy had sensitive skin.  Like most red-heads, he burned easily.  They were pumping him full of Thorazine and then forcing him to walk in the sun day after day and also play sports.  The man's skin was literally "falling off".  This is a standard side effect of  Thorazine (photosensitivity) but usually doctors will not deliberately force you out into the summer sun and smile as you suffer.  Usually - but not at Mandeville.

This went on - his wife protested - but the doctor (Foret, I believe) said there "was nothing she could do about his orders" and he had no plans to change his "treatment plan".  The guy literally "bathed in sun screen lotion"  but it did him no good.  He would wake up in a pile of "flaked skin" every morning.



Mr. Kennedy, who was not young, said in younger days he had worked for Secret Service.  In the language of the Intelligence Community, he commented,  "They are not 'treating' anyone here - they are trying to 'break you' ".  Of course, this was becoming obvious from a variety of observations and patient reports by then.


They eventually let Mr. Kennedy go and he has since "recovered" from "treatment".  He will probably not recommend Mandeville to associates.

This, of course, is an example of drug torture. It is more obvious than torture with the more complex drugs such as Stelazine and Prolixin where there is no "outward physical evidence" of what is being done to your body.  Also, there is no excuse for something like thisThere is no life-threatening condition for which Thorazine is indicated and there are similar tranquilizers without the photosensitivity side effect like Haldol, e.g.  They simply wanted to make the man very miserable and, of course, succeeded.


During P1 at HB5,  I met the Nymph. This broad had no hair - not because it had been shaved off but because she had pulled it out - all of it - strand by strand.  They gave her a wig.

Now this I must admit is strange behavior but a bit of  background may elucidate some reasons for this.  The girl came from a place called "The House of the Good Shepard".

The House of the Good Shepard was not a house - it was a prison located in Bridge City, Louisiana just across the Huey P. Long Bridge form New Orleans. Now to get locked up in there all that had to happen was that you be accused or convicted of "having sex without a Government License" (Marriage License).  This was 1967.  It is hard to imagine such a place existing today - just a decade or so later. But, there it was. Under the "old morality" doing what came naturally got you "sentenced to the most un-natural settings man could devise".  So the girl had been kept there, supervised by dikes and guarded to make sure she did not try any "illegal sex".  Here, in time, she began this "hair pulling" routine and so was re-classified from "criminal sex offender" to "insane" and shipped over to Charity to be "made normal" so she could go back to prison.

Here, she was being "treated" for whatever label you get if you rip out your hair.

No one was particularly nasty to her - apparently there was a general feeling that she had been thru enough.


All the poor broad wanted, of course, was to get a little love.  Today she would fit in just fine - just born ten years too soon, I guess.

[There has been since then a TV documentary on a place (not the same place) also called The House of the Good Shepard.  The documentary focused on young girls held in this place and tortured by Catholic Nuns (who also ran the House discussed above).  These girls, now women, had a class action suit against the Catholic Church for their years of torture. It appeared to be a similar scenario - locked up and tortured for promiscuity.  I believe this house was not in the United States and I recall wondering, as I watched the documentary, just how many "good shepard" torture centers were operated by the Catholic Church around the world during those times.]


I met Edward during P5 at HB5.  He was being "researched on" to "find out what was wrong with him". Whatever it was was "so elusive" that it was hard to find anything wrong with him - we played chess a few times and he was competent and rather smart.


Edward looked like anyone else except he had no hair - it was all shaved off - and on his head was a little white "cap".  Under the cap, electric probes had been plunged deep into his brain and every morning Edward would "go off" to another floor where his head would be plugged into a computer.  This was his life.  Apparently someone had convinced Edward that he "needed help".

When Edward's day was finished,  he was returned to 3rd. floor for "storage" until the next day.  The attendants (all black) were not particularly nice to Edward - they would whack him on the head (which was quite painful with all those wires hanging out) and threaten to kill him and in general treat the guy like shit.  Edward would remark, in passing, that "one day he would get out of there - go to freedom - and tell his story".  It appeared to console him to envision that that day would come.

However, the attendants knew what Edward dare not think of - when you are used as a research animal - when the research is finished - so are you.  Edward's  death warrant had already been signed and his fate was sealed.

Edward was still there when I left.  Later, data from Amy Butterworth indicated that he might be on colony nine at Jackson (where mindless hulks are stored until they die). Whether this is the case, or whether he was outright killed by Dr. Heath at the end of the project is not clear - but wherever he is he will not be talking about his experiences, except perhaps to a "medium somewhere" from the "other side" after he dies.


We know now the research project that Edward was part of.  Dr. Heath was developing a "brain pacemaker" (his name for it) to bury in a person's head so that his thoughts could be controlled by a radio transmitter.  In 1977, the first "successful" robotized human was paraded out before the press.  Local National, and World news agencies had different approaches to what type of new "creature" Heath had synthesized.  Some said "1984 was here"

Edward, it appears, was an "early version" of this,  unperfected in the research stage. This was approximately in 1969.  So, over the period from 1969 to 1977 who knows how many "almost successful" robot prototypes lay dead or in "colony nine" at HB9.

Today,  Tulane university has its own medical facility - tighter security that way- and on the seventh floor where "mental patients" are kept, employees interviewed report the floor is a "cell block".  Iron bars greet the elevator when it stops there. Those souls behind the bars - may God have mercy on their souls as Dr. Heath and his "research" continue.  Incidentally, when questioned by the press about these things, Dr. Heath says, "I'm just a simple practitioner of the 'healing art' ".


The Soldier I met during period P5 on the Buddington Service at Charity (HB5).

He "had been ordered" (apparently by the US Government) to have a pre-frontal lobotomy done to him by Dr. Heath and until this was done he was being held prisoner. Pre-frontal lobotomies were made illegal in 1977 but this was 1969 and the law would be too, late for "the soldier".

The Soldier got his name because he was apparently some kind of "soldier" either in the uniformed services or the clandestine services.  Naughty Government employees were sent to Buddington because he was a US Agent and it was his job, under the cover of psychiatry, to "take care" of such things.

The period of involvement with the soldier was prior to his "corrective surgery" and I was gone when/if it was finally done to him. He was interesting


to talk to and his manner  reflected the brainwashed state induced by military training.  He would not answer questions and protected everything with "deniability".   He would say, e.g., "I am very stupid - I know nothing - you do not need to know - bla bla,.." when questioned in key areas where all of us knew the right answers already anyway.


The Soldier illustrates what people who "swear never to leave the service of the Government" can expect when their period of usefulness has ended - also, since in such cases, your physical body becomes "Government Property" - apparently cutting parts out of it or adding new parts to it is at the pleasure of your "owners" -the U.S. GOVERNMENT.


During P1,  I met this girl from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.  She had just been admitted when I met her, so she had not yet been damaged.

This is her story:  At LSU, on the campus, she was sitting on the grass with other students smoking some grass.  The time-frame was the late 60's and for this only she was arrested and charged with a felony.  She was convicted (quickly) and sentenced to twenty-years at hard labor for the crime of "using marihuana".

Then she was told that she could "bargain" and get parole instead of twenty-years it she would go to Mnadeville to be "cured" (of Marihuana Addiction and "anti-social behavior").  So here she was.

Now,  the line of thought then was that pot caused the "mental illness of hallucinations" which could be "cured" by twenty-one shock treatments and Thorazine for the rest of your life and, of course, no more pot.  The excuse for the "drugs for the rest of your life" part was that  "A dangerous Marihuana trip might reoccur and therefore to protect you from this possibility drugs would keep you so sedated you could not think or act at all".

Now, she was a nice girl, and I prefer to remember her as she was in the beginning - before the damage. Later, of course,  she did not talk much and had gained weight (side effect) and, in general, was systematically destroyed.

Her current state is not known.


This case reflects the mind-set of the times. It was the intent of the Government to crush the young spirit of people during that time - and also afterward, as it drew nearer to the "1984 times and model".

There were certain beliefs  then:   On LSD, the "policy and treatment" went like this: "LSD causes schizophrenia. Therefore, the "cure" for LSD is immediate shock treatments to put the "schizophrenia into remission". Now, then, because of the possibility of flashbacks in "the future"  patient must take drugs for the rest of his life to "act as a prophylactic against flashbacks" (the fact that these drugs are more dangerous than LSD and are known to cause brain damage is disregarded).  Also, these people must be kept in hospital to protect society from "dangerous ideas" that  may have come to them while tripping and might "upset" someone on the outside (like life after death or conversations with some entity from the past, etc.)

Policy on marijuana was similar.  At that time, legislation banning LSD was not complete but marijuana was a felony so most of the pot group were just thrown into prison while the LSD group went to the bug house since you did not need to be legally convicted of anything to be sent there but could be put away on the whim of most anybody for most anything.




In Mandeville, during P1, there was this girl with a rather bad disfiguring scar on her face. The origin of this is not clear but the excuse for keeping her was that this scar (she was a young girl in say 20's) was making her "depressed".

The cure for depression was massive shock treatments and drugs. She was being shocked at the time. Other than noticing her in passing, there was no contact with her during the N1I19 period.

We present her case because I saw her later, in 1975, in a private nursing home in Mandeville (the town).  By now she was in her thirties. She was there, to be kept strung out on drugs until - many years from now - she will eventually die there.  She is "worth" $4000.00/ month to the nursing home to warehouse her, and there is little incentive to let her try it on the outside.


Here is a case of a life totally destroyed by doctors.  This female, had she not been damaged, would have eventually learned to live with dis-figurement - people with significantly more severe handicaps are accepted and do quite well.

This is a typical example of a trip "down the rabbit hole" to doom. First, some little "shocks" to "snap you out of depression" - then drugs to "elevate your mood" - then more drugs for the side effects of these drugs - then the permanent brain damage from all this followed by liver failure and cancer from drugs - and finally death.  Agony offset only by the "vacant zombie state" caused by more drugs and alleviated only by death.


I met Claudia first during P4 with Severence Kelly.  Her story is presented as an example of many abuses we have discussed elsewhere but specifically commitments motivated by "internal paranoia and self-protection desires" of the psychiatric Community.

During P4, Claudia was with us in the Kelly group at the time Kelly decided to bring in Karen Brown as "co-therapist". Now, Claudia remembered Karen from the "de-humanization treatments" given in the "GAP Room" and she was not in favor of this - Severence Kelly was not as direct as Karen in personal attacks on patients. With this recall present of being called worthless, hopeless, etc. by Karen she entered the group one day as a co-therapist with Kelly.

One day after being told how worthless she was, etc., and how she was fat and ugly and miserable (which she was directly as a result of being pumped full of Mellaril which has these effects on people physically - especially on females - the weight gain is mainly water),  Claudia simply got up to leave, saying, on the way out, "I'm going to go over to WDSU-TV and tell them what goes on here" and, with that, she started for the door.

She never made it. Karen started with, "You know that talk like that is asking to be put in the hospital".  Kelly summoned the nurse with drugs Thorazine 400 mg. and ordered Claudia to take them on the spot. When she refused saying, "I think you people need them more than I do",  she was "held" in the room by staff blocking the way out. Kelly warned now, "Do not try to leave.  There is no where you can go.  I can have you arrested in ten minutes."



The rest of the group watched all this, and obviously what had happened and what would follow was a lesson that you don't try to talk to the press if you want to stay alive.

By now Claudia had meandered down the hall close to the front door and freedom. Kelly stopped in the office to use the phone to activate the police.  "Hello, police, I am a psychiatrist and I have a patient who needs to go to the 3rd. floor at Charity" (this is apparently all you have to say to send someone "down the rabbit hole" for the rest of their life - and you do not need a 'reason' just an "opinion").  He continued, apparently in answer to a question, "This female is a Paranoid Schizophrenic and has refused to take medication (grounds for immediate arrest) and she is decompensating. (decompensating means that she was trying to escape from brainwashing and assert her own will as a free human being).

The police were in there, well -almost instantly, two or three cars of them for this little girl (who just wanted to get the hell out of there and had not threatened anyone). Now, to the police, Kelly ordered,  "I am Severence Kelly - a psychiatrist - take this patient to Charity"   But the police, (thinking for a change) replied,  "Do you have papers (commitment papers)?"

Kelly: No, but she needs to go - take her !

Police:  I'm sorry sir, we must have the papers in our hand before we can take her.

(All this was starting to break Claudia who was now crying)

Now, the following illustrates the use of the "false sponsor" in the intimidation process:  Kelly had no papers, and we all knew why Claudia was being shipped off- no "mysterious mental illness" - these fools wanted to protect themselves from exposure by the press of how they treated people there.

Then Kelly started on Claudia - "You will say you are going voluntarily or I will find someone to commit you so you just as well may submit and go voluntarily - BRING  THE MASTER CHART FILE - NURSE - get me a phone number for some relative somewhere -who did we get to sign the papers last time - her mother - good - get her on the phone immediately."

Now, Severence Kelly had no power. Claudia could have walked out of the door to freedom. But he knew her mother had been convinced that she was sick and that he was a doctor and so always right and that she had indicated she would cooperate with doctors and sign anything to cure her daughter.

"Hello,Mrs. - - - I'm a doctor and Claudia is very sick and she needs to go to the hospital - if she refuses will you sign papers for her - Oh Good. Claudia, your mother will sign you in if you do not go voluntarily - so you have no more choice in the matter" OFFICER, take her - she has decided to voluntarily accept treatment but if she changes her mind and tries to leave call me because we can get papers whenever you need them - that is no problem". Off she went.

In Charity, Claudia was shocked immediately - she was delivered into the hands of Jim Henry - the psychiatrist who raped Georgianne Herndon and set her up as his mistress. He did not want to rape Claudia - she was too fat - but he did seal her fate.

Claudia was shocked silly and then we lost touch with her - she became an "un-person".  Later, during P7, I saw her again locked up at Jackson (HB9).  She reported that what had happened was that (years had gone by now) Charity had shocked her and sent her to Jackson - she had been kept there since then - that now they were talking that "maybe she could be rehabilitated and perhaps released some day".

I did not see her after P7 and she was still there when I left. Her current status is not known.

N1119 073

This is an example of the exercise of arbitrary power, conspiracy to violate civil rights, conspiracy to violate caonstitutional freedoms - these things are routine.  It also illustrates the environment of fear and intimidation used by the state thru the shrinks at the Charters MH Clinic (HB7)  to continue forever a state of submission and the "Clockwork Orange" state.

It also illustrates how "quick" you can disappear off the face of the earth -  perhaps never to return. Doctors like this. They argue that "it is important to get immediate treatment for these poor sick people - delays could be 'detrimental to their health', etc."  However, as we see, what is really going on is that "It is important to spirit people away before they have a chance to speak the truth - and 'delays may be detrimental to the psychiatric Community because someone might start to guess what kind of characters they really are' ".
INCIDENT N-01 -I-019




The Government, thru psychiatrists and those persons deputized by psychiatrists such as Nurses, Social Workers, and various others called "aides", dictates its will about what people (citizens) should be allowed to think - incorrect thoughts being punishable by preventive detention.

All of these people act under the authority of the Government and all are therefore "agents of the State".

They are,  therefore,  subject to investigative reporting on all aspects of their professional and personal lives just as are politicians and political bosses.

Since these people are the ones that go around making files on citizens ahd declaring them "'strange", "Psychotic", and the like - the public has a right to know how they think and what their lives are like and what their history is. Doctors think they are some type of gods but  from the case histories we will see that they suffer from the same things as the "patients" they are supposed to be "treating".

Doctors I met during N1119 were, among other things, queers, dope addicts,. weirdoes who "just had to have satin sheets to sleep on", whores,  sluts, nymphs, people with marriage problems,  goofy deformed misfits to name just a few. Some ended up as alcoholics and others committed suicide - I am talking about the doctors here - the people who are supposed to help you be "normal" - all in all they were the most disturbed people I have ever met.


Patricia West was a resident in Psychiatry at HB5 during period P1.  There is more data available on Patricia than on other doctors from N1I19. During P1, Patricia was in the process of getting divorced - she had a bunch of kids who she would bring up to 3rd. floor and let "run around"  while she did her work.

Patricia carried an extremely large workload as compared to the others and, when she left, two doctors were needed to take up her patients.

During P1,  Patricia left HB5 to go and work at Pineville (the bug house for "Central Louisiana").  Her schooling, as well as that for many of the other doctors during the N1I19 period, was under  a quasi bondage agreement whereby, in return for free or assisted schooling,  they had to agree to work for a specific length of time at one or more state hospitals.  The hospital system used this method to get doctors to come work there because Psychiatrists can earn much more "loose" in the private sector and also there would be minimal political harassment there because when they work for the state they must "think like the state" to keep their jobs and be loyal to the "bosses". Consequently,  given a free choice, no one would want to work in the State System.

During P5, Patricia was back at HB5, this time as Dr. Super's personal assistant.

The events leading up to Patricia's final status as a practicing Psychiatrist (end of residency) are interesting and show the internal stresses of the system and the result of having any type of moral conviction.

During P1,  Patricia wanted to discharge me but Dr. Super disagreed with her. When I questioned her on this her reply was: "Well, what do you want me to do - I could go to Super and say, "Dr, Super, I think this patient should be discharged" and you know what he would say - he'd say, "Dr West,  I think you should look for a residency elsewhere". In this case, Patricia avoided the problem because she knew that she would be gone to Pineville before I went to the "secret trial".


However, during P5, she showed moral conviction and suffered the results.  The case involved Amy Butterworth whose husband was a doctor at Jackson.  He wanted her transferred there. Now the orders came down thru the chain of  command from him to Super to Patricia "transfer Amy"Amy did not want to go and Patricia said "No" - directly refusing an order from the System Command.  This time she had decided to stick to her convictions.  Dr. Butterworth was furious - he ordered Patricia West's career destroyed immediately and she realized that her professional life was over in Louisiana.  She "ran away" to Texas where intelligence reports indicate she practices today.


There is some indication that Patricia, more than any other Psychiatrist in the N1I19 group, shows promise of  becoming "legitimately interested and concerned" with patients. There are very few of these people around, and Pat West would be a welcome addition. The fact that she would give up her career to protect a patient from abuse instead of just "following orders" like everyone else shows empathy. You can't give these student doctors a "course in empathy" - it must come with time and does not come to most.


Intelligence on Dearman was provided by Georgianne Herndon. The data came from James Henry, her doctor and was later confirmed by direct confrontation with the man.  When Jim Henry was sleeping with Georgianne, he used to talk about all his problems and she would then relay the data to others. Henry said Dearman was queer as a three dollar bill and obsessed with fetishes and that, among other weirdo habits, he could not get to sleep at night unless he had absolutely clean "satin sheets" on his little bed.

During P10,  the resident supervisor for Roland Ancria was - guess who - Dr. Dearman and I confronted him saying to him that he had been investigated and that "I understood that he had some sexual hang-ups".  He smiled, saying,  "Well well well now don't we all" and kind of "skipped down the hall" with a "la de da" type walk which confirmed what I wanted to confirm.


First encounter with Karen was during  P4 with Severence Kelly. After that, contact was more or less staggered and ran thru Pl0 and additionally follow up data is available thru the end of the L2 period.

Karen during P4 was married, maiden name is Gibson. Husband was employed by Sears, Roebuck & Co. store 1076 as a salesman in major appliances (freezers, etc.)

Karen was more complex, it appears, than her husband - who she had "pussy whipped" and their relationship deteriorated as she showed transcendence into areas where he could not follow and she dumped him - throwing him into depression - and started "giving it away" to whomever she pleased.

They were divorced during the N1I19 period and during period P10 Karen was having a love affair with the administrator of the Charters Clinic (HB7) named Mr. C.B. Robertson - who was her "shack up" at that time.

Later, after the N1119 period, data indicates she left HB7 and was in private practice with some people from HB7 who had set up shop by themselves to make more money. Current data is not available.

Karen was one of the "new liberated woman" breed.  She felt that having children was unjustified and an interference to her career. She was, however, quite sexually active.  There is evidence to suggest that she had many arbitrary relationships just for fun.  At HB7, she would walk to work with a different "boy" every morning suggesting that she sought out young men in
the French Quarter for unique experiences.

However, data from another Psychiatrist, Al Butterworth, describes her as a "one man woman" - the "one man"  was apparently C. B. Robertson during Pl0.

Karen, as was typical of the employees at HB7,  used Marihuana and other drugs and most likely had done LSD trips also. These experiences may have precipitated divorce, because Karen said she did dope with her husband but he was hot "enlightened" by this and it seems Karen was.


During the interactions with the HB7 group, it was noted that many there were divorced or in the process of getting a divorce - also, their new partners were people from within the "Psychiatric Cult".

It appears that as they were drawn more and more into the ideology of Psychiatry in practice that they could not get along with ordinary people and these break ups are an example of this.  The "Clinic Family" was almost a "hippie commune" type setting with group relationships closed to outsiders.  Young personnel who had friends and/or lovers who were "everyday people" seemed to look upon them, in time, as "sick". Karen felt Mr. Brown. was "sick", e.g.  The end result of these transitions were that they would stay within the Cult (where they, as psychiatrists and Social Workers were "normal"),  and tend to view the outside world in general as a place where everyone was "very sick"


Dr. Henry was a staff psychiatrist in the LSU service at Charity Hospital (HB5) during the N1I19 period.  Dr. Henry had minimal involvement with me - he did, however, have significant involvement with Georgianne Herndon.

Because of his intimate relationship with Georgianne, more data is available on Henry than on most of the significant staff covered in this report.

The following data is provided by Georgianne:

Henry is married by definition, but has no real married life.  His wife is paralyzed, they have no sex relationship and seep in separate bedrooms. She might be sexually active but has been told that to become pregnant would kill her in her condition and so is afraid of sex.  (NOTE: At that time,  abortions were illegal in the US)

Henry dislikes his wife - wants to divorce her - but can't due to economic considerations.  Because she is helpless, the alimony he would have to pay if he got rid of her would be quite substantial; so they live as they do.

Henry has children and  they all have "cute names like "Ski", etc, and he is apparently ford of  them.

The following information is from personal confrontation with Henry:

During period  P5,  I saw Henry in the hall and said to him that I met a "friend" of his and mentioned Georgianne. He was not aware that I was briefed on his involvement in her life.  Now, on the bug floor, you have to practically hit a doctor to get it to stop and say something, but the mention of her name, I recall, stopped him dead in his tracks and brought an, "Oh, Georgianne - yes - tell her hello, she is a friend of mine".



During period P7 Henry was still there and this time I confronted him with the facts of his criminal and unethical conduct with Georgianne.  This also stopped him dead in his tracks but his reply was not very friendly - he knew he was a criminal and was guilty.  He replied: "Let me warn you that all the doctors here at Charity have an "understanding" with the Governor (of Louisiana) that whenever they feel it is in the 'best interest of the state', they can terminate (kill) any patient".

It is clear from observation that some patients are deliberately killed - I will not forget Henry's threat to me to "shut up or die". Under the "Nixon Mentality" that prevailed then - government murder of citizens on any pretext was common and of course Henry was in league with the CIA people and project "Mind Control",  but just "ordinary" doctors seen to have no hesitation. at all about murdering people- they seem to think it is just "a right they naturally have as doctors" to use when the mood strikes them.


Henry is typical of the vicious and sinister Doctors who practice at Charity Hospital and elsewhere in the State System. These people hold a level of  "unquestioned respect" and the State is so corrupt that it is doubtful that they will ever be publicly exposed or brought to justice.


Other than being named "Billy Graham", Dr. Graham was not particularly religious.  Dr. Billy Graham was staff psychiatrist at HB6 during the N1I19 period and continues there as of current.

A middle aged man then, Dr. Granam has hazel eyes with an observable distinct "brown triangle" in the left eye. This suggests genetic damage of a non-inherited nature.

Graham, as all the doctors of that time, was a big believer in drugs and also a big believer in genocide for mental patients.  To me he ordered:  "I may allow you to have a companion some day but you will never be allowed to have any children".  He, of course,  intended that I would be stupid enough to take genocide drugs - especially Mellaril - forever and the ass could not even tell that I was not taking them then.  However, he believed in drugs and told my parents at the time "if he will not take drugs voluntarily for the rest of his life then we will just have to keep him locked up for ever so that he can be forced to take them - but he MUST. take drugs".

We know that Graham was married and, with all other professional staff at HB6, he lived in a house located on the prison complex grounds.

We know from Mary Alexander that Graham and the other doctors found me to be "a confusing case" and said they were searching to find "the real me" - they never did but I found the real them - and they are all a bunch of turkeys.


The Director of Psychiatry during the entire N1119 period at HB5 was William Super.   He was the continuation of a dynasty of rule  - his father preceded him as Director.  Because so many people over such a longtime had had their lives damaged by "Dr. Super" it became customary to distinguish between the "old Dr. Super" (his father) and call him the "young Dr. Super".

Little data is available on Super because he was "removed" from any direct contact with the patients although he decided in secret what was to become of


them.  Dr. Super had a policy that he would not talk to a patient unless the patient had a lawyer - even then he would not talk to the patient but would talk to the lawyer.  Since it was virtually impossible to get a lawyer - it was virtually impossible to see Super.  It was sometimes possible to see his social worker. The phrase "his social worker" is appropriate in more ways than one because the girl was his mistress.

Data on the status of Super following the conclusion of  N1119 (73013) indicates that he got a "new mistress" (according to Al Butterworth) and moved up in the state system to "very high" in the Baton Rouge high command [Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana] - then he appeared to retire about 1978 because at that time the Louisiana commitment Law which had given him absolute power was declared un-constitutional in the light of the "Donaldson Decision".  However,  then he had special laws passed,  infiltrated the Coroner's office in New Orleans directly as an assistant to the Coroner - Frank Minard - and as of 1980 was still practicing the same stunts as he did during the N1119 period - so apparently - as so many of the "old guard CIA type people" he will have to die or be killed to be stopped.  The fact that what Super does is illegal and in violation of the new Supreme Court rulings is of little real significance as long as he is in Louisiana, the most corrupt state in the Union - and apparently he is "happy here". [Additional data indicates that Super's next stop was the city jail where he worked under Sheriff Charlie Foti - most likely torturing the inmates there]

During N1I19,  Dr. Super saw certain patients for five or ten minutes once.  On the basis of this - during which time he did not talk but had interns and residents talk "for him" - he determined "in his expert opinion" that they should be put away in either Mandeville or Jackson.  [It was said with some pride, at that time, how great Super's knowledge of psychiatry was that he could completely evaluate someone he had never met before in five or so minutes]

He apparently did talk at the "secret trials" but patients are not allowed to attend their trials (hence the name "secret trials") and so whatever he said there they would not know.

There is evidence to suggest that during his career as "king of Charity psychiatry" Super pocketed a good bit of "bribe money" relative to "setting people free" or "locking people up".  It was explained to me by the secretary in the law firm for which Skinner (the attorney for P3) worked that "a member of the firm is a personal friend of Dr. Super ... and for $2000.00 your (my) release can be 'obtained' ".  Since I did not have $2000.00,  my release was not "obtained" but it is clear that it could have been "obtained" if I had had the 'pay off money'.  Since the opinion of a Psychiatrist is just that - "an opinion" - with no tangible test such as one would have for any other medical or legal or scientific type matter - apparently a little "green" under the table can get any "opinion" you want.

After leaving HB5, and before he settled down with Minard, super was gradually promoted to the Chief Health Officer of the State and the data suggests that here his political connections are very strong.

There is data - in  the form of statements by "telephone men" who visited his office that Super's office was equipped with an "FTS Line".  This would be reasonably good evidence in favor of a direct covert relationship with the US Government in addition to his relationship with state politicians - additionally,  since we know that both Tulane and LSU psychiatry were involved with CIA project Mind Control [the CIA Mind Control projects are all code named "MK - (something)" and the "K" is for "Kontrol"] and that both of these places were "joined" by Super as the "Director of Psychiatry" for the facility that they both shared it would seem that he was in a position where he just could not help be part of the thing - even if he did not want to.

Everything done to patients is done on "IBM Card" order forms at Charity. T here was a box of "black stripe" cards that were kept at all times with Super. They were used to order "shock treatments" (which are lethal in many cases) and there is also the possibility that they were used to order death (of a patient) in the interest of the State and/or the interest of the National Security.  People expect patients in hospitals to die, and so it is no big deal when they do. Consequently, a hospital is an ideal place to carry out deliberate murders, assassinations, and the like.



These things were common in the country during N1I19. It was not until 1978 that a new president named Carter wrote a new executive order to "prohibit assassinations and restrict medical experiments" thus countermanding the "old order " (which no one wants to discuss).  Until this was done, your life was at "the pleasure of the Government" - it still is to a degree and there is no guarantee that the "old order" could not be re-activated at any time by a new President because the things that were done are for the most part still secret today and the young generation ts simply not aware of what the government is capable of - based on its performance in the past.

A new age of tyranny could be reactivated theoretically at any time - with an almost instant return to the "ways of the Sixties".


Charlotte Lamar was a student nurse at Charity during P1 (HB5). She was a cute girl - blue eyed blond. Charlotte believed in the system and had been indoctrinated by the Catholic Church. She had convinced herself that she was "too stupid" to be anything but a nurse.  Although she was not stupid and had the potential to go to a "for real college" and be a professional, she had followed the advice of  "guidance experts" who told her her IQ (it was big thing then) was too low to go to a legitimate university and so she compromised her desires and went into nursing school.

Together with her classmates, Mary Reck (an appropriate name for a student nurse) and Mandy Babin, she was my first contact with the Charity School of Nursing.

It was possible to persuade Charlotte to read the charts so that I knew what was written about me shortly after it was written. Also, it was possible to know the information that was sent to HB6 so that an appropriate model could be formulated to negate what we projected their attitude would be.

Contact was maintained with Charlotte during P2 and it was during that time that we learned of the "scare and hate" stories that are told to the girls to alienate them from the patients deliberately. This point is discussed elsewhere.

Charlotte left HB5 (after graduating) and went to Europe for a while. Her current location is not known.

Commenting an the hospital (HB5) Charlotte showed evidence of learning by experience and she said,  "Well, you know, they tell us everything is for the benefit of the patients - but sometimes I wonder..."


Philip Schaefer is credited with the initiation of incident N1119.   As an employee of the Government Front Organization, Tulane University, he was responsible to Hebert Longnecker, agent of the IDA, a covert agency of the US Government. Therefore any actions of Schaefer are charged against the US Government thru the "chain of command".

With the cooperation of the University (a Government Front Organization), Schaefer participated in selective and general "harassment raids" against students during the N1I19 period.  During P2, at Tulane, the campus police (called greenie pigs) formed what was known as a "Q-detail". Q, in this case, stood for "queer" and not for "Top Secret".  Agents of the greenie pigs hid in bathrooms, etc. to try to entrap students who were gay.  These students were



seized and delivered for compulsory behavior modification to the "Guidance and Counseling" section where the shrink Schaefer worked. Usual procedure was to threaten students that if they did not take mind-altering drugs and submit to "personality re-organization",  they would be shipped off to Mandeville - if these threats did not work - off they went usually in the wee hours of the morning during the "midnight raids".  It was not uncommon to have friends disappear - never to return.

Later, federal legislation was adopted which barred Universities from forcing students to take drugs under penalty of loss of Federal Aid.  However,  this was not in effect during the N1I19 period and the practice (of drug harassment) was common.  Incident N1I19 originated mainly because when I was "ordered to see Schaefer"  I refused to take the mind altering drugs he "ordered me to accept".

Schaefer, during his residency in Psychiatry, knew William Super, who ran Charity Psychiatry daring the N1119 period.  He had participated in LSD research projects and his "thesis" was on this research. Because of this friendship with Super and the other links between Tulane University and the State Hospital System, it was no problem to have students put away, damaged, or, in some cases, killed.  This was the Vietnam Era and the massage was going out to students to either submit to the absolute power of the Government - or die.

Phillip Schaefer is married. There is no data available on his wife, however we do know that he, Schaefer, had served in the US Air Force where he flew planes and was assigned a level "Q" security clearance. However, this was mainly on paper because in practice Schaefer walked around with a big (6 inch) book on "the complete works of Sigmund Freud" under his arm and commented that the Government Security was "bs" and had no real significance - so it is questionable whether he took the oath to join the inner party and "never leave the service of the Government" which usually goes along with a "Q clearance".

In discussing University Policy, Schefer said "We (the people in Psychiatry) do not have any rules or regulations that we have to follow" and he added, "we like it that way".

Schaefer left Tulane during the N1119 period to practice exclusively in private.  People who have had experience (as patients) with Schaefer in private report that his rates are high but he "knows people" and can "get things done if you have the money" to pay him off.

Although not available at the time,  Schaefer now appears to be remarkably similar, both in physical features and personality to "Haldeman" from "Watergate".  Haldeman felt that he was a "Bastard for hire" and this description is also appropriate in the case of  Philip A. Schaefer.


Dr. Waals or "WL" as he was called,  was the Medical Director at HB7 apparently during the entire N1I19 involvement period and continues as such currently.

There was no involvement with him, however, until Pl0 as the incident period neared its end.  The apparent sequence at HB7 was that if the contract doctors had played with your head as much as they wanted and had given up - "WL" was summoned to 'take over'.

There is little data available on "WL".  Information provided by the New Orleans Police suggests that "WL" is a Government 'plant'  similar to Dr. Buddington. "Medical Society" type agencies describe "WL" as "highly respected in the community". Since history has shown that the men who are the "most highly respected" are the biggest crooks, this would



tend to support this. By comparison, Dr. Buddington is also described as "highly respected" and "above reproach", etc. and there is now conclusive evidence that he is an agent - similarly with Clay Shaw - from the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy - Clay Shaw was a Tulane University graduate described as "above reproach" and the like - there is a standard pattern here with all these crooks.


Mary Jane Alexander was the recreation director for adult males and also for adolescent and ATS (Alcoholic Treatment Service) at HB6 during all three periods of involvement, P1, P3, and P5.  I was "assigned to her" during P1 and so knew her quite well for P3 and P5.  Also, we corresponded during P2 and P4.  Mary continued at HB6 thru the N1119 period and also afterward, thru L2 and it is possible she is still there although current data is not available.

Mary had been thru a series of setbacks in her life which led eventually to her settling down at HB6.  She had ambitions to become a doctor,  however it was "too late for that now" and also she had had a "true love" somewhere who was killed "in the war".  Now, too old to have kids and having given up on the "doctor" idea, she had dedicated her life to this job and had
"boy friends".

Mary was "rather inspired" in her work and thought up herself many if not all of the activities recreation-wise that went on at HB6.  She had an ass-hole bitch for a "supervisor" who sat in the administration building (never seeing the patients themselves) and thought up reasons why every idea Mary would come up with was "inappropriate".  In spite of this, however, Mary just plugged along and usually just did what she wanted first and let her supervisor learn that it was already done later.  She had a "wall full" of  "distinguished service" and the like civil service awards and she compensated for the "don't do anything" attitude of the supervisory staff quite well by just doing it anyway and not asking for approval until it was already done or too late to say 'no'.

Although Mary had been around a bit she showed nevertheless a certain immature attitude, however, it should be noted here that the general atmosphere of HB6 was "childlike".  In this regard, Mary would say, e.g.,  "I know all sorts of  'bad things' "and then continue, "like how to play black jack". During P5 Mary was in the hall when obviously someone had just finished smoking a joint in the visitor's bathroom. The whole hall smelled with dope.  Mary was oblivious to this, commenting, "Someone must have spilled something" and one of the patients had to tell her that was grass - don't you know ?  Well, she did not know and was visibly shaken. " Oh, gee whiz, gee - that's terrible - I'll have to call in and get some help ... bla bla..."

Mary and I had a special relationship for most of the involvement with HB6.  Towards the end (P5),  this deteriorated but for the most part it was positive. As Mary's assistant during P1 we helped each other protect the "cats". Mary loved animals.  She lived with her brother in Covington and had a small zoo of pets.  There were wild cats that lived around the kitchen at HB6 and Mary would try to keep them from being captured by the "research unit" which, of course, would research them to death. The unit had a standing offer for kids in the neighboring towns of a $5 bounty on stray cats but if they caught their own they were free.  So we would scare the cats to make them "sensitized to humans" so that when the research people came to kill them they would run away. In exchange, in the spirit of helping, Mary (as professional staff) could read the Master Charts and sit in on secret staff meetings and so, in this way, I was able to know all that was in the goofy doctor's brain and so develop counterintelligence  against it.  The relationship was, therefore "mutually beneficial".




Dr. Buddington was the staff doctor in charge of residents in psychiatry for the Tulane University Service during P5 at HB5.

Dr.  Buddington, representative of Tulane University, a government front organization, admitted privately to me that he was a U.S. Government spy with a level Q security clearance. To be set up at Charity was part of his "assignment" and he performed activities other than supervising psychiatric residents that he was ordered to "in the interest of the feds".  Exactly what these activities were is not entirely clear, however the Kennedy Assassination Cover-up was "big" at that time and Jim Garrison (who was claimed in a "leaked government report" to have been labeled paranoid Schizophrenic while in the armed services in his youth) was the D.A. then.  There were an unusually large number of patients who were talking about the Kennedy Assassination - they were all classified as "having hallucinations" - these patients were all strangely on the Buddington service and there were none on the ISU service even though "new admissions" are randomly split between the two schools.

Incidentally, for what it is worth, the consensus of all these "Kennedy Freaks" was that Kennedy was zapped by the US Government.  They also felt that it was useless to say this because no one would believe you and the Government would kill you "just to be on the safe side".

Dr. Buddington said that he, together with the Superintendent of Mandeville (HB6) were "Super - Q Men" on assignment for the US Government.  He added that,  in general,  it was fair to assume that the Superintendents of all state mental hospitals in this country are also Government Agents and that they report to some covert agency periodically to get instructions.

Ralph Buddington's wife, Phyllis, was also part of the Tulane University family and she has a MS degree (social work) and was an Instructor in the school of Social Work and played with the student's heads at the Tulane "Guidance and Counseling" (the cover name for the Brainwashing Center) department.

After P5,  Buddington left Tulane and worked at the De Paul hospital which is a private nut farm in New Orleans run by the Catholic Church.  The word was that he had "been misbehaving and had his security clearance pulled" - also Jin Garrisson had been gotten out of the DA's office by then and the "interest in Kennedy" was dropping off.

Ralph Bulddington was associated with some type of  Eastern Religion Group and was familiar with the occult and the nature of man.  He was competent to choose either the left hand path and work in league with the evil forces or to choose the right hand path and work for good - he chose to use his talents for evil.  Guilty of direct violations of Spiritual Law he has been under psychic surveillance from which there is no escape. As of current, 1980,  indicates that the Spiritual Criminal is near the end of his physical life here on earth suffering from a terminal illness - when his physical body terminates shortly he will be taken for obliteration for his crimes against the Universal Laws from which there is no escape.  Direct violations were verified against Buddington by the Inter-Galactic Police during the N1I19 period and the Ultimate penalty was assessed against him at that time and he was so notified.  People who are ignorant of  Universal Justice are usually shown mercy - but Buddington was not ignorant and so no mercy will be shown with him - for the few little trinkets and money and whatever the US Government offered him to betray the Universal Brotherhood, I hope he enjoyed that shit during the remainder of his miserable existence, because there is no where for him to go at any level of the heavenly worlds where he can escape his crimes against humanity which carry the Ultimate Allowable Penalty under the Universal Laws.  There can be no forgiveness for such entities - they know better and they know better and they know the penalty for violations when they are initiated.




Joyce was the resident on the Buddington (Tulane) service during P5 at  HB5 Joyce was from, I believe, Tennessee.  She had red floppy hair and light brown eyes and no legs at all - they were severed off at the thighs apparently due to some disease. It is logical to assume that Joyce was getting her education free under some disability program because of such a severe handicap.

Joyce said her "idol" was Mr. Spock (from Star Trek) because he was so logical.  Other insights from Joyce included her belief that life would be much more orderly if children were "tattooed at birth" with their Social Security Number.  She said giving a number to everyone was "just a great idea".

Joyce said that I probably had a higher IQ (these numbers were "big" at that time) than she did but she said "she did not have to be intelligent to be a good psychiatrist"  and she was perfectly capable of  "taking care of" anyone who came into her clutches because she had the power of "drugs" to control them.

Joyce was the only female among a total of,  I believe,  four residents on the Buddington Service. Buddington agreed that they were all immature and not aware of what was going on in life but he nevertheless gave them a free hand and generally let them do anything they pleased.  It is felt that it is only natural for student doctors to kill a few patients until they get the hang of "practicing" and this is why they are set up in "Charity"  type hospitals where the poor and those forced into their charge will have little chance to complain about what happens to them.


Dr. Metz ran the receiving building during P7 at HB9. It is perhaps more appropriate to say that the receiving building ran Metz, however, because the old man was incompetent.

To begin with, he was a heroin addict.  He had "drifted into the hospital" so that he could be close to a supply of "un-accountable" methadone.  The man was quite old.  Dr. Metz had a good relationship with the staff  but it was not due to respect or leadership but instead was due to the fact that he let them do anything they wanted to and "signed his approval". This was to his personal advantage, because, the staff, mostly young, would "take him out drinking" (he was an Alcoholic too) and of course they could help him get the drugs that he was addicted to also.

Dr. Metz had a wife.  She, Mrs. Metz, was one of the senior nurses on the infirmary.  She was quite young - well young enough to be Metz's granddaughter.  She was perhaps more of a "gift from the hospital system" than a wife, however she was a wife on paper.  Mrs. Metz was not overly attractive, but she appeared to be reasonably friendly and had a "nursey" personality and, of course, a "young body" if you skip the face.

So it continued with the "Father - Granddaughter team" of Metz and Mrs.  After the involvement in HB9 ended but during the L2 Period, Dr. Metz died.   His wife was not sorry to see him go.  He was dominant and abusive to the dumb girl and beat her often.  However, she was probably glad to have his life insurance money and state pension money.

Data indicates that Mrs. Metz continued at HB9 after the death of  Dr. Metz, however current data is not available - the data was provided by Amy Butterworth.

It should be noted that a considerable percentage of the "doctors" at HB9 are not licensed to practice medicine at all.  The State of Louisiana  has a "policy" on this.  If a doctor,  because of criminal activity or malpractice or whatever, has lost his license to practice or had it placed in suspension, then he cannot



practice "on the street" but he can practice in a state hospital under "supervision".  Theoretically, then, all you really need is once licensed doctor for an entire hospital - the rest of them can all be "unlicensed crooks" doctors.  It is difficult to complain that a doctor in a state bug house "abused you and should have his license revoked"  if he does not have a license in the first place.  It is not known whether Metz falls into this category or not - however many doctors at HB9 do and it is one of the basis for the generally "hostile" attitude of the support staff  towards the professional staff.  One attendant told me, "Why do you think these doctors come here - they come to get dope - they are all pill heads themselves - most of em never make it on the outside - they ain't got no license anyway..."


The grand prize for the "most goofy" of any of the 35 or so doctors relevant during N1119 goes to Martha.

Martha was the partner of Dr. Maggio during period P7 at HB5.  I had Maggio but you could not help but know Wickett.

Martha is a very "large" broad - not fat - just a "giant size girl".  And she had developed her own specialized technique for deciding weather or not a patient was crazy.  Here it is: Martha (she got all men) would take the "prospective nut" into a treatment room to do the physical.  During the physical she would tell them to screw her.  If they gave her a "good tumble" she would discharge them - but if they did not she would shoot them up with sodium amytal and decide on a label for them and begin playing with their head.

I would watch these new admits that were assigned to Martha.  Every one of them would stagger out of the "treatment room" with this story - (stagger because they just got the sodium amytal) - "That doctor fucks ... etc."

One morning I just could not' t resist confronting Martha. She would not screw me because I had Maggio.  She was playing in the nurses station and I just walked up and asked her, "Dr. Wickett, I hear that you screw all of your patients and then shoot them up with sodium amytal - do you?" and in typical adversary format she said, "Well,what do you think ?". So I said "I think you do". She just looked at me with a sort of "blankness" and said, "Well, you're right" and she walked off.

Martha was a resident then. She is still a resident as of current (1978) and she works at the LSU Florida Avenue Clinic (an out patient clinic for nuts). No data is available on whether or not she still screws all her male patients but she seems to enjoy it and so she most likely does.


During P7,  Dr. Walker ran the physical torture unit and other buildings at HB9.

We know that, before coming to HB9,  Walker worked in a state prison somewhere (not in Louisiana) and HB9 was apparently his "retirement home" - the man was quite old.

Walker  believed in physical torture - and also in the concept of  "slaves".  The "slaves" came up in a conversation about the structure of society - I was rambling on about mutual help and empathy and the like and he looked



at me as if to say "you're sure stupid" and then he asked,  "But where are the 'slaves'- every society needs slaves".

On the subject of being stupid, Dr. Walker believed that marihuana was "manufactured".  That is, he thought you mixed up some 'chemical reagents' and out came marihuana.  This came up in conversation when one of the social workers was present - a young guy named A.O. Ott.  It was difficult not to crack up as Buddy Ott, politely, explained to Walker that marihuana was a natural plant - it grew in the ground - etc.  The old fossil had apparently never seen any grass and knew only that it was "a dangerous drug" from literature he had read with no insight beyond the "if the Government says so it must be right" level of understanding.

Walker had no training or degree in Psychiatry - he was just an old GP and was obviously not current although whatever they were teaching in the medical schools when he was there fifty years or so ago he probably still remembered.  He would "wander around the grounds" and social workers would schedule appointments for him to see patients and then go out and try to find him (hopefully sober) and get him into a office to see them.

Walker had at least three thousand patients. The bulk of these were on Colony Nine. (the patients on colony nine do not talk - they just walk around drooling) The only patients he needed to see were the males and female "long term" group and those he had sent for physical torture. You saw the guy on the average about once every two years - I did considerably better than average.

Data updated as of 1978 indicates Walker is no longer at HB9, however the reason (died - moved - whatever) is not known.


Severence Kelly was the doctor primarily involved during P4.  Sev (nickname) was middle age,  gray hair with a little goatee which made him look like what people think a shrink is supposed to look like. We know Sev was married and perhaps had some kids.

Sev walked with a limp because one of his legs was shorter than the other.  Of the 35 or so relevant doctors for N1119,  three had physical damage of some sort.  In addition to Sev, Hamm was paralyzed and Joyce Lemmons had no legs at all.  There is an indication that all of these people took advantage of free unlimited college available to disabled people and the longest (and most expensive) course to take is Psychiatry - it also pays very well and requires little or no effort and little or no professional liability risk (non-exact science - we don't know what we're doing, etc.)

Sev was still going to school - he was at Tulane getting a "Masters of Public Health",  the same time I was there during P4.

Described as "harmless" by the doctors at charity [when the charity doctors called Sev "harmless",  they meant that he did not have the special secret knowledge they had because they worked on government research projects - Sev was "harmless" because he had no idea that these things even went on], Sev, as with all psychiatrists,  said very little.  Consequently, his beliefs, etc., must be reconstructed from his actions and the little bits of things he would say from time to time.

Sev, like most doctors (really all) believed mainly in drugs.  These drugs were used as a substitute for words.

There is a bit of insight in Sev's comments on who he felt should be put away.  In the area of Religious persecution commitments Sev said that he would not order someone arrested just because he said he was Jesus Christ - then he qualified that with,  "No, just saying you are Jesus is not dangerous- but when people begin to act or try to live like Jesus did then they are dangerous to society and must be committed immediately".  I thought this was interesting since the basis for arrest is suicidal or homicidal behavior


and the classic "life of Jesus" does not include any suicidal or homicidal attempts and, in fact, the man was "blameless by definition".  Kelly, of course, was referring to the fact that in today's atheist society based on pagan values someone who was running around telling the truth and advocating understanding simply could not be tolerated.  Vietnam was in full swing at the time and the purpose of young children was to be obedient "cannon fodder" for this "war" and not to think - especially not to think of peace and happiness.

Also, during P4, there was the incident with Claudia saying she was going to talk to WDSU-TV.   This incident is a good illustration of a number of things,  and is discussed elsewhere, but it is a good example of  "TALKING with drugs instead of words".  Claudia said "I think ... WDSU-TV, etc."  and the reply she got was "Take 400 mg. Thorazine and sit down."  Of course she refused and was arrested immediately and tortured for several years.

Sev believed once on drugs you should take them forever.  He also believed that you should see a psychiatrist forever.  In talking, (I was back in school then) he would say, (this is supposed to be progress to a better life)  "Now, when you get your degree and start making money you will be able to see (and pay) a private psychiatrist and buy your own drugs".  (Sure sounds just real great - doesn't it)  It would not even cross his mind that there are other things in life besides doctors and drugs.

When Sev completed his studies at Tulane and got his MPH degree,  he left HB7 and worked at De Paul's (a private bug farm) for a while and then he left the state.  He was at HB7 into the beginning of  P6 and there was no contact with him after he left HB7.


La Rose was our family doctor who recommended to my grandmother that she dump me and my mother in the nut farm and leave us there to rot.

Later, after the N1I19 period,  when I realized how my life had been ruined there was data to indicate that La Rose was an incompetent quack who prayed on the ignorant.

The data was that he had my Grandmother strung out on many many pills that were supposed to be "keeping her alive" which she took faithfully every day and for which he collected a faithful fee.

No person would think of "testing this hypothesis" by taking the drugs away from an old woman like this when a doctor had certified that they were "necessary for life".  But that is what did actually happen because,  when grandmother was sent to a nursing home - where she lived on for over seven yeas,  the records of  "La Rose's" prescriptions for her were lost and so she did not get the drugs.  She also did not die so the whole game with La Rose was a fraud and he is definitely a quack - - he had the old bat believing that "HE was keeping her alive" and in fact she could have thrown all her pills away and lived maybe longer.  People should just not believe in these characters because they do not know what they are doing and they are just cashing  in on the fear and insecurity of those less "aware" than themselves and in some type of "etheric faith" which is groundless and which is generated by "medical propaganda" by their professional national organization and has notruth to it at all.
INCIDENT N-01-1-019






This section is called sets.  In it,  we go thru the various bug farms that are operated in the State of Louisiana and show the basic attributes (for want of a better word) that they have such as the physical layout,  their basic strategic plan of operation towards patients, the security system and the like.

This section is provided because it would not be possible for any investigating team to get into these places because of medical secrecy- so such a layout diagram would not be possible to obtain.

Since the only people who would have this data are the staff (who are sworn to secrecy) and the patients (who are drugged senseless) it should prove a valuable aid to civil rights teams who will move against these places in the future.



Charity Hospital of New Orleans is located on Tulane Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Charity Hospital is really the "Charity Complex" consisting of the central hospital, nursing school and dorm, Tulane and LSU medical schools and their dorms, TB complex, etc.  There are a group of buildings in various degrees of architecture and physical stability.  The main group is linked by underground tunnels which run under the streets surrounding the main hospital and there are also over the street walkways.  Once inside one building, you can move or be moved around without going outside.

Charity Hospital, away from the New Orleans area, is commonly called "Big Charity" to distinguish it from the Charity Hospital in Baton Rouge, called, logically, "Little Charity"


Big Charity is big - and very old.  It dates to a time near the dawn of modern medicine. [New Orleans, Louisiana is named for Orleans, France - so the "New" part - and is older than the United States]  Charity, during N1I19,  had no accreditation.  The outdated and generally filthy facility would be condemned instantly if it was under private ownership but, because it is run by the state,  it is allowed to operate on a "temporary accreditation" which is renewed routinely every year.

There is always some "renovation program" in progress somewhere in the hospital. The latest plan as of 1978 is that the hospital should be torn down completely and rebuilt - this being said to be cheaper than updating the existing building to contemporary hospital standards.

There are books around with pictures of things which happened inside the hospital in earlier days (ghoul pictures) and it takes a strong stomach to just to look at them.  But,  you need a bit more than a strong stomach to endure the things that currently go on there.


Physical Layout - 3rd. floor (HB5 set)

Only the psychiatric floor has relevance to N1119.  There is little data (and the relevance is minimal) on other sections of the general hospital. The Basic Layout is shown below: (In the layout * indicates stairway; # indicates elevators)





Porches (1 and 2) are located at either end of a long hallway which has doors leading to the functional parts of the floor. All of Charity is generally divided into two parts - Tulane and LSU. By random chance, each patient, when he has his first encounter with the hospital  is labeled T (Tulane) or L (LSU) and it remains that way forever with few exceptions.

Area (2 and 3) are the Tulane wards, one male and one female, In area (4) is located offices for secretarial pool, an Intern's Lab, and conference rooms, Area (5) has housekeeping supplies and rooms.

Area (6) is the receiving ward "C-3O1" where most people captured by the police are held.

In area (7) are the offices of the Director of Psychiatry and his secretary and social worker. The "telephone room" is also here with about three operators.

In areas (8 and 9) are offices for social service and classrooms for students (nursing school mainly).

Areas (10 and 11) are the mirror image of (2 and 3) but used for LSU patients.  The wards where patients are kept, (2,3,6,10,11) have a "back part" called the "Back Ward" and a front part. The "Back Ward" has only one door leading to the front and is used to keep patients locked away who might be seen by someone wandering into the front part.

Elevators in region (4,5) and (8,9) have orders not to stop on this floor except during visiting hours. Stairways are locked. These locks are old and easy to pick and also there are keys un-accounted for.

The complex "fronts" on Tulane Avenue.


The Charity system has an insatiable appetite for funds.  There was no reason to obtain data on budget,  and nome was volunteered, however it is a major fiscal item in the State's  Budget. In addition to state funding the hospital makes maximum possible use of available federal money (medicare / Medicaid).



----Telephone Room
The "Telephone Room" on the 3rd. floor near the Director's Office screens all calls for the floor. The pay phones used by patients are tapped here.  There is strong evidence to indicate that the room has an FTS (Federal Telecommunications System) access line to carry on secret conversations between the Director and the US Government.

----Radio Communications
All principal staff carry 'beep boxes" operated on a VHF channel under call sign "KLE-256" on an assigned frequency of 157.740 MHz.  Additionally, there are VHF two-way radios operated under call sign "KKH-460" on an assigned frequency of 155.340 MHz.  Also, there are two-way radios used by security personnel (secret police) on a UHF channel.

----Television Studio
The State of Louisiana operates a secret medical closed circuit television network on microwave and cable linking all centers around the state where teaching and medical experiments are done. When medical experiments are on patients or when "interesting specimens"  are captured off the streets and played with, this is put on tape and broadcast on the secret network. In New Orleans area, links are to Charity, the LSU experimental drug center near City Park (called the "Dental School"  as a cover story),  Tulane and LSU Medical Schools, and additionally a microwave link is sent to "Mandeville" (HB6) across the lake.

This system is not designed to be received by the public and it is not generally known that it exists at all.


Security personnel carry walkie-talkies and mace;  also guns on the ground floor only.  Nursing Service (which includes orderlies who drag people around) also carries mace.

However, security is apparently not all that secure.  Agents were sent into Charity to check on staff drug abuse in the mid-70's and a team (black/white) was able to walk all over the place and reported that essentially all staff smoke dope.  The team (from a special division of the State Attorney General's Office) talked too much and was quietly disbanded and there were no arrests (at least not with publicity).

Food Service

Charity food is not "all that bad" and, for medical reasons, individual "diets" can be ordered which are quite good.  There was one case of food poisoning during P5 and this apparently happens regularly from time to time.  The hospital can be sued for this,  therefore it is always blamed on something else (like this ward just had a touch of the flu, etc.).

A significant percentage of food is stolen by the food service personnel.  If you work in food service, you never have to go to the grocery store for yourself or your family.

Computer Center

Charity is "big" on medical records.  It takes much more time and patience with the "records" than it does with the people (patients) who the records are about.  A Computer Center occupies one floor and stores up files on everything.  The dissemination of this data is not clear - however it appears that anyone except the patient may read a patient's record and it is likely that the computer is tied to some federal computer somewhere. All orders for services (blood, X-ray, etc.) are written on rnulti copy forms, the bottom layer of which is a "IBM card".  The paper goes in the patient's chart and the card goes to the "computer center".





The Hospital has a chaplain, and, during N1I19, I believe he was a Baptist.   There is a Church somewhere (on another floor) on Sundays.  You need special privileges to go to church which are at the pleasure of your doctor. I never had them. Denying people access to Church was a civil rights violation even during N1I19 but no one cares.


There are several people who do "recreation therapy" on 3rd. floor.  There is also a room for this purpose.  The main elements of  "RT" (recreation therapy) are the room with Ping-Pong tables and games (batman, spiderman, etc.) and additionally some patients are taken outside in a "yard" surrounded by buildings in the complex were they play "pitch and catch" with a softball.

Recreation is responsible for special programs usually done once a month which involve showing a movie and having a party and dance.

The party and dance is an "event".  Unlike, e.g., HB6, there are no restrictions on what patients do with/to each other and it gets pretty wild at these dances.  The "RT" department makes "home made punch" for this event and data from various sources suggests that occasionally it is laced with small amounts of LSD (playing with LSD was popular at Charity during the N1I19 period).

Social Service

Social Service has an office on the floor with perhaps twenty employees.  The main function of Social Service is to deal with relatives as surrogates for doctors and tell them whatever is necessary to get them to sign consents and so on.  Social Service also provides basic things like toothbrush/toothpaste, which they get as free samples from drug companies, to the patients.

Occupational Therapy

The "OT" people have a room on the floor.  Two men supervise patients.  "OT", as you might guess, is designed to "occupy" patients with projects that are long on time and short on results like weaving baskets.  Other facilities include a kiln for small pottery and tools for woodworking.

GP Medicine

There are students around "practicing" in most all areas of medicine and patients who get legitimately sick are "practiced on"  by them.  If what you have is not obvious, however, you will receive no care and will be told you are having hallucinations.  There are some deaths from hallucinations.


People on 3rd. floor, of course, are there for Psychiatry.  Every patient gets one doctor and usually one student nurse.  The doctor may be a intern but will usually be a resident. These residents are supervised but very loosely.  Charity patients generally come from lower economic classes and are considered "sub-human" by doctors and no one really cares if they die.

The doctor is a student and his main concern is his training.  Patients are a medium to practice the training on.  Factors which determine how long a patient will be kept and what will be done to him are related to his value as a "unique speciman" or "subject of experiment" or "value as a teaching aid", etc.  Whether he gets better or worse is irrelevant.  As a general rule, most get worse.  Someone who is average and boring would be let go before someone who was bright and interesting, e.g.  And,  if there is a surplus of specimens, (say you have twenty people who think they are Jesus) then the excess would be stamped "cured" and let go no matter what shape they were in.



Doctors have orders not to attempt to practice any psychotherapy - that is, no to try to find out the root cause of, say e.g., a depression.  They are instructed to use whatever drugs are necessary to "turn the patient off" and then "ship him out" (by which is meant send him to Mandeville (HB6) or to Jackson (HB9) or to (rarely) let him go free).

Usually, after a goofy student has pumped every drug he can think of into a patient,  the patient is in need of a "real doctor" to correct the damage done to him by the student.

Nursing Service  /  Charity School of Nursing

Charity runs its own Nursing School. These girls (100% White Females) spend periods of time in each main section of the hospital as part of schooling.  There is a classroom on the floor and an instructor who stays on the Psych. Service who teaches them while they are passing thru.

Student Nurses are given special instructions on how to behave when in contact with patients, e.g., not to smoke cigarettes (unprofessional) and not to use their first names (the last name is pinned on them).  Additionally, on the 3rd. floor, the girls are taught not to trust patients and are told "scare and hate" stories to illustrate the idea.

Charlottte Lamar, my nurse in P1,  gives the following as the story told to her by the instructor:  "Once upon a time, there was a dangerous mental patient and a nurse disobeyed and saw him later after he was on the outside.  She dated him.  Then he told her that if she broke up with him he would commit suicide.  Now, girls,  she was in real trouble.  So only talk to patients when they are safely locked up or tied down and never see them on the outside or you will be in terrible trouble."

The duties of nurses reflects their intended purpose as loyal and obedient servants for doctors who follow orders and keep their mouths shut. Certain material is distorted and they learn only what they need to know.

Student nurses at  Charity are usually attractive and always sexually active (a virgin would be considered abnormal and not admitted to the school).

Volunteer Service

Charity makes extensive use of volunteers.  From "candy stripers" to "Hare Krishna's",  almost every kind of group you can think of is invited to "help"  out.   Volunteers are not paid.


Routine and exotic laboratory services you would expect to find in a general hospital are available.  Normally, new patients are checked for VD and given routine chest X-rays.


Attendants report that LSU does not research on mental patients but Tulane does.  The projects, which go beyond exotic into the flat out obscene, are done under the direction of  Dr. Heath, mad scientist in residence.  Main projects during N1I19 were: Playing with your blood by running it thru a dialysis machine and adding other chemicals in the process; Brain experiments similar to those in the movie "The Terminal Man";  Brain implants which turned patients into robots;  experimental drug research with LSD (Tulane students went around the floor and gave the stuff to everyone laced into bags of "potato chips"), drugs without names (Mix em up - shoot em up).  Phase III research drugs; experiments with passive implants (putting extra parts in your head - the one I heard about used mainly field effect transistors).



If you are selected for research by Tulane University, you should say your good-byes and make peace with your maker because you will not see the outside world again

Physical Therapy

There were forms in the "order box" for doctors to use to order "physical therapy".  It was not clear what this was exactly, but there was a story that you could use this card to get laid.


Charity is "big" on sex.  Essentially everyone goes to bed with everyone. Patients have sex with patients, doctors have sex with patients, nurses have sex with doctors, you name it.  Some of the staff doctors practicing during N1I19 (Dr. Dearman, e.g.) are queer and the attitude in general is one of  "if you want to - go ahead with it". George C.  Scot's "HOSPITAL"  has nothing on Charity in this department.

On the 3rd. floor, rape, both normal and homosexual, is not considered unusual and it goes on routinely and there is no effort to stop it.  It was not until the mid-1978 that the first case of patient rape ("normal rape" in this case on a female patient) got any press at all.  In this case, the parents complained that they overheard staff  bragging that conviction was impossible because they planned to "tear up" the patients chart and medical records and "write up a new fictitious set" that would "prove nothing happened".


Staff who interact with patients are under different "authorities". Doctors (mainly students) are under their university instructors (Tulane/LSU); Staff who handle patients (attendants, etc.) are under State Civil Service. Real Nurses are under the Director of Nursing (charity) and student nurses are under their instructor who is under the Charity School of Nursing.

The significance is that a student doctor may "order" a nurse or attendant to do something but the something will not necessarily be done.

The "core staff" consists of  "Nursing Service" personnel; maintenance staff; and "career staff". Nursing Service (100% Black) provides narse-aides, psychiatric aides, attendants, etc. Maintenance staff (Mixed race) would cover house keeping and building maintenance. "Career Staff" would include secretaries, social workers, and real nurses.  These people have settled down at Charity and usually their kids grow up and work there also.  It is like a "family".

However, most Doctors and Nurses (the students) are just "passing thru".  The way a patient will be treated is decided by the "core staff" who will be there long after the resident Doctor and student Nurse are long gone.  "Core Staff" make their own rules and are responsible to their own supervisor under civil service.  It is essentially impossible to fire them.  For example, aids (all black) have a "thing" for tying patients down with leather restraint belts.  The love of this is apparently a sublimation of fantasies in "bondage and discipline" which would get you in jail elsewhere but anything goes at Charity.  Now, a doctor cannot order these people not to tie you down - their authority comes from Nursing Service; totally separate from the Doctor whose authority comes from either Tulane or LSU Medical School.

The "color line" is very well defined.  All attendants, aides, etc. are black.  All real Nurses and student Nurses are white females.  All maintenance/support people (such as ward clerk, etc.) are mainly black.  On the set,  the attendants are usually young blacks and the student nurses are all young white women.  There is considerable sexual interplay between them even on the floor (e.g. in the Nurses Station where the two groups work side buy side at all hours). This is called "being broadminded" and the white girls seem to feel that being laid by another race is part of  "growing up in the modern age".

[On C-301 - the central admitting ward, there are two nurse stations, one in front and one in the back.  However, only the back one is used.  Both are essentially "glass rooms" so you can see out.  However, in the front, all the glass in the unused nurse station was covered with brown paper.  This room was used as a "fuck room" for the black men and the white nurses.  There was a slight tear in part of the brown paper and, if you were quiet and knew where to look, you could watch the black men sit the white girls up on the desk and do them.  It was darker outside than inside the nurse station and so they could not see us and never knew we watched them fuck.]




The Office of the Director is responsible for determining what happens to people after they find themselves on the 3rd. floor. Although there is considerable freedom in what staff and residents decide they want to do with patients on the floor - they cannot leave for anywhere without approval from this office.

The Director, who was William Christain Super for the entire N1I19 period, speaks for the department of hospitals to the civil court system as an advocate for the commitment (for the rest of your life) of patients to either Jackson or Mandeville. There is a third state hospital, Pineville, but it is not used for New Orleans patients.

The Director, at his pleasure, petitions the court to deliver a patient into confinement for an indefinite period. The court always approved these petitions during N1I19.  There is a trial or hearing but it is held in secret and only those who agree with the Director are allowed to come. The patient is called in at the very end of the trial to hear the verdict read that he has been committed "in accordance with law".  Patients are supposed to "have the right to make a statement"  but it is not clear for what because all the papers are signed and the hearing is already over when they come in.

Almost no one has ever beaten the "secret trial system".  One patient, Kathy Mc Govern, described how she beat the system once:  "I knew it was useless to say 'there's nothing wrong with me' - they all say that; so I cried in front of the Judge and told him that if he signed the papers I would have to leave Charity and I was making so much 'progress' here that to send me to a strange place would interrupt this and 'couldn't I just stay here a little while longer". "Please, Judge, etc."

Now, there is no such thing as 'a little while longer' as Kathy knew.  This is a 'one shot' deal.  If the Judge does not sign, you must be set free.  So the Judge tore up the papers and looked at Super saying, "I just can't send this girl away if she likes it here so well".  But Super was speechless.  He had lost - He had to let Kathy go and she reports that his face "Turned ten shades of red" and that it was obvious that he was "Boiling mad" - the man had never lost before.

There are certain attorneys who are personal friends of Dr. Super. In such cases there is a flat payment of  $2000.00 and if you've got the bread you can give it to one of these guys and you will be let go - no matter how crazy you may be.  The money is apparently split 50/50,  $1000.00 for Super and $1000.00 for the lawyer. Otherwise, you're on your way to hell.

Additionally, members of certain organizations which have the power either politically or by direct action, "have ways" (to use Leonard Calcagno's phrase) to "get out of things like this".

But if you are average and "no one special" and you don't have $2000.00 cash handy and you are not with the Nazi party or SDS or something then you have no hope of beating the "secret trial" system.

Not everyone who finds their way onto the third floor is taken to trial. Some are let go.  People who have no record with the system can maximize the chance of being discharged by saying and doing as little as possible (Say Nothing; do Nothing; Be Nothing model) and by pretending to believe everything the doctors say and by being generally dumb and cooperative.

If you luck out and get a discharge this way it might be a good idea to also quickly move to another state and forget about ever coming back because if there is another time you will probably not luck out twice.




The Charity set is more active than any of the other three we will discuss.  There is something going an almost 24 hours a day, although patients "officially" sleep at night.

The patient component of the set is three main groups.  There are patients who are locked up,  patients that "want help" and are here voluntarily and patients that are not really patients.  Among the "not really patients" are "contract patients" recruited by newspapers ads promising them $25-$30/ day if they will stay here and take experimental drugs such as LSD and THC.

A basic day begins when the night shift wakes everyone up and locks all the bedroom doors so you can't get back in.  This is their last duty.  The day shift (which includes a Real Nurse) feeds everyone dope and sets up for the lab teams who will come in to do blood, etc. and for those who will need to go elsewhere (another floor) for things like X-ray.

There is breakfast with your student nurse flopping her tits in your face trying to get your life story and you can play in the hall for the morning in OT or RT and if you can find an unlocked door or something you can screw some patient or make up something else to do.

Later there is more dope and lunch and the after lunch rest.  Doors are locked to the hall.  You must sleep, or at least lie down, or you can be tied down and drugged.  During this time other things are happening in the hall which you don't need to know - like classes for the nurses.

After you nap you can do the same stuff you did in the morning and then it is time for more dope and supper.  If there are no special evening activities and it is not visiting night  (2 nights/week + 1 day on weekends) you can play on the porch or hall until about 9 PM when you will need to be locked up in your ward.

Now at 10 PM you should go to bed,  but only for an hour until the 11-7 shift comes on.  They theoretically watch you sleep but strange things happen late at night at Charity.

You will have a chance,  if you stay up,  to get "snacks" which are packs of (usually) apple jelly and bread.  Now, I will run thru this exactly the way it happens:  There will be this tray of apple jelly in industrial (restaurant) packs on a table. The night shift will take the tray and go into the "pantry" with it and lock the door and cover the window in the door.  If you listen closely you will hear "clicks" like could be made by some type of "dispensing gun" - about the same number of clicks as there are packs of jelly.  Now he comes back and he leaves the tray out and you can eat up the jelly and bread. [It is highly likely that small quantities of LSD or some similar thing was being injected into the apple jelly]

Later on, most patients will be told they must sleep or else and some be shot up with seconal or sodium amytal to make them sleep.  You can there and not sleep and you can routinely hear voices (from the front of the ward) of patients (who are all male) - and of females. [One guard told me the females were prostitutes that another guard either just knew or pimped for.  The girls got a kick out of playing with men who were virgins or were uncomfortable, for some reason, being around a woman.  It was a unique break from their regular routine.]

Very late, around 3 AM, a strange thing happens. The attendant (only one) -and he will be back, of course - will fall into a deep sleep. Other patients - all black - will all be in deep sleep.  But the white group will be awake, up walking around and talking.  It is as if some mist floated in and knocked the rest of them out.

There is a TV in all wards and there is nothing on at 3 AM (local stations did not stay on the air after about 2AM at this time) but there are patterns, two vertical lines with a heavy vertical sign wave between, showing up on the UHF band around channel 2O.  The pattern comes on at precisely 3 AM and disappears at 6 AM - just like clockwork - every night. [We felt this weird pattern was caused by some type of classified equipment operated between those hours such as a matter transport device - such a device was rumored to have been invented years earlier by Nicola Tesla]

We will get into these "occult and special" things elsewhere, but Charity has a "personality" all its own and people who have had an experience with the place will never forget it.





Southeast Louisiana Hospital (HB6) is located in Mandeville, La. across highway 190 from the Fontainebleau State Park.  It is commonly, therefore, called "Mandeville".  Mandeville is a relatively new installation by comparison to Charity Hospital and East Louisiana Hospital (Jackson).  Significant data is available for reporting on HB6 due to Mary Jane Alexander,  Recreation Director for adult males during the N1I19 period.  By being "assigned" to her, it was possible to have more of a "run" of the place than is usual and she liked to talk about the hospital and it's history all of  which was recorded forever in the Akashic Records System.


Mandeville is a relatively new hospital.  It was considered "progressive" when built, by comparison to the standard of care at that trine.  The architect who designed the hospital was the first patient (patient # 00001,  I guess). He said he was suffering from "exhaustion" from designing the hospital and he needed a rest from his work.

In the early days, patients were given a "free run" of the Hospital and were assigned to do chores in all departments.  In time, they were gradually prohibited from seeing all areas except for low level "jobs" like picking up trash on the grounds and working with dirty laundry.

The Hospital is equipped for "treatments" that are now considered obsolete.  Rooms are there for the "hot and cold water treatment"  which consisted of tying someone up in a tiled enclosure and pumping them with a stream of steaming water followed by a stream of freezing water - this was supposed to "bring them back to reality".

In the early days,  Insulin Therapy was used combined with Shock (ECT),  the "Water Treatment" and others.  Insulin Therapy consists of overdosing someone with insulin so that they go into a coma near death and leaving them in that state for sometime while brain deterioration takes place - then allowing them to become conscious again.  It is charted (recorded on the patient's record) in "hours (of unconsciousness)".  A significant number of patients die.

Later, when the first  "Major Tranquilizer", Thorazine, came on the market, it was used at the Hospital and given to essentially everyone.  Old staff, who recall the early days,  remarked that "they were the good old days - when Thorazine concentrate came in gallon bottles and they just poured out a glass full for everyone - now,  it was too much work because it only came in quarts (largest size) and they had to pay attention to different doses for each patient."

Experimental drugs were used at the Hospital at one time.  Mary Alexander reports that when LSD came out it too was used on patients. She added, apparently as justification, "when they have a pt. on LSD, a doctor and nurse stayed with them while they were on a trip to make sure they were OK".  On LSD, Mary stated that (it was no longer used at HB6) any registered psychiatrist who wants LSD can get it legitimately for his use.  This is interesting because LSD is "officially" not marketed in the U.S. and detail men for Sandoz Laboratories (which holds the patent rights) officially deny that the manufacture continues.

There have been quite a few "famous patients" at Mandeville.  The most prominent was perhaps Long as the incumbent Governor of Louisiana.  It was because of the power play involving the commitment of the Governor that the first restrictive legislation was passed to attempt to control the awesome power of  Psychiatrists to pick up someone and do whatever they want to him.   The staff



like to refer to the commitment of Long as an example of their power.  Patients trying to get out AMA (Against  Medical Advice) are often told: "Don't you know we can keep you here as long as we want. We even had the Governor locked up here and he could not get out - so you can see there is no hope for you"

Actually, the Governor (Long) did get out - what he did was to fire the Director and then replace him with someone who would order him discharged.


Physical Layout

The major divisions of the buildings existing during N1I19 were: (1) Administration Building; (2) Admitting Building; (3) Alcoholic Treatment Service (ATS); Adult complex; (5) Laundry and Maintenance complex; (6) Student Nurses Dormitory and (7) Homes (brick houses) for the professional Staff.  The General Layout is shown below:



The Administration Building includes a Research Unit, Telephone Center,  facilities for the practice of general medicine and lab work, X ray and executive offices.  The admitting building includes facilities used in original processing (fingerprinting and Mug Shot room and equipment) and the Adolescent Unit and the Church Facilities.  The Adult Complex is composed of two major buildings arranged in a double "H" configuration.  One building is females a nd the other is males - the ward (cell block) codes are shown on the map.  Children (all male) are kept in one of the Adult Buildings (A-1).  The buildings are systematically numbered.  As a general rule the "l's" are closed (locked) wards. and the "3's"  are open.  The exception is that in the male units there are varying degrees of openness from D-1 (closed) to (D-3) (semi open) to A-3 (fully open).  Homes for the professional staff are contemporary brick slab houses arranged as a small "sub-division" would be and equipped with all luxuries.  The staff live in the houses free at the pleasure of the State during their employment.

Plans for expansion were being implemented during the period covered by N1I19 however they were incomplete.  As of 1978 intelligence reports indicate that a new complex had been completed for children and also that a complex for Vocational Rehabilitation has been built.


Mandeville has the largest budget of any mental hospital in the state system.  (there are three, Mandeville, Jackson, and Pineville).  This fact is deceptive, however, as it appears a major part of the funds allocated to Mandeville are used up by the Research Unit.  The Research Unit has no relationship to the patients - people who work there play with Guinea pigs (which they buy) and cats (which they catch when they wander onto the grounds).


During the N1I19 period there was minimal physical security.  There was one man assigned to security.  When he was needed a light bulb placed on a tall pole atop the administration building was turned on.  There was a "guard house" by the entrance but it was not manned and no one could remember the last time it was.  The main job of the security man was to stop patients from going off into the woods that surrounded the place and screwing other patients.

However,  this has changed.  Intelligence reports updated as of 1980 show the development of an intense sophisticated security system.  It includes armed guards and a fleet of  "special hospital police cars" with sophisticated radio communications and that the Guard House is manned and everyone is checked and identified and harassed - apparently,  the hospital wants to be 'ready' for the "anti-psychiatry" movement with massive armed force.  During N1119, no one even dared to say that there might be no such thing as mental illness - it was given blanket acceptance but all this has changed and so has Hospital Security.

The main force which held the patients in Mandeville during N1I19 was that there was no where they could go once "stamped" as a mental patient because everyone believed whatever doctors said - this of course has changed.


The Laundry Facility at Mandeville has a capacity which far exceeds the needs of the hospital itself.  The Laundry has contracts with other private hospitals and institutions in the area to do their laundry.  For these services the State is paid.  Patients are forced to work in the laundry - they are not paid.

Condition of Facilities

In general, the construction of buildings appears sound and they are reasonably well maintained.  Patients are forced to mop and scrub floors and walls



continuously (this is called "Industrial Therapy") and so they are quite clean.

Physical plant

The Physical Plant provides steam for heating in winter and hot water.  Water is "soft water" from a well on the grounds coupled to a water tower.  Wards and buildings are heated by steam pipes implanted in the concrete slab floors. There is no central air-conditioning system.  In summer, all areas where staff work have window units.  Areas where patients stay have no air-conditioning with the single exception of the B-1 day room which has a Central Unit.

Data updated as of 1978 indicates that now all of the Day Rooms have units.  The Day Room refers to the part of the ward not used for sleeping.  None of the sleeping quarters had Air Conditioning during N1I19 and they still do not as of 1978.

Food Service

The Kitchen is located in the center between the double H's of the Adult complex.  It is also structured as a "H" with four rooms of tables.  The patients and staff all eat there and are served essentially the same grade of food.  The only difference I could find is that the staff insisted that their plates be wiped dry (they had a fetish about occasional drops of water left when utensils are removed from the dishwasher).  It was silly because what they got was dry plates wiped with dirty towels whereas the patients got damp plates that were sterile.



A Protestant and Catholic Chapel are located in the Admissions Building.  Adolescents are "encouraged" to go to church (they loose "merit points" if they do not go) and other patients are made aware that the services exist. There are services on Sunday and one or two evenings during the week.

Religion, however, appears to have been re-written "Mandeville Style".  In one sermon, I recall, Rev. Pond  (Protestant Chaplain) preached that:

"When Jesus Christ was dying on the cross, they brought him vinegar when he asked for water but he drank the vinegar and did not complain; therefore you patients should drink your Thorazine concentrate (the stuff tastes terrible) and not complain so you will be good Christians".

I had a chance to interview both Pond (protestant) and the Father (Catholic).  Pond turned out to be an admitted atheist, said the idea of God and all that just meant to be kind to people,  but there was actually no such thing.  He stated that before he came to be a minister at Mandeville, he worked for the FBI.

The Father did believe in God. He stated that when younger he had noted the abuses and that he had tried but that he was older now and the system "had worn him down" and he no longer tried as hard but still had hope.

Vocational Rehabilitation

There was no VR program at Mandeville during N1I19.

However, intelligence updated as of 1978 indicates that a new building has been constructed for VR and that patients can be housed there and receive some kind of  training in lieu of the Adult Complex.




Mandeville is "big" on recreation. Adult Males are more likely to come into contact with Mary Alexander (who did the Recreation for Adult Males) than with any other professional staff.  I was assigned to work with Mary during P1 and so, whatever was going on, I was there to observe it.

Discontinued Programs

Mary reports that some types of Recreation previously existed (prior to the N1119 period) but have been stopped.

She says she used to take the men over to the State Park on Picnics, but the park objected to "those people" coming into contact with tourists and so that was stopped.

There used to be dances.  Due to integration, this was stopped and replaced by "square dancing" rigidly supervised.  The "old" dances were normal dancing with related "touching the opposite sex" and the powers that be felt that sort of thing was "inappropriate behavior".

There used to be field trips. This was stopped for the same reason.

Programs current during N1I19


Pool located on the grounds. Selected open ward pts. sexually segregated allowed to use it daily during warm weather. Otherwise area of pool is "off limits".


Sexually integrated selected open ward pts. for Square dancing only - Touching anything except partner's hand prohibited.


Required activity open & closed wards once a week.


Optional activity selected patients done as can be scheduled.


Only for open wards approximately once a month done in little used "off limits" section of the Hospital Grounds.


Parties for closed ward done on ward. Others done on grounds. Usually one party per month.


Activities such as "Talent Show", playing "What's My Line", etc. done as can be arranged.  These projects are mainly due to the personal initiative of Mary to do different things to break up the boredom.


Whatever sport was in season (Baseball, Football, etc.) required to
be played daily under penalty of discipline if you refuse.


Limited selected patients whenever time permits.  Ride bikes around the hospital grounds.

Programs added after N1119



Data updated as of 1978 indicated that trips to the State Park for swimming and picnics have been resumed.

Dancing (normal style) is now permitted.

Field trips may have been resumed.  It is not known whether Mary is still employed at HB6 as of 1978 - reporting source could not locate her.

Social Service

Patients have "official access" to a social worker.  It is usually possible to see this person.  Through social service it is also possible to be scheduled to meet a representative of Social Security who visits the hospital monthly.

Medical Service

The hospital has some GP type doctors and they are available to handle minor problems (cold, broken bones, etc.).  Anyone with any serious problem is sent to Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Patients who are in Mandeville against their will would then be in Charity against their will and whatever Charity wanted to do to them (surgery, sterilization, etc.) would be forced on them without consent.  When Charity has finished playing with them they are sent back to Mandeville.

Psychiatric Service

Patients have "official access" to one psychiatrist.  How often you see this person depends on his individual idea of how psychiatry should be practiced.  Some doctors have group, say once a week; some see patients only individually at intervals to suit their pleasing.  There is a reasonably high ratio of doctors/patients compared to, e.g.  Jackson, where the ratio may be 3000/1.   A good guess for the N1119 period would be 100 patients for a doctor in the adult complex,  and smaller for adolescents and children.


Things doctors decide to do to patients are called "treatments" and things doctors decide to make patients do are called "therapy".  We will run thru the list as it existed during N1119.


Shock treatments were given quite liberally.  They were discontinued after the N1I19 period and were in suspension as of 1978. Drugs are given to everyone.  The main drug is the genocide agent Mellaril.  Other very popular major tranquilizers are Thorazine and Stelazine.  Navane was becoming popular as was Haldol.  Later, after N1119,  Prolixin-D was the drug of choice to replace the dis-continued shock treatments.  Prolixin, briefly, causes marked destabilization of the thought process and attacks the entire nervous system - it lasts for 30 days on one shot - and when used in large doses (which is common) produces a catatonic state. [Prolixin-D and Prolixin-E are powerful drugs.  A dose of 150mg. will kill the average person.  The minimum dose is 25mg.  Hospital patients are generally given 75mg. which is also lethal in some cases.]


Everything that patients are told to do is called "therapy".  Most of the names are descriptive and self explanatory.  Recreation Therapy (play ball, etc.), Occupational Therapy (weave a basket, etc.);  Industrial Therapy (do slave labor for the state like in prison).  Anything else you want someone to do is just that thing followed by the word "therapy".


Treatment Model for Adult Males



Treatment of Adult Males is similar to Armed Service Basic Training with drugs and Shock Treatments added to the picture. Patient begins on the closed ward Dl and is watched like a hawk.  Every move is written down.  Then come drugs.  The drugs are liquid and patient is not told what they are. Patient takes drugs or refuses - if refuses is shot up with the drugs and dragged off to a seclusion room and left there.  Later, if patient agrees to take drugs patient may be let out of seclusion room [solitary confinement]. During this time Dr. will decide whether or not to shock patient.   If yes, is kept on D-1, shocked three times a week for up to seven weeks, then re-evaluated.

Patient is ready to be let go from D-1 to the next stage of  brainwashing when (1) he is not objecting to taking drugs (2) is not violent and (3) has completed shock treatments if ordered.

Patient is sent to semi-open ward D-3.  Semi-open means that the door is not locked but you can not walk out without permission.  This ward is to test to see if patient's will has been broken down in D-1.  If patient tries to leave without permission, is "sent back" to D-1 to start all over again.  If patient seems broken, will be given jobs to do to see if will submit to authority. If refuse - sent back to D-1.

Patient is ready to be let go from D-3 to the next stage of brainwashing when (1) he is trained to take drugs and like it (2) he willingly takes orders and obeys on command (3) he is trained to accept the absolute authority of the staff and meekly asks permission for everything he does.

Patient is sent to open ward A-3. Door is open, patient can go out - no one watches or cares.  Patient given assignments and a certain amount of trust.

Resocilazation process is started.  Patient is given weekend pass.  Person must accept responsibility for taking patient out. Responsible person (usually a parent) fills out a "report" showing what the patient did while away and questions like "Did patient take his drugs willingly ?" and  "Do you want us to discharge patient soon ?"  If right answers are on form, patient given 10 day pass.  If get right answers again patient is discharged.  If not, send back to D-1 and start all over again.

Treatment Model for Adolescents

The definition of "normal"  for adolescents is different from that used for adults in that a higher level of unusual behavior is tolerated.  Staff I talked with who work with adolescents say that they have been sent to Mandeville because "their parents can't handle them" or "their parents don't want them".  There is no provision for young people to "run loose" in adult society - they have to be at home under parents or they must be locked up somewhere.

The programs used with adolescents are designed on the reward good/punish bad principle and the definition of good is what people are theoretically thought to do as "responsible citizens".  What they are supposed to do is:  Ladies are perfect virgins; men are perfect gentlemen; everyone goes to Church on Sunday; respect your parents and older people and especially doctors;  I want to get a job;  I love my country and the flag, etc.;  The doctor is always right; I will do as I am told - what do you want me to do; - and so on.

Doing the "right thing" is rewarded with "merit points".  Doing the "wrong thing" is punished with 48 hours stripped naked in a seclusion cell and no merit points.  So it goes on the Adolescent Unit.

Merit points can be exchanged for things like weekend passes and privileges.

The Adolescents are forced to do what other people their age are doing - they go to high school if they are in that age group, etc.  Drugs are used to manipulate the patients into conforming to the model of what a "young adult" should be in the eyes of theorists and experts.  If a patient comes reasonably



close to this model, they will consider discharge.  Adolescents are commonly held until they are of legal age which, for the N1I19 period, is 21..

Treatment  Model for Children

Children are kept on ward A-1 in the adult complex.  Children are forbidden to talk to adults and adults are forbidden to talk to children.  They are there pending the construction of a separate building for children.  Data updated as of 1978 indicated that the facility is completed and the kids are now there instead.

Children stay on A-1.  There is no other ward.  A-1  is closed, open, or whatever mood the staff is in.  Staff who work with the children say they are not crazy- they are just bad.  Children are given drugs at adult dose levels and manhandled a lot, and kept in seclusion cells sometimes indefinitely.  There is no specific treatment plan for kids,  they are just "held" until whatever happens to them happens.  If they are still there when they become Adolescents, they are told "happy birthday" and transferred to the Adolescent Unit - and, if they are still there at age 18, well then they go to the Adult Unit, (this would be unusual, it is only fair to say).


The following general routine is given. There are minor variations from ward to ward, mainly due to some being open (adding to variety) and others being closed (adding to boredom).

12 Midnight     Night shift on duty. You should be asleep. If you are not asleep, keep quiet or you will wish you were asleep.

5AM                Time to wake up. Men must shave. Get dressed and go sit in the Day Room. Turn on TV and watch the
                         Test Pattern [stations are off the air at that time during the N1I19 period].

7AM                The Night shift leaves - the Day shift comes in. They will be there until 3 PM

                   ---SHOCK DAY: (MON. WED. FRI.) People on shock herded into a small room.      Attendant ties hands         .                      together.  Nurse gives them all a shot of muscle relaxant.  Lock the room door and leave them there.

8AM               Time to take drugs.  Everyone line up  for drugs.

8:30 AM        Time to eat breakfast. Everyone  line up at the door until told to march to the kitchen.

9AM         ---SHOCK DAY: Make sure all are tied up- patients tied together to make a "chain gang" - put red robes on and  .                     marched to ward C-1 where they will be shocked.

10 AM           Time for work detail or Occupational Therapy or something

11AM           Time to go back to the ward for (something).

12 NOON    Time to eat lunch.

12:30 PM     Take some more drugs - if you want to, you can lie down for one hour.

1 PM            Wake up if you chose to lie down - get out of the bedroom - the Attendant will lock the bedroom doors to  .                    make sure you don't sneak back in.

1:30 PM       Time to go back to (something).  (same "something" as 10 AM)

2:30 PM       Time to go back to the ward.

3 PM            The Day Shift will leave.  The evening shift will come on.  They will stay until 11 PM.

4 PM            Take some more drugs and get ready for supper.

5 PM            Shower time - you must take a shower or be forced - the Attendants will watch to make sure.

6 PM            Evening Activity:  church, recreation, etc.

8 PM            More Drugs

10 PM         Go to bed.  You must sleep.  If you can't sleep there are some more drugs to force you to sleep.

11 PM         Evening shift leaves.  Night shift comes on.  They will stay until 7 AM.  You should not be awake to hear them .                   change shifts.


Medical Experiments

Medical Experiments are not performed at Mandeville as far as patients are concerned. Many patients feel, however, that they are being "experimented on" due to the bizarre and alarming side effects of the Major Tranquilize. Although these drugs are approved by the FDA, anyone who has had experience with them first hand cannot help but wonder "how" they got approved.

Mandeville patients are sometimes sent to Charity and a good many of them come to Mandeville by way of Charity and Medical Experiments are performed there (at Charity) to the point of going beyond "experimentation" to flat out "obscene".


Under the official guise of "protecting people from themselves" or from "society" or from "becoming upset" and such there is considerable censorship.  The rules of censorship cover not only patients but staff as well.

Staff are cautioned (and they ann be fired) hot to let patients know what drugs they are taking.  The doctors are big on this. They feel that if a patient knows the name of a drug it will not work (ridiculous - but true).  One aide told me it was OK for them to say the word "phenothiazine" (the generic parent compound of most major tranquilizers) but they would get in trouble if they said a brand name. Shock Treatments are called "treatments", the word "shock" cannot be used because it might upset someone. As a general rule, staff are told to say little or nothing to patients but to watch them, listen to them, and write it all down on the chart.

There are pay-phones in various places around the Hospital.  Patients need permission to use them.  There is no indication that they are tapped,  but closed ward patients are watched by a staff member when they make phone calls.  The staff have instructions to listen to what is said (on their end) and if it is "unusual" to report it to a doctor.  Using the phone can be prohibited and phone privileges are sometimes restricted to exactly who you can call and who you specifically cannot call.

Data updated as of 1978 indicates that a new electronic switching has been installed at the hospital and that the capability of monitoring all calls now exists. The principle to justify this is the same used in State Prison Security - as an "enemy of society" - duly :"convicted" you have no rights.

Writing letters is officially encouraged. They will even give you stationery, a pen, and a stamp.  There is a good reason. for this - you can't mail these letters. You give them to an attendant.  They are read by everyone, copied and made a part of your medical record. Sometimes they actually mailed.



Sometimes they go into the garbage There is no way to know because the official policy is that they are mailed. I was put on "garbage take out" detail once and found some of my letters - stamp and all.

There are "rules" for writing letters. They are:

1. You cannot mention any other patient by name.
2. You cannot write anything bad about the hospital or how you are being  treated
3. You cannot write anything "controversial"
4. Forget about trying to write to ACLU or some "civil rights" advocate

In addition to this, if anyone who sees the letter doesn't like it, he will throw it into the garage can.

Having visitors is a privilege. As a general rule, if someone comes to see you they can - but if the hospital feels threatened (say, you call a lawyer) you can be held in total isolation from the outside world indefinitely (no phone, no letters, no visitors, no leaving the ward - arid there is no limit on how long this can be kept up)

As a general rule, however, it is possible to stay in touch with the outside world.

Physical Abuse and Torture

Physical abuse is against Hospital policy. Staff can be fired for deliberate abuse of patients. Some staff are friendly; some are not. Those who are not make it apparent that they are ready to beat patients silly, verbally and by making hostile movements towards them - but it rarely comes to physical contact.  However, there are legitimate "reasons" for touching a patient (such as when they refuse to drink drugs or a doctor orders them "taken somewhere" and they do not want to go).  In such cases, the latent hostility of the staff is released and the patient is handled in the most uncomfortable way possible short of overt abuse. For example, I recall one man on A-3 who the staff thought was becoming upset. The doctor said to take him back to
D-1. So four attendants each took a arm or a leg and carried the man like you would cattle the 500 yards or so to the other ward. The man was not young and had a bad back - he was screaming in considerable pain the whole way.  No one bothered to just ask him to walk there - they just came up and grabbed him.

There are occasional attacks by patient on patient. Patients are insane by definition and so nothing can be done to a patient legally no matter what he does.  Patients initiating attacks would, of course, be kept on closed ward and probably scheduled for Shock Treatments as punishment or at least given massive doses of drugs.


There is a certain amount of stealing. The hospital is big on preventing this. If something of value is missing, the ward is sealed up and searched from top to bottom. Because of this policy, stealing is minimal.

Sex in the Bug House

Open ward patients (adults) are free to mix. Adolescents are also free to mix sexually although they are kept away from adults.

In the adolescent unit, one attendant I talked with tells the story:  "They bang each other all the time over there - even right out in the open - they can't do nothin' (climax) though cause we give em all Mellaril (a genocide drug) but they get out there and try all right."  The punishment for trying is 48 hours stripped naked in a seclusion cell and loss of all privileges for an indefinite period.



Among adults, things are a little more "discrete". Most adults are also given genocide drugs and some females additionally are given birth control pills but if you are on open ward you get pills instead of liquid and so you can spit them out.  You would have to be a fool to really swallow the shit  So, consequently, from time to time, female patients do become pregnant while at the hospital. The usual policy is to quietly discharge them because, if the hospital admitted the pregnancy occurred under their charge, they would be financially responsible for the support of the child.

Homosexuality in the Bug House

Homosexuality was officially classified as a mental illness during the period covered by N1119. Later, during the L2 period, the "gay movement" became politically active and so psychiatrists simply re-classified homosexuals as normal.  However, at that time they were officially called perverts and then staff (many retired army-type people) and doctors jointly were down on them.

Homosexual acts, when they rarely occurred, occurred on the closed wards (they never made it to the open wards) and if you did not want to be approached you could point the guy out and you could be sure he was done for.

Two, four, six, eight, ..." - just didn't cut it in those days.

Under the Tree

Beside the adult complex is the Patient's Store and beside the store is a small tree. And, under the tree there are some old chairs. During the days, weather permitting, open ward adults and perhaps occasionally wandering adolescents and alcoholics sit there and talk.  If the tree could talk, it could fill a library with tales.

Doctors don't talk to patients that much,  and you keep the staff at arm's length, but patients talk to patients quite freely. Perhaps, if there is any real "therapy" happening around Mandeville, it is happening under that little tree.

Here you can sit and listen to all the hopes and dreams, see all the shattered lives, hear all the absurdities of life - and join in with your own version if you choose.

Doctors don't sit under the tree, they sit in offices and read charts, statistics, inmate numbers.  Staff walk by - they don't seem to know you are there.

I shall always remember that little tree.



Southeastern Aftercare Center during P2 was located at 410 Charters St. in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  During N1119,  the name was changed to Southeastern Mental Health Clinic and then changed again to Charters Mental Health Center.  The center also moved,  during Pl0, to 417 Bienville 5t. which is fairly close to the first location.  At first encounter, during P2, it was not clear whether the center was a group of  "mental health minded people"  who had set up shop independently or whether the center was a unit of the State Hospital System.  Best data indicates that the center was in transition from some origin outside the state system to becoming an official organ of the State System.  For most all of the involvement,  the center was a unit of the state system and continues as such currently.  Data corrected as



of 1980 shows that the "center" has moved again - has expanded and is now called a  "Day Hospital".  Such a place was unknown during  N1119 but briefly what it is is a place where under court order you must report to stay during the day where you are given forced drugging - it is cheaper to run than a "full hospital" - fail to report one day and the pigs attack immediately  to take you to a "full hospital" where you never leave.

Direct involvement with the clinic was terminated on 73-013,  however they have been under surveillance by indirect methods because they are a dangerous threat to freedom and civil rights that must eventually be dealt with.



Little data is available in the clinic budget.  There is obviously primarily state funding, but the clinic will "grab" money from whatever it can.  Patients who have money are charged arbitrary "fees" even though they may not be there under their free will. A significant level of funding is provided by tapping the medicare/madicade funds, especially in the area of drugs.  The employees are under State Civil Service.  From the total budget, the only areas of distribution would be salaries, drugs, rent and office supplies.

Physical  Layout

The layout (floor plan) for the original and final locations are given below. There is minimal data on the Bienville location because the clinic had just moved there and construction was in progress when involvement was terminated in 1973.  No data is available on the present location at all.

-- Charters St. Location

1. Offices for VR (not directly connected with the clinic, but a unit of the state)

2. Clinic waiting area

3. Secretaries

4. Staff Offices

5. Room with some library books also connected thru to VR office.

6. "GAP" Room

7. Nurse office

8 "Group" Meeting room

9. Medical Director Office

10. Office

11. Drug Room (storage - extremely large quantity - little security)

12. Stairs to upstairs (upstairs area was condemned as unsafe and not used)

Bienville St. Location

1. Information "pigeon hole"

2. Stairs to upstairs - the upstairs was not completed yet

3. Telephone Switchboard

4. "Group" meeting room containing a smaller room equipped with two way mirror so that others could watch the meetings in .    secret for covert surveillance activities.

5 Offices





Relationship with the State Office of  Vocational Rehabilitation

A division of VR was located in the "Charter's St." Building.  It was not clear whether the office moved to the "Bienville St." location with the Clinic. However, referrals and information arepassed freely between these two "separate"  facilities and the staff know each other and intermingle.

Data on VR indicates that up to "10,000 dollars" is available for the "rehabilitation" of each patient.  There is an indication that this "ceiling"  is a recent rule and that at one time (during N1I19) the funds were unlimited. The clinic can "tap" this money if it claims it is teaching a skill.  For example, "teaching a patient how to answer the phone" could be called "office assistant training",  etc. Because of this,  patients are usually deliberately not told the truth that they could get some "legitimate education" like college and may not know that the clinic is saying (and secretly writing down) that. they are providing some "training"  and so ripping off the $10,000 themselves. During N1I19 the usual practice was to contract out with some training  institution (private) within New Orleans but recently the state has tried to set itself up in this business - provide meaningless and worthless training and take the money for itself.

VR for mental patients during N1I19 existed at the pleasure of a doctor who would arbitrarily start/stop or modify what was being paid for..

Social Service

There are a good many social workers employed at the clinic. Patients may see one of these people individually, or in a group, or not at all; and some patients seeing a social worker may not see a doctor even though they are on drugs (but the record would show that they had a doctor "on paper" in such cases even though the patient may have never seem the doctor or even know his name).  There is no general guide for social service - it appears to be on a "I feel like doing this so here I am" basis.

Psychiatric Service

A good many psychiatrists "pass thru" the clinic.  Some are interns or residents but most are "legitimate" M.D.'s.  Essentially all doctors except the Medical Director have other jobs and/or private practice and see clinic patients as it fits their schedule and mood.

A patient may see one of these doctors individually,  in a group, or not at all; and patients seeing a doctor are not necessarily provided access to a social worker (on paper or in real life). . In most cases patients meet with a doctor once every one to three months in a large group of  30 - 50 people.  They are asked three main questions which are: 1. Do you eat well; 2. Do you sleep well; and  3. Do you feel well.  Then they are given a handful of pills until next time. (This type of group is called a "Medicine Group")


Psychological Drugs are the only treatment.  Every patient is required to be "on" something.  The drugs stocked by the clinic during N1I19 included mainly: Mellaril, Stelazine, Thorazine, Haldol, Navane, Prolixin-E, Etrafon, Aventyl, Elavil, and for side effects from these - Artane,Cogentin,Treme and Dilantin.

Therapy consists of implementation of a "treatment plan". A "treatment plan" it what the clinic feels you should do for the rest of your life, and it changes from patient to patient. Most patients are kept in a "holding pattern" strung out on drugs so that they do nothing at all except stay alive.



There is relatively little time spent by patients in "direct. contact" with the clinic; however the influence of the clinic extends to all hours of every day thru drug harassment, which is continuous.  Additionally there is an ever present intimidation factor that stems from the authority of the clinic to order patients arrested at will and send them back to the Hospital.

The General Aftercare Model


Patients are sent to the clinic from either Mandeville or Jackson where they have been brainwashed and broken into a "clockwork orange" state. The clinic is a "voluntary" place but the word is deceptive because if a patient indicates he won't go there the source Hospital will not let him out and if he refuses to continue at the clinic, they will order his arrest immediately. However, on paper, you are "voluntary".

Data updated as of 1978 indicates revisions in the commitment law now provide that patients can be delivered into the hands of the "clinic" for an "indefinite period" (which means the rest of your life).

These "voluntary" patients see an admitting doctor who orders drugs - usually a continuation of whatever you were on at the Hospital.

A quick decision will be made as to what general type of "treatment " will be used.  There are three types as basic models: 1) Dynamic/Expansive 2) Holding Pattern and 3) Static/Constrictive.

A main factor in what will happen is the role / attitude of the "false sponsor".  Most mental patients have some imitate association with a "false sponsor" by which is meant another person, usually a relative, who exercises influence over them and believes that they are sick and generally likes the relationship that way. As long as the "false sponsor" exists, the probability of escape from the system is very poor. The "false sponsor" can sign orders and accept treatment in place of the patient (who is a prisoner, in effect) and the interaction pattern of doctor/false sponsor vs. patient usually results in total sabotage and destruction of the patient's life.

---Treatment Plan Model (Dmamic/Expansive)

This plan (rarely used) involves the use of VR money (usually) to generate an environment where patient will have little or no contact with the false sponsor (e.g. going away to college) and where, therefore, there is hope that patient may break away from the system and achieve independence.

---Treatment Plan Model (Holding Pattern)

This plan, used to "buy time" to think of another plan, involves creating activities which occupy patients time and accomplish nothing.,  The main elements are 1) Heavy doses of major tranquilizers to sabotage thought process and reduce the general psychic energy level to near vegetative existence and 2) requiring patients to report to clinic three times a week for a program called "GAP" which means "Group Activity Program"  This takes up patient's time. The activities are playing cards, playing records, party type sensitivity sessions, and, in general,  playing your life away. Period of participation is indefinite.

---Treatment Plan Model (Static/Constrictive)

This plan is used most of the time. It is designed to take care of the rest of your life. There are two main procedures, due to economic considerations.  PROCEDURE 1: This is for patient when false sponsor has economic resources sufficient to provide a place for patient and his needs and keep him as a pet forever. In this case, all the clinic need do is supply false sponsor with



massive doses of drugs; patient is reduced to a "mindless hulk" and kept as a pet by the false sponsor (Dominant mothers are a good example here).

PROCEDURE 2: This is for patient when he needs to maintain himself. Patient is manipulated into a dead end job - slave labor type - low level, etc. which will just give him enough money to pay for food, clothing, shelter.Drugs are used to make sure all creative thought processes are destroyed so that patient can' t think of any way to escape from this rut. Patient remains in "vacant contentment",  grows old and dies that way.

Additionally , patients can live on their own free by using federal programs such as SSI, section eight housing, and food stamps. Staff are very careful NOT to tell patients that these programs are there and so most don't know.  This is clinic policy.

---Methods Used to Maintain the "Clockwork Orange" State.

Patients are received in the "clockwork orange" state.  In time, free and away from the influence of the clinic or false sponsor, they would return to their natural life-style and perhaps find fulfillment somewhere.

People are put away because someone with power disagrees with whatever they are doing and wishes them destroyed. The clinic functions to keep people broken thru drugs and other methods - when these fail they order patient arrested.

"Dehumanization Sessions" are used to keep the spirits down.  In these sessions, patient is told he is worthless, hopeless, etc. and forced to participate in degrading exercises such as choosing, from among each other, a patient to be labeled "mother-fucker of the year"  (specific example from time line).  Also, all manner of dress, hair style, appearance, is ridiculed and every statement is laughed at and called a symptom of sickness. During one of these sessions (see time line) a girl tried to "leave the room". She got to the street and they dragged her back in by force laughing, "Ha ha ha -no escape".

Conditions Justifying  Immediate Arrest

The Clinic has no power (During N1I19) to hold people there.  The power instead is in the form of the authority to order immediate arrest and return to a Hospital if you do not obey. obviously, under this threat, most people "voluntarily" stay and obey.

The following is a list of the reasons for which the Clinic was ordering arrest during the N1I19 period:

1. Refusing to take drugs
2. Attempting to leave the clinic
3. Refusing to follow treatment plan
4. Saying that you planned to talk to the press
5. Anything else, if  the doctor feels arrest indicated

The basis in law for commitment is suicidal or homicidal behavior.  However, very few patients are dangerous in any "physical" way - they are put away because of their personal beliefs, philosophy, religious feelings, or life style - even though these have no legally justifiable adverse affect on others that could be called "physically dangerous".





East Louisiana Hospital is located in and around the small town of Jackson,  Louisiana   It is a sprawling complex and is probably larger than the town itself.   The Hospital is the major employer for the town and people who do not work on farms or in small stores which logistically support the farming community probably work at the Hospital.  East Louisiana Hospital is commonly called "Jackson".

Jackson is very large.  There is little or no data available for reporting on some areas.  There is also minimal experience with Jackson by comparison to HB6, HB5 or HB7.  The code HB9 is used for "Jackson" in this report.


Jackson is the "original" state mental hospital.  It is very old.   It dates to a time before drugs - before shock - before insulin -tosome period when patients were kept in chains in a dungeon.  Old staff say they have seen the dungeon which is supposed to be in the basement of the first building constructed years ago.  That building has now been remodeled and is called the Center Building and is used for Administrative Offices.


Physical Layout

The layout below shows most of the buildings in the area of the Center Building. There are more buildings - and wards sprawling out into the countryside, and the buildings on the layout are not all of the buildings in the layout area.  They are, however,  the buildings on which data is available.

1. Library. There is hardly anyone there.  I went once and don't really recall it that well.  There appear to be quite a few books and some are probably collectors items. Patients can use the library - but most are too damaged to think about reading.

2.  Infirmary (female). People on infirmary are pitiful - beyond any type of mental "anything" and near death.  They are mainly geriatric.  Data updated as of 1978 indicated that many of these people have been sold  (transferred) to private nursing homes where they are worth $300.00/ month (in 1970's dollars) + fringe benefits from medicare and Medicaid per head. The nursing home industry is rapidly expanding and quite profitable.

3. Infirmary (male)

4. Building housing labs and test facilities (e.g. EEG machine)

5. Building housing GP type medical facilities, X-Ray room, etc.

6.  Building  # 260 housing males on three floors, two ward divisions to a floor. First floor is half underground - windows, at the top of the walls, are even with the ground outside.  Wards are numbered from bottom left to top right  251 252 ... 256.
250 is called an open building.  Division 256 is used to house VR patients.  The basement wards, 251 and 252, are locked wards.

7.  Building  #260 is also called Building  #39 (they were changing  the numbering system.  39 is the old number and 260 is the new number).
This building houses the Tulane University experimental drug unit and the Physical Torture Unit.  It is completely self contained with its own kitchen and food service.  The building is locked.  Once inside, you do not leave.  The building had two main stories and a "semi" third story.  The first floor houses experimental (research) patients.  Torture is performed on the second floor. The :third floor is apparently not used.

8. Building housing female patients. It appears to be a locked building.

9. Kitchen.  Large, single story. For patients (staff eat elsewhere) long rows of "picnic bench" type - home made - tables placed end to end

10. Patient's Store. If you are on open building you can go there if you have any money and get things.

11. Admitting Wards.  New construction in "H" format.  Patients go there first and stay until someone decides what to do with them.  Divisions of the "H" are called "wings".  For males there are wing D (locked) and wing F (open).

12. Telephone House. Small (say eight foot square) independent building with a few operators.  All phone service for the Hospital passes thru these operators.

13. Center Building.  Lavishly decorated, 6-8 stories (including "dungeon") building houses professional staff offices and medical records - it has "many" employees.  What they do is not clear.  They have no contact with patients - it appears they shuffle paper all day to justify their existence.  The upper floors are full of bedrooms - with beds made up and ready - like a small hotel.  Someone spends the night there occasionally. One staff said the Governor has a bedroom kept ready all the time "in case he decided to come over".

14. Old building used by attendants as a dorm.  The employees who stay here have "no where to go".  Apparently a minimum standard building.  It does, however, have the ONLY pay phone in the hospital - so far as any patient could find out.  It is not advisable to get caught using this phone.

15. In this area, there are houses used by major professional staff.  They are old, reasonably well kept, wood frame, reflecting an earlier time.  The staff live here at the pleasure of the State.

16. Churches.  There are two,  Protestant and catholic.  The fact that churches are there is learned by word of mouth between patients. If you are "loose" on a Sunday you can go there.

In addition to these buildings on the layout:

There are the COLONIES.  They are numbered 1, 2, ...  They are off  "in the hills" somewhere.  Patients sent to the colonies are forced to work "in the fields".  It appears similar to Angola State Prison.  People who are sent to colonies are never expected to leave the Hospital alive.

And because of this there is THE GRAVEYARD which is located somewhere.   When a patient dies he is put in a box and buried with his hospital inmate number (no names) stamped on a brick on top of the grave (hole).  A significant number of patients die.  Most are old.  Some are young as in 30's or 40's. (There are no very young patients kept at Jackson - they are kept at Mandeville).  Some of the young who die have no physical complaints and there are circumstantial causes to believe that certain patients are deliberately killed.  It would be useless to attempt to prove this officially "The State is 'very well protected' ",  one attorney told me.

The layout diagram is on the following page -


Jackson has the largest census (number of patients) of the three hospitals in the State, however it has the smallest budget. The bulk of whatever budget there is appears to be spent on staff salaries, office equipment, and drugs.

For example, offices in the Center Building are loaded with exotic copying machines, the latest typewriters, etc.; but, on the patient care side, they still use old style glass reusable syringes for injections which appear to have been around a good while (the state of the art, of course,  is one time disposable syringes).



There is more of an "appearance" of security at Jackson contrasted to Mandeville during the N1I19 period.  One entrance always has a "guard" and elderly men dressed in Louisiana State Troopers uniforms wander around the grounds they are not armed and appear to be semi retired.  The locked buildings are equipped with the latest un-pickable locks (Sargent KESO series) but this is offset by staff incompetence.  Information from Amy Butterworth indicates that the security forces are for the purpose of stopping white-collar crime by the employees rather than preventing escapes by the patients.

Condition of Facilities

Facilities where staff work are in very good condition.  Facilities where patients stay are mostly in poor condition.  There was a remodeling program in progress during N1I19 and buildings used by patients were being slowly remodeled.  The new construction (which includes Infirmary and Admitting Ward)  are within the state-of-the-art standards.  The Kitchen used by the patients on the 250 building is a pig pen (staff eat elsewhere).  There is a separate kitchen to serve the admitting wards and it is contemporary and rather nice.

Food Service Distribution of Supplies

Food stuffs are received by the Hospital in bulk (e.g. an entire carcass for meat, etc.).  The choice food is separated and sold at a reduced rate to the staff through a "commissary".  Doctors get the T-Bone stakes, eat them for breakfast, etc.  After all of the desirable parts of a shipment are distributed to staff on a rank and seniority basis, the "trash food" is served to the patients. There are a good many kitchens because the Hospital is so big and sprawling.  These are all of different levels of decency.  Of quality, the best appears to be food served to patients undergoing medical experiments in the 260 building (which is self-contained).  The reason is, of course, to rule out the effects of  "bad diet" when compiling research reports.  In outlying buildings, such as Colony 9 (where the people are brain-damaged mindless hulks), you might guess that it wouldn't really matter what was fed to them (they don't talk).


Church  /  Religious Counseling

There are two Churches, Protestant and Catholic, on the Hospital Grounds.  There is no data on the Catholic.  The Protestant minister is a "raving baptist".  Sermons are given screaming  "you'll all go to hell and burn burn burn ... " tone and format.  No patient I knew reported receiving any kind of personal consolidation or consultations and I did not want to particularly have anything to do with the man.

The patients in Jackson might well find that "hell" is an improvement for them over their life there.

Vocational Rehabilitation

There is a VR facility on the grounds.  A very small number of men, kept on ward number 256,  participate in this program. It consists of learning manual skills and crafts which have little relationship to any job market in outside society, e.g., hand carving a Gun Rack. Patients who go thru this program are usually let go as "rehabilitated" but it is not clear what they are "rehabilitated for".  The program is structured in such a way as to take a maximum amount of time and effort to produce a minimum result.


There is no recreation.  Patients who are on closed buildings don't leave the building.  Patients on open buildings can wander around the grounds but there is nothing to do at all.



There is one man assigned to recreation.  He walks around and visits mainly closed buildings and wards carrying a small phonograph and records.  He plays the records.  He is called the "music man", therefore , by patients.  He is a very nice man and he is conscientious but the complex is so large and his budget is so mall that you only bump into him once every several months. During N1I19,  he hired a baby girl just out of college with a degree in Art.  She was called an "art therapist".  She did not last long.

Social Service

There appear to be a good many Social Workers employed by Jackson but their contact with patients is minimal.  They mainly shuffle paper records of patients and make decisions with little or no contact with the individual patient whom they are making decisions about.  It is so nice and air-conditioned in the Center Building that it seems a shame to leave and take the chance of spoiling a hair-do or pretty dress to go on some dirty ward somewhere and actually interview a patient face to face.  It is so much simpler and neater and cleaner just to use the handy speaker-phone to ask an attendant what he or she thinks is true or whatever.

However, a patient has "official access" to one social worker.  In Admitting Wards, they had a couple of baby girls just out of college. They talked to patients whom they chose when they wanted to. I n Building 260 there was a social worker who stayed in the building, in an office with his door open.  You could usually just walk in and talk to him.

Medical Service

A significant part of the Jackson facility has to do with GP type medicine. The infirmary, which has many patients who stay there, is primarily concerned with chronic physical illness.  Most patients on infirmary are old and are physically sick and near death.  There are a good many doctors on Infirmary. They all appear to be quite old and seem to be working here in lieu of retirement.  There are some LSU students/interns/residents dealing in GP medicine - none in Psychiatry.  GP standard of care is pretty good - considering.

Psychiatric Service

A patient has "official access" to one Psychiatrist.  There is an enormous patient/doctor ratio and the "psychiatrist" you have may not be a "psychiatrist".

Some examples from time line will illustrate these statements.  On Admitting Wards,  the doctor was Dr. Metz.  He was very old and probably was a psychiatrist.  He married a Nurse from Infirmary who could easily be his granddaughter.  He was a heroin addict who had settled down at Jackson to be close to a supply of methadone.

On 260 building the doctor was named Walker. He was very old.  psychiatrist. He came to the Hospital after retiring from his last job which was a "Prison Doctor" in a state prison in another state.

Even though he was not a psychiatrist, he was called a psychiatrist and placed in charge of all patients in building 260 plus the Physical Torture Unit in building 250 plus all of Colony Nine and I believe also some others to total about three thousand patients.


Patients admitted to Jackson are seen once by a doctor and put on drugs.  You may never see a doctor again.  Some patients say they "can't remember" the last time and some say "once every year or two".  Nurses order drugs and change drugs independently with no consultation with a doctor.



Drugs are the only treatment. There is no such thing as group or any active program of consultation - you are simply put on heavy drugs and left there.

The only "therapy" is work at the pleasure of the staff.  This work is not light and may involve carrying and lifting 100 pounds or more.  The support personnel (housekeeping, maintenance, etc.) are "'given" a supply of patients as their slaves.  They do no work but instead order the slave-patient to do the work required in their job description.  Any patient refusing to work is sent to the Physical Torture Unit.


There is a significant difference in how you are treated depending upon where you are in the Hospital Complex.  Therefore, we will go thru the divisions on which there is data available as an overall model would be misleading.

Admitting Wards

The admitting wards are new construction.  Food service is reasonably good and staff who handle patients (attendants) eat with them.  There is an OT (occupational therapy - weave a basket, etc) facility but it is little used.  The doctor for the Admitting Wards was Dr. Metz.  He is a drug addict and incompetent to make sound judgments but that is OK because he does not make decisions - he simply agrees with whatever the support staff does or asks, "well, what do you think I should do".  Because of this attitude he is well liked.  Patients are given material to write letters but few are ever really mailed.  There is no such thing as "phone privileges" - you don't call out.  If visitors can find you, they can see you.  Attendants beat patients occasionally and threaten them constantly. Every request to do something is accompanied by a threat in the form: "and if you don't..."   Attendants tell Metz what drugs they want to give patients and he always says OK. When he passes thru, by example, an attendant would say, "We got a new one there. Looks like a Paranoid Schizophrenic to me - I saw him drooling. Why don't you ship him off to Colony Nine". And, off he went.  There is a Nurse assigned to each ward.  When I was there she was on vacation.  There are some baby (just out of college) social workers also.  Their competence is minimal.

Admitting wards have open and locked sections.  Some patients are discharged and others are transferred elsewhere.  It is not a permanent holding area.

Infirmary Complex

The Infirmary is new construction.  Most patients on infirmary are geriatric and have chronic physical complaints and are near death.  Patients from other wards are sent to Infirmary for physical complaints.  Food service is individualized as medically appropriate by diet.  Patients here are "beyond abuse" and they are treated rather well.  Support staff used in infirmary have, or have been selected, because they have, some sense of compassion.  Many patients are simply "technically alive bodies" totally incapable of doing anything and these staff (mainly females) have to feed them and change them, etc. like babies.  They do a good job,  considering conditions.

There are a bunch of doctors on Infirmary and one is always near by.  They appear to be concerned.  Once I observed a man fall out of bed.  Doctor was right there and ordered X-rays (he had hit his head).  These Doctors are not psychiatrists - and considering the treatment patients receive from psychiatrists, it is good that they are not.

The Colonies

There are large wards of people located out away from the central area of buildings called "colonies".  This area of the state is farm land and the state has a farm and dairy on which these patients work and live.  Patients are sent to a colony when there is no intent that they will ever be returned to the outside world.  They will grow old and die there.



What happens in these colonies I know only by stories that would filter out.  There are tales of obscene  abuses such as the "turning out" (hospital slang) which means that you are punished by being thrown or tied on the ground (in the fields) and that then an attendant shoves a mop pole up your ass.  The procedure was supposed to have first come from Angola - the State
Penitentiary down the road - and "caught on" fast among hospital guards.

A program  was beginning during N1I19 wherein all of these. people were to be discharged to private nursing homes which would be financed by seizing the patient's social security money and other federal benefits which the patients could get for themselves if anyone told them the truth and then using this money to finance the construction of huge nursing homes (warehouses) with considerable profit left over for the business men involved.  Data updated as of 1978 indicates that this conversion is complete or nearly so.

The Geriatric Complex

There is a twin building to the Admitting wards which is used for geriatric patients.  These people mainly have "no where to go and no one to go to" as opposed to some mental illness.

Data updated as of 1978 indicates that they may have been all sold to private nursing homes.

The Criminal Complex

The unit for the Criminally Insane is located "somewhere".  No data is available on it. We list it to point out that it is one of many complexes that make up the Hospital.  "Jackson" is often associated with "dangerous insane Criminals"  but the criminal wards, called  "CC-1" and "CC-2", (which means Criminal Colony 1, etc.) are a small part of the overall complex.  One patient I met in the "non-criminal insane division" had a brother "criminal insane division".  He could not read or write and I used to letters for him to send to his brother, etc. (physically they were so close but they were never allowed to go and visit each other).

The 260 Building

The 260 Building is an open building by definition.  Two wards in the basement are locked.  Patients elsewhere can wander around the grounds.  It is an old building which has been recently remodeled and air-conditioned.  All patients are assigned to Dr. Walker (the GP from the prison) on this building.  Additionally, there is a nurse (for the building) and a social worker. The Nurse and Social Worker have offices on the second floor of the building and are usually there.  The nurse can change/order drugs independently of the doctor at her whim.  The Social Worker will give patients paper and stamps to write letters but there is no guarantee they will be mailed.  In and Out Mail is censored - all packages are opened and searched. There is no such thing as a pay phone or phone privileges.

Patients put on this building will be kept for a while. Eventually, most are discharged but it usually will be "a matter of years".

One of the wards on the top floor is for VR patients.

The kitchen used by patients is across the grounds and separate.  The place is a pig pen and the food is "trash food" which apparently meets nutrition standards if you can stand to eat it. If you have money, you can arrange to buy real food from the outside.  There is an A&W chain operating in the area and orders are sent to them for hamburgers, etc.  Many patients have cash obtained from various sources including gambling with other patients (cards) and stealing and if you have the bread you eat good.  Otherwise, you eat trash.

Patients are assigned work details similar, they say, to "the way it is at Angola (the state penitentiary).  You must do this work, or you will be sent to the Physical Torture Unit.


The 250 Building   /   Tulane University Experimental Drug Unit

The bottom half bf the 250 building is used for "research patients".  They are both male and female.  The research is described by Dr. Gallant, who does it, as "phase three drug research".  He says Guinea Pigs are called "phase one" and I don't recall "phase two"  but, any how, this is phase three. You can forget about contacting the outside world if you are put here - and it might be a good idea to make peace with your maker, too.

The patients here walk around in a "court yard" formed in the middle of the building which is in a "C" or open "E" shape. They have "glassy stares" and don't talk much if at all.  There is also an indication that they "don't leave" either - or eventually when they are "burnt out"  they go to Colony Nine.

In order to do research, a patient must sign up.  The inducement to get them to sign up is the promise that if they do and cooperate they will be eventually discharged but if they refuse to sign they will be held "indefinitely" somewhere.  It is a lie - but some believe it and sign up.  If you don't sign up, social service tries to find someone somewhere who is related to you.  They can sign the form - even though they are distant relatives who have never seen you - don't know you - and don't give a shit.  If they can get a signature - you have had it.

The 250 Building  /  Physical Torture Unit

Patients who attempt to escape, or who refuse to work, or who are "naughty" are sent for physical torture.  Attendants who do the torture are completely unrestrained.  The doctor (Walker) who has charge of the torture unit believes in torture and has knowledge of what is done (his last job was at a State Prison).

No nurse is assigned to this ward.  No one comes here.  And, you cannot leave the building.  Forget about contacting the outside world.  Everything is censored.  You can try writing letters if you want - they may be torn up in front of you or thrown out later. If anything is sent to you you may or may not get it. Packages are searched.  If the attendants see anything they like they will take it for themselves. If you get money - well if it's cash its gone.

Attendants decide what drugs they are in the mood to give you.  Forget about charted orders - they mean nothing here.  Usually they pour out a cup (1-2 oz.) of Thorazine concentrate for everyone.  Sometimes they make up their own drugs.  The attendants usually have whiskey on them and they mix it up with the Thorazine concentrate.

Attendants carry long  "hunting knives".  They flash them at patients constantly.  They are quite sharp.  There is a barber who is supposed to come periodically and shave patients.  They sent him away once and shaved everyone themselves for kicks using the hunting knives - it was a real close shave.

Routine abuse and torture are part of the daily routine.  There are more exotic tortures for anyone who resists the normal torture.

The normal routine is as follows:

When the day shift comes in, it is time for breakfast.  The last one in line is beaten (for being last) so then you go eat.  You must eat fast - you have about five minutes.  Anyone who did not finish eating is beaten as soon as you get back on the ward and the last person to come thru the door is beaten (for being last).

You ate,  now all get whatever drugs they want to give today.  The favorite choice is Thorazine because it has the most dramatic effect.  So now you can't stay awake - but you can't sleep (there is a punishment for falling asleep).  Some patients will fall asleep.  The attendants walk around and pour ice water on them.  If they wake up, they are beaten for falling asleep.


Later on,  the attendants play cards.  This is a private game.  If any patient disturbs the game by talking or asking for something - he'll wish he had not.  The attendants are quiet now, and you can sleep if you want.

Then there is "the morning fight".  Attendants pick out two patients and they must fight each other or the attendants will tight them (it is much better to fight each other).  Fight continues until one patient is injured enough to fill out an injury report.

The routine for lunch is the same as breakfast.

Around three in the evening the day shift leaves - the evening shift, due to personality, does not beat patients unless provoked, and at times are "friendly".  They sit around and play cards - you can join in if they want.

The night shift is crazy-violent.  They have been sent to work here because they can't get along with anyone and also can't be fired because they are civil service and in a union. Fortunately, patients are sleeping. I f you have to get up in the night for some reason., anything could happen to you.

In the morning (day shift is back) you should have made your bed "tightly".  The day shift will walk around and drop a quarter on the top sheet.  It must bounce.  If it does not, you will be beaten.

Specific Tortures have "Names":

"The Combination" refers to slapping someone in the face alternately with sash hand until they fall down.

"Stringing Up" means that you will be cuffed in restraints and then, your hands behind your back, your hands will be tied up as high as possible to a window bar. You will be left like that - hours,days, whatever.

Routine tortures are not precipitated. That is, these patients have not done anything but sit there. Any attempt to resist torture or to complain is cause for severe torture.

No one on the torture unit ever attacked an attendant.  It appears, however, that they would have been killed on the spot - they would draw their knives at a moments notice.  However, from time to time, patients would do things as "protest".  The one that comes to mind threw a chair across the room (didn't hit anything - not 'at' anyone or thing).  This was a protest move and so grounds for the severe torture.  No slap in the face.  All three guards beat and kicked the guy silly.  They only finally stopped because their hands were bleeding from punching him.  Then, into the hole (seclusion cell) where he was stripped naked and strung up.  He stayed there for days.  When it was time to eat he did not go.  They brought the food up on the tray and then took a "gallon sized" tin can used for ashtray and spittoon and dumped the food into it and gave it to him.  The word was passed to all shifts - when they came in they went in the room and beat him more.  Strung up naked,  all other patients were ordered to file past the room to see him - and each had to spit on him - (The patient in this story - for the record, his name was Warren Williams)

Homosexuals who were discovered in Jackson were permanently kept on this unit. They had minimal chance to "practice".

In referring to this unit, one staff told me, "This is where you find out just what the State of Louisiana is all about" (i.e., obey or die)

If  I had been told this story, I would not have believed it. People I talk to don't believe it - but, there it is.




In this section and elsewhere,  we try to give enough data on the elements of the State System so that someone would have a fairly "total" idea of the dimensions of the system and what is happening at specific points.  This flow chart model is designed to link the main elements of the system in a coherent fashion showing the "flow" from birth to death of some sample patient.  It is conceivable that a child could be "fed into" the system and never leave thru the totality of a normal life span, however a small percentage would be included here. You can enter the system at any point in life thru one of its "INPUTS" and (theoretically) leave the system at any point in life thru one of its "OUTPUTS" -  but the concept of  "continuing care" that is inherent in the system translates to a reluctance to ever let someone "completely leave" once they are "INPUTTED" and stamped with some illness label - however those with strong will can escape to freedom in some cases (they must do this on their own - usually in secret).


The LOCAL CORONER SYSTEM functions to allow relatives or influential persons to put away others who are "not as influential".

The "RECRUITMENT"  DRIVES BY MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATIONS the general public is informed by news media and urged to "turn in their friends" who are "acting strange" so that they my "get the help that they are 'too sick' to ask for voluntarily".

The JUDICIAL SYSTEM declares people not guilty by insanity,etc. and inputs them into the system instead of prison - it also runs the "secret trial system" so that people in short term hospitals who have been drugged so that they cannot speak out in their defense are railroaded into long term hospitals "for an indefinite period".

LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS solve the problem of kids who are too smart or too bad to be handled (intimidated) by normal grade school techniques by sending them to the special "children's units and adolescent units" of the system where they are drugged and sterilized and "forced to go to school" in special classes designed for the drugged kid.

The STATE PRISON SYSTEM  interfaces with a special section at Jackson called the Criminal Colonels - there are two called "CC-1" and "CC-2" where prisoners are sent, drugged into "another world" and then sent back to prison.

SOURCE HOSPITALS which are the State's "general medicine public hospitals" of which the two main parts are Charity Hospital in New Orleans called "BIG CHARITY" and a similar hospital in Baton Rouge called "LITTLE CHARITY" receive the inputs from CORONERS, RECRUITMENT DRIVES, JUDICIAL SYSTEM, and SCHOOL BOARS and sort out as to where the person will be sent to in the "core system" which is the "birth to death" chain of mental hospitals.

UNWANTED KIDS are generally dumped by their parents or whoever finds them running loose directly into either the Children's Unit at Mandeville or Pineville depending on the section of the state they are in - the two duplicate programs for the upper and lower parts of the state.

TULANE UNIVERSITY SECRET RESEARCH done for the Federal Government under heavy guard (such as the now declassified project "Mind Control" for the CIA) sends the people when they are through with them - if they are still alive - directly to the Zombie Colonies at Jackson where they wait to die and are buried in the Jackson graveyard so that security can be maintained and the truth about what was done to them completely covered up.

These are the main and "sub" inputs into the "core system" which flows from birth to death.




The CORE SYSTEM  is the system of state mental hospitals with their subdivisions.  To be coherent, we will run thru the core system by age beginning with where a "fictitious abandoned child" would enter and ending with this kids death if he stayed in the system for a normal life span.

PINEVILLE  AND MANDEVILLE  are set up for children and have sections compartmentalized for kids. Here "kid" is kept until reaching puberty - drugged, and at age 5 sent to "forced school" in special classes.

ADOLESCENT UNITS are also shared geographically between Pineville and Mandeville.  Kid enters here at puberty and stays until eighteen - he is sterilized to prevent sex and sent to forced schools in special classes thru high school.

YOUNG  ADULTS  are shared also and are drugged and put on forced labor projects- here the Pineville and Mandeville systems begin to interface with Jackson - which handles your later adult years and old age and death.

JACKSON ADULT  takes over at middle age and for that age group there is forced labor camps similar to Angola (working in "farm  fields") and for those who resist there is the special units "Physical Torture" and the "Tulane Experimental Drug Center" to get you to submit - or kill you if you can't be crushed into obedience.

OLD AGE  finds you in the Jackson Geriatric Unit if you can still walk and talk  or in the Zombie Colony (Colony # Nine) if you can't and here you wait for death.

THE HOSPITAL GRAVEYARD  is your last stop where you are buried in a pine box with your "patient number" stamped on a brick as your only identification and I guess you go on to your reward (whatever you get - even hell - is got to be better).


People can leave the "core" thru the system outputs - and the outputs can "send people back" to the "core system" for essentially any reason at any time.

FOR THE KIDS  they can be sold by Louisiana to the state of Texas in what is called the "Texas Children" system where Texas raises them, beats them, and drugs them.  Apparently they are not "automatically sent back" and what happens to them is not clear - but they are "handed off" as far as Louisiana is concerned.
[The "Texas Children" was later to become known as the "Gary W. Case" which was a federal class action case against Louisiana on behalf of the children.  The federal court ruled that Louisiana could not sell kids to Texas any more and must take back the kids it had sold and care for them.  A "special master" named Sue Gant was appointed by the court to act as sort of the "foster mom" for these kids and it appears that plans were made to help those kids who had not been totally destroyed by Texas gradually reenter society as free people.]

ADULTS ARE FOR PAROLE  to a system of  "mental health clinics" which function as a parole board and drugging center - they interface with the slave labor market in which patients drugged to obey orders without question are "sold" to local private merchants to do menial labor as "therapy" and get minimum wage or sometimes lees (because the "labor" is not "work" but treatment they are exempt from the Federal Minimum Wage requirements). Any attempt to leave the parole system is grounds for arrest and return to the core system for "reconditioning" and then you are "yin-yanged" back and forth between the core and the parole  essentially for life unless you can escape somehow on your own initiative - the system does not discharge "spontaneously" on its own - you just get "more and more treatment".

THE OLD AGE SYSTEMS AT JACKSON  sell patients to private nursing homes who seize the patient's pension money and social security money and keep them drugged senseless until they die.
INCIDENT  N-01-I-019






During the N1I19 period, DRUGS  were the "state of the art"  treatment used on mental patients.  There were other "treatments" of a non-drug nature which predate this period and there are new non-drug treatments on the horizon which post-date this period.

We will cover these non-drug methods here too, but the primary emphasis is placed on the drugs as more first-hand data is available in this area.

Sources  of   Information

All drugs on the public US Market are listed in PDR.  PDR means "Physicians' Desk Reference"  which is a book published yearly by  Medical Economics Company.  The book is about 2000 pages and is a compilation of the official "fact sheet"  for each drug..  You can buy the book for about $15 in a local medical book store or get it cheaper by pre-ordering the next (yet unpublished) edition from Medical Economics Book Division, Box 149, Westwood, N.J. 07675.  By dealing with the publisher the price you pay also includes a free update service for one year.  This book is the standard reference used by all doctors and if you have the book you can read the same thing they do  Prescribing drugs in ways cautioned against in PDR - and not doing history and test procedures given for that drug in PDR is grounds for malpractice - but since no one cares what happens or is done to mental patients this is of little practical use - otherwise (for other people not stamped crazy) it would be a good legal case.

PDR  is mainly a compilation of  "fact sheets".  Obviously, only a few drugs will be of interest to the average person and so if you want a "low budget" method, you can assemble your own "PDR" by asking anyone who is in a position to "handle" drugs to rip off the specific "fact sheets" you want.  They say the same thing PDR says and the law requires one to be packed with each bottle, etc. of the drug sold - also with small packs of "professional samples".  If you have never seen a fact sheet it is because a pharmacist will normally throw it away and only tell you what the doctor wants you to know - which is little to nothing..  However, it is always there, nevertheless, and if you are friends with your pharmacist he will probably give you the one that goes to the drug you are on.

PDR and "fact sheets" are written in medical language (mediclese). If you do not understand what you are reading, buy a medical dictionary and look it up.

PDR is also "cris crossed" so that you can locate and compare by Brand Name, chemical name, combination products, etc. And it has color pictures of the more popular pills, too. In short, it is a darn good thing to have if you are interested in knowing what is happening to you in the drug dept.

PDR is a recommended research aid for this section.  It is assumed the reader is familiar with it.  We will discuss the main drugs used on mental patients during N1I19 in terms of how they are used in real life, what they do to most people, and other practical data.  This data is (usually) in PDR in "guarded" or "technical" form.  However, there is so much data there that obvious facts may not be obvious.





In days of old, mental patients were thrown  into dungeons and just left there.  The days of old are not all that old as Jackson is supposed to be equipped with a dungeon although it is not now used.

After the dungeon, there was the "snake pit".  The idea of the snake pit, of course, was that the threat of impending death would be an inducement to give up daydreaming and concentrate on more practical things, like staying alive.  The threat of impending death is still used in state hospitals (although the snakes are gone) and sometimes it is more than a threat.


Insulin (DCI) was not used on the sets I was on during  N1I19. DCI (deep coma Insulin) is an early drug treatment. The process is to overdose the patient using insulin so that he goes into a coma.  Brain deterioration takes place.  The treatment is ordered in "HOURS" (of unconsciousness). Patient is revived and the process is repeated until the desired level of brain damage is caused.

There was one patient (Mr.Snellings) during P1 at HB6 who said he had had two-hundred hours of "Insulin Therapy".  He was rather vacant.


Mandeville is equipped (i.e. the rooms are there) for this "treatment" which consists of strapping someone (naked, I guess) to a tiled wall and spraying them with hot water followed immediately with cold water.  This is supposed to "bring you back to reality". During the N1I19  period these rooms were used for other things (one was a "sewing room") and the water had been disconnected.


ECT  (shook treatments)  were in use in HB5 and HB6 during the N1I19 period, but the "peek use period" had passed. During the N1I19 period, ECT was ordered stopped at Jackson (HB9) by Al Butterworth (they used to shock essentially everyone before he stopped it) and it was stopped at HB6 in the mid-70's and suspended at HB5 in the late 70's.  HB5 has resumed shock , data updated as of 1978 indicates, mainly or entirely on the Tulane University Services. (Tulane has a research project going on on "depression" and shock is primarily used for depression.)

ECT consists of  tying or holding someone down and placing two wires soaked in salt water on their temples, then electric current of up to 180 volts at up to 1.8 Amps is turned on for up to three seconds.  In simple language,  this power is enough to light up a standard 200 watt light bulb so bright that it burns out.  And  "burnt out" is a good descriptive phrase for the poor souls who are given this "treatment", too.


Drugs for "knocking people out"  have been around for quite some time.

Derivatives of Barbituaric Acid (Barbiturates) and Rauwolfia (a plant) alkaloid derivatives such as Resperine, Deserpidine, and Syrosingopine predate the "contemporary tranquilizers" and were the only drugs around at one time.

A search for chemicals (drugs) that would leave someone awake and walking around but would interfere with specific behavior led to the contemporary group of  "major tranquilizers".


Primitive Psycho Surgery consisted of tying someone down, sticking an ice pick into his eyes and upwards into his brain and then "wiggling it around" to cause as much physical brain damage as you desired.  The patient was left as a vegetable.


Prefrontal Lobotomy was a more sophisticated approach than the "ice pick" and only the part of the frontal lobes of the brain which it was felt controlled "anger" were damaged (severed).  Patient was severely altered but might not be a complete vegetable.

During  N1119, P5, I met a man (The Soldier) who had been "ordered"' (by the US Government) to have this done to him. I did not see him after it was done.  The surgery was ordered to be done by Dr. Heath at the Tulane University Medical Center and he was being held prisoner on the Tulane Psychiatric service under Dr. Buddington until that time.  Tulane University is a "Government Front Organization" a. we have said elsewhere.

In 1977, the use of this procedure was outlawed by the State Legislature, but it was too late for "the soldier".


Mellaril  is a major tranquilizer marketed by Sandoz (the company that invented LSD). Melaril is a major financial success for Sandoz Laboratories and the only drug they make that is widely used in mental hospitals.  In addition to promoting  the drug for mental illness, it is promoted to the nursing home industry for use on - what Sandoz calls - "the agitated geriatric".


Mellaril is available as tablets and liquid concentrate - but not as injection.  Therefore, if you refuse it, there is no straight forward way to force it into your system (although they will probably find a way)

Mellaril pills change color with dosage size but all pills have "sandoz" on one side and the dose in mg. on the other side. The colors for the most used sizes are 25 mg. brown; 50 mg. white; 100 mg. light green; and 200 mg. pink.

Mellaril concentrate is cloudy white and tastes terrible with a lingering sulfur aftertaste that will be with you for a while. This is due to a Sulfur molecule in an active binding position.

The generic name for Mellaril is "thioridazine" (thio- = Sulfur). Sandoz is the only source of thioridazine as their patent is still valid.


The primary use of Mellaril is for genocide. It is the opinion of doctors that mental patients should never be allowed to reproduce.  It is felt that "it is in the best interest of the society" that they be made and kept sterile and also that any kids they would have would be crazy.


Genocide - MEN

You can expect to be sterile from about two hours after the first dose of this drug until about 48 hours after the last dose (Mellaril is normally given for the rest of your life). Small doses, as low as 50 mg./day, will maintain genocide. You will be given much more than that, however. The mechanism of genocide is total suppression of ejaculation, although most men can still have an erection.

Genocide - WOMEN

You can expect to have little or no period when it is due the first time after



you are started on Mellaril - and none thereafter for as long as you take the drug.  The entire "sex organ group" will not operate and you will be sterile.  It will be very difficult or impossible to have orgasm and therefore you will gradually develop an aversion to sex at all and probably give it up. This effect is also intended and desired by the doctor.  Since you can't have kids after about 40 the drug will normally be given to you at least until you are 40.

Other common effects

You can expect to feel increased appetite, although the taste of food will be altered or tasteless, you will feel compelled to eat up whatever trash is fed to you. You can expect to gain weight.  Most of this will be "water weight".

---False Pregnancy Reactions for Women
You can expect to have "milk" even though otherwise you will be sexually turned off.

---Generally "dried out"
Although you will want to eat , there will be little or no sliva in your mouth.  It will be hard to stuff the food down without choking.  You will be generally "dried out" all over (we covered the sex part earlier).  There will be no normal moisture anywhere - nose will be dry and it will be hard to breathe.  If you happen to have a cold or asthma, it will become almost impossible to breathe and you may die. (one patient in HB6, P3 died from a combination of asthma and Mellaril - of course the record will show "heart attack" or some bull shit like that but I was there)

---Early Effects
Early on (like after a your first dose) you may black out if you stand up quickly.

---"Sudden Unexpected and Unexplained Death" have been reported in hospitalized psychotic patients receiving this drug (says PDR)

---Long Term "Deterioration Effects"
This drug is usually intended to be given for the rest of your (short) life.  As time goes on, you can expect your vision to deteriorate and you will either need glasses (if you have good vision) or need to have your prescription lenses changed "unusually often" if you now wear glasses.  Additionally, fine "deposits" of alien material will start to build up in your eyes.
---Permanent Brain Damage "Tardive Dyskinesia" or "TD" If you take this drug long enough some side effects may become irreversible even though you stop taking the drug.  If you are a female, your risk is increased in this area.

---Cancer warning
All major tranquilizers are cancer causing agents.


No withdrawal reactions are officially admitted to by Sandoz. However, Richard Walton (from HB9) reports this story:  After being force fed the drug for four years at a dose of approximately 1.5 times the maximum recommended dose, acute hallucinations would occur if he tried to stop taking the drug.  Richard had no history of these things before the drug was forced on him - he was in the service - no problems - and honorably discharged (the service would not have taken him or let him go if their medical people felt he had any type of mental illness).  The reason for his coming into contact with the system was not related to exotic behavior but was due to a domestic quarrel with his wife. There appears to be nothing to "blame" this condition on except Mellaril.




Mellaril is the most common drug in use.  At Jackson it was delivered quite literally "by the box-car full" (patients were forced to unload the box-car as part of slave labor therapy and the whole thing was Mellaril concentrate).  It is poured down everyone's throat because of its genocide effect.

The maximum recommended dose of Mellaril in PDR is 800 mg./day. At Jackson, the usual dose is 1200 mg./day or 1.2 grams/day.  At Mandeville, they stay close or slightly above the 800 mg./day. The usual out patient dose is about 400 mg./ day at HB7.

Patients are not told about the genocide effect of Mellaril and many, especially young females, are too shy to ask or confide in anyone and so in addition to whatever "problems" they are supposed to have, they now have the problem of wondering what happened to their sex.



Thorazine is a major tranquilizer marketed by Smith, Kline, and French during the N1I19 period although the patent right's have now expired. Thorazine was the first major tranquilizer and was synthesized in 1950.  The parent compound from which Thorazine is derived, phenothiazine, was used to make essentially all new major tranquilizers until the mid 60's when other parent compounds were discovered.

Thorazine may now be manufactured and sold by anyone qualified to make drugs under its generic name "chlorpromazine" as patent rights have expired. SK&F, during the proprietary period,  having the first and only major tranquilizer, made considerable profit and the drug was poured down the throats of essentially every one in contact with the mental health system.


The following is a description of how the drug was supplied by SK&F (the only source during the N1I19 period). Other companies who now make chlorpromazine could of course color and market pills or whatever in any arbitrary way or appearance to suit their mood.

All Thorazine pills are orange.  The pill a had originally "SK&F" and a number equal to the dose in mg. on one side with the other side blank.  Capsules were marked by "white dots" (more dots as the size increased) and were orange/clear.

During the N1119 period, the pill codes were changed by SK&F to a Letter-Number code and this code is currently used.

The codes are: T63 - capsule 30 mg.; T64 capsule 75 mg.; T66 - capsule 150 mg.; T67 - capsule 200 mg.; T69 - capsule 300 mg.; T-70 suppository 25 mg.; T71 - suppository 100 mg.; T73 - tablet 10 mg.; T74 - tablet 25 mg.; T76 tablet
50 mg.; T77 - tablet 100 mg.; and T79 - tablet 200 mg.

In addition, Thorazine is supplied as injection (25 mg./cc) and as "syrup" (for kids) 10 mg./5 cc and as concentrate for state mental hospitals.  There are two strengths here, 30 mg./cc and 100 mg./cc (100 mg./cc is usually purchased).

Originally,  Thorazine was shipped to state hospitals in gallon bottles of 100 mg./cc but the 100 mg./cc is only shipped in size up to 1/2 pint now although the 30 mg./cc is still available in gallon bottles as of 1977.


Since there are so many ways to force Thorazine into people, there are little chance of avoiding it.


The primary use of Thorazine is for physical control.  The best plain talk description of how it feels to be drugged with Thorazine is "it makes you feel like lead".  Patients are given Thorazine to prevent them from having any energy to resist being handled physically.  At dosages used in state hospitals, patient will usually spontaneously fall asleep and stay that way until nudged and awakened.  The only reason to awaken patient is to eat, get out of bed, go back to bed and drink more Thorazine concentrate.


Desired Effects
The desired effect of Thorazine is that you will have little physical energy and will always be on the verge of exhaustion so that you will be easy to push around and incapable of fighting back.

Side Effects

Photosensitivity is the most common observable side effect.  If you spend time in the sun (and at Mandeville you will be forced out into the sun) you will tan rapidly and if your skin is sensitive to sunburn, you will blister all over and you will be "pealing" constantly.  Doctors will force you to stay in the sun and will not stop the Thorazine even though you are in constant pain. You will be told to "buy some sun-screen lotion if you have any money".  If you don't have any money, you will just suffer without it. This is standard practice at Mandeville (HB6) and the case history reference is Mr. Kennedy.

---Routine "major tranquilizer" effects
Additionally, there are sudden unexpected and unexplained deaths, there is a good chance of liver damage, drug is a cancer causing agent, and there are vision changes with "particles" building up in your eyes (they are permanent and don't go away) Also permanent is TD (permanent brain damage) if you take the stuff long enough.  Females are high risk for TD as compared against males.


If the usually high dosage of Thorazine used in state hospitals (2 grams/day) is suddenly stopped you will have terrible headaches for a few days.  No drug is effective for them but they will go away eventually.  Patients who complain about these headaches are simply thrown into a seclusion cell and left there until they stop complaining,  so it is best to just put up with them.


Thorazine is widely used.  At one time it was the only drug available so it is universally known and ordered by all mental health systems.

PDR recommends that there is "little therapeutic use in exceeding 1 gram/day" but adds that "2 grams/day - or more (unspecified) are sometimes needed".

Charity (HB5) patients can expect 1200 mg./day; Mandeville (HB6) 800 mg./day;  Jackson (HB9) 2500 mg./day.

As is usually done, patients are not told anything about Thorazine - not even the name. When side effects occur they are told to "put up with them" or "that that will teach you not to 'get sick' again", etc.





Stelazine is a major tranquilizer marketed by Smith, Kline, and French. Generically called "trifluoperazine", Stelazine is still under patent and SK&F is the only source of this chemical.

Stelazine was the first drug introduced on the market in a then new class called "anti psychotic".  The label "tranquilizer" is not descriptive of this class.  Phrases like "anti psychotic" and "behavior-modifer" come closer.  Stelazine is designed to specifically interfere and confuse thought processes without causing physical loss of energy as would be expected with, say, Thorazine.


The only source of Stelazine is SK&F.  It is shipped to hospitals as pills, concentrate 10 mg./cc, and injection 2 mg./cc.

During the N1I19 period, SK&F was in the process of changing its pill codes.  Originally, all Stelazine pills were blue and marked with "SK&F" and a number equal to the dose in mg. on one side with the other side blank.

Currently, all Stelazine pills are blue, and marked with a letter-number code and SK&F on one side with the other side blank. The Codes are: S03 - 1 mg.; S04 - 2 mg.; S06 - 5 mg. and  S07 - 10 mg.

Stelazine injections moderately painful and the concentrate has a detectable taste.


The primary use of Stelazine is to interfere with thought processes.  The best plain talk description of how you will feel on Stelazine is "something inside your body - but not your body - wants to 'get up and go' ".  Patients are given Stelazine to so confuse their mind that they will forget any problems they have and will be incapable of the "thought organization" required to do anything requiring concentration and therefore, incapable of thinking for themselves, they will look to outside direction and follow the wishes of the staff. [this is called making the patient "amenable to therapy"]


Desired Effects
An outward calmness produced as a result of such inward confusion that you cannot think of anything to do is the desired effect.

Side Effects

---Parkinson's Disease Symptomology
You can expect your hands to shake, your legs to collapse under you, and your eyes to be "locked" looking upwards (at the ceiling) so that you cannot look straight ahead. Drugs invented long ago for Parkinson's Disease (which has the same effect) will be given and will usually stop the mainly disabling effects of eyes and physical coordination.  You will, however, still shake, be unable to sit still for any length of time, and you will be constantly harassed by "inner nervousness" which is a feeling that you are being gently "pricked by pins" all over your body.  You will not know what to do about this, however, because your mind will be so confused from the primary effect of thought interference that you will be at a loss to figure out what is happening to you.

---Permanent Brain Damage "Tardive Dyskinesia" ("TD")
If you take this drug long enough, the trembling and shaking will become permanent and never go away.  The risk is higher in females.

---Vision Changes
There will be vision changes and you may need glasses if you do not now wear



them or you may need prescription glasses changed. This is costly. You should realize that these effects are drug induced and that if you stop the drug you will gradually return to the way you were.

It is possible to have the trembling and shaking so bad that you will have grand or petit-mall seizures and die.

---Routine "major tranquilizer" effects
The specific effects above are the most common - essentially everyone gets them to some degree.  Other effects include liver damage,dizziness, allergic skin reaction, dry mouth, blurred vision, insomnia, etc.


There are no immediate withdrawal reactions from Stelazine.  However, patient should realize that for whatever period he was on this drug, the routine day-to-day process of thought has been suspended.  Like an arm in a cast for months, you must again learn how to use it.  So, over the five years following the day you stop this drug, you must "re-learn" how to use your mind. This period can be difficult.


Stelazine is widely used.  It is promoted, or was promoted, as a treatment for "anxiety". Based on a review by the National Academy of Sciences,  the FDA has ordered Stalemate classified as only "possibly effective" for anxiety but "effective" as an anti psychotic.

However, this classification has no relationship to what doctors do in real life or what salesmen tell them behind closed doors and Stelazine and anxiety still go together.

The maximum recommended dose of  Stelazine is 40 mg./day. You can expect to get the maximum dose at first and perhaps more than that later.

You should be aware that Stelazine effects last for 48 hours.  The drugs you must take with Stelazine to avoid shaking (such as Artane) have effects that last only about 4 to 6 hours.  Therefore, if you are caught in the open, say, even though you took this drug yesterday,  you could be seized with fatal side effects or at least be completely immobilized unless you took the side effect pill every four hours.  This fact is used in Mandeville as a "chemical ball and chain".  Anyone who ran away would fall to the ground in four hours incapable of moving and die there (unless they found a supply of Artane, etc.)



Haldol is a major tranquilizer marketed by Mc Neil Laboratories. Haldol was the first major tranquilizer to be synthesized which was not a phenothiazine derivative. Since Haldol, a number of new parent compounds have synthesized.

Haldol is relatively recent and under patent by Mc Neil.

Haldol is a behavior modifying agent.  In literature to physicians, Haldol is described as having "a subtle re-organizing influence on the thought patterns". [How would you define "brainwashing" - would "subtly re-organizing thought patterns" seem a good definition?]


At the beginning of the N1I19 period, in 1967, Haldol was being introduced to



doctors in the U.S.  Only tablets and concentrate were then available.  The concentrate was 2 mg./cc and the pills were 1/2 mg.. (500 micrograms), 1 mg. and 2 mg.  The colors for these were white, yellow and pink and had the dose in mg. on one side and  "Mc Neil" on the other.  There was no Haldol injection.

Drug company literature dated April 1967 stated that daily doses in excess of 15 mg./day were "not recommended".

The power per milligram of Haldol as compared to Thorazine is 100 to 1, so the maximum dose of Haldol (15 mg./day) is equivalent to 1500 mg./day of Thorazine.  That is about right.  Haldol is a colorless,odorless, and tasteless chemical

However, data updated as of 1971 indicates that now Mc Neil additionally makes a 5 mg. pill (green) and a 10 mg. pill (blue) and also injection 5 mg./cc.  Additionally, literature now gives no maximum dose and states that perhaps 100 mg./day "or more" may be used. Using the Thorazine equivalent this would be 10,000 mg. or ten grams of Thorazine  a day which would probably be lethal.

Haldol is a very active chemical to be clinically effective as low as 1/2 mg.  By comparison,. the usual dose of LSD is 1/4 mg.


Haldol is advertised to "cure": : Hostility, Suspiciousness, Uncooperativeneas, Aggressiveness, Assaultiveness.  The mechanism of cure is its "subtle reorganizing influence on (your) thought patterns".  Research data indicates that Haldol has "interference effects" in specific areas of the "mid-brain".


Haldol was "new" during the N1I19 period.  There is little first hand data available on it.   Also, the dose used then was insignificant (15 mg./day) compared to what appears to be going on now. (100 mg./day).PDR lists effects similar to the other drugs we have covered.


Haldol was just becoming popular during N1I19.  It appears to be much more popular now but little incident-related data is available.



Prolixin, Prolixin Enanthate and Prolixin Decanoate are manufactured by Squibb.  Prolixin Enanthate (Prolixin-E) and Prolixin Decanoate (Prolixin-D) are ultra long acting drugs and are the first on the market to represent the "wave of the future" in compulsory drug control of personality by order of the Government.  Prolixin E lasts about one month and Prolixin-D about two months.  They are both available only as a shot and so the patient has no way to control what is done to him.

It is generally accepted that these drugs are currently the most powerful substances available in the U.S. Market to control people's behavior against their will.

Prolixin is also sold in pills but they do not have the "prolonged action".


Prolixin pills are 1 mg. (pink- 863); 2.5 mg (yellow - 864); 5 mg. (green - 877) 10 mg. (pink - 956) and have the word "SQUIBB" plus the ID code number on one side with the other side blank.


The long-acting injections are sold in multiple-dose vials of 5cc at 25 mg./cc and additionally as pre-filled syringes with 1 cc (25 mg.) already loaded.


Prolixin is advertised to have "effects" at "all levels of the central nervous system and on multiple-organ systems".  The "effects" that Prolixin has is to turn these systems off - completely off resulting in a "catatonic state" or moderately off resulting in various degrees of reduced or suppressed competence depending upon how much of it is forced on you.


The effects of Prolixin depend on sensitivity and dose. Prolixin is an anti-logic agent.  It is totally ineffective when used on an idiot - the idiot just remains en idiot. But, if you are not an idiot, and perhaps enjoy your mind and like to think, you are in trouble because this drug will reduce you to the level of an idiot - end then some.

Total Brain Shutdown
High doses of Prolixin (and it is customary to give high doses) can produce an overwhelming destabilization of the thought processes so severe that the person is reduced to a catatonic "vegetable" state - and this state may be permanent.  There would be no intelligence operating at all - you would know that you were alive but nothing else.

Females can forget about their periods for as long as they are on this drug and until about three or four months after they stop taking it.  However, even though you will be sterile, there will be increased libido (sex desire). Men can forget about sex all together as it will not be possible to have an erection (assuming you can remember what an erection is - thought destabilization will be quite severe).

Under the influence of this drug, all of the qualities which make a human being "human" are distorted.  You can't have sex.  You can't think.  In an atmosphere of total vacentness, reduced to a mindless hulk, with no aspirations, no hope, there eventually develops no desire to continue to live at all.  A significant number of suicides (two out of three that I am familiar with personally) are with patients on this particular drug.  Of course, they are blamed on "mental illness" and dismissed as "who cares - they don't count anyway".

Parkinson's Disease Symptomology

Prolixin-E has the highest incidence of these "shaking, trembling" side effects of any major tranquilizer. Because of this, Squibb invented Prolixin-D which was prompted as having no side effects (this was at the recommended dose of 25 mg./month). However,  no one uses the "recommended dose level" and at the massive doses it has the same side effects as Prolixin-E.

Routine Major-Tranquilizer Side Effects
Prolixin (all forms) is a phenothiazine base compound and exhibits all side effects common to the group that have been covered elsewhere or can be found in PDR.


There are no specific withdrawal reactions (physical).  You should be aware that the drug will continue and the side effects will continue for about three months after your last shot.  Beyond this, you will be under the influence of the drug for at least five years because it is stored up in body fat and continues to be released into your body.  After the first five years, you should realize that all voluntary (creative) thought processes have been severely de-stabilized and a re-start cycle will take many more years. Some people prefer not to wait and commit suicide, which, of course, is an individual choice.


Although Prolixin came on the market later than many drugs, its popularity has skyrocketed because of the "ultra long acting" feature and because of its being the strongest thing around that the average shrink can get his hands on.

Prolixin is considered the drug of choice to replace electro-shock treatments  It produces the same total system shock chemically as ECT produces electrically.  And there are legal limits on how much you can shock a person (if at all) but no limits on how much Prolixin you can use.. Also, shock eventually wears off but Prolixin can be given for the rest of a persons lifetime.

Prolixin is "just great" for the "modern way" of handling mental patients in "outpatient clinics". Here, you are free to run the streets but are under court order to be "shot up" once a month (so you can't think of anything to do when you run the streets and you are sterile).  If you don't come in to "get your shot", you can be hunted down by the police and dragged in to be shot up.

Prolixin is a favorite for doctors to use on their wives.  It puts the woman in the corner, very quiet, doesn't talk, can't think, and is sterile but has increased libido (sex drive).. The "increased libido" is useless to the female because it is also impossible to have an orgasm so she will always want but never be fulfilled.

At  Mandevilie, patients are shot up with a bottle of Prolixin-D every month.  A bottle is 5 cc at 25 mg./cc or a total of 125 mg. The maximum recommended dose is 100 mg./month and so this is how it is officially charted to protect from malpractice claims. But this leaves 1cc. in the bottle, and so the staff,  instead of throwing the 1cc. away, just shoot them up with the whole bottle for convenience.

Research on making super ultra long acting drugs (years - lifetime) is "big" and top priority in research & development currently.


We have gone thru the methods used in mental illness before N1I19 and have run thru the major examples of drugs used during N1I19.  Now we will look at the things which have not happened but are planned to happen - and will happen baring any major change in social contours.


Psychiatrists envision a "new world order" based on drugs.  Certain phases of this plan have already been implemented.

---Changes in the Commitment Law so that patients can be "committed" to an out patient clinic where they mst report for forced drugging.
                                          ---COMPLETED AND IMPLEMENTED BY LOUISIANA LAW REVISIONS 1977---

Changes in La. Law in 1977 now provide that a Judge can "commit for an indefinite period" a person to a state run out-patient clinic.  Authority of "immediate arrest and commitment" is granted to all doctors and they are essentially "medical police"  with police power to force drugs at will "Commitment" includes the right to "give any medication without connect".

---Development of ultra long acting behavior control drugs and drug implants that will last for years or life.
Success with Prolixin-D is here now. For later, doctors want approval to implant cartridges with enough drug (say Prolixin) so that the drug control will be permanent.  These cartridges have already been developed for other drugs and are on the market. A  Judge would order the implant and it would be impossible to get it out without killing yourself in the process.

--Phase out of Mental Hospital.                                        ---COMING---

The reason for hospitals is to hold people prisoner so as to be able to force drugs on them. There is really no other "treatment" there.  So, now that ultra long acting drugs are here and you can be forced to report to a clinic and be shot up with them,  there is no need to be locked up physically as you can be kept in a "drug prison".

---Routine Court Ordered Prophylactic Drugging for Everyone             ---MAYBE---

Beginning at birth, a Psychiatrist will determine potential for developing a personality "not in the interest of the State" and will compensate with drugsThru training (school) teachers supervised by doctors will continue drugs.  As fully trained obedient adults,  final permanent drug capsules will be implanted for the rest of your life..  The only people not drugged would be Psychiatrists who would determine a  "master treatment plan"  for the world and then cause it to happen with drugs.



Research by Dr. Heath (Tulane Medical Center) was underway during N1I19 to develop brain implants hooked to a radio receiver to control behavior by electric means.  During P5,  I met Edward,  who was a guinea pig in the early stages of this research.  He has been distorted, but the research is out of the lab and walking around the streets of New Orleans today. Several students at Delgado College are really "robotized" people and carry a low power transmitter which when turned on zap their brain into "another world".

But, the best is yet to come.  Research is currently playing with "volunteers-" putting probes everywhere in their brain on a "trial and error" basis to see what current applied in different places will do. From this, specific "brain pacemakers" can be designed to respond to a radio signal and make the "robotized person" do something more specific than go into "another world".

Since, in the future, most everyone will be concentrated in large urbanized areas, if and when they are forced to be equipped with "brain pacemakers", the lower power radio control can be overridden by a master centrally located high power transmitter.  A city of "robotized" people on different frequencies and "programed"  for different functions could be totally controlled by a computer linked to the master transmitter with "no sweat".

This is sometime off but it is NOT a science fiction yarn - the research done so far shows that it is possible - and the natural desire of Governments for "absolute power" increases the possibility.


Most major tranquilizers and other tranquilizers are advertised as "anti-psychotic"  Here we want to discuss just what this means.

Typically we call people  who have fixed ideas that cannot be true psychotic - like Mary Hartman when she thought she was a tree - obviously she is not a tree so this is not a true belief.. Antipsychotic drugs are designed to stop such thoughts - however what we have just presented here is "barely touching the surface of the truth".

We call things like Mary thinking she is a tree a "psychotic thought pattern" and say in the theoretical definition that these are "fixed ideas that are not true". Drugs are then developed to make these ideas "go away".  However what about "fixed ideas that are true" ?  Well, you see drugs are not "intelligent entities" - they do not discriminate between "are true" and "are not true". Antipsychotic drugs "eliminate fixed ideas" - the fixed ideas that are not true and the fixed ideas that are true - they simply destabilize the brain so it is not capable of holding to "any fixed idea" weather it is true, semi-true, or completely preposterous.

All of these drugs carry "warnings"  to caution patients that they should avoid "hazardous tasks - like driving a car".  In fact they will find that "most tasks are virtually impossible" while taking these drugs. Remember that you need to be "psychotic" in order to do reliable work - that is, you your goals and methods "firmly fixed in your mind" - drugs do not discriminate between having your mind "fixed" on driving your car or having your mind "fixed" on the fact that you are a "tree, say".  They simply make it impossible for you to concentrate on anything at all.

So, if you are forced to take these drugs because you have "one fixed idea" which society feels is "abnormal or something" -you should realize that in addition to that "one idea" being drugged away so will all ideas which require a fixed mental pattern - this includes all skills that you may know - playing


musical instruments, doing a office work routine, driving, even (at high doses) walking and maintaining equilibrium. Everything that requires "fixed mental patterns" will be neutralized.

So, an "antipsychotic" would make someone stop saying that he was Jesus Christ - but it would also have stopped the for real Jesus Christ from saying he was Jesus Christ if it had been available and given to him 2000 years ago.  It will also make you forget who you really are, forget all the things you have learned, forget all skills, and at very high doses forget the "automatic" things that you do to remain alive - like breathing while you are sleeping.

So,  to summarize,  you must remember that a drug in a "amoral agent" - it attacks all patterns or things in its class.  Antibiotics kill germs - not just "bad" germs - good germs your body needs as well.  And so, in a like manner, thought control drugs attack patterns regardless of weather they are "necessary patterns - like the 'psychotic' fixation that you need to keep your eyes on the road while driving" or patters which people would say were unnecessary like thinking you are a "tree, etc.".

Consequently, you need to know that although the Medical Cult,  like all good business men- only talks about the "beneficial side" of the drugs they push, that there is an equal and opposite "non-beneficial side"  that they will not voluntarily tell you about that you need to be aware of.

There is no magic in drugs - whatever "benefits" you think you have gained will be paid for in the exact quantity of  "losses" elsewhere.



Understanding the effects of mind altering and controlling drugs is essentially the key to what is happening in the "mental illness" arena.  Unfortunately, people who are responsible for doing "adversary type" work against the system -such as lawyers, concerned groups, etc. - they are seemingly totally ignorant of the "key element" - and that is drugs. Without this knowledge it is essentially impossible to make any sense at all out of what you will see if you start "digging" into the mental health system looking for answers that make sense.

Learning the truth about drugs is not trivial.  One way, of course,is to "take the drugs" that you are investigating and write from experience - it is closest to the truth and we do it here but since the drugs have certain "non-reversable" effects, unless you have been forced to take them it is not advisable to do it.

Drugs pushed legally by doctors and sold on the US Market have the "whole story" fragmented into essentially five levels of information.  We will cover these levels, and use the most popular and common drug (in mental patients), Mellaril, as an example of the data to be found at each level.  We should add that this technique will not work for Class I drugs which are officially "not allowed in the United States" such as Heroin, LSD, THC, etc, because the literature is not available - the drugs are in use however - all hospitals can get and use Class I  but they must promise not to admit it publicly - they also have access to the data under the same "we know nothing" agreement.


PDR, or for a specific drug, the fact sheet packed with the drug (PDR is a compilation of fact sheets) gives basic data that the US Government- thru the FDA- has "absolutely insisted" that the company must divulge publicly.  PDR data is designed to give a .doctor the information that he must know in order


not to kill or damage a person with that specific chemical  PDR must say "don't do this"  but it usually will not say "why not".


Usually at a good public library - and perhaps referred to in PDR in "footnotes" for further reading or as "references" for PDR statement,  these sources give more detail on the "skeleton" of basic facts presented in PDR.

For our example, Mellaril, you would have learned so far that the drug is marketed as a "tranquilizer" and if smart you would have caught the two phrases "impotence" and "menstrual irregularities" in the PDR. . Youwould know that the sight and method of action were "not understood"


The drug company privately publishes a "book" on every drug.  This is a hard back book like a  "hard back"  version of a paperback.  You can't buy this book- the company must give it to you if it wants you to have one - you will have no trouble if you are a doctor.  The book on Mellaril looks like a normal thickness paperback and is titled "Mellaril" (I have seen that one) and in the book is the drug companies story of that drug in much more detail.


The "trade secrets" are the things that make this drug "special" as opposed to other drugs in the same class - the selling  points that induce the consumer - who is a doctor - to order and use this particular drug.  The trade secrets are not written down - they are given only by word of mouth from a company salesman who is called a "detail man" - in private - to a specific doctor.

In the case of Mellaril,  the detail man would say "Well, you know doctor, this that I will tell you is not for publication, but this Mellaril stuff has "special" properties you should know about - the people who take it - men and women - will be effectively sterile and you know cases - young people - where you might want to cause this - otherwise it is a good tranquilizer just as we market it - but the other (competitors) tranquilizer won't "kill the nature" like ours will."


Sometimes the drug company itself may not even know - these are the "Top Secrets" - the pure truth and only at high levels of the company - or of the Government - would they keep this data.

In the case of Mellaril,  it would be the effect on the Astral Body by inhibition of energy flow associated with the Kundalini Chakra but the fact that people have an Astral Body is not allowed to be discussed openly - not to mention drugs that interfere with it - so you are not likely to get this far in research.

This particular energy center - which you can't see without training but which would show up on "Kirlian Photographs" (they are also being hushed up as secret) which show the subtle energy flows - directs the flow of energy from "above"  which is associated with reproduction.  It is also necessary for entrance level Yogi.

Here again, the reason for secrecy is obvious - to interfere with "religious level experiences" is directly unconstitutional and would be prohibited  if it could be proved.  It can't because "official policy" denies that these things exist at all - and you can't interfere with things that "aren't there" now can you.

So you see that finding the truth is not trivial - but it is not impossible and we give the "general directions" here.  Since new drugs are invented constantly, the reader will have to have the initiative to do his homework to "stay current".



You may think that someone would have to be a "super brain" - Nobel prize material for sure - to invent a Major Tranquilizer but that is not true.

Major Tranquilizers are chemicals that have the same effects on the body as the crude methods that were used before they were invented.

Before these drugs, "doctors" did "bizarre" things to patients designed to scare them and "shock them back to reality" - things like "pits of snakes" and "blasts of freezing and boiling water" and of course "electrical shocks".  The effects of all of these, basically, is to "shock and disrupt"  the normal tranquility of the central nervous system.  With the snakes, you are evoking intense fear like in the phrase "shaking with fear", same with the freezing water - "trembling with cold" - and the high voltage shocks.

Major Tranquilizers are chemicals that disrupt the nervous system to cause similar effects chemically so that "trembling with fear" is replaced with "trembling with Stelazine", etc.

So if you are a chemist and you want to score big money inventing a new major tranquilizer all you have to do is find a chemical which will severely disrupt the nervous system without causing death (right away) and "walla" - you have a new drug - and after the testing routine you can shoot people full of it and make their life utterly miserable.

The thing that is "complicated" is not disrupting the nervous system- it is developing the ability to have voluntary control over the nervous system as a person. People who can do this successfully, such as Yogis and Mystics, can- and can teach others - to raise themselves to very high levels of consciousness.  A highly balanced nervous system is a requirement for this and it may take years of practice - it only takes a few days for doctors to wreck it with their drugs.

So, in true "1984 tradition" tranquilizers are not "calming agents".  They are really "disrupting agents" designed to prevent the development of  "super calm contemplative and meditative states"  by disrupting the nervous system.

They are called "cures" because,  in a society based on "the mediocre and common" - a disciplined body and mind is considered "strange"- with a "rat race society" the normal is to be a "rat" and to be aspiring to be somehow "above a rat" is not desirable in the eyes of the powers that be.

The major tranquilizers, therefore, are designed to chemically keep a person in an "annoyed" state - equivalent to if someone was "assigned" to follow you around, pick on you all the time, pinch you all over if you lay down to sleep, etc. - well the chemicals take the place of such a "person" with basically the same effect- to "harass you in the physical" so you can't concentrate on the higher attributes of humanity or do any type of meditation - these things are seen as an "illness" by comparison to the "average man"- because the average man normally never knows that such exists and spends his life as a clog.

Now, with these now "miracle drugs" - everyone has the "guaranteed right" to be a clog.


DRUGS and other chemicals which have effects on people which give them value "on the street" are controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

These "substances" are placed in five general categories depending upon how much demand there is for them "on the street".

We want to go thru these five categories to explain what they mean .in terms of  "accessibility" to legitimate supplies of these drugs and chemicals:

CLASS "V"  Lowest level of restriction - things that you could be technically arrested for possessing but that are not that          .                    "great" like cough syrup.

CLASS  "IV"   Next level up - drugs that are not considered particularly dangerous but that for some reason people want and .                      are inclined to ask for - mainly classified here to harass doctors and pharmacists to pass the word to them that .                      their "traffic" is being observed - Example: Librium, Vallium

CLASS  "III"   Semi-dangerous. Includes synthetic Narcotics like Codeine. Doctors can prescribe over the phone but must .                       give their  DEA registration number (It is a two letter code followed by seven digits; pharmacists are supposed .                       to look up the number but they usually don't so you can make one up if you are into forging prescriptions).

CLASS "II"  This class includes the Classical pain drugs such as Morphine which were the only drugs on the market at one .                   time and which cause physical addiction.  All sorts of bull shit is required to get a Class II including a written order .                   form with "many" carbon copies - one of which is sent directly to the DEA people so they can make a spy file on .                   you, the doctor who gave you the dope, and the pharmacist that filled the scrip.

CLASS  "I"  The drugs that "are not available" are Cocaine, Heroine, LSD, THC, and a few others. The official Government Policy is that no doctor can prescribe a Class I drug because it is not manufactured legitimately in the United States.

However, you can buy all of these drugs if you can get a Class I  permit from the DEA and they are listed for sale in the US by chemical companies authorized to sell Class I substances.  Some are restricted as far as export from the US but all are available here to "approved people and institutions"


Scientific literature states that the "site and mode of action (of the major tranquilizers) has not been determined". This does not mean that no one knows what the site and mode of action are - it means that, within the framework of Science it cannot be explained and it means that a dedicated scientist who believes that nothing exists outside of the framework of science cannot explain it.

The reason that the site and mode of action has not been determined (by Scientific Atheists) is that the site and mode of action are not in the physical body but in the subtle bodies - and mainly the Astral (emotional) body. Scientists do not believe that the Astral Body exists so, of course,  they would not think to look there for a "site and mode of action".

Now, not withstanding classical scientific bull shit and the "quiet" Government suppression of data in this area you can take a picture of the Astral body with the Kirlian photography technique that any clog can see.  Before the Kirlian technique was invented (in Russia, incidentally) people who had Astral vision could see this body - they still can but with Kirlian Photography everyone can.  Scientists do not like to talk about Kirlian - they, as you might guess, call it a "mysterious unexplained phenomenon".

With either Astral Vision or Kirlian Photography you can show what happens to a person who is forced to take any of the major tranquilizers. What happens is that these drugs "punch holes" in the subtle bodies they - have the same effect on these "unseen bodies" as stabbing someone innumerable times in the physical body.  They "assault" the subtle bodies - they do not die (as would the physical body) but they are damaged.

When you "punch holes" in a physical body blood runs out and "negative agents" (germs) run in.  Similarly, when you punch holes in a subtle body, life energy is lost and negative forces can break thru the weak points in the aura.  Since the Astral body is the emotional structure, if it is punched full of holes emotional energy is lost and negative forces overcome the person resulting in a listless vegetable state - and that is the state you find people in either in the bug farm or in nursing homes, both of which automatically give everyone massive doses of "downers" so they will not do anything.

When you look at the chemical structure of major tranquilizer drugs you find high energy negative molecules in active binding positions on the structure.  Stelazine uses a triple Fluorine; Thorazine a Chlorine; Prolixin uses Fluorine.  Fluorine is the most negative of all the elements, Chlorine is next in line. Both are hostile to life - Chlorine was the first "war gas".  You would expect to find something like this at the tip of a "chemical dagger" which would attack and break thru the outer fabric of the Astral Body - which is what these drugs do.

So to pinpoint "site and mode":  The "site of action" of the major tranquilizers is in the Astral or the Astral and the other "subtle bodies" that all people have in addition to the one they are familiar with (physical).  The mode of action of the major tranquilizers is to punch holes in these bodies and damage them in this way.  The proof of the site and mode can be done using the Kirlian Photography Technique.


Data on this subject is not hard to obtain,  but you will probably not find it in "reputable" locations such as Government Public Libraries and Major Journals and Newspapers because of the "quiet" Government suppression, of information in this area.

However, most major cities have "Schools of Metaphysics" which teach this openly and all of the modern (really ancient returned) religions groups and meditation groups teach immediately - usually at public introductory lectures - that if you have any intention of being serious at all about doing meditation or contemplating any type religious level experiences you should never take any of these drugs because of the damage they do to the "inner bodies".

Most of these people are friendly and those interested in "checking it out" should have no problem getting lots of confirmation on this data




The existence of the "black arts" has been known in every age.  There have always been practitioners of witchcraft who have sought to hold others in bondage and control them thru chemicals and other means.

Before organized society codified and packaged "drugs" there were those who knew how to find plants and other naturally available things which would place another in their power.  Today psychiatrists do this.

All so called psychoactive drugs in the Major Tranquilizer class work with basically the same mechanism which is to damage the Astral or emotional body which many can see as an "aura" and which can be photographed for all to see thru Kirlian Photography.  When the Astral Body is damaged in this way, negative forces are allowed to enter and thus the person affected is made to feel "down" and can be subdued with the classic tricks used by devils and demons, namely fear and anxiety and the feeling of helplessness. Doctors know this and use it to make money and to take over peoples lives against their will for a variety of corrupt and selfish purposes.

No person really needs any drugs because the human body can manufacture all of the chemicals that are needed to maintain health and life and, in the final analysis, the entire medical profession is surperforlesss and unnecessary.

The human body normally repairs itself and this is true of the Astral also.  People who have been drugged against their will should realize that the negative thoughts they have about themselves are caused by drug-induced illusions and by the propaganda from the medical cult and that if they will seek out an environment in which they receive positive support from others who genuinely like them and are not interested in exploiting them for profit and if they will quit taking the drugs the damage they have been caused will gradually be reversed in many cases.

It is difficult to accomplish this when Psychiatrists have arrestauthority- but if you do not escape from the medical cult you are headed for certain doom so you really have nothing to lose by trying because the drugs will eventually kill you.

It is perhaps difficult for un-initiated people to realize that doctors represent a sinister force and practice the "black arts" but it is obviously true for those who have been to the concentration camps and lived thru the torture ordeals - for them there can be no doubt what is really going on.

People who believe in drugs and who have decided that they are really "mentally ill" are beyond hope and those wishing to escape from drug control should forget about them and get away from them.  Such people will remain prisoners of the cult for as long as they are stupid enough to believe in doctors and will endure indescribable hardships and agony as a result of their ignorance.  They have the choice to make as to which road they will take and no one can make it for them.

For those who choose to escape, they should realize that many drug induced illusions are reversible and also that anything different in their life or attitude since being drugged is drug related - that it is not real but is a drug induced illusion - that they are not and never were sick - that there is no such thing as mental illness - and that if they quit the drugs and escape to a safe place the negative effects that have been keeping them down will gradually reverse.
INCIDENT  N-01-I-019





At the beginning of P1, when I asked the police who were going to take me off for the first trip "down the rabbit hole" if I had  "rights", the reply I got proved, in retrospect, to be unusually honest (for police). It was, "NO, you don't get any rights at all - you see, were not here to arrest you - were here to commit you."

The phrase "civil rights" was new in the N1I19 period and mainly associated with integration.  However, currently, we look at the concept as embodying much more.

There is a pamphlet entitled "CITIZEN' S GUIDE TO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". It is published by the US Govt. Printing office and sold (used to be sold) for 65 cents. The Printing Office stock number is S/N 052-070-03729-6.  The edition we have is marked "5th. ed."  This data is given because we will now use this booklet as an outline of what rights people theoretically have and we will discuss and cite an example from the N1I19 time line to show how every one of them  is systematically frustrated and denied.


Habeas Corpus (which means "produce the body") is a fundamental tool against unlawful imprisonment.  Unless you are individually wealthy or are a member of an organization which is, it is of little use.  To use this tool, you first need a lawyer - you must hire one.  During P1 when I called Leonard Calcagno, even though I knew him before, his main questions concerned money.  He wanted to know: 1. Do you have any money?  2. Where is it (what bank, acct. #) and 3. How much (money) do you have in your name. What I had was not enough and he just "quietly left".


This is the concept of "declaring that a person or group of persons has committed a crime and imposing punishment without a trial".

Really,  Psychiatrists do this as an inherent part of their practice.  Whenever the American Psychiatric Association meets and declares certain modes of behavior "abnormal" it makes a group of citizens liable for arrest and deliverance into some mental hospital for life.  The best example is perhaps the entire "Gay Community" which was officially labeled "insane" during the N1I19 period  (The Lewis Book classification is: "psychopathic personality with pathologic Sexuality - Homosexuality: Label Code Number - 000-x41-991 (for computer labeling of the population, I guess). So,  Homosexuals were "psychopaths" until they became politically active in the late 1970's - then, mysteriously overnight, they became "normal".


Psychiatry in practice is essentially a atheistic / materialistic cult. The Lewis Book specifically sights that anyone who thinks he is Jesus is guilty of Paranoid Schizophrenia by definition. During N1119, we met people who were locked up because they claimed they "saw" Jesus (in a vision) or saw an angel or heard Jesus or an angel.  Any involvement with religious thought beyond reporting to church on Sunday (acceptable) is considered a mental illness.

For our specific example, Dr. Gary Sneed (Mandeville - P3) told me directly,  "Anyone who believes in God is a psychotic because the existence of GOD has has not been proved (by Scientists) and a person with a fixed belief that is not proved by Science is a Psychotic".  Sneed was a staff doctor then.  In 1978



he was promoted to Superintendent of Mandeville and so you can guess that "religion" just doesn't go over big there.


From the text:  "The principal way of conveying one's beliefs is through actual expression.  Generally, a citizen may speak out freely on any subject.  He may exercise this right verbally, by parading, by wearing buttons, by flying flags and banners, and in a variety of other ways.  He may, in short,  advocate any idea he desires, no matter how unpopular or alien."

You can, however, be stamped "schizophrenic" if a doctor thinks that whatever you are doing is "inappropriate".  There are severe penalties for being found guilty of schizophrenia, with death in some cases.

People, scooped up off the street and taken to HB5 by the police, are held on the basis of what they are doing and saying.  The current law (1977 revision) provides that any police officer who thinks that someone he sees is "a proper subject for a mental hospital" can pick him up and just put him there - that's it - off you go.

But, more importantly than freedom of speech, the concept of free speech implies a more fundamental freedom that no one thought to guarantee because it was thought not to be capable of denying - the freedom to think.  Free speech, or expression at all, implies that an intelligence is operating.  And new technology - especially drugs - provides the means to suspend the thought process, modify behavior, change personality at the whim of a doctor backed up by the power of the state.  If your brain is under drug control,  to have some theoretical "right" to express those thoughts that will never come is of little value.


The Press may be free but you are not free to talk to them.  We sight the case of Claudia from P4: Claudia made the following statement in group:
"I think I will go down the block to WDSU-TV and tell them what goes on here." That was all she said and it was the end of her.  Dr. Severence Kelly ordered her arrested on the spot.  The police were there in moments and she was taken to charity (HB5) for immediate shock treatments and later sent to Jackson (HB9)  for years.  I saw her there during P7 and she was still there when l left. Obviously, for the rest of us,  the message was clear:  try to talk to the press and it's your ass.


No one, as just a person, has the right to "bear" arms, but they do have the right to "keep" arms say at home or on their property.  Federal Law requires purchasers of firearms to fill out a questionnaire and one of the questions is simply - have you ever been in the bug house  - if you say yes, no firearm.  There appears to be no qualification on this - it is a blanket prohibition for the rest of your life.  For example, a child sent to Mandeville for "observation" for say one week would be forever barred from having any means to defend himself even though he is grown up now and, say, e.g., owns a grocery store.  Commitment places one on a "master blacklist" marking them for life regardless of later circumstances.


Inside the bug house, search and seizure are equivalent to procedures used in a prison.  There is no privacy, and anything is subject to be "examined" or "confiscated" at will.  I had a weird case of seizure at HB6 during P5.  One night the guards ordered me to turn over my portable radio - the "front desk had called (they said) and wanted it seized and taken to them".   It was an  AM/FM  radio and so it had a long antenna for the FM part. They later said


they had "information" that the radio was really a walkie-talkie used to "messages" to "someone on the outside".  They gave it back, eventually. This case also illustrates the high level of censorship and general paranoia that "the outside" may learn the truth.

Beyond the bug house, social workers from HB5, as "agents of the state" searched my house while I was in HB9 during P7.  Neighbors reported they identified as social workers and wanted to "look around" - what was looked at or taken is not known. Also, it is not known weather this search by the cult occurred before or after the "secret trial" for P7.  Since the trial was secret, if anything was introduced as evidence from the search, it was done in secret also.


You do not have the right to remain silent. What you are forced to say will be used as evidence. And you can be "convicted" of mental illness based on how you look, how you dress and move around even though you say nothing.

First, about "remaining silent".  From period P1 at HB5,  Kathy McGovern. We were talking about what happens if the doctor sits you down and you just don't say anything.  Kathy said she tried that - she was tied down, and shot up with sodium penethol (truth serum). So much for remaining silent.

Beyond this, however, it should be noted that at mental hearings or "trials", the patient is already presumed insane. He is handed a notice to "show cause why he should not" (be put away). The burden of proof is on the patient, not on the State.


From the text: the (dew process) clause affords protection against arbitrary and unfair procedures in judicial or administrative proceedings which affect the personal and property rights of a citizen."

From real life:  This is the process that was used to put you away for the rest of your life during the N1I19 period:  (1) You are given a legal paper saying to report and show cause why you should not be put away (you are already locked up at this point). (2) On the date, the people who want you sent off meet in secret. (3) After they have met (and left the room), you will be called in. By now, all the papers have been signed and the trial is over but you may have about twenty seconds to say something - if you want.  This is the process - weather it is "dew process" or not, well no one seems to really care.


This clause bars the Government from imposing punishments that are barbarous and inhumane. We have gone thru this concept elsewhere, but to quickly re-hash,  it is mainly a question of semantics.  Punishment happens in prison. Treatment happens in mental hospitals.  They both have bars on the windows and you can't leave either one.  In Hospital,  things like locking alcoholics in a room with an electrified floor made of metal with bottles of booze sitting all around and turning on the high voltage when they reach for one of them and shocking them silly (you may recall the same idea from Huxley's "Brave New World") - well, that is a "treatment".  And so is tying a girl down and letting as many men as you can round up rape her - that's a "treatment" for "Chronic Nymphomania".


"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime..,"  Well, lets look at a couple of cases:  First, from P7 at HB9, consider the "Electrician". The Electrician used to be an electrician on the outside.



Now, he was locked up for this "mental illness".  The Hospital electrician was old or had quit, I forget, however they used this guy to do his job.  Whenever there was an electrical storm, they would come for him - 3, 4 in the morning to make him go "change a transformer" or whatever. During the day,  he was marched around to do electrical maintenance. Of course, if he did the same thing on the outside, he would make $18,000/year easy.  He was still there when I left, and you don't have to be psychic to see him there until he drops dead.  I call him a slave - the Hospital would say he was "being rehabilitated".

Patients are forced to do labor, sometimes hard labor - just as in prison.  Again, it is semantics.  True, they are not convicted of a crime but this is not "labor"- this is "therapy".

Involuntary Servitude leads eventually into a subtle area with questions to which courts will eventually have to direct themselves.  If you have the power to "modify behavior" and to "control personality" and "change lifestyles" with drugs and other technology so as to persuade someone to do things and follow a life course alien to his (undrugged) nature - whatever he does, even though you may "drug him into liking it" is non the less involuntary.


"You have the right to remain silent. If you say anything it can be used against you. You have the right to an Attorney to protect your rights. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint an attorney to represent you."

We have already covered why you cannot remain silent.  Now, lets quickly see why you do not have the right to an attorney either.  To begin with, your "desire to have an attorney" is considered a mental illness.  Don't believe it - well read on. According to the Lewis Book, "certain reformers, agitators, litigious persons, and prophets" are to be classified under "Paranoia Class Number 001x30".  People who insist on their legal rights are called "litigious persons" so asking for an attorney gets you labeled "paranoid", and insisting on a lawyer gets you labeled "Chronic paranoid".  And, after those two don't work and you try to get to a phone to get your own lawyer and are tied up in a seclusion cell, you can be called a "Dangerous Chronic Paranoid"

If you seek legal help, it is important to be successful on the first try because you will not get a second try.


There was apparently a point at which there was no real "commitment law" of any type.  "Coroners" as the original "link" between the legal community and the medical community, had the primary duty of declaring people "dead".  When the legal community began accepting arguments in criminal cases of  "not guilty by reason of madness" etc., the role of the coroner as a state appointed quasi "doctor-lawyer" seemed to expand to include this new area of "Madness".

The first set of "procedural standards" which appear to be the "OLD LAW" came about in a rather dramatic way.  Coroners were happily declaring people "insane" (very few or none of the states coroners are Psychiatrists) and "mental hospitals" were springing up - there was talk of new drugs in the testing stage (Thorazine) and psychiatrists were feeling their oats.  Now, in a power move, the Governor of Louisiana was arrested, declared insane, and hauled off to Mandeville which had recently been built. The attack



by the medical community on Governor Long and the top level of state government brought the message home to politicians that a significant uncontrolled power had developed.

Long was able to free himself but only because he fired all doctors opposed to keeping him and replaced them with "fresh" doctors who would cut him loose.

Immediately after this incident, the first "formal procedures" were quickly adopted to attempt to restrain the power mad Psychiatrists. These procedures form the "Old Law".

This "Old Law" was rather vague. In perspective, however, one should note that any commitment type law is rather vague because terms used in psychiatry are not well defined and the "illnesses" of last year are not necessarily the same "illnesses" this year.

Consequently, over the period from about 1950 thru the N1I19 period, there developed a "consensus" of opinion among coroners, politicians, psychiatrists, and other influential people as to who would be put away,  how this would be done, and what could be done to them.  These standards were not law, they were not "codified", but people who "played the game" knew what they were and those who were "caught in the game" learned what they were.

We will cover the old law in practice later. For now, it is important to understand what the concept of a "secret law" or "understanding" is and how it works.  A secret law has the effect of a law but it is not law.  There are relatively few people involved, say, in putting someone in jail.  There are police, judges, attorneys.  If these groups of people meet in secret and decide to do something, it has the effect of law.

Lets go thru an example:  The following information is supplied by Irvin Magri when he was president of the "Patrolman's Assn. of New Orleans".

EXAMPLE:   When LSD was just becoming big,  there was no law against it - the legislature planned to pass a law but that had not happened.  Judges met together with the police in secret and decided that LSD "ought to be illegal"  and so they implemented a plan to arrest people with LSD and charge them with possession of barbiturates - which was illegal and a felony.  So people were arrested, charged, convicted, and sent off. Everyone agreed to simply "ignore" the basic fact that LSD is not a barbiturate and really was legal at the time to possess and use at will.  An "agreement" like this is what we refer to when we use the concept of a "secret law".

To those who sat in Angola breaking rocks, the theoretical fact that there was no law against LSD was little consolidation. So, other theoretical facts, like the US Constitution and Civil Rights, and all those "heritage's of freedoms" that are taught to school kids, have little relationship to life in the bug house.


Here we want to briefly cover key events and how these events happened under the "old law".  The old law was essentially in effect during the entire N1I19 period.  There were some changes during P8, however, no one was really following the "law" but instead what had come to be accepted as "the way we feel we should do things based on what we think the law means to us" which is a totally different story.


Take him there and leave him


Many patients are just "taken" to the hospital (no papers) by someone (usually a relative) who wants them put away.  In these cases, the hospital holds these people by brute force. There is general agreement among all who are in a position to prevent this to simply "ignore" that this happens.

The most unusual case I encountered was a man who "woke up to find himself in Mandeville".  He said his sister was a Nurse and she routinely got drugs for the family.  On this day she told him that he looked like he needed a shot of  B-12 (vitamins). So she shot him up. But the shot was really sodium amytal and this knocked him out - then the family loaded him into the car - drove to Mandeville - dumped him there and signed (for him) all the papers of consent that they could - then they just left.  He came to on the admitting ward, was rather upset at this, and so the doctors put him on shock treatments for being upset. (His relatives had "signed for shock" too, while they were at it).

The "Undercover" Psychiatrist

As part of an "understanding" or courtesy, the Coroner, who has the power to legally order commitments, will commit anyone (except important people) if it is requested by a practicing psychiatrist.  The coroner never sees these people- nor does any assistant to him - a phone call or a letter to him is all that is needed.  So, if you have the bread and want someone out of the way,  you can "hire" a shrink to do the job.  One favorite method is to bring the shrink to see the person who is to be shipped off, introduce him as an old friend, let him talk to the guy for a while - then you all leave.  The next thing the poor sucker knows,  the cops are breaking down the door and off he goes.

This method is sometimes much simpler - the shrink does not even have to see the prospective nut, he can just "say he saw him and that he needs help".  This works just as well and is not technically illegal, but it is considered "bad form" among the medical community itself and so is frowned upon.

Direct Coroner Commitment

People who know the coroner or who know politicians who know the coroner can arrange to have someone committed directly. The coroner can order people arrested for "observation" which is the same as treatment.  And people can just be kept indefinitely and "observed" for 10, 20 years or life.  Some people go directly to the coroner without a go-between and tell him their story - if he is agreeable, off you go.

By law, the coroner is immune to legal suit for what he does. A doctor is not. But,  a doctor does not "actually" commit people. He recommends that the coroner commit people - and this recommendation is always accepted - but the responsibility is officially the coroner's (who has blanket immunity) and so the psychiatrist is protected from suit.

Commitment is a political courtesy equivalent to "parole power",  "junior deputy", "sheriff deputy" and the like and people in power can eliminate adversaries in this way.


Total Isolation from the Outside World

The right to walk in the sunshine (open ward privileges); the right to make a phone call (phone privileges); the right to write a letter (mail privileges); the right to see a friend (visitor privileges) - these are all "privileges". You start off with "no privileges" and unless you have the "right attitude" you stay at no privileges.


The "right attitude" is doing whit the doctor wants. For example, if you want to call a friend on the phone to tell him to bring you money (so you can have it stolen or maybe use some of it to buy cigarettes, etc.) you have the "right attitude" but if you tell the friend to get you a lawyer and you hate the place,  you have the "wrong attitude" and you won't see a phone again. Enough for the basic idea.

The isolation blanket extends to people you know on the outside who would help you if they could find you.  Mandeville has a policy of not admitting whether or not you are there. This is to "protect patient privacy".  So since you can't get messages out and the outside can't find out if you're inside, you have a problem.

Voluntary / Involuntary status

As a general rule patients are "voluntary" until they decide to leave at which time they become involuntary (you're not going anywhere either way). Patients are told point blank that although they may have come voluntarily, if they make any attempt to leave, "we'll just call up a judge somewhere and get him to hold you here as long as we want you".  And, in practice, they will do just that.  Because you are intimidated this way and see this happening to others, most "voluntary" patients realize it is useless to resist the system and so just don't try.  In real life, if the doors were open, there would be no one left.

If You Have a Lawyer, You May Not Be Able to See or Talk to Him

There are established "ways" to prevent you from talking to or visiting with your lawyer - if you have a lawyer.  Here's how it works. In HB6, P3,  I had a lawyer. So, to prevent any communications,  Dr. Foret wrote these orders: "No phone calls. No visitors except for blood relatives." So,  it was impossible to communicate with Mr. Skinner (the lawyer) and he knew of no way to get around this.  Additionally, doctors can get rid of your lawyer by saying that he is "upsetting the patient".  What that means is that since they offer hope of escape from this hell hole,  there is interference with the normal brainwashing process whereby the shrink takes "total control" of your mind.  With hope, you can hold out and not be broken - so the lawyer must go.

Judicial Commitment Patients

If you are under Judicial Commitment, the Judge who signed the order is the only one who can revoke it, or you must have an attorney and go thru a Habeas Corpus proceeding.  The first is very very rare, the second is very rare.  The only other possibility is that you play the game with the doctors and they decide to let you out. People released who have been committed by a Judge have an automatic one year "parole" called "convalescence" during which they are still committed on paper and may be put back in the bug farm at the whim of anyone for anything unusual or just for "a check up to make sure you are well".  This forms an unending chain because if you are returned on day 364 for one day - you have liability for another year, etc.


Things which do not need to be justified

Without any special forms, if you are locked down in the bug farm, you can be pumped full of as many and as much drugs as is the whim of your doctor. INFORMED CONSENT, which means that a doctor is supposed to tell you what a treatment is and then get your permission, is non-existent.  The apparent reason is that the presumption that (1) you are incompetent and (2) the good doctor is always right - are made automatically.



In addition to drugs, and to "privileges" we covered earlier, the physical way you are handled (left naked in a 6 x 6 cell for days,  etc.) and what you eat (special diet) can be manipulated at will.

Special Permission is needed for Shock Treatments

To be shocked, (1) you must sign up or (2) any relative can sign in your place or (3) anyone else can sign in your place. The cases 1 and 2 are essentially the only ones used.

When patients sign (this is preferred because if they are killed in the treatment process, obviously they can't sue) it raises interesting questions. Consider, when you are drunk, if someone gets you to sign a contract, it is void in law.  Now, here is this patient, shot up with "mood altering" dope, cut off from the outside world, being asked to sign up for something that may well kill him.  Not to mention that he is presumed "incompetent" just for being there and it is "inappropriate" for a lawyer to talk or visit.

If you won't sign, any relative, even if you don't know them (distant relative) can sign for you and you will be zapped silly.

Once permission is given, it cannot be revoked. I saw this situation several times in Mandeville.  Social workers have the job of getting signatures and they would tell say, the wife,  that shock was harmless and there was "nothing to it" and get her to sign. Then, the relative would see their companion in agony as his brain was destroyed.  They would realize how they had been lied to and that what was happening was not "harmless".  However, once they signed, it was too late.  They could not rescind the permission and the doctors would keep right on shocking.  Now, realizing what they had done, there was nothing to do but watch their companion reduced to a mindless hulk, in pain and agony.

Special Rules apply to Medical Experiments

There are rules, apparently, on Medical Experiments.  It appears they are not very extensive and may be the same as for shock treatments.  In HB9, when I was "given" to the research doctor he, of course, wanted me to sign up.  When I refused his reply, calmly and almost under his breath was, "that's OK - we'll just get a relative to sign for you".  Well, fortunately, there were no relatives left competent then, and I never saw him again. But, it appears that whatever experiments he had in mind could have been done if he had been able to locate a relative.

In order to TRANSFER to another Hospital, a Judicial Order is Needed

Mandeville and Jackson can send their patients to Charity for "brief periods"  for GP type medicine but they cannot transfer between each other without a Judicial Order.


Once patients have been in some bug house there is no problem getting them back in.  Former patients are automatically arrested whenever anyone complains about them for any reason.  It is not necessary to show that they broke the law or threatened someone.  Just a call saying that this is a "mental patient" and he "looks sick" or something is enough for any subsequent arrests.

Mr. Roberts, a social worker at Mandeville,  had a talk with me before I left during P3.  In the talk, he explained that " you will be seeing everyone else doing this or that - but you can't" and "from now on (for the rest of your life) you will live under "special rules" that others (who we have not stamped as insane) will not have to follow.  The "special rules" apparently are a new class of citizen somewhere below the normally "lowest" class.


People can (and do) return to regular lives. However, in all cases I know of this was accomplished by "inventing" a previous employment to cover the time spent in the bug house and simply denying that it ever happened.  People who accomplished this are doing quite well and have no trouble.  There are limits to the level of employment,  however. You must choose a low level job where they will not check up on past in detail.  Any executive level position would be a problem because you will have an FBI file (equivalent to a convicted felon - although you were not convicted or even charged with anything).  Also, as your status increased, there would be increasing blackmail liability.

There is also an indication that you cannot leave the country. This has to do with international agreements that "worthless degenerates" should not be given passports.  And, so you may have to "love it" because you probably can't "leave".


The N1I19 period ended on 73013 under the old law.  There was no reasonable hope, at that time,  that there would ever be any changes in "the way things were".

Then, in 1975, a patient in Florida, who fought the system and never quit, was to have his day in court - the US Supreme court, It had never happened before. No one had survived long enough to get the conditions together that would result in a challenge of the system.

Kenneth Donaldson had been put away for 15 years and now the big court was to hear him and speak - and the court said " a mental patient who is not dangerous to himself or others and is capable of living safely outside an institution, either alone or with voluntary assistance of others, cannot be confined against his will without treatment."

Because of the Donaldson vs. O'Connor case, the Louisiana Legislature was forced to pass a new commitment law which it did July 11, 1977.  It went into effect on September 9, 1977.


We have first hand data from people we know who were in contact with the system (i.e. they were still strung out and were being harassed) when the "new law" went into effect.


In this case, the female Lydia was in Mandeville on coroner's commitment (60 days - old law) and continued to be hospitalized after passage of the new law.  Therefore, it was possible by de-briefing her to learn how Mandeville handled the transfer in practice as compared to the "theory" from the law and propaganda from TV news, etc.

In this case, her 60 day (old law) commitment ran past the new law date (September 9th.).  On September 9, 1977, theoretically all commitments were void and hospitals must switch to the new law.  In real life, the day passed ignored. Also, this patient was not commitable under the new law because she was not violent.  The excuse for getting rid of Lydia was that she told someone she was "related to Jesus Christ" and was so immediately arrested for having religious beliefs which is standard practice in Louisiana.  But, she did not hurt or bother anyone.

However, she was held anyway and Mandeville gave her so much dope that she began to have "epileptic type seizures" . Relatives said she never had that before.

Now, when 60 days were up she was still there. Mandeville classified her as "voluntary" on paper and held her by brute force in real life.  Under the new law they were supposed to use a "emergency certificate"  which timed out in 15 days.  But, time went by.  Then Mandeville sent her to Charity where Tulane University students gave her shock treatments (they said she "volunteered") and then Charity sent her to Jackson.  Towards the end of April 1978, Jackson let her go.  By the way, she still thinks she is "related to Jesus Christ".


In this case, commitment occurred in April 1978, well into the new law.  The female was taken to Charity at 3 AM and "left" there by her mother. The complaint was that she was behaving strange. Now, the law provides for attorneys to represent patients, but that is apparently a joke because there are none.

This is the story:  New Law provides for free attorneys for all mental patients - looks good on paper but look closer - the legislature simply voted no money for these "attorneys" so there are none. (Again, in the 1978 session, a bill was introduced to fund this law - it died in committee)  So much for the free attorney bull shit.

She was able to get represented by a lawyer from a legal aid service organization, however.  Now, for the good part.  Here she is, in Charity, under "voluntary".  So now that she wants to get out she was told that she is under "emergency certificate" and that she will be sent to Mandeville.  The Lawyer read the chart (they can under the new law) and all it said was that her mother wanted her put away - no justification at all.  Now, the doctor stamped her "dangerous" to protect himself from malpractice and said if she would "sign to be voluntary at Mandeville" he would withdraw the emergency certificate.

Now, under advice of council, she signed into Mandeville. Once there, she had been advised to "sign out" immediately giving a 72 hour notice. (this was her right under the new law). But, in real life, law has no meaning.

When she tried to sign out she was simply told, "why, you're much too sick to leave" - they refused to give her the forms to sign and instead shot her up with massive doses of Prolixin-D. She was thrown into a seclusion room until the brainwashing drugs turned her into a zombie and held for over six months as "voluntary".


THE Emergency Certificate is supposed to be an order to hold someone for 15 days after which time you must go to trial.  In real life, it has already been evaded.  Here's how.  Doctors label patient "voluntary" until they ask to leave and then use the Certificate to hold them 15 days more (legal so far) but, before the end of the 15 days, they (on paper) rescind the certificate and re-classify patient as "voluntary" then re-instate the certificate for a new 15 days (in this way you can be held indefinitely without a trial.)

THE Law Provides for a Mental Health Advocacy Service (free lawyer) Don' believe it - it is not there - there is no money appropriated for it and there will be no money appropriated for it because there is no intent to give people their rights in Louisiana - the law is a joke.



You Have the Right to SIGN OUT if Voluntary but if the hospital chooses to ignore you obviously you can't. I f the people who are supposed to supply these forms just "walk away" as in CASE II, what then. I once was told, in relation to crime - "locks are made for honest people to keep them honest".  So law presumes that there is some rudimentary desire to comply - when you have a medical community totally devoid af any morals or ethics, the law does little good.


The new law is still new. Off, in the future somewhere, the free lawyers may be funded, etc.

The final law, however, will be determined by the interplay between the forces which advocate paternalism and the forces which advocate individualism.

There are certain subtle changes on the set which indicate that paternalism, in general, may be retarded in growth or repressed slightly. Paternalism is the general concept of an overwhelming "benevolent dictatorship" type government that just absorbs everything in sight and "loves it out of existence".  Government has been doing this for some time, but there appears to be the emergence of the desire to reverse this trend.

THE   1978-1979   LAW REVISIONS


The 1977 revisions which were necessary to comply with the Supreme Court case Donnaldson vs. O'Connel and also because the local ACLU chapter was suing the state were designed to "quiet things down" and to give mental patients their rights - on paper.

These revisions had the effect of removing the local coroner from the picture and making it "rather difficult" to get rid of someone.

However, all of the real and imaginary gains were quietly wiped away with a new set of amendments that received no public coverage at all and were quietly enacted in 1978-1979.


Under the new revisions, the Coroner has returned more powerful than before because now essentially anyone - who is called in law a "concerned person" can request that another person be sent off to the bug farm.  The request is secret, there is no trial and pigs come to take the "patient" - and that is that.


Additionally, the medical consent law, which provides for "informed consent" was "specially amended" so that for the special class of mental patients there would be no consent or "informed".  [Doctors traditionally write their own laws and then get the legislature to pass them - they have lobbyists - patients have none]


Other amendments change the "definition" of a qualified doctor to include medical students, residents, and military medical officers as being considered "legally equivalent" to a licensed Psychiatrist who would have had to put in eight years of residency.

Additionally, coroner's staff are "encouraged and given authority" to give "help" to people who want to get rid of other people so that the complaint they file will be "in the proper form" - which means telling them what story to fabricate so that it will all look official and upright.



Now, the law on paper looks "plausible" because there are all these "rights" for the patients. on paper there is a special office of the Governor called the "Mental Health Advocacy Service" where patients get "free lawyers" who are with them throughout their confinement to see that they are not "legally abused".

Even the current law revisions state that someone has the right to appeal,etc. - this is based on the assumption of this stockpile of "free lawyers".

The "free lawyers" were in the original 1977 set of revisions too - and on paper they look real good - but they do not exist - there have never been any free lawyers and there is no intent that there will ever be any free lawyers because this program has never been funded.  In 1979, the state had a "windfall surplus" that was unprecedented in history of the state and still there was no attempt to fund the program - but they did give $100,000.00 to the "State Supreme Court" to hire free lawyers for the Judicial Commitment Hearings only- and you would be a prisoner for at least 33 days before you ever saw one of these.


There was a TV show when I was a kid called "Father Knows Best" and in it there were these "bits of wisdom". One day the kids asked "Father" to show them the difference between Communism and the American System.

Father did it by example as follows: He told the kids "go cut the grass and I will give you $2." So, the kids cut the grass and then returned for their $2.  But then Father said,  "I never said that I would give you $2". - and he just walked off.

This was the "learning example" of what it means to operate Government with "Evil Intent" - you have "responsibilities" and "rights" - the Government tells you that you do your "responsibilities" and in return it will give you "rights" - but in a Government operating with "Evil Intent" the "responsibilities" are real and the "rights" are not.


The State of Louisiana is operating with "evil intent" because it does not have - and never did have - any intention of giving "rights" of any nature to mental patients.  It only passed laws saying that "on paper" to be within the Supreme court guidelines "on paper" so that anyone who lived in a world of  "paper" would believe all was fine and OK.

Once you step out of the "world of paper" into the "real world" you find that conditions have not really changed from the way they were during the N1I19 period during the sixties.

There was never any real intent that they would ever change.


Mental Patients have only "imaginary rights" but the "Real Responsibilities" which are the parts of the law that have to do with scooping you up and stringing you out for life are being enforced so beware.

In the new system any person can have someone sent off - they go to kangaroo court and to prison and then can be forced to go to parole clinic for at least two years, with extensions granted in blocks or one year forever and failure is grounds for immediate arrest.


All thru this process there are "rights to request hearings" but remember that to request a hearing you need a lawyer - and they are "on paper lawyers" who do not exist - so all the "safeguards"  written into the law are imaginary and you will never get any of them.

The bottom line is that as of current if a person (any person) can get the Coroner to send pigs to take you off - your existence as a human being is ended.


Origin of the MEDICAL POLICE concept

Medical Police derive from the concept that if Government is interacting with a person or group in its "official capacity" that it must observe constitutional constraints and technicalities but that if you say the magic word "Medical Emergency"  then you do not have to follow any constitutional constraints at all.

The Science Fiction model of "Medical Police" is given in the book "1984" by Orwell where they are called Thought Police and where there was no need for any other type of police because it was only natural that "Big Brother Was Always Right" and so you could dispense with the formalities of constitutional procedures.


In Louisiana - specifically New Orleans - Medical Police and "Normal Police" are roughly equivalent except that Medical Police operate outside of all laws regulating "Normal police" because they are responding to "Medical Emergencies" and Normal police respond to "Normal Emergencies" · the Medical Police use "orange cars" and the Normal Police use "blue cars" - both are armed and use the same radio frequencies and operate side by side with mutual support.

The difference is that "normal police" must follow constitutional constraints (theoretically) and observe "citizen rights" and "Medical Police" are not considered to be under any constitutional control at all because they are presumed to be "helping people" and so can't be doing anything wrong.

The basic "Chain of Command" could be outlined as below:





(Normal Police)
(Medical Police)
Police Rank Officers Coroner Office Staff
Police Officers Psychiatrists
Leaders of Private
Security Companies
All Other Licensed Doctors
Special Police Armed Paramedics
Security Guards Armed Medical Security Guards
Anyone who knows 
someone who can 
give them a
"Special Officer Permit"
Citizens Organized in the
"Block Informer System"
(watch for strange things)
People with no authority
but who know one of the above
Any  "concerned person"




The "Medical Police" have the potential to use absolute power and disregard all constitutional authority whenever necessary and to administer any "punishment" from immobilizing drugs to death at its administrative option.

The "death punishment authority" comes from the authority of the Coroner to "declare a person dead and certify the cause" - there is no appeal to this authority so if a Coroner orders a person killed (in secret of course) and writes up the paperwork that death was "natural" or a "heart attack" or whatever there is no appeal against this because the law says that a person is dead "when a Coroner says so"  and that the reason he is dead is "whatever the Coroner's opinion is".

All Doctors act as deputized agents of the Sate thru the authority of the Office of the Coroner and are protected by Armed Paramedics and Medical Security Guards who are conditioned to obey orders.   (I'm just following orders, etc.)

When the Medical police and the Normal Police cooperate the combination is "hard to beat".

You could pick out someone and do a "super number" on them and they would not have a prayer of resistance.  Lets make up an example to illustrate this:

Say some guy is in his house and the political Boss says,  "Go get John Doe and kill him - I don't like him".

First you need to get into the guy's house.  Normal Police can't break in without a warrant but Medical Police can break in and say later that they "thought the guy needed help".

This gets you inside. Once the door is broken down, Normal Police can some in "to help the Medical Police" - they can tear the house apart and find the guy now because the "Medical Police" will say that the guy had a "sudden attack of mental illness and did all the damage himself".

Now you can take the guy under Medical Arbitrary Arrest authority to a Hospital where he is going to die of a Heart Attack.  The Coroner will certify it and the "assignment is completed".




Here we will go thru the highlights of the Louisiana Law as of 1980 and how the law is actually used on a daily basis in practice.

The Louisiana Law was rewritten because of the "Donnaldson" precedent, however, as we shall see,  the effect of this was "business as usual" and probably "a little worse than usual".

There has been ho real change in practice or attitude since the N1I19 period.

In dealing with the "Donnaldson" precedent,  the new law makes use of the statement from the Donnaldson case that "a person ... cannot be held against his will without treatment"  to imply that the precedent  has no effect at all if some "treatment" is being forced upon the person and so the new law "guarantees" that all patients will definitely



have the right to "receive medicine without consent" so since they will always be "forced to have treatment" they cannot claim that they are being "held without treatment" so they cannot use the "Donnaldson" precedent.  There are no conditions for non-criminals to refuse treatment listed - but criminals may refuse treatment if they are "competent criminals" (whatever that means).


The Secret Indictment

The Secret Indictment is called an "order for protective custody".  Any person (you do not need to be a relative any more) who wants to get rid of another person can go see the Coroner or any Judge and swear out a Secret Indictment.  The grounds for the "Secret Indictment" have been interpreted by the Coroners office to mean that you can put another person away it he is "harassing  you". There is no definition of what this means.  The Complaint is secret and not even the patients lawyer can see what charges have been made and the patient is presumed guilty - there in no legal procedure to challenge the claims made in the "Secret Indictment" so it really does not matter what story you make up because (1) no one will ever see it - who represents the patient and (2) there in no legal challenge procedure if you could see it.

With a  "secret indictment" you can lock up a person for 24 hours during which time they can be forced to take any combination of drugs that you want to give them.

Past Medical Records Available to "Anyone who wants to know"

To facilitate things the current procedure in use is that any person can call on the phone (unidentified) to the Coroner or to Charity Hospital and find out if someone has a "record" (Psychiatric Record) and they will give out the information.  The Louisiana Law provides that "staff may use their expertise to assist people who want to get rig of other people" and apparently this is the justification for giving out this data to anyone who calls (it is much easier then trying to get an arrest record - for which you need signed consent if you are not "in Government")

Doctor Arbitrary Arrest Authority

The Law deputizes all doctors (not just psychiatrists) and gives them the power to arrest anyone they think guilty of mental illness on their own authority and hold them for 15 days and force any combination of drugs on them that they want.

Resisting Arrest and/or Interfering With a Doctor

The Law also establishes the "crime" of "interfering with a Doctor" so that if you try to stop a Doctor (who say is using his arbitrary arrest power) it is the same as "Interfering with Police".

Police Arbitrary Arrest Authority

The law authorizes the police (which means any police,  even special police and private security guards) to seize anyone who they think "is a proper subject for a mental ward" (undefined phrase) and him to one where he can be forced to take any combination of drugs for 72 hours.

Un-conventional Procedures are OK if Approved Later (after the fact)



The Law contains an "automatic cover-up clause" which states that if someone is held illegally - but that later the illegal act is made legal - then the entire process is assumed to be legal.

So to make up an example, if a group of people with no authority lynched someone, beat him up, and then took him to a mental hospital and threw him in the gate - if then a Doctor would use his 15 day arbitrary arrest authority to hold the person there - the preceding events would be "assumed legal"  since the commitment process was "affirmed later".


The preceding methods are just the ways provided to get someone inside of some "Hospital" so the "process can get started". Now we will run thru what happens next.

The "excuse" for holding a person in a "Hospital" is called "Status".  There are several types and we will run thru them and show what they "theoretically mean" and how they are actually being used in practice.

Non-Contested Voluntary Status

This is supposed to mean that the patient did not sign consent to be held but that he did not object to it either and the Hospital can use this "status" for three months.  In real life,  what this means is that unless you have a "credible friend" or an attorney who will swear that he heard you "ask to leave" the staff will say that you did not ask to leave and ignore anything you say, beat you, drug you, and hold you for three months.

Emergency Certificate Status

This means the implementation of the Doctor's arbitrary 15 day arrest authority and is supposed to mean that if you want to leave the Doctor ban hold you for 15 days. But,  in real life,  what is being done is that doctors are "issuing" and then "rescinding" the certificates so that they only use them "one day at a time" as needed.

What this means is that people are "flip-flopped" between "Informal (Non-Contested) Voluntary" and "Emergency Certificate" in sort of a shell game.  Whenever no one is around (from the outside world) to "certify that a patient is objecting" the status is immediately switched back to "Informal Voluntary" and the "15 day involuntary hold" is used only on those days when, say, a lawyer actually comes in the place and physically checks the records and formally demands to know why so and so is being held.  As soon as he leaves the status is changed to "Informal Voluntary" and the staff just says "the patient decided he liked it here" (or whatever b.s.) - what patients say .is assumed to be "incredulous babbling of a known lunatic" and so his testimony does not count.

Formal Voluntary Status

This is supposed to mean that patient knowingly signed up to be "treated".

Judicial Commitment Status

This is commitment for an indefinite for an indefinite period (life) and requires a "trial".  I will stop here to point out that, before you get to this trial you could have been held by administrative bull shit for about four months - during this time you could have been forced to take any amount and any combination of drugs and also given shock treatments


if the staff said "they were necessary because of a "medical emergency" (the reasoning is not defined in the law) and of course you will have received the standard routine of rape, beatings, and other routine abuses.

You are supposed to get a free lawyer at the Trial and also have the right to be present and cross examine the witnesses against you.  It is questionable what value this actually is when you will have been drugged continuously for four months but you apparently have the "right to try to defend yourself" against at least two slick talking doctors who are not drugged and who are personal friends of the Judge.

If convicted you can be held for life.


The "Conditional Discharge" (parole)

When Hospital is thru with a person (this usually means that he has given up trying to protest and has submitted to the will of the state) he must sign an agreement that says he promises to go see some "community clinic" - the parole system (e.g. HB7) so that he can be kept drugged and that he understands that ifhe ever fails to obey orders there he will be arrested and takenback to the Hospital.

The "agreement" (if you don't agree - you don't get out) is for one year but it can be "administratively extended" to three years so we will just say it is for three years and cut the shit.

Really, of course, there is no intent that a patient will ever leave the mental health system because staff at the parole clinic can use their arbitrary arrest authority at any time that patient decides to stop coming and they usually make that point clear. In Louisiana "discharge" and "death" are roughly equivalent terms - your case is never "closed" until you are "in the ground".


I will mention briefly what is called in Louisiana Law the "interstate compact" which is some kind of "extradition procedure" in case you try to leave the state once you have been "captured by the system" - apparently you cannot leave and there are procedures for hunting you down in another state.


We have been thru all the "rights of the Government" and now I will discuss the "rights of patients" under the current law.

The Law goes thru an exotic description of something called "The Mental Health Advocacy Service" which is a State Agency with trained attorneys who have had special training in mental illness and who provide and attorney (free) to all patients from the time they encounter the system until the time they leave the System.  In this way they are always represented and have access to competent council and their rights are always protected.

This "Service" is referred to all thru the Law.  There is only one problem - there is no such thing - it never existed -it has never been funded - and there is no real intention that it ever will be.

Apparently,  it was written into the law so that any Civil Right group who picked up the Louisiana Law would assume that patients  had rights in Louisiana and would therefore not bother to check further.



It is a grand piece of  legal fiction and if it existed would probably so interfere with "business as usual" that it could not effectively function at all since doctors depend on the fact that "no one is watching or really cares" and could not do what they do if this was not true.

So it is the old "game" of "guaranteed responsibilities" and "imaginary rights" which seem to "balance the scales of Justice" as long as you don't look too closely.

The probability that the State has any "good faith motives" in writing this section of the Law is not good.  It was written in 1977 and since then State has had "un-precedented budget surpluses" and also new laws (later than 1977) setting up "medical security police forces" and authorizing the construction of new and additional Hospitals for "criminal insane" people have been immediately funded.

So while no can can predict that patients will not get rights "at some distant point in the future", the evidence suggests that the State does not plan to do it "without a long fight" during which time it will use every conceivable trick and "stonewalling" technique available to it to stall for more time.

For those people in the State system - who can still read and think- and who can say the word "Donaldson" - it will be of little practical use to them.


Law books do not get up off the shelf and run around as entities "enforcing themselves".  People, who act as the interpreters and instruments of the law do this.  If these people are corrupt, then it matters little what is in the law books.

Any competent lawyer can, using the technology of semantics and dialectics, take the law and justify anything they want to.  Therefore, in a society of crooks, crookedness and corruption become "legal" and in a society of honest people these things become "illegal".  On the street it matters little if any what "etheric goals" are embodied by things like a "constitution" and a set of codified laws and procedures . If the will to do evil prevails in the hearts and minds of people then it prevails as a a manifested fact - and so for good also.

Psychiatrists do not believe that patients should have "rights".  This same view is held by doctors in general.  They believe that they are "unquestionable experts" and whatever they feel like doing is right and there should be no debate.  In a similar fashion, Nixon, the deposed president, felt that he was a "sovereign" and what orders issued from his lips were above all debate and question.  So, when you deal with people like this the law is of little use if any at all.

Living as we do under total corruption in a society that becomes more corrupt as each day passes, there is a definite issue to be taken with those who argue that simply passing a resolution or changing a few laws here and there will result in some instant automatic change in some problem.

Doctor's don't follow the law as it is - what is there to make one believe that if it were changed they would follow it any better than they do presently.  Doctors do not believe in law they only believe in their own "professional opinion" - and with the protection of wealth, lobbyists, social status, and crooked shrewd malpractice lawyers they intend to do whatever they please regardless of any law or moral right or wrong concepts or anything else.

It should be possible now that overt abuses of psychiatrists are generally publicly known to take away the power and support they receive from the Law and specifically the right they seem to have acquired over time to grab people who don't want anything to do with them and force treatment upon them against their will with full legal immunity from retaliation.



However, even should this be accomplished, it will do nothing to alter the fact that these people are arrogant and pig headed and will to do what they want to do any way they can think of to do it and only continuous vigilance against them will hold them in check to any meaningful degree.

Unfortunately, for the poor, there appears to be little hope.  When the Federal Government writes policy - like in project Mind Control - saying: "Go seek out those on the fringes of society who have little power to resist and use them for medical experiments" - there is not much for those people to do short of to pray for the day when the US Government will be no more.
INCIDENT  N-01-I-019






In this section we want to present key data on Psychiatry that will aid the seeker in understanding just what it is what the movement is - what the medical nomenclature means how this nomenclature interfaces with the nomenclature of other systems such as law and religion -And what the real truth is.

This is a tall order, of course, but the data here should be sufficient to provide a good background for someone who is genuinely interested in doing research in this area as well as for those who - as the "victims of psychiatry" would like to know what was the motivation for whatever was done to them and why these people are running loose with the blanket authority to pick up innocent people and ruin their lives.



Here we want to go thru (briefly) the definitions from the "Lews Book".  The "Lewis Bock" is, as listed elsewhere, "Outlines for Psychiatric Examinations" by Nolan D.C. Lewis, M.DThis book is a required Supplement for this section of the report, and we assume the reader is familiar with it.   The "Lewis Book" was used by doctors to assign "labels" (diagnosis) to patients during the N1I19 period on the primary set (Charity Hospital - HB5).

We will now go thru the major areas and significance.


As stated, there are legitimate tangible causes that can make someone act strange.  The Lewis Book lists these and they are the "bulk" of the classification.  However, the chance of running into any of these people in a mental hospital are extremely rare.

The List is:

01 Psychosis with syphilitic menigo-encephalitis
02 Psychosis with other forms of syphilis
03 Psychosis with epidemic encephalitis
04 Psychosis with other infectious disease
05 Psychosis due to alcohol
06 Psychosis due to drugs or poisons
07 Psychosis due to trauma (physical)
08 Psychosis with cerebral arteriosclerosis
09 Psychosis with other disturbances of circulation 
10 Psychosis due to epilepsy
11 Senile Psychosis
12 Involutional Psychosis
13 Psychosis due to other diseases
14 Psychosis due to new growth (Cancer, etc.)
15 Psychosis with unknown cause but associated with organic changes

[Note on group 10 - epilepsy.  During N1I19, people with epilepsy were considered to be not physically sick.  Note that they are classified as "psychotic".  It was believed that the epilepsy was consciously or unconsciously an attempt to "get attention".  Some of these people were in HB6 during N1I19.  The "treatment" was to ignore them so as to deprive them of the attention it was thought they were seeking.  If they had a seizure, they were just left there, pushed in a corner or thrown in a seclusion room.  Some died.  No attempt was made to help them because "it was all in their head" and "their illness".  Now that epilepsy is recognized as a physical disease with effective treatments, this category has most likely been eliminated and these people are no longer tortured by psychiatrists.]

This is 15 out of the 24 main categories.  You will not run into these people in a State Hospital, because they are "legitimately" sick and the Hospital System that is the subject of this report is not set up to handle them.




Now, having dealt with the real, we move on to the imaginary "illnesses".  These are people who are locked up in bug houses across the country.  By definition, no one can find anything wrong with them of a "tangible" nature but they are considered strange and society wants them "out of the way".

Group 16 "Neurosis"

Group 16 is usually not found in State Hospitals.  The reason is that, in general,  Neurotic people are not socially active. Consequently,  they are not out in the open where someone will observe them and put them away.  Also, Neurosis is considered "better" then "psychosis".

A quick definition separating Neurosis from psychosis is: A Psychotic knows that 2 + 2 = 5.  A Neurotic thinks that 2 + 2 = 4 but he is not sure and it bugs him.

Group 17 "Manic Depressive" Group [now called "Bipolar Disorder"]

These people have been locked up because they, over time, are sometimes happy and high and sometimes down and depressed.  They are usually arrested during the "manic" (high) phase.  Since everyone is "sometimes high and sometimes low" by writing a "report" on someone emphasizing his "ups and downs" you can label him "Manic Depressive" and put him away. The argument used to hold these people is generally:  "Well, you see, this dangerous Manic Depressive could become dangerously violent at any time.  I know he looks calm, but in the future when the Manic Stage I predict will come, he might hurt someone, therefore, to be on the safe side, we will just keep him in this safe padded cell..." (Preventive Detention)

The Manic Depressive group, which in the language of the Lewis Book are "mental disorders which fundamentally are marked by emotional oscillations and a tendency to recurrence" is subdivided,  logically, on the basis of what point in the "up/down" cycle you are at when captured.

The subclasses are:
                                                  Manic Type (up)

Depressed Type (down)
Circular Type (up and down)
                                                  Perplexed Type (are confused and have "bizarre behavior")
Stuporous Type (are so down they don't move at all)
Other Type(s) (catch-all in case none of the above fit)

It should be noted that recent research in "biorhythm" suggests that all people are subject to "emotional cycles".  The composite cycle, consisting of three components namely, I (intelligence); E (emotions), end P (physical strength) - begins on day 1 of a person' s life and the same pattern (combination of I, E, P) does not repeat for almost 60 years.  The concept in calling swings from up to down an "illnesses" is that it is abnormal. If everyone has natural influences to ups and downs which are inherent in the human condition (as demonstrated by biorhythm), then this class is "so much bunk".  However, the medical community has a monopoly on "the definition of reality" and they consider biorhythms "unproved and so much bunk".



Group 18 "Schizophrenic Group"

Schizophrenia has no concrete definition.  In fact, among the profession, there is a magazine circulated in which, each month or so, "experts" give their best guess on what Schizophrenia is.  Latest observations as of 1978 claim "the symptoms of Schizophrenia are changing" which is a ridiculous statement since a disease is defined by its symptoms.  One wanders what reference marker is being used to define this disease apart from symptomology so that you could make such a statement.

Never the less the Lewis Book gives the class of people who should be labeled Schizophrenic as "persons who have shown greater or lesser degrees of personality inadequacies".

The Schizophrenic Group contains four main sub-groups and a catch-all (Other) class too. The groups are:

                                        Simple Type -  Withdraw and become apathetic and then "deteriorate"
Hebephrenic Type - Show Silliness and laughter at "inappropriate   .                             times"  have "bizarre ideas" and "make up new .                             words"'.
Catatonic Type - Have "various peculiarities of conduct" such as              .                          "stereotyped behavior" and Hallucinations
                                        Paranoid Type - - Have "delusions of persecution" and they are or have "a predominately          .                                                                   Homosexual component or fixation" (which is interpreted to mean an "infantile .                                                                   level of psycho- sexuality" - remember Homosexuals were "psychopaths" during .                                                                   the N1119 period)

.                                      Other Type(s) - Catch All

Since no majority of experts agree on what "Schizophrenia" is, obviously it is very hard or impossible to prove that
someone is or is not a schizophrenic. Therefore it is a very popular label to use as a malpractice protection is inherent and most patients, therefore, are labeled this.


Group 19 "Paranoia and Paranoid Conditions"

(Reformers, Agitators, Litigious Persons and Prophets)

The Lewis Book gives the most specific definition here , for who is to be called a "paranoid" than it does for any of the other "imaginary" illnesses. Here it is: "Persons showing fixed suspicions and ideas of persecution logically elaborated after a false interpretation of an actual occurrence has been made"

The Lewis Book adds: "In this group belong certain types of Reformers, Agitators, Litigious Persons (people who insist on their rights), and prophets.

Obviously, to use the definition, you are asserting that you (the Shrink) know what is true, so you can say what is a "false interpretation"

The most famous case of a "Paranoid Schizophrenic" I can recall from the N1I19 period was Jim Garrison who was DA at the time and was investigating the Kennedy Assassination (which still is being investigated).  "Mysteriously", as soon as what he was doing was covered by the press, his Medical Records from when he was in the Armed Service were "leaked or given" to the press and showed that he had been labeled



a "Paranoid Schizophrenic".  Today, of course, it is established that all the things the man said were true. As the District Attorney, he was too powerful to commit, and too well known to kill, and, although severely harassed, he survived and today he is a Federal Judge.

Group 20 "Psychosis with Psychopathic Personality"

Now, that is a mouthful.  If you saw someone stamped that you would run away. As we shall see, however, the definition covers people you meet and work with every day (and I'll bet you never knew)

First, the list of "psychopathic Personalities":

      SEXUAL PSYCHOPATHS:        # 991 Homosexuals (deleted in the late 1970's when this group became politically .                                                          active in  the "Gay Liberation")

# 992 Erotomania (mental derangement caused by Love - Love Sickness - un-controlled sexual desire)
                    # 993 Sexual perversion
                    #994 Sexual Immaturity

EMOTIONAL PSYCHOPATHS:  #041 Schizoid Personality
                                                       #042 Cyclothimic personality (Mary Hartman's diagnosis from TV)

               #913 paranoid Personality
               # 043 Emotional Instability

                                                           #044  Anti socialism
                                                           #047  Pathologic Mendacity  (telling lies)
                                                           #046  Moral Deficiency
                                                           #048  Vagabondage (Vagrancy - Wandering around)
                                                           #978  Misanthropy  (Aversion or distrust of other people)

So, there it is. And, from the gaps in the numbers (the Numbers are from the Lewis Book) there are apparently quite a few more of these which were left out.

Group 24 Primary Behavior Disorders

This is the last group. It is rarely used because it is so common and so vague as to cover essentially everyone.

The two subgroups are "Simple Adult Maladjustment" and "Behavior Disorders in Children" (which is not relevent to N1I19)

Simple Adult Maladjustment is defined as follows: "Classify here people who show no evidence of psychosis or a "psychopathic personality" but who are (in your expert opinion) appear to be "maladjusted" nevertheless - especially in the areas of marriage, the home, or the occupation.

So, of course, depending on the mood of the expert, you get labeled here.


GROUPS  21, 22, 23

If counting you noticed we skipped these.  Group #21 is "mental deficiency", apparently mainly associated with retardation and they are not generally not kept in state hospitals.

Group 22 is called "Undiagnosed psychosis" which is for cases where you have little data but you think the person is psychotic nevertheless or just want to say something bad and vague or whatever.

Group 23 is called "Without Mental Disorder" and the book says to use this label for people who you have to lock up for reasons apart from medicine (like for political reasons and you are threatened to keep someone locked up or you will loose your job or legal technicalities like there is nothing wrong with someone but influential people have had him interdicted so you can't discharge him even though you want to etc.)


The "Imaginary Illness" group covers really only Groups 16, 17, 18,19, 20, and 24 out of 24 possibilities. Out of these only groups 17, 18, 19, and 20 are really ever used at all and in the final analysis really only Manic Depressive and Schizophrenia are used (Groups 17 and 18).  In practice, the other groups have become a problem in court tests based on "vagueness of the diagnosis" and so they are avoided.

Schizophrenia and the special subgroup "Paranoid Schizophrenia" are the most popular labels because (1) society has been convinced that "something is there" and (2) there is no consensus of belief on "what it is that is there" so it is impossible to prove or disprove.



In the dim past, there were no doctors. Doctors came from what is called the "priest craft" or just priests.  Long ago there were legitimate priests who knew how to do spiritual healing - they degenerated and lost their power to do this. Today they are so degenerated that they claim (to look good) that they never had the power and things like that "don't exist".  This is at least true in their case.  Some of the "fallen Priests" broke off from the Church and began to use crude tricks end black magic and changed their name to "Doctors".  They stopped talking about "Religion" and claimed to be something new which came to be called "Scientists"- a class of people who did not believe anything except the physically observable and dealt with the complexities of life only on the level of the physical - saying that nothing else existed. Eventually, the remainder of the priests degenerated but some called themselves priests because they found they could make easy money that way - and others "organized" and "Guided" under "the banner of Science and called their name "Doctors".  What these people do had no  relationship at all to what they once did - before all of them "fell from grace" - long long ago.

In the beginning of Medicine, as specialties developed as more and more independent branches of medicine, there was first Neurology.  Neurology was the study of the nervous system.  Neurology proceded to systematically classify and identify the nerves and their functions -  experimented to see what happened when you blocked this or that nerve, etc.


The idea of mental problems was known, but "madness" was traceable to definite "causes".   For example, you got bit by a bat - so you got rabies so there were predictable neurological changes leading to death.

This was the notion of a "mental condition" traceable to a disease - a "tangible cause".

Now there developed a school of thought in Neurology of concepts of  "mental disease" of what was called "psychogenic origin" which meant "without a clearly defined tangible cause or any structural change".  This was dismissed as so much hog wash but the little cult grew until medical schools began calling the department Neurology and Psychiatry and later there was Neurology (which dealt with basic nerve problems you could see) and Psychiatry (which went off looking for other things  you can't see).

Within the academic community there is a private joke which goes like this: "When most doctors get thru with med. school they realize the enormity of the subject and how much they really don't know - the rest go into Psychiatry".

Now, Psychiatry was off and running on its own due mainly to Freud who introduced the concept of analysis and how people with these problems "with no tangible cause... etc." could, in time, by reviewing the events of their lives, thru understanding areas of conflicts which had been repressed, etc., come to function better and be more fulfilled.


Psychoanalysis worked somewhat, but it took time - lots of time. And to do analysis, you had to have a "feel" for it.  It was an art.  Now time is money, and as the "good Dr. Welby types" became extinct and the new bread of  "impersonal machine types" with "medical corporations" and the like took over, analysis was seen as "not economically rewarding".

Psychoanalysis was the concept of resolving a mental problem with the help of an expert in a close interpersonal relationship. Doctors, in general, did not have close relationships as we move into recent history.  Because of new ideas in "fast cures" and mainly in a "economic incentive" interest in medicine and the move from patient personal caring attitude towards a generally "impersonal" attitude, analysis lost ground.

Now, it was proposed, that the "end result" of analysis could be achieved with "other methods".  If a person was hostile, kindness and understanding and years of analysis could make him less hostile - but "instantly" if you cut up his brain (lobotomy) he would be "cured" of hostility and you would save all that time you wasted "talking".  In fact, you did not have to "talk" to the patient at all - just hall him off, tie him down, and jab ice picks into his head and - "walla !" - an instant "cure".

This was the basic notion of treating "symptoms" apart from "causes".

Now, recall two points from analysis:  (1) that patient is having problems now in achieving what he wants and (2) we want to go back over patients life, resolve old conflicts, and allow him to be fulfilled in what he wants.

The evidence was now established that "behavior" could be changed in other ways than "talking".  And, it was possible to control "symptoms" without really worrying about causes.



Society,  by now, was becoming rather "well ordered".  The concept of  "helping patient become what he wanted" was gradually replaced by "helping the patient do what society wanted".  It became irrelevant what people wanted - society was a well oiled machine - the machine had "needs" for children to grow up and fulfill.  Also, it was irrelevant to know what was in someone's mind what they felt - in order to manipulate and control their behavior.

Time went by and Psychiatry was called by a more realistic name - "The Science of  Behavior Modification". People were and are not generally familiar with the "New Psychiatry" - they envision some kind of old doctor tying to help someone solve a problem. That's "old". The "NEW" is not to help someone be what he wants but to FORCE  HIM  TO  BE  WHAT  SOCIETY WANTS.

The principles of the "new" Psychiatry are: (1) we know and soon will know more ways to induce any kind of behavior we want. (2) it is irrelevant what a person's past is because they will not remember it when we are thru with them and (3) we, as experts, know what people should do better than they know themselves and we will decide what their future will be for them - and in the interest of  "the social order".


Psychiatrists begin training in pre-med and then medical school.  They do intern for one year and have a six to eight year residency and then they are cut loose to "practice" on the community

If you have decided you are going into Psychiatry, you don't even have to try to remember the bulk of the general medicine - you will never use it. In practice, you never even touch patients (except perhaps to have sex with them) and many patients - especially in large State Hospitals - you don't see at all (decisions are made in the comfort of your plush office on the basis of Nurses notes, etc.)

Now, in time, Psychiatrists forget all this GP medicine.  But, they do not forget the primary Mandate. When the doctor leaves training, he takes the little book of labels (the Lewis Book - which is the "Bible of Psychiatry") and the Mandate which has been instilled in him as his purpose in life: "He is to function as an 'Agent of the Culture' ".  That is it - the bottom line.

During residency,  he sees and learns what is going on - what the "powers that be" want, and how to accomplish this. The book of labels he will need to use to justify (legally) what he will do.  But the labels require interpretation - they are in ambiguous language on which no one agrees.  Terms like "bizarre behavior" and  "inappropriate emotions" - who knows what this is and it changes from year to year and generation to generation.

When the "Culture" changes, mental illnesses changes with it.  Last years nut may be sane by this year's standards. Last years normal may be this years abnormal.  But, he is the "Agent of the Culture".  His Assignment: Go out and get those who are not behaving in "the interest of the Culture" - lock them up, change them, or kill them.  He is given the power of instant arbitrary arrest.  As an "expert" what he says can not be challenged by "citizens" - he can only be challenged by another experts.  This is called the principle of "peer review".  With unlimited power, above the law, above the people,  above the Constitution, off the young doctor goes to do his thing.





In this class belong doctors who have made it thru training but the training "just didn't take".  They have licenses, see people, but they are still wandering what is going on themselves and have minimal direction.


These doctors understand the use of drug manipulation - but their goal is MONEY.  They pick out people with "essentially no problems" (such as breaking up with a girlfriend or wife) and give them drugs to string them out so that they can't think. Consequently they become more and more dependent on the doctor and he keeps them until they run out of money (at $50/hour) and then he dumps them.


For example, those hired by industry.  Here, the general mandate of  "Agent of the Culture"  becomes more clearly defined in terms of the desire of the special interest.   If a company has specific intentions for employees, then the definitions of "appropriate behavior" and "abnormal behavior" reflect the needs of the company.  Doctor functions to maximize exploitation of employees, maximize their loyalty to the company - and to minimize or eliminate any "independent" acts which are not in the interest of the "security of the company".


Some organizations hire psychiatrists and get them "special officer permits" and use them for "private police".  The idea, of course, is that because of their knowledge of human behavior they can "spot", for example, "a would-be hijacker" in an airline terminal.

We have a cute example for this found in a magazine on flying: "Airline hired two shrinks as "special police" and turned them loose in the terminal building.  By chance, they had never seen each other.  On the first arrest (for strange behavior), one doctor "arrested" the other doctor."


Here we classify those psychiatrists who have been recruited by covert agencies of the U S Government and who perform "special" duties.  They ordinarily have a level "Q" security clearance which is in the "Top Secret Group" . Besides the normal immunity received "from the medical system" these doctors have the added protection of  "National Security polices" and they are extremely powerful and dangerous.  Here, the mandate of "Agent of the Culture" becomes "Agent of the National Interest" specifically the implementation of the Master Top-Secret "fifteen-year plan" which is a blueprint of what the U S Government intends to cause to happen in the future.  Only about 10,000 people at any one time have the complete plan knowledge.

For example, Dr. Buddington, who supervised the Tulane University service during the N1I19 period was one of these people. His assignment was to "take care of  the people in the New Orleans area who knew too much about the Kennedy Assassination and to protect, by declaring insane, people who knew too much but were friendly to the Government - from the Jim Garrisson Investigation (insane people can't be subpoenaed to testify, etc.)"


We never met any doctor who belongs in this class, we add it on the chance that some shrink out there really exists who cares for the people he treats.


During P5, at Charity, I was on the Tulane Service for a change because I was a student there at the time.  The Doctor supervising residents was Buddington.  There were an "unusual" amount of people there who were tied to the "U S Government" in some way.  One old man,  I noticed in the shower had the letters "FBI" tattooed on his side in 6-8 inch high letters.  It was a very "old looking" tattoo. This data which follows is from the stories of  Buddington and of the men who were locked up who were in Government Service. Now,  turned on by their Government, declared insane, they freely told me all they knew.

The "DUALITY" of the U.S. System

The U S Government is really two Governments, one in public and one behind the scenes.

In public is the president and the "Office of the President".  Behind the scenes is the "Chief of Military Intelligence" who is the President's boss.  The president serves 4 years - 10 at the most under ideal conditions.  But the Chief serves for life - when he dies he is "quietly" replaced by the New # 1 who will also serve for life.  The name of the "Chief" is never revealed.

The Chief and the elite of the "intelligence community" formulate a Master plan which is the "National Security".  It is made up 15 years in advance and includes all major events which will happen in the future.  A carefully screened group of about 10,000 people are allowed to have this knowledge - to everyone else it is "Top Secret".  The people in this elite group "never leave the service of the Government".  These men, called Q-Men, are themselves under surveillance.  They must marry a "psychiatric nurse".  She is also pledged to the Government and she has orders to stop (kill if necessary) her husband if he tries to tell any secrets or mis-behaves.  So goes the life of a "career agent".

Now in public, there is The president, Congress, Departments and Agencies, and so called "Private Enterprise".  However,  all key people in both the Government and Private Sector are (you guessed it) one of these 10,000 elite people.  Consequently, although the public image of America is a bunch of disorganized  "free representatives duly elected" and "free enterprise" it is really a very well organized and directed Totalitarian System.  You could call it a "dictatorship" with "sugar on top to make it look like a Democracy".

Now, the secret Government behind the scenes has the function of "manipulating" the people in the "Government in public" who, in many cases, are stupid enough to "really believe that they are free" so that what they do or the effect of what they do will make the objectives in the 15 year plan come true.  The intelligence community people are "masters of deceit" and it is totally irrelevant what the U S Constitution says or what any law says because they can find a way to "twist it around" so that their objectives are accomplished.



Knowledge of this set up, by example, makes "current events" look silly.  Consider a labor dispute between say AFL-CIO and a major company.  Now we know George Meany is a CIA agent and we know that the president of all major corporations is one of the "brotherhood" of the 10,000.  So, it is all a game.  This is not real.  Lower people in the labor union may run around picketing and really believe that they are "free and fighting for their rights - isn't that great". And, in the company who is being "struck" there may be some junior executives fools who think that they "must do something - isn't that terrible".  But, this was all planned in CIA headquarters years ago between George Meany - agent and the president of the corporation - agent.  So it is all a "fabrication". By generating the "illusion of freedom" the Government can get much more work out of people than can, e.g. the Soviet Union which "admits" it is a dictatorship.

The "Buddington Model" for the Nation-Wide System of "Mental Hospitals"

Buddiniton admitted to me that he was a "Super-Q" level agent of the U S Government.  He stated that all superintendents of State Mental Hospitals are also level "Q" Government Agents. Specifically, that the superintendent at Mandeville was an agent. At the time he stated this, in P5, the superintendent of Mandeville was a Dr. Young.

Now, integrating this with our discussion of National Security, such a network as outlined by Buddington, of Mental Hospitals across America, each under the command of a Government Agent Doctor - all linked together thru FTS (federal) Telephone Network to insure secure communications - responsible to the Intelligence Community and to the Chief - this is a very formidable tool to insure that "no one gets out of line".

It is, in fact, "1984 come true".  Here is the "thought-police network" with drugs and methods to damage you if you know too much.

The "Nixon Mentality"

Richard Nixon was president during the last part of the N1119 period.  Later, after he was deposed, he was more free in expressing his real beliefs.  In his own words, he stated that he had observed "that when people were faced with a choice between ideology that they believed) and extinction, they would choose to change (compromise) their ideology rather than to become extinct". Or, in simple language, "Do what I say or I will kill you."

The Mental Hospital system during the N1I19 period reflected the Nixon Mentality. Say 2 + 2= 5.  The Government is always right. There are no UFO's.  I just love to go to Vietnam.  Well, the party line goes on and on and if you don't follow the party line, well "Do what we say or we will kill you".  This was the keynote of the period.



This classification is made up from personal observation and experience and is designed to more realistically reflect the general areas of people you would expect to find in a State Hospital.  They will, of course, be "labeled" according to the Lewis Book but the motivation for keeping them is not clear from such a label.  This designation system is prepared to come closer to the truth.



01.121   RUNAWAYS

01.122  SUICIDES







01.129  OTHERS

.            01.2221   WHERE  INTERDICTION TAKES PLACE
            02.1   FROM WITHIN A FAMILY UNIT
N1I19 199
.         03.14 ANYONE WITH KNOWLEDGE ON THE "KENNEDY .                   .                   ASSASSINATION"


                              04.121  IN PERSON
                              04.122  HEARD HIS VOICE
                              04.123  HAD A "VISION"
04.3 "GOD" GROUP









People are put away because some "source" wants them there.  The allegiance of the system is to that "source" and not to the patient.  Really it is not that a "patient is being treated" but,  rather that the "SOURCE is being treated". Or, more properly, the source is being "pacified".

Consequently, if a parent puts a child away, e.g., the social worker will ask parent "what he objects to and what type of behavior he wants from the child".  Then, the child will be brainwashed accordingly.


To be a bit more specific, we look at the Classification just given in more detail by groups:


Here, family members who put the "patient family member" away are used as the model for "normal" and "patient" is brainwashed into conforming to that model. Patient will be held until other members of family indicate to hospital that they want him back.


Here, the legal structure of interdiction is used to gain financial control over assets which patient would control if "sane" Patient will normally be kept until all his assets are ripped off and he has nothing - then, since the motive has been accomplished, he will be discharged as "cured" (and penniless).


Here, the specific complaints of the Government are communicated (in secret) to the Superintendent (who is an agent). Hospital will discharge if specific complaint is rectified, or hold for life, or kill. In certain cases, such as brief Presidential visits, patient is only "kept on ice" for the few days President is in town.


Patient is held until he compromises his belief (is broken).  Drugs are increased to levels far in excess of manufactures recommendations until either the patient is broken or he dies from an overdose.  Remember, psychiatrists are "agents of the culture" and the culture they are agents of is predominately pagan, materialistic, and atheistic.  There is no room for "spiritual experiences" - people must remain slaves to economic desires to maintain the "system".


Research patients never leave the control of the system alive.  Like research animals who are dumped into a garbage can and doused with ether when their usefulness is ended, so, with the research patient:
When the research is finished - so are you.

Group 06 (SLAVES)

Some people, like the "Electrician" from HB9, just happen to fall into the clutches of a hospital and hospital learns they can use this person for a service they need instead of hiring someone.  These people are kept as slaves and used for all they are worth. When usefulness is ended (say the guy gets old) they may discharge.

Group 07 (ZOMBIES)

These people never leave institutional control, they are "zombies" and are cared for like animals.  Most zombies are "sold" to private nursing homes who do a thriving business in the "damaged human body market" by exploiting benefits due these "bodies" under Social Security.




We know, in retrospect, that during the N1I19 period the U S Government was very interested in brainwashing drugs.  Material now publicly exposed indicates that there were "handbooks" prepared with objectives like "every man has his breaking point - your job is to find it", etc.

The drug industry was stimulated by lavish grants from CIA and other sources to develop mind controlling and altering drugs - the interest of the Government was to have drugs available to cause amnesia, in general, and "make people forget sensitive material" and "make people who knew sensitive material talk".

One of the specific grants exposed by press was to LSU Medical School in New Orleans.

Now it appears to be just more then coincidence that it was during this period that so many new "antipsychotic" drugs were quietly approved by FDA and showed up in the bug house medicine rooms.  Data from the Buddington Service together with these revelations that "mind control" thru drugs is part of "national policy" would explain more realistically what mental patients know from experience:  "No one is being 'treated' in these 'state hospitals' - they are being brainwashed and broken as part of national policy".

There have been for some time (far before the N1I19 period) chemical agents used or prepaired to be used in war. Classic "don't give a damn gas" was supposed to induce such apathey that troops could just wander in and take over with no sweat. These agents were available in the late 1950's. The word "tranquilizer" was new then. But,  these early nerve agents (which you can't use in a 'real war' by international agreement) seem to have now found use at home as forerunners of  "select chemical warfare" against U S Citizens as directed by the court system.

There were two main events which "removed all restraint" from those who had an inclination to capture and torture U S Citizens during the N1I19 period.  The first was the Kennedy Assassination.  This was something you just "don't want to know about" - even today.  In college, during N1I19, we heard stories of people who were prepairing to talk about Kennedy disappearing without a trace - then later some reporter would see them on the street and recognize them, try to talk to them only to find out that they had become "another person" totally vacent in data on Kennedy.  The "word" was that these people had been taken to an ultra-secret brainwashing center located at Bethesda Naval Hospital - a place it was said - that you just don't want to be taken to.

Then, on the heeles of Kennedy, there came Hippies and Vietnam War protesters - it was the dawn of the "anything goes - do whatever you want" period.  The Government went hog wild.  At Tulane, as a "front" institution, special swat teems were called in from the Federal Government - people (students) disappeared in the wee hours of the morning - never to return. Now, being a "Hippie" was considered a mental illness and they were committed on a wholesale basis to Mandeville until ACLU stepped in to protect them.  Also, it was considered "normal" to "want to go to Vietnam and die" and "sick behavior" to try to resist (withdraw from reality).

The bottom line is this: "Governments, thru all ages, have had the need for large masses of 'slaves'.  The U S Government is no exception to that rule.  Techniques used in the past such as "off with your head" and "purges where thousands are mass murdered", etc.,  are considered "unacceptable and barbaric" - but the need to have slaves continues.


The science of mind control and behavior modification (which is what "research into mental illness" really is) is seen to offer an acceptable (more humane) way to accomplish what Governments have always done - and always will.


In this report we have called Tulane University a "Government Front Organization".  Here, we want to get into just what a "government front organization" is and the various covert relationships that exist between Tulane and the Feds.

It was common knowledge on campus that Hebert Longnecker, president of Tulane during the N1I19 period,  was a member or an agent of the "IDA".  IDA stands for the "Institutes For Defense Analysis" and, although it recruits on campus, its existence is officially denied.  It was not until leaving the University that I realized that this was supposed to be "secret" because it is freely talked about in the "community of the school".

What is the IDA end what does it do. Probably,  just what the name says" "it analyses defense plans". Longnecker had his degree in Chemistry and it was pointed out during war protests that here we were at a school with a president who was involved most likely with chemical warfare.

I had a political science professor, Mr. Rouyer, who said he had once planned to get a job with IDA although it did not materialize.  He tells this story of his "meeting" with the IDA people: "First, I had filled out this detailed history - they wanted to know everything - every day of my past life. Then, I was called to a meeting.  There was me and one guy who was already employed - an agent. We went into this building and up to a safe (a giant vault - like in a bank). The agent opened the vault and inside was a "conference room" - big table, chairs ,etc. So I sat down at the table and he locked us inside the vault (conference room).  Then he said - this is the final meeting - no one can hear us here - I want you to tell me anything that you felt was too sensitive to submit on the written (history) report.  Well, I decided not to take the job."

Well, so much for IDA.  Incidentally, there is a rather straight forward procedure to determine weather a Government Agency "exists" of "does not exist". The Government, each year, publishes the "U S Government Organization Manual" and you can buy it for about $7. If you know of a Government Agency and it is listed in the book - it "exists"; and if you find out about an agency and you can't find it in the book, then "it does not exist".  IDA is not in the book.

However, mistakes do happen.  In the Alumni Magazine of  Tulane University, called the "TULAINIAN", for Spring 1977, Vol. # 48, Issue # 2 on page # 7.  The magazine talks about Albert J. Wetzel - a vice president of Tulane - been there since 1965 (covers the N1119 period). This is the significant quote: . "He joined the University's administrative staff in 1965 as Director of Research and Sponsored Programs after retiring as a Colonel in the U S Air Force, serving as assistant to the Director of Defense Research and Development, DOD.  Wetzel, Director of Tulane's Office of University Development since 1968, serves as a commissioner of the Louisiana Educational Television Authority and is of the Teagle Foundation of New York, Gulf South Research Institute [located in New Orleans - you cannot work there without a security clearance], the INSTITUTE FOR DEFENSE ANALYSIS, and Oak Ridge (where they made the first bomb) Associated Universities."



The article adds: "'Wetzel ... serves as Tulane' s liaison with special individuals and groups outside the Alumni Body".
[The use of the word "special" is a code word for access to things regular people cannot get like inside the "secret government"]

This is a significant article and the first time I saw "IDA" mentioned and admitted in print.

If you read between the lines, you can begin to guess what sort of covert shit  goes on at the University.

Tulane, of course, is "proud" to be a Government Front Organization - most fronts are - and they have special privileges that just a "regular" University does not have.  Unfortunately, when Government goes on one of its little kicks - such as when a turkey president like Nixon believes he is a "sovereign" and "if he orders something - then it is lawful because it came from his holy little mouth",  the fronts of the Government are activated and "freedom" can "vanish over night".  Hopefully, in the future, there will be new contours where brute force will become tempered with more insight and understanding.

In the structure of the "national security" all presidents of Major Universities, Corporations, etc. are "members of some covert
Government agency" or they are personally dominated and influenced by someone else who is an agent.



Psychiatry appears to be a quasi religious cult operating outside the logical order of Science.  The observations of Psychiatrists of the human condition appear to be observations from ignorance of things which have always existed and the nomenclature of Psychiatry appears to be assignment to these things of arbitrary "names" (similar to medical nomenclature).  The same things are called by different names in other areas of discipline and the notion that they are "diseases" of some sort is not logically supported.  Psychiatry has as its primary advocate a non logical and almost religious "belief in Psychiatry".  People "in the cult" use their own nomenclature to converse about a "sick world that needs them" whereas, in a different reality, the sane source observations could be found to be routine, natural, and desirable. The position of an observer is more based on "blind belief" than on "fact".


The US Constitution prohibits religious interference.  The effect of the interpretation of this idea so far is only in the area of economics.  For example, you can't tax church property, etc.  Here we want to run thru a few  more obvious arguments which suggest that religious interference is inherent in the practice of psychiatry - that it cannot be separated from the practice - and, therefore,  the practice with the "blessing and financial support of the U S Government", (which accounts for almost all of Psychiatric practice) is unconstitutional.


One real problem in the area of "proof" is that Psychiatrists do not agree among themselves on concrete definitions and religious definitions are elusive.  You need these things to do formal proofs so the proofs, therefore, are elusive.



However, as science becomes more sophisticated and reaches to grasp "total knowledge", these problems at least begin to melt away.

One thing that Psychiatrists do agree on is the "'SD Experience".  They call it "a model schizophrenic state".  Now, there is no definition for schizophrenia - they yap with each other in a monthly magazine exchanging views on what they think it is but there is no agreement. But, LSD is a "model state".

Leaving this established for a bit we want to get into the adrenaline breakdown syndrome which occurs if you do not eat and stay awake. In the syndrome, adrenaline decomposes to a chemical similar to LSD and you can "trip" in essentially the same way. But, this has been a religious "right" or practice since before there were enough letters invented to spell Psychiatry much less schizophrenia.

Now, if LSD is a model schizophrenia - a "disease" and the "religious experience" of "fasting" is the same thing as the LSD experience, then it is the same as what is called schizophrenia. But,  you can be "arrested for schizophrenia" and damaged with drugs by order of the courts to get rid of this "disease".

Now, if  "getting rid of disease" is in fact "chemically damaging the body to prevent religious experience" the courts are operating in a prohibited area.


Data is available from the "Trancedential Meditation" people which is in scientific format already and so compatible with medical data relating to Psychiatry.

The important data is the brain wave stability-coherence-frequency requirements for sophisticated yoga routines to occur. From the data, we know now that meditation requires as a prerequisite departure from the 20 cycle lock frequency to approximately 7.5 cycle reference for entrance level meditation and lower for higher level gates.  There is also a synchronization requirement that all brain centers lock simultaneously on the same reference marker.

Now, there is no argument here - you can't do this shot up with major tranquilizers because they scramble brain waves, therefore the conditions cannot be met.

We note, in passing, that if you locked on a reference marker and drugs were used to break the lock, if the desire to maintain the lock was strong, there could be interesting effects including an explanation for all those "sudden unexpected and unexplained deaths" noted on fact sheets for all major tranquilizers.

Now, we question the right of the Government to "prohibit a citizen from meditating" which is what it does when it court-orders drugging of a person.

The "right to transcend" is essentially a "religious level right" which should have protection from Government interference.


We have a newspaper article that gets down to the bottom line: "Medicine Now Locks at Mind, Body, and Soul" is the headline and it describes an interview with a Psychiatrist talking about the "new concept im Medicine".  Well, there is no need to formulate arguments here. Psychiatrists claiming to be treating "Souls" on court order - against your will - at Government operated behavior modification centers - operated with Federal Funds -  a direct violation.




There are basically two groups of people who conduct medical experiments on citizens in New Orleans - Tulane University Medical School and ISU Medical School.

Tulane is centered around Charity Hospital (as a "storage place" for the 'experimental subject') and the actual medical school is in a building next-door.  However, recently, Tulane has constructed its "own hospital" across the street from Charity and so it is likely to be used. There are certain areas of disagreement of an "academic nature" between Tulane and LSU and Tulane prefers and has now implemented a plan to "phase out" all contact with LSU.  LSU is more or lees obligated to use Charity Hospital since it is a State University and Charity is a State Hospital - however Tulane is not.

We know from people who work at the Tulane Medical Center that it is impossible to walk in the hall from one office to another without "getting stoned" from the marihuana fumes that are in the air.  Tulane, a Government Front Organization, has a "license" to get "reagent grass" from the Feds (they grow it at the University of Mississippi). Essentially all the staff smoke.  Also, they have exotic parties such as "Quaalude Parties" and mix up special dope - the "reagent marihuana" laced with other drugs and chemicals. We have a report from one of these parties that the stuff is so powerful that one puff will get you high and keep you high all day long.  The research doctors - high all the time on dope themselves - essentially do whatever they damn please to whoever falls into their clutches.

Experiments on animals are done on the seventh floor of the Medical Center.  In these experiments, which always result in eventual death, the animal's (dog, cat, rat, etc.) vocal cords are cut so that they do not make any noise (to distract the experimenter) and then they are cut open so that you can watch their guts work.  This is rather painful - hence the severed vocal cords - and they are not given anything for pain because it "might spoil the experiment" and, of course, they plan to kill them anyway.  There is high security where this is done to prevent anyone who might object to torturing animals from getting in and observing the truth.

So much for the seventh floor of the Medical School. On the seventh floor of the newly constructed "hospital" across the street, human beings (not animals) are kept.  They are in a compound surrounded by "iron bars".  They apparently do not fair much better than the animals on the seventh floor across the street.  Here is the domain of Dr. Heath - mad scientist. We will go into Heath's practices elsewhere.

Meanwhile, across town, on Florida Avenue is the LSU School of Dentistry.  This school is a cover for LSU's human guinea pig experiments.  The relatively new building is equipped with an incinerator capable of burning up a human body with absolutely nothing left - not even ashes.  Here we know at least one "terminal man" type creature is kept.  He has no top on his head and they play with him with wires stuck into his brain everywhere to see what parts of the brain control what.  It is unreasonable to assume that they would ever "turn this man loose" to walk the streets and tell what is really going on - his most probable fate will be "the incinerator".  At the complex is kept, among others, reagent grade marijuana, THC, LSD, Heroin and experimental drugs with no names yet -  also drugs so exotic they must mixed together just before they are shot into someone, etc.


Detailed data is available on LSU due to our informer, Russell Bailey, who works there as the Chief  Locksmith and has access, therefore, to all the secret labs and, as he moves around, can see what is going on.

The Tulane Center and the LSU Center are linked by the State Secret Closed Circuit Television Network.  Whatever atrocities are carried out are video taped and shown to all medical research groups in the State - and elsewhere.  The only people they are not shown to is the average man on the street, who, as usual, "does not need to know".


The official "party line" of the Psychiatric Cult is based on a policy of "no knowledge". When you scratch the surface of the party line - even so slightly - bells and red lights should go off in the head of anyone with a brain who is genuinely interested in knowing just what the hell is going on in Psychiatry.

First, what is Mental Illness.  The official policy is "we don't know - we know there is something wrong with some people and we must have money to research this problem".  There is a newsletter circulated among psychiatrists on the "progress of the research into schizophrenia" where everyone puts forward "his best guess" as to what schizophrenia is.  So it is "officially" an un-defined word - there is no definition of schizophrenia that can be published because there is no consensus of experts that can agree on what they mean when they use the word.

Second, look at "treatment methods".  Now, remember, no one agrees on what they are treating but there are methods to treat this "undefined" thing.  Read the fact sheets on all major tranquilizers and you will find  "the sight and mode of action has not been determined".  This means that "officially no one knows what these drugs do".  But they are "convinced" that these drugs whose "action has not been determined" are useful in treating say schizophrenia  "whose etiology is not understood".

Sure sounds like the blind leading the blind - doesn't it.  How does a doctor make the decision that someone has this "undefined illness" whose cause is not understood and decide to "cure" this sucker with drugs whose action is not understood. About the only thing that is "understood" is that a significant number of citizens are strung out and locked up by the Psychiatric Cult - and some of them die from drugs "whose actions are not understood".  If you were locked up by these characters there would be one thing that you would understand - the hard way - and that is that you have been screwed - and screwed good.

No other concept in Medicine is guarded in such "mystique".  Read facts on antibiotics and other "legitimate drugs" - they don't have all this double talk about "not being understood" they are very clearly understood.  If you went to a "legitimate doctor" and he told you you had something wrong but he did not understand what it was and nevertheless he wanted to give you some drugs that he did not know what they did but to take them anyway - you would run away from the guy - fast. You would say - "where did you get a doctor's license and how many cereal box tops did it cost you to get this "kangaroo" doctor's outfit because you would know the guy was a quack.



Not so if you are dealing with the Psychiatric Cult - their defense is based in ignorance.  You can't say "you don't know what you are doing" as an argument them because the "party line" of Psychiatry is "we don't know what we are doing - but we are trying and we need more money and since you are complaining you must be against progress because as doctors you know we must be good cause if we weren't we would not be trying to help all of these people cause there must be something wrong with them cause if there wasn't they would not have been sent to us - bla bla bla, etc.

Well, obviously there is "something" going on in the Cult and in the brains of doctors who call people mentally sick - and the billion dollar drug companies who supply them with dope must have "some sense of what their dope does" since they invented it.  But what this is is not going to be told to you in a straight-forward manner.  If you really want to know, you must do your own research - and be prepared for some shocks along the way because you will learn about things that you never dreamed existed.  We will give you a start in this section of the report.



This material requires a certain level of insight which, unfortunately, is not generally present in the major population.  If you have a legitimate desire to know what is really going on - and are willing to spend some time looking around - you can understand the material that we will present here.  It is better that you do your own looking than to run thru "proofs" because most people who are "super firm believers in mental illness"  have their beliefs rooted in blind faith and would not change no matter how convincing the evidence was.


And - in the sense the word is used in the "state hospitals" there never was.  There are different realities - or levels of consciousness - or states of consciousness and there always have been and always will be.  Additionally, there are predictable transitory states of awareness between states and there are basic differences between two classes of people in two different states which would make them non-compatable.

Because our society has locked or fixed its primary state of consciousness by committing itself to a lifestyle based on materialism - to the extent of essentially "worshiping" it, it is therefore more sensitive to conflicts with other realities than would be a more flexible and less narrow minded group of people.


All of the overt physical aberrations which most people who pass thru a mental ward think are some type of mental illness - trembeling, disoriented and slurred speech - nervousness,  inability to sit still without rocking, etc. - difficulty in reading and writing - are standard side effects of the Major Tranquilizers.



Additionally, their inability to understand or cope is not from mental illness but from the drugs designed to "make them forget their problems" which have, in addition, made them forget most everything else also.


And a lot of it could be explained away by "biorhythm" charts which are "semi-scientific".  But additionally, there are standard cycles of time which were recognized by intelligent people before "psychiatrist" was in the dictionary - they are not "bran new" and are as old as tine itself.  All people pass thru these cycles - but all people do not have other people "watching over them" trying to manage their lives who have concluded that they "need (our) help".

If you picked out any poor soul - followed him around day and night - and noted how he was sometimes "feeling up" and then 'mysteriously' at other times "looking down",  then you could label the whole population Manic Depressive because such cycles are simply a fact of life.


And, in a more advanced culture they would signify that a person was becoming worthy of taking his place in the scheme of the Universe and older Adepts who had been thru these experiences would help the new-comer and see that he was shown the secrets of life as he began - consciously - his long journey thru eternity.

Unfortunately, in a society of atheists - who have killed off or scared away spiritual adepts - things are a bit different but people still have entrance level experiences spontaneously and the fact that we are warned that "schizophrenia is increasing" is really a hopeful sign that the average consciousness of the society is rising.

Since doctors are atheists, people who have these experiences and need some "guidance" - receive instead only torture and ridicule when they are captured by the Medical Cult.  If they had blundered into some type of  legitimate Master - they would have been given support instead.


Human Beings are not trivial things but are complex and can exist simultaneously in multiple realities - unless they are "interfered with".

By forcing drugs on people under these conditions doctors scramble the balance of the body and nervous system so that the person cannot hold multiple realities and must "pick one" - if the person picks the higher realities then he must give up the lower realities, which includes his physical body, and so he dies.

This is called a "sudden unexpected and unexplained death" and is printed in PDR for every major tranquilizer as follows: "Sudden unexpected and unexplained deaths have been reported in hospitalized psychotic patients receiving phenothiazine derivatives. There has usually been a 'flairup' of psychotic behavior just prior to death."



For PDR, this description is remarkably accurate - and very revealing when you realize what is actually happening.  The drug scrambles the natural body balance and so patient must now choose one state of consciousness "for keeps" and so he "wrestles between the states" (and so the "flare-up") - and when the higher state wins the contest, he dies.

Although medical students usually do not know this - the administrative level staff do know (it is part of their trade secrets as you might guess) and so to allow this is really to allow pre-meditated murder.  In cases like this - the "murderer" seems to go free - but he must pay eventually in "Karma" and may meet his patient in another lifetime where the "patient" (now in a superior position) will settle the score and maybe get to kill the doctor (who would be cast down now in some inferior social role).


The "same event" has different word descriptions in the Mental Health System (MHS) and the Criminal Justice System (CJS).  Although what is happening is essentially the same, the use of "polite words" in the MHS makes it look like people are "benefiting" as opposed to being "punished" when the exact same thing is done in the CJS.

The conversion list given here is designed to establish this basic idea - you can do your homework and find more examples in practice.

Mental Hospital Prison
Ward Cell Block
Attendant Guard
Work Therapy Work Detail
Conditional Discharge Parole
"Aftercare" Clinic Parole Officer
Treatment Plan Conditions of Parole
Resisting Treatment Violation of Parole
Treatment Punishment
Seclusion  Room Hole - Solitary Confinement
Expert's Opinion Verdict of Jury of Citizens
Commitment Conviction
Hospital Superintendent Warden


Rape Therapy
Aversion Therapy
Physical Torture Therapy
Chemical Therapy
Electric Shocks



Euthanasia (Poison) Execution (Electric Chair)
Illness Crime
Assumed GUILTY unless
can prove innocent
Assumed INNOCENT unless
can prove guilty
Paranoid Behavior
(not permitted)
Demanding Legal Representation


Illegal Arrests
Phony Charges
Illegal Break Ins
Unauthorized Searches
Tapping Phones
Opening Mail
False Imprisonment



Opinions of Strangers
Things Said Under Stress
Things Done Under Drugs
What your neighbors think of you
Who you associate with
The "illnesses" of blood relatives
What you look like
Your type of "Body Build"
Things you don't say (but an expert says you are thinking)



Here we want to briefly discuss main points about Federal Benefits and what is available to people who have been "stamped" as mentally ill.  Additionally, we want to point out certain things that most people do not seem to be aware of in this general area and give some practical advice and information.




To begin with, the entire medical system in the United States is primarily funded by the Federal Government - they pay the bill and the people in the system are, in a manner of speaking, all supported by Federal Funds although sometimes it is not "black and white" obvious.

You should also realize that people who do not work for a living are the great majority of the population.  The U S population is about 224 Million and only about 60 Million people have jobs - these other 75 per-cent do not have jobs and they are obviously eating somewhere and something other than work is paying the bill - in most cases this something is the Federal Government and in ALL cases it is the poor suckers in the 25 per-cent of the population who have jobs and pay 50 per-cent of their earnings to support the 75 per-cent who live free.  National propaganda via Radio and TV present "models" which give the impression that everyone is working and happily paying taxes - but the statistics show differently and you should not be "conned" into having "guilt feelings" because you live free and think that you are in some "bad guy minority" - you are in the majority and the working people (slaves) are suckers - they work their ass off and get ulcers and heart attacks and wonder why  they never "break even" or "afford luxuries" - if they quit working they would feel better and maybe make more in Welfare money than they did at their miserable job.


In general, it is necessary to have some "excuse" to get out of the rat race and live free forever - but this is easy.  If you have been stamped Mentally Ill - there is no reason that you should ever have to work again or worry about anything in the area of material needs - you can get it all free from the Federal Government and now we will run thru what is available for you to get.

Free Income

You qualify automatically for Social Security and Supplemental Security and this will give you a basic cash income.  If you have trouble getting this, you qualify for FREE lawyers (paid by the Feds too) who will systematically go thru the seven stages of Appeals that you have the right to go thru if rejected - you must eventually win so don't give up - the law specifically states that anyone stamped Schizophrenic automatically qualifies and essentially all Mental patients are stamped this.  If you are not stamped, and want to be just go tell some dumb shrink you hear voices in your head and he will stamp you - then run away before he tries to give you drugs and subpoena his records to get the free money.

Free Food

Anyone getting SSI (which we just covered) automatically qualifies for free food stamps - it is written into the law and you can't be turned down.  Remind them of this if they give you any bull shit.

Free House

If you don't have a home,  you can get a free house or apartment under the Give Away called  "Section Eight Housing".  It is a Government program and involves paying little or no rent (the Government pays the rent). Additionally there are programs that will give you a house - and a lot - free.  Some involve run down houses and you can have one if you agree to fix it up and live in it as your home.

These programs will supply all of your basic needs for the rest of your life.  There is only one thing you must remember and that is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do any work.  If anyone like a social worker or one of those people tries to induce you to get any type of job just say, "I'm Disabled" and walk away and the Government will have to support you forever - and your companion (like a wife) and all the kids you have - and all their needs (assuming your companion is also "disabled") forever and forever and forever.

If you have been locked up by the Medical Cult and tortured - you have earned every measly penny you can squeeze out of the Government because THEY are the cause of the system that tortured you and tried to kill you and you have a right to collect something for what they have done and conspired to do to you.


You can live totally free at the same standard of living as people who work and have five figure incomes.  Here is how - the key is "Exemptions".  You see,  people who work have a lot of "overhead" - they pay taxes on their homes - on their incomes - and on the things they own - and in many other ways.  Once you live free you are exempt from all this - your income is small but it is exempt income which makes it equal to much much more because to get the same "take home" by working you would have to make at least four times the free amount due to taxes, the cost of preparing to work (clothes, meals away from home, car & gas & maintenance) and other overhead which you do not have.  All tax programs are to rip off money from working people - once you become disabled you are exempt from essentially everything in the way of taxes - when your neighbors complain that "taxes are killing them" you can laugh in their face and say "die stupid sucker" for being stupid enough to work because you know you don't pay anything at all.


BEWARE of state and local welfare people and of any representatives of Mental Health Associations and Clinics or Clubs - they will try to get you to do something - like working or saying you think you can work - so they can get you disqualified from the "free money" and stuck in some dead end job where you will get less than you could get for not working and also be miserable. Don't listen to them. Don't talk to them. You don't have to.

.                                                                     AND THE "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT"

Deal with the Federal Government only - forget about State and Local Government because with the Feds you have lots and lots of RIGHTS.

You can effectively cut off all local and state officials by using the Federal Privacy Act.  Once you get Federal Money, you do not have to see or give any information at all to any State or Local Government or to any Health Clinic run by them - and they can't get any information about you or what you are doing from the Feds without your permission - so don't give it to them - if they complain tell them to go to hell and that they are in violation of the Federal Privacy Act and you will sue them for all they are worth in "Federal Court" where they can't kiss ass with some crooked local Judge - and tell them you will call in the PRESS - they are all crooks and are more scared of the PRESS than anything else. MAINLY,  show them you know your rights and that you will fight them!



Using the Federal Freedom of Information Act you can find out what is in any Federal File on you - you usually can't see your State Medical Records but if you apply for Social Security the Hospital MUST send your records to the Federal Government and once they get them they must release them to you if you insist on it. They have no choice and you can get all your legal services FREE (remember) to fight with them if they do.


You can handle all of your business with the Federal Government yourself usually - you do not need a lawyer but they are available thru legal aid centers if you do and they are specifically paid to assist people looking for Federal Benefits.

The people in the Social security office will explain all the programs to you - this is their job - and they have FREE pamphlets on all the programs and how to apply - make use of these people and do some research before you actually apply so you will know "the right answers" that will give you the "most cash" for the "least effort".

If you know other people who live FREE - get with them and share information on how to rip off the Government and what the latest give aways are.

REMEMBER - you have been harassed and tortured by the Government - and you have the right to some kind of compensation for all the shit you have taken - to leave the bug farm and get a job and pay taxes to support the system that tried to kill you is just stupid and asking for punishment - you don't have to - you can spend the rest of your life living FREE and having fun.


Mental patients are just beginning to organize and new laws establish that they are a "discriminated against class".  The possibilities are endless for a National Organization of former patients to move (legally) against the Government for damages that could bankrupt the nation.

Precedents are being set today that you can sue as a class due to things the Government did to you and the prime example is the Vietnam People who were exposed to poison chemicals when the Government knew (but said they did not and stamped the truth "secret") that they were dangerous.

As former patients you have been permanently damaged by the chemicals (drugs) you were forced to take and they knew this all the time but it was hushed up - the potential for collecting fantastic mass claims as a group against the Government is just fantastic - so hang in there and remember - You're disabled - NEVER NEVER WORK - make the bastards PAY PAY PAY.






We construct the strategic model as shown above by "plotting" the concept of "Social Advancement" against the concept of "Level of Consciousness".  Advancement implies increased skill with no change in "Level of Consciousness".  To use a primitive example, advancement would occur if people switched from using buckets of lead for carrying water from a well to buckets of aluminum because aluminum is lighter.  However, if they would have "contemplated" a bit on the whole idea and say "discovered the siphon",  they would have increased slightly in "level of consciousness" and would have made the "old way" obsolete instead of replacing it with a "new and better old way".  This is a primitive example, but we will get better shortly.

With this idea in mind, we will run thru the major regions in the model.

In Region 0 where we label "Barbarians" there are people who are simply too stupid for the Government to "use".  It sets up "remedial training"  for these people - and when this does not work throws them into prisons where they do slave labor like breaking rocks.



In Region 2 where we label "working slaves" we find the "bulk of humanity" who live in the US Matrix.  In this region, people are "smart enough to be slaves". By this we mean that they know how to do things that the Government needs done such as "dig that coal,  run that train, grow that wheat, etc." - but they are not smart enough to know how to live "independently" - as "free souls", so to speak.

In this region, the "party line" of the US Government - which is materialism, "dead religions" which count as atheism because they offer no legitimate hope, and economic determinism are the primary motivations.

The philosophy of "slavery" which is used here is "manufactured" by the Government in such a way as to keep the slaves as slaves.

Basically, the tenets of this Philosophy are:

1. The United States is the best Government in the World.
          2. Beyond this place (this world) there is nothing.
3. Beyond the physical reality (day to day existence) there is nothing.
4. Since there is "no place you can go"; obviously you will want to "work hard"  to make what is  .   .   here "better" (for your kids - and future generations, etc...)

In Region 3 where we label "Government", we have the people who work to make sure that the "artificial reality" which is necessary to "keep the slaves happy" is maintained - this is called "maintaining the national security" - and that is a perfectly true statement but it means more than you probably ever dreamed.

We will come back to this region later.  Now, we want to look at the remaining regions on our schematic diagram to see what else is there.

The primitive Regions

The "primitive regions" are those we call Region 0 and those labeled Region "2-". Quickly, let's run thru what's happening here.

"Below" the "average social consciousness" there are "people" but they are so primitive that we almost ignore them as "human beings" such as "bush men in Africa", etc. here is the Region 0.

Region 2 is based on "technology" and there is technology so primitive that we call it "obsolete" (but it is in use in primitive regions) and that is what we have in mind in region "2-".

The Advanced Regions

Now, most people have "heard" about the primitive regions but let's look "on the other side of the wall".  Tn region "2+" we have people who would consider what what call "advanced technology" as obsolete toys - such as people who visit us in the "UFO's".  These people are still in a "technological level of consciousness" but are far more advanced.  Now you begin to see the meaning of the "square box" with "slaves" in the middle.

Now, if you raise consciousness above to say Region 5, you find advanced life forms in the "increased awareness or consciousness direction" such as spirits, psychic worlds, spiritual worlds, "eventually" God, etc. - many of these entities couldn't care less about "technology" - advanced or primitive - because they have evolved to such a point that it is not even a word in their vocabulary- if they had a vocabulary or even "stooped low enough to use language" to communicate with each other instead of the normal direct telepathy.



So, we begin to see, more clearly, what "national security" really means - it means "maintaining the conditions necessary for things to stay as they are". It means, in part, "physical defense" against "overt enemies" but mainly it means "keeping the slaves in the little box".

Elements of the "national defense"

Looking at our "box" diagram, one can see the points at which the US Matrix is "vulnerable to attack" (a mis-leading phrase, but the common point of view).

Attack from region "2-" is unlikely because this region is less technologically advanced and so would lose in a battle with "technological" weapons.

Attack from region "0" is unlikely because these people do not identify with civilization as it is in Region 2 - they just want to be let alone swinging from trees and eating bananas or whatever and don't even know we are here.

Now, we will get to the "good stuff".  Lets look at attack from region "2+" - the UFO people and people on other planets. Well, sincethey are "technologically advanced", there is no defense against them, but they would have at least a "run for their money" since they are in the "technological level of consciousness" but the Government knows that if they would attack it would lose. They do not, because for the same reason we do not attack our region "2-".- the Earth people are "so primitive" that they are not "worth bothering with" - as, by comparison. the primitive nations are to us on this planet.

Looking at Region 5, again there is no "straight forward defense" against entities who do not even have "bodies" and so can't be "shot at" or "bombed".


In dealing with the advanced realities, the United States is "aggressively helpless".  Their "toy" "jet fighter planes" can't catch a UFO - and in the other direction they can't "conquer the heavenly worlds".

But, they CAN do a "mind control job" on the "citizens" to convince them that "these things do not exist" - and this is where Psychiatry comes in as a part of "national defense".

The US Government is totally powerless to prevent a UFO from landing here - it is totally powerless to prevent an "Earth Man" from getting on that UFO and leaving this place and never coming back but it CAN DO something to a person who meets with a UFO and then returns to "ordinary people" to tell them his revelations - what the Government CAN DO is to arrest that citizen declare him insane - and systematically torture him to death or convince him that  "it was all a dream and it did not happen".

Also, the US Government is totally powerless against psychic and spiritual entities - but what it CAN DO is to arrest any person who shows that he has "supernatural" (that is a deceptive word because it is not that others are advanced so much as we are so utterly dumb here) talents and then DAMAGE HIS BRAIN to the point that he is a mindless idiot.

Psychiatry is the instrument by which the US Government accomplishes these things.




None of the "words" used by the Psychiatric Cult have "clear meanings".  Their interpretation is a "matter of perspective". They seem to have "clear meanings" to you because you have "your perspective" so you have "given meaning to them" by adding "your perspective" as you read the "vague definitions".  But, if you "change the perspective", the meanings change right along.

We wall run thru some examples to illustrate.  Suppose your perspective is within region 2. You are a "working slave".  You are happy because "you don't know you are a slave".  You believe the US "party line" because no one has shown you different. But then you have some type of "experience" - say you bump into a UFO.  Now, your "perspective" is altered.  You know there are other places - other planets - other "realities".  And,  for the first time "you know you are a slave"  (you thought you were free before because you could not "imagine" anything better then what you had).  Now, you are a "mental fugitive" the Government "hunts down" people who "know too much".  They say you are "withdrawing from reality" but in your "new perspective" to you it is "fleeing to freedom" because now you know that the "freedom you thought you had achieved was really an illusion"

You can "be cured" of this desire to "withdraw from reality" by shock treatments to erase your brain - kill the memory of the visitor who shattered your "illusion of freedom".  You want "real freedom" - not drug induced illusions,  so you will "resist treatment" - all of your "friends" will wonder why you want to "cling to your hallucinations" and they will "turn you in for help" - they will think they have done you a great service.  They will never know that the things you could have told them would have released them from the bondage of illusion and that they have destroyed their own hope of ever learning the truth.

Now, look at this example and pick for yourself points on the "schematic diagram" as a "perspective" and think of how you would view things if  "you were there" - change the points and re-evaluate. Do this exercise and note how the "words" you thought you understood change in meaning as you change in "perspective".

So you begin to see that things are not really so "cut and dried" after all.


The right to know the truth is not an established "civil right".  Most people think that it is somehow "understood" and that it is somehow "unalienable".  But,  the technology of "mind control" and "behavior modification" negates that right because it gives the Government the power to change people so that they think and act the way it feels they should - from its "perspective" - which is not the "only way" or the "best way" or anything but what it obviously is and that is "its way". So, to use the quaint phrase, "Mother, I'd rather do myself" - well, when you say "Government,  I'd rather seek my own reality and live as I feel" - well then you are asking for the full force of all the devious techniques to damage your brain, zap your mind, convince you that you don't want whatever you do want, etc.,  that have been devised by Science.

The thing you asked for was so simple - you would have never guessed that you had become a "security risk"  because you "dared to think for yourself" - and are now a "mental criminal" - charged with having an "illegal personality".





Now we will try to get to the "very bottom" of the "bottom line" about what the Country is all about and why it behaves as it does and why it will continue in this direction.

The National Purpose is to create and maintain "our way of life" and to protect and defend "our way of life" against the enemies of  "our way of life".

To understand what National Purpose translates to in "everyday life" you must know what "our way of life is" and why it is so - the conditions and the interplay of forces that generate this thing called "our way of life".


Life is not trivial - and life as "we know it" is not all there is to life - it is however a part of the "spectrum of life".

Historical Models from the past (and things you can learn in the present if you look for them) show that when human beings manage somehow to develop a civilization where they somehow "avoid doing numbers on each other" and live in harmony certain "things happen" which are generally grouped under the title "Transcendence".

We will select an example from the past and use the Hopi Indian tribe to illustrate.  Texts have been written on these people. The time line record shows that these people once had such a "peaceful existence" and that they spontaneously began to transcend - leaving their physical bodies usually thru the top of the head (which is the most advanced way to do it) and traveling to other regions of the Universe and - in doing so - becoming citizens of the Universe in a form of existence beyond birth and death and physical problems.   All this ended when,  for some reason,  they began to quarrel among themselves when they did this it switched their attention from the Universal to the "Earth Physical" and the ability to leave their bodies ended - they fought among themselves and killed one another.  In the "trade off" they gave up the Universal in exchange for "a pretty miserable existence" - not a good bargain to say the least.


People who live in "the US Reality" already have a miserable existence - they fight all the time and kill one another - they know of no other way to exist and the economy of the country is based on "cut-throat competition" which is a form of continuous warfare although not usually physically "fought".  When people move up the so called "socio-economic ladder of 'success' ", they do not stop fighting with each other they just change the method from "physical fighting" to "emotional fighting" to "intellectual fighting".

If the people would - by some magic - quit fighting - they would, as with the old "Hopis" - start to transcend to higher levels of consciousness and would be happier - but in the trade off the things that make them "happy now" - the material things and lust for these things - would become insignificant and they would give them up.

Since these things are what make up "our way of life" you can guess that "transcendence" would take away "our way of life" - it


would be replaced by a better existence but it would definitely not be "our way of life" as it is now.


People talk about "crises management" and "crisis intervention" - but what about "crisis synthesis".  There is a lot of "crisis synthesis" going on and the main source of it is the US Government.  Crisis Synthesis means inventing excuses for people to fight with each other.

The main example is War and we will go thru the Vietnam period as an example.  During this period - recalling the Johnson Years - in political speeches this man would say,  "I know that some of you do not understand this war - you do not understand why our best young men are going to have to go to Vietnam and die (etc.) but I want you to know that the future of "our way of life" depends on this and it is a necessary thing."

This statement is true and now you should be able to see how it is true and how "horribly true it really is".  What the President said was that if the Government did not force its way into the lives of  "the best young men" and force them to fight and hate and want to kill one another that these young men - being the best young men - would spontaneously learn the trancedental secrets as ancients did and that if they were not "damaged" by a contrived war that "our way of life" could not continue.

So, when you analyze the action of the Government and you notice that "they seem to be deliberately hurting people for no explainable reason" - and you wonder why someone would be this way and what they could hope to accomplish by damaging their "own people" this is the reason:  The only way to maintain "our way of life" is to damage the young people so that the "other ways of life" which no one wants to admit exist become unattainable and "things stay as they are".


When other Governments and small groups call the US Government "SATANIC",  what they mean is that the Government "manufactures evil" and "promotes internal and external violence" for the reasons that we have just discussed.  In the religious spectrum this is the classic job of the entity called "Satan" so, since this is what the US Government does it is called "SATANIC".

There is no "organized government" that is completely "non satanic".  To reach the opposite end of the religious spectrum is a job that a person must do for himself - alone - this is why it is considered an accomplishment.  However,  there are Governments that are "less Satanic" than the US Government - these places do not have all electric kitchens and gadgets everywhere but the people are happy and have some "other things" that perhaps only occur to the "masses" in the United States in the depths of their dreams if they occur to them at all.


Now,  knowing why the Government acts and what it wants and what it must do to get and keep what it wants you can - with a little bit of imagination - take jumps into the future and guess at what the "real purpose" might be behind some "long range plan" or  "federal program" or some such.  I do not want to be completely hopeless here so I will end with a few words of wisdom which are "the future only exists because you put it there".





We discuss elsewhere that the "oath" that doctors take which most people think is some "pledge to be a good guy" is not that at all but is in fact a pledge of allegiance to the Profession and an oath not to reveal the "medical secrets".

Well, since medicine is related to your health you might wonder why facts of life that could "save your life" should be " a super secret" -  seems like the nature of the material would justify your right to know if the information exists.

Medical Secrets are "justified" in the same basic way as are "Trade Secrets" and "National Secrets" and they are basic truths that if you knew them would cause. the profession to cease to exist.  In the National Matrix in the US System the definition of "Top Secret" is information that if the public knew it would cause changes in their opinion of the Government that would result in the end of the Government - in other words the Government acknowledges that without "illusion" or that "in the light of the truth" - its existence would end.

Actually, .a person who was completely aware of all the facts of  life and the true perspective of reality would have no need for a doctor at all.   Few people reach this state - and to understand it you have to reach it - so few people would believe this. However we can "take little bites" at common illusions to begin to develop this idea that you can have "completely" it you "develop the desire to dig deeper on your own.

What we want to do here is take some "specific areas" and "tear them apart" and you should know that essentially everything else you have "accepted on faith" is illusionary also.


Dentistry is a superfluous profession - there is no valid reason to have it at all because it has been demonstrated and documented for some time that tooth decay is caused by a virus - and a vaccine has been developed to eliminate that virus. You won't hear that from your dentist - he is a rich man and getting richer every day because this information is "just ignored". It is not even a secret because it has been published and even been the subject of  TV documentaries.  So, here is a whole - billion dollar area - area of medicine that "has no reason to be there at all".  Now you don't think these guys are going to "just admit to being superfluous and retire away" do you ?   Hell no ! -They will "fight to delay the public awareness" as long as possible.


When people "die" they go to some funeral home where "the workmen" pour all of their blood out and fill their body with a poison chemical solution "to preserve it".  Well this is the "official story" but there is more.  In the first place, these "preserved bodies" decay rapidly and are not really "all that preserved" to begin with.  The real reason for dumping out all the blood and replacing it with poison is to make sure that "dead people stay dead" which does not always happen - some times they only stay "dead" for a while and then "become alive again".  Of course,  if you completely wreck a body by filling someone's veins with poison it is not. likely that they would "become alive again" and that is the reason it is done.



I met a guy who was a "whatever you call the vehicle that takes people to the mortuary" driver and he had a story that should make you think.  He got a call from a hospital to pick up a dead child.  The child seemed "dead" but on the way to the mortuary to "pump the kid full of poison" the kid came back to life.  The driver could not pump poison into a "live kid" so he turned the wagon around and went back to the hospital - gave the kid and his "official death certificate" back to the doctor and left.  A bit later he got another call to pick up a dead body - and it was the same kid.  Looked "dead" so he put the "dead kid" in the wagon and started off again. But, the "dead kid" came back to life for a second time and now the driver was "getting pissed".  He turned around again - back to the hospital - gave the "live dead kid" and his "death certificate" back to the doctor again saying, "Next time make sure this kid is really dead".  The doctor said "OK" and "wait a minute" and took the kid off into another room and then brought him back saying "OK, he's 'really dead' now".  He was right - this time the kid stayed dead - at least long enough to be filled up with "poison embalming fluid".

The key here is that "death" is not such a "cut and dried" thing as you might think and the only real reason "dead people stay dead" is because their body is hacked up and squirted full of poison that, of course, would make anyone dead.


When doctors "play with people" in states "near to death", many of them "flip flop" across the boundary between "life" and "after life" which causes "questions". Sometimes when patients are in surgery they are not "really knocked out" but are standing in the room watching the operation in what is commonly called "the Astral body".  This creates a "problem" because since the main excuse for "needing doctors" is to "keep people alive" because "death is final and this is all there is". It is hard to believe this if you have an experience like this.  Since the Astral Body is insensitive to pain and you are "obviously somewhere" you - if you remembered - would have to "reevaluate priorities" as far as "medical expenses go".  If a doctor told you that "you had cancer and for a few million dollars he could keep you alive for a year or so adding that he knows you would want to give him everything you owned as 'payment for treatment' and you would just 'learn to bear' the pain and drug side effects" - you might not be so "eager" to jump at this chance for a "guaranteed year of misery and pain" if you had already been "dead" and knew from experience about the "painless Astral body".

Well - to make sure you don't find out - there are drugs that are "specifically used" to cause what is called "retrograde amnesia" so that although you do "get out of your body" you will not remember.  Specifically, the drug Vallium is "mixed" with drugs used in dentistry for surgery like "impacted wisdom teeth".  The only reason for the Vallium is to "disrupt thought processes" so that the memory of  being out of your body cannot be clearly recalled when you return to "physical consciousness".

These secrets are "secret" because if you knew about "life after death" you would feel no "compelling need" to beg a doctor to "save your life" because you would know from these experiences that life is "a continuing thing".  The "force of fear" that the medical profession uses to "get money" would be lost and you would look at "life" and "next life" as "options" instead of  "I'll pay anything because this is all there is".  The truth would hurt the profession economically and so it is a "trade secret".




If you were a doctor - or anyone who spent "lots of time" in a hospital you would eventually see things that you "did not think happened" and they would change your interpretation of  "life".

One thing most "old hospital employees" have seen is "fading" and it means that people in "major conflicts" - like when they are close to death - do not always "just close their eyes and die". Sometimes human bodies "fade out" - either in degrees - or in rare cases - disappear completely.  Yogis and Mystics know how to "fade" and become invisible at will. But there are not too many of them around - especially in this country where truth is suppressed vigorously. But, by random chance, if you work in a hospital where "dying people are routine", a very small percentage of them will "key in these special abilities" accidentally as they get close to the point of death.

Again, if you see something like this - you must,  as a rational person,  reevaluate the way you look at the "life process".  Your chances of seeing it are "not good" because dying people are "routinely taken to hospitals" - and "routinely there are no visitors in 'intensive care' " - and so when these this happens only the staff sees it and they take an oath "not to talk".


Why do hospitals have such "super security" complete with closed circuit TV - armed guards - electronic locks and all that bull?  Since they are supposed to be "so benevolent and pledged to helping" why would anyone want to hurt them?  What is so "hush hush" as to need gun toting guards in a place where "you are supposed to be making people well" - and certainly not shooting at them with guns.

But - there they are - and they get "more every year".  This is supposed to be to keep hoards of  "dope addicts" from "storming the hospital for drugs" - but that is just hard to believe - especially since you can buy all the dope you want from hospital staff who rip it off and push it to friends and on the street for extra cash - and some of them are the "guards".


I will close with a little tidbit for females.  It costs a lot to have a kid - and you know that a hospital will charge you for every single thing right down to "a glass of water" - they don't miss anything.

You should know, however, that some of the things that they "charge you to take away" they sell for big $$$ to other people. The example here is the "afterbirth" if you have had a child.  No one will openly admit it - but there is a "market" for this and the hospital sells a "human afterbirth" to chemical companies for about $200.00 in 1977.  So, correcting for inflation, you should get a "$200.00 rebate" logically on your bill for pregnancy. Of course,  you won't - and the reason is that this is another "medical trade secret".





We will jump right into it here without trying to "lead people to this point of understanding" because if you know you know and if you don't it may be a while.  Evil and its dual, Good, are religious terms and they refer to transcendence patterns. Things which cause transcendence (moving upwards in the spiritual sophistication direction) are called Good and things that cause movement downward or counter to this are called Evil.  Real dumb pragmatic atheist clogs - like most Psychiatrists - have no spiritual enlightenment at all and so think that "there are no right answers". They seem sure of themselves because they "haven't even begun to play the game".  At the high end there are people who are developed enough to be "above the game" and in between are those who are strung out playing yin yang.


We call the US Government an evil force in this report.  This is true,  but should you think that anything should be done to change this you should know that all Governments are evil  and that they MUST be evil in order to continue to exist.  If they became "good" somehow, they would dissolve away.  In order for a Government to exist it must have "something to govern" - which is its justification for existence".  And, in order to "govern" something it must be "inferior to you".  And, it must have "inadequacies" that make it "need a big brother" type thing to tell it what to do.  If a Government somehow "became good" and worked to really raise the consciousness of the "masses" over which it "ruled" - they would know as much as the Government and be able to "rule themselves as individuals" - and then the Government would become superfluous and unnecessary.  It would "die".  The Government does not want to die, so it does evil things like lying to people and making sure they remain at some confused and primitive level by comparison to whatever level the Government is operating at.

Consequently,  the forces which "hold a Government together" are all evil forces.  Good forces simply do not behave this way and will not work.  So when a government says that it is "protecting its National Security" or "working to preserve our way of life" or something and you observe that it is really "smashing out individual will and self determination" you might think that the Government has "lied". But,  it has already told the "plain truth" because these are the things you must do in order to maintain a strong Government.

If people do not "like it this way" then they must become "complete individuals" who need nothing from anyone and can exist on their own under any set of circumstances.  A group of people like this would not have a Government and would know complete freedom.  However it would be up to each person to prevent himself from developing any inadequacy that would make him "need someone" because,  if he did,  he would again generate an "excuse" for a government to exist - and so it would.


Freedom cannot be "protected" or "guaranteed" or "enforced".  The only thing that can be is slavery because if you need some "protection' to be free then you are a slave to the source of protection and so not free at all.  The only thing a Government can give to its people is "slavery" - it cannot give freedom nor can anything else because it is a self developed and self maintained state by its nature and without the desire for it on the part of an individual person it cannot manifest regardless of what any external source is or says or does.





What we want to go thru here are what we will call "anti techniques" or the reverse techniques for the people who are in the Schizophrenic Group.

Only two "labels" are currently used by the Medical Cultists and those labels are "Manic Depressive Psychoses" and "Schizophrenia".  Manic Depressive is used for people who society does not like but who have not had any Religious Level Experience.  People who have Religious Experiences are called Schizophrenic by Doctors because they are atheists and do not believe in life after death , etc. and so can't understand these people and believe that all of them are "victims" of "mysterious phenomenon".


These instructions are for people who really want to give legitimate help to someone in this class and do not want to string them out more or exploit them - or if you have been called Schizophrenic and wonder just what is going on "for true" this is for you.

Drug Effects

If you have been drugged by the Medical Cult you need to escape from the cult to a safe place where the drugs will gradually wear off - this will take about five years.  You can shorten this time by fasting to remove excess body fat because the drugs are oil based and have become stored up in your body - if you follow "doctors orders" and eat a lot the time function will be longer.

You have been under the influence of drug induced illusions which are a form of Black Magic and the things you may feel are correct during the drug withdrawal period are not necessarily true so avoid making decisions of a permanent or non-reversable nature during this time - eventually you will be able to look back and see how you were deceived by the Government.

The TRUTH about your experiences

You do not have any illness - but you may be inept and misinterpreting some things.  If you have had any entrance level experiences in the Religious spectrum such as getting out of your body, hearing voices, or seeing visions you should consider yourself fortunate that you are more spiritually advanced than others - there is no such thing as Mental Illness and you were never "sick" - the things you have encountered are real and explainable but the TRUTH is SUPPRESSED by the US Government to enslave the masses and so you must be cautious about talking to others, not because you are "sick" but because they are ignorant and deceived.

If you got out of your body you have proven "life after death" to yourself - not too many people know about this and you should be happy that you do and sad for them that they don't because you can smile and "step out" when its time for you to "go on" but they will try to cling desperately to their "decaying shell" and have all sorts cf pain and anxiety - this is the worst possible place to be in all the Universe so wherever you go has got to be better - even "hell" is better than a typical mental hospital so you have had the worst possible experience that there is and lived thru it so the rest of your life should be a "piece of cake".



Hearing voices or seeing visions means you are sensitive. Telepathy and Astral Vision are the Religious words for the "talent" that you have and stupid clogs do not have and you are fortunate to have them.

If these things upset you it is because you do not understand them.

If you have Astral Vision you are going to see "dead people" who are on the lower levels of the Astral plane.  That is where they live.  No great change takes place when you die except that you switch to this other type of body which most people cannot see so they assume death is final.  That's their problem because you know better - if you are having a problem with an astral entity harassing you remember that in the lower planes there are entities (dead people) who are much the same in personality as people you meet on the street because no change in attitude takes place when someone dies - they change dimensions but that is all - these entities all behave the same and the reason that ass hole spirits hang out on the lower astral planes is just that - no one in authority will let them in to the higher levels of heaven so they stay close to Earth and make fools of people who are sensitive enough to see them but not developed or experienced enough to handle them - treat them like you would treat a "ass hole in a body" and they won't want to hang around you and will go harass someone else.

Voices are much the same - remember that telepathy is simply another form of communication.  Any entity can use this which includes all people living and dead from all planets and places in the Universe - so if one of these fools says it is "god or something" consider that the probability of this being true is slim to none and less than none if the message is to do something stupid - these entities have nothing to do and are bored while they wait for a new body to be born that they can use for their next life - it is just their way of having fun and if you look upon them as "spoiled brats" they will go find someone else to pick on.

Finding Fulfillment for Yourself

Whatever you were or whatever aspirations you once had before you were attacked by the Medical Cult are still real and possible - you may feel down and helpless but this is because you were drugged and not because you had "a breakdown and should stay down and accept defeat".

Doctors make money "taking care of you" and will NEVER tell you the truth and what they want is to keep you so they can stay rich and boogie - learn to take care of yourself and you can get rich and boogie and forget about these liars and con artists and Black Magicians (Doctors).

Remember that you may not want to be around most people and that they will not understand the things you know true - you may want to consider one of the newer "religions" that have competent Masters [competent Masters are hard to find so be careful - most are fakes and ALL who demand money or service are fakes] who are familiar with the higher planes where you are getting interference - they have the power to keep you from being harassed psychically and also to teach you to "make it" out of your body - since you will eventually die - and know from what you have experienced that your life "continues" you may as well seek one of the Masters to teach you the "whole truth" - these people are discredited by the Government but that should come as no surprise to you since you are too.  Today,  there is much greater access to legitimate religious level truth and guidance than there has been any time in the recent past and so now is the time to learn this before another wave of darkness comes and legitimate Masters are killed by the Government or have to go into hiding to escape Government harassment.






Using Religious data you can explain away Mental Illness Cases by showing that they are really "normal" Religious Experiences. Doctors will not do this, of course, because then they would lose patients and not make any money.

However,  for those interested in knowing the Truth as opposed to making lots of money by stringing out innocent people and convincing them that they are "real sick",  I wish here to go thru some common reactions that, if not understood for what they are,  can be used by doctors to con people into believing that they are mentally ill.


Many cases involve people who have experiences with their Astral Body.  Doctors and the Government don't like to talk about the fact that people have this because it proves the existence of life after death and this is considered a Top Secret.  But, at any rate, among others, all people have an astral body and this body looks exactly the same as the physical one.  Now there is a problem here because usually no one tells you this and so, like say in the movie "Carry White" (where no one bothered to tell the girl it was normal to menstruate and all girls do this) she flipped out.  So, since un-informed people find out by accident about the Astral Body they flip out too - and sometimes get hurt.

If you are sleeping and say the phone rings and you see yourself coming thru the wall before you can get up to answer the phone (e.g.) you have seen the astral body that you use to take trips while you "sleep" - when you dream it is not a dream but a valid experience on another "plane".  I want to stop here to say that today there are new religious groups that teach the ancient secrets (that is what are really the facts of life that most people do not know) openly and if you are having experiences you should get with one of them because you have the right to know the truth.

There is a problem with people getting the Astral Body confused with the physical body.  In the Astral Body,  which is weightless on the Physical Plane, you can jump out of windows and stand in front of moving cars and not get hurt because you are on a different frequency.  But if you forget which body you are in and do this in your physical body you are likely to be killed.  People burnt out on drugs have this problem of forgetting which body they are in - they are not "nuts" when they take LSD and then say they can fly and jump out of the window - but they are stupid because they used the wrong body by mistake - you can fly in the Astral and there are many who do so competently but you have to have some sense - stupidity can get you in trouble on any plane - but that does not mean all these people are nuts - it means that due to Government suppression and lack of competent religious teachers (mainly because the Government kills them) no one teaches the young the truth about themselves so they find out by accident and must learn the hard way.




Just as no one volunteers information about your other bodies, so also they do not talk about the fact that you can extend your vision frequency range to see entities in Astral Bodies and extend your hearing abilities to communicate telepathically.  But, you can.

Now for people with these expanded abilities the same general "common sense" rules apply.  If you "see" a mugger, e.g., in a physical body he can hurt you if you are in a physical body also so use caution - but if you are in the physical and the "mugger" is some dead person in the Astral trying to scare you you should recognize that the fool has no power on this plane and laugh at it - it will be disappointed and leave.

Much the same applies to communications.  Just because some entity directs you to do something or tells you something does not mean you should listen or that the data is true - you must screen communications for validity just as you normally do.

Psychiatrists will try to say that people who see things and hear voices  should be "damaged" with chemicals to "cure them" so they won't - but this is stupid when all that is required is for them to understand what is going on and develop competency in dealing with it.


Remember,  you are an entity in this Universe - just as are all the other entities and you have the right to exist and seek fulfillment.  Nothing that approaches you has the power to harm you unless you let it by showing fear and allowing it to direct you.  There are agents of the "force" or whatever you choose to call  IT who have the power to see that abuses are prevented in the Universe - against this power even the entire US Government is like a speck of dust in the wind - and the Government knows this - it hopes that you do not and will tremble before its edicts and black magic tricks but you need not live in fear of anything once you know the truth the main truth you need to learn is that the only people who are Mentally Ill are those people who "believe" in Mental Illness.

All of these things are explainable and your were never sick - but you may have been naive, inept, and lied to by those you chose to trust.




Once you know the truth about life - and about yourself and your potential and destiny  - I refer to the "normal" facts of life and the "religious level truth" here which together make a complete picture - it is easy to look back and see where Medical Personnel are "coming from" - that is, where the decisions they make and attitudes they have are derived from.

Most of them are themselves "lost in ignorance". Apparently, with inflated pride they think that just because they are "educated in stupidity" that everyone else is too and because they can't understand certain things that no one else can either.

So confident are they, they never think to seek guidance themselves but proclaim how they know everything and then tell you that what they know is that life is an "unexplainable phenomenon" and you should trust them because they don't quite know what they are doing but are "trying to find out".

The key here is that these fools who are trying to "council" others on life experiences that they really have had no experiences themselves - only book learning which is worthless.  You see some teenage Nurse say to an old person close to death, "I know just how you feel" (I read it in a book...) Bull Shit ! - she does not know anything - she is not old - who is she to say "she knows" - she knows nothing.

Most of these "doctors" are "frat types" - come from rich families where their parents bought them everything - they had no responsibility - they were sheltered from life's hardships - went to college and fucked off - now they have this "degree" and are trying to tell others about life when the only thing they know about life is how to be a rich arrogant pussy that thinks it knows everything and somehow has the right to wreck other people's lives who do not want anything to do with him.

When the going gets rough they hire "body guards" to protect them and hide in these whore houses called hospitals together where stupid people who have been trained to follow orders respect them - they would die if stripped of their "authority" and forced to make it "on the street".

So here you have these stupid people, with no experience, writing "handbooks" for others to live by.

Of course whenever they encounter reality - inadequate themselves - they call it a mysterious phenomenon and the only thing they can think of is to "kill it before it multiplies" or to "lock it up" - most (they deserve it) eventually go nuts themselves and it is a fact that psychiatrists have the highest professional rate of suicide.

Psychiatrists are not Spiritual masters - they have no business and are incompetent to solve the problems that they deal with. If you trust these fools your life will be ruined because they proclaim that they don't know what they are doing - and they don't.

Since they are atheists and have had no religious experiences themselves they seem to think that people who do are "weird" and they are "normal".  It's nice to have a good feeling about yourself  but the truth is that they are stupid clogs and the "patients" they torture and harass know now more than they will for many many lifetimes - it is a case of the weak and stupid and ignorant trying to set up a Government over the strong, competent, and brave by telling them they are sick and then drugging them and damaging them so that they appear to be so.





Here we want to set the stage for total religious war which will eventually come if the US Government continues on its present course.  There is Religious War fought today, continuously, but the masses who are clogs are not aware of it.

Choosing Sides

In Religious War each one must choose sides.  The sides are Religious Freedom on one hand and Scientific Atheism on the other.  The US Government supports the side of Scientific Atheism and claims that religious people (the enemy) are "Mentally Sick" and attacks them with chemical warfare agents (tranquilizers) to try to break them down and convert them into atheists.

Because of the Doctrine of the Separation of  Church and State each person must choose whether to pledge allegiance to God or to the Us Government. If they say they believe in God then they become the enemy of the state and are "Mentally Ill" by definition because this the definition as used in practice as stated by Dr. Sneed, agent of the State.  Recall that Sneed, a Government agent, stated the official policy as follows: "Anyone who believes in God is 'psychotic' by definition because the existence of God has not been proved by Scientists and anyone who believes in anything not confirmed as true by Science is psychotic and therefore subject to immediate arrest under the Mental Health Law to be held until they change (compromise) their belief".

Now, for those who choose God, there are the special powers that come with the Force to set up for the battle between the Force and the Scientific Atheists.

The Battle

In the battle, the Scientific Atheists attack with mind control drugs and the Force counters with "white magic".  This is actually what happens when the State attacks a person - depending upon which is stronger in his life will determine weather he can resist the Scientific Atheist drug attack.

Scientific Atheists have, as weapons of war,  the attributes of Black Magic.  These include technology and primitive communications using low level forces such as radio, TV, etc.

The Force has the absolute powers of instantaneous  telepathic communication, the power to materialize and de-materialize, and the Blessings of the Force which make everything that most people want obsolete because they don't get sick or even age since they are in harmony with the Force.  There is one more thing - the Scientific Atheists are Earth Bound - they can't leave this place - ever - but the people who go with the Force can leave at will - this is perhaps the most important of all - the right to simply "leave".

The Scientific Atheists therefore, are in the weaker position except for the susceptibility of the young people to Government Indoctrination and lies to convert them to Atheists and away from the force.

The Government controls the communications media and so the truth is suppressed thru it and only information on Atheism, Science, and the lust for sex and money are allowed to be shown - of course these are meaningless when you have "the Force - they are trinkets created by the Government to hold the masses in the bondage of ignorance and slavery.



The Game is Life

The main weapon of the Atheist Government is its propaganda.  When people learn that everything that the Government says is some type of  lie or deception to serve its own selfish purpose they are no longer susceptible to its power.  Mental Illness is Government Propaganda and there is really no such thing, but there is a constant battle between good and evil - and between liars and the truth.


Psychiatry, aside from all the other bad things we have pointed out, is in the final analysis a confidence game.  These people are quacks.  One reason they are evasive when asked direct questions is that they simply don't know the answers.  People who trust in them are being strung out, ripped off, and are wasting their life time and enduring needless hardships.

Psychiatrists are not competent to solve the problems that are brought to them.  They say as much when they use the "argument from ignorance"  to evade malpractice suits that their "science is non exact".  It is more than non exact - it is non-existent and pure bull shit.

All Psychiatrists do with people who seek help is to lock them in cages and either experiment on them or forget about them completely - and then collect money from the Government thru Medicare / Medicaid system for "trying".  They cannot solve the problems people have - and their co-workers in General Medicine cannot prolong life or prevent death - but they can get rich while you get poor if you are stupid enough to believe tn them.

The assumption that doctors are somehow "godlike" is a contrived and well financed illusion of carefully controlled
publicity thru their professional organizations and the system of  "medical records confidentiality" is the mechanism they use to cover up the mistakes they make and the truth about their miserable track record of accomplishing anything really significant.

Psychiatrists are not Spiritual Adepts.  If they get a patient who has taken say LSD and ts hung up on the Astral Plane in consciousness they do not have the power or the clearance from the Universal Government to go and get him and bring him back and teach him what has happened.  This would be a legitimate cure which they don't know how to do.  They would like you to think that no one does, however this is not true.  The reason it is hard to find legitimate Spiritual Adepts who do have the power to help people is because the Government kills them and suppresses literature in this area because it considers the facts of life and the existence of life on other planets and on other planes of existence to be Top Secret.  The reason for this is that once people know the truth they can see that all the Government is is lies and bull shit and no longer respect it and so the only way the Government can appear to be "competent and legitimate" is to systematically kill off anyone who knows differently before they have a chance to tell the rest of the people - this is called "protecting the National Security".


Now, back to Psychiatry.  These people want to claim the ability to solve problems in the psychic world.  In the first place, they bit off more than they can chew because they can't.  And, if they could, they would be practicing religion which would be un-constitutional since they are agents of the State. Secondly,  the life style they have would never allow them to be admitted to any legitimate organization in the Spiritual Field - they are disgusting people on dope and alcohol themselves and the females are whores.  There is no way they could meet the requirements for a spiritual clearance if they wanted to because their lifestyle is on the level of animals  and so are their minds - in short they are trash people regardless of how "rich" they are in material crap.

Aside from the problem of stringing out the ignorant and naive, the other problem with these quacks is that they get Government authority to attack innocent people who would never voluntarily have anything to do with them and pollute their bodies with dope against their will and experiment them to death.  It will probably never be possible to get rid of con artists exploiting the ignorant and naive but it should be possible to take away Government authority and support and "arrest authority" from these degenerate quacks so that people who know the truth won't have to be annoyed with medical harassment.


The key to the understanding of the idea of the Psychiatric Movement and the Anti Psychiatric Movement and the idea of something called a "mental illness" is to recognize that these two opposing things represent opposite approaches to Religious Truth.  One, Psychiatry, is the negative or lower approach from the perspective of ignorance and darkness and the other is the approach from the point of enlightenment.

It is therefore a case of Religion and anti Religion which has been expanded into hoards of literature with the blind leading the blind arguing with each other about what this "mysterious" thing is and what to do about it.

If you accept the premise that there is an "illness",  then you are trapped in circular logic and you have really "lost" before you ever get started.

Recognizing  the conflict between points of view called "good" and "evil" and the classic fact that "good" calls evil bad and "bad" calls good bad will begin to get one into the position where he can make some sense out of the various arguments and counter arguments.

The US Government, which is basically, as a "personified force", feminine, jealous, and selfish, is the advocate of the lower approach because its interests are served by taking such a position - however the interests of truth and light are not served by such a position and, for the individual sincerely concerned with truth as opposed to personal gain and power, such an individual can see the light and realize that the whole matter of "mental illness" is a complex contrived illusion which represents part of the eternal battle between good and evil that is played out here on Earth and elsewhere throughout the eons of time.



Once you adopt a position of serving the self, weather it is yourself personally, or say the "National Interest", then truth is lost and having corrupted your purpose the lower side seems correct. Consequently, there is a real problem for those in Civil Rights and especially in the field of anti Psychiatry because it is thought of as "only natural" in this country for people to want to seek personal power and wealth and be competitive against one another and seek therefore methods to try to justify stomping out one another.  The idea that you can do in others in a way that is socially acceptable by saying you want to "help" them and then throwing them into a "hospital" where they are drugged into zombies and killed eventually while you smile saying, "well, life sure is a non-exact mystery, etc.",  is certainly appealing in a culture where lust and greed are accepted as "proper behavior" and rewarded with social status and recognition.

So far has US Society degenerated in the negative or "left-hand" direction that the average person believes that the opposite "does not even exist" and looks upon honesty as "strange and unexplainable".  It is assumed that since "grab all you can" is what "everyone does" that right is determined by whoever is screwed enough to "steal more than the competition steals from him" and so become a "successful respected businessman".

The results of the choice to take the left hand approach to life are destruction and death and this will eventually come if the present trend continues for all of US Society.  However, for those who legitimately seek, in a personal way, to know the real truth,  it will be provided to them and although their rewards will not be monetary, they will enjoy the state called happiness and with it good health and contentment in harmony with the Universal Forces.
INCIDENT    N-01-I-019






We have titled this section "ARTICLES".  In the pigeon holes that were chosen to compartmentalize the major areas of this report, there are certain subjects that don't quite fit in any of the "holes" and also there are certain subjects and certain areas that we feel should be gone into in more detail and shown special emphasis - these things are now done here.



In the Spring of 1969 during P5 (the Buddington Service) one of the patients was Amy Butterworth. We touch on the first meetings with her in time line but the years with Amy and her husband,  Dr. Al Butterworth deserve more detail and we will get into that here.

As I have said, bouncing around the third floor at Charity during the spring of 1969 was Amy.  At that time her doctor was Patricia West from P1.  Patricia had left Charity Hospital during P1 to work at Pineville, but she had now returned to Charity and was promoted to a position in authority next to William Super, the Chief of Psychiatry.  Amy was locked down here because she had  "run away from home", or, to be more specific, from her husband, the then powerful Chief of Staff at Jackson.  She did this periodically but was never successful because Al would order an "all points bulletin" sent out and she would be hunted down and arrested and committed until he could have her "returned to him" - whereupon he would drug her himself into submission to his will.

Amy was concerned then, as an immediate point, about what torture she would be subjected to when "the men from Jackson came to take her home". They did come, about three of them, and 'eventually' they did take her home.

Patricia West, as I have said, was Amy's doctor. When I had Patricia during P1,  she wanted to let me go but was afraid to speak out against the will of William Super who had secretly conspired with Tulane University and Phillip Schaefer and had already decided what he wanted before he ever met me at all.  However, since then, Patricia had seen the system more clearly and had done a stretch at Pineville and was now  "a bit older and wiser".  Patricia did not want to authorize Amy given back to her husband and she had enough guts this time to speak her will.  She deliberately intervened now and tried to let Amy go free. She did not succeed - and her honesty cost her her career - but it shows at least that she had the potential for growing up into an "honest shrink" - there are essentially no psychiatrists who do not "play ball" with the political establishment and who overtly resist corruption - Patricia West was the only doctor during the N1I19 period whom I knew that showed any inclination to resist "the way things were".

I will finish up with Patricia while I am on that subject.  For her disobedience to the power of Al, the order was given to destroy Patricia West and her reputation and career in the State of Louisiana were destroyed.  She "ran away" to the state of Texas where she had relatives and she may be in active practice there.  There was some



indication that she became dis-illusioned with Psychiatry all together end stopped practicing.  The penalty for honesty in the United States is discreditation and death - there are very few who buck the "system" all are destroyed - but the few glimmers of light that still remain in this dark corner of the Universe are due to these people and they deserve credit.

This was the introduction to Amy - and to her husband Al (who I had not yet met).  I was shipped off  to Mandeville by Joyce Lemmons so she could protect herself from the malpractice she had committed - and Amy - well, Patricia's efforts were for naught, I'm sorry to say, all she accomplished was to delay things a bit and Amy was eventually sent back home to her husband Al who beat her and drugged her until she was a babbling idiot and then was returned to the status she had come to know - a "pet wife".


Contact was maintained with Amy from our first meeting in the Spring of 1969 for the approximately seven years that she remained alive after that.  We talked on the phone and had many personal visits together.  Once, she "ran away from home" and came to visit me at my house in New Orleans.  Amy had a desire - as do most who have seen truth not generally known to the dummies who live in this world - to see the day when this truth would be told.  So, compiled from the seven years with Amy,  I will run thru her story here so as to preserve continuity.

The LSD Years

Amy Butterworth had a job title and description that you may never have heard of.  Her job title was "LSD Technician" and her job description was "to act as a competent 'guide' for people while they were on an LSD 'trip'".

I am running back on the time line now to a point well before I first met Amy to the early sixties.  Here we find Amy and Al living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Al Butterworth had been recruited by Sandoz Laboratories and the US Government to do LSD Research.  He is supplied with the pure "Sandoz Acid" by the drug company and Amy is trained by Sandoz Laboratories to be an "LSD Guide".  Here she is "tripped out" herself and taught all the knowledge of drug "LSD-25". This data is currently "Top Secret" and as of current Sandoz Laboratories "officially denies" that it ever even knew Al Butterworth at all.  Data which has now been publicly exposed by the press tells us the story of this point in time - the CIA running around with aerosol cans of LSD spraying it in to unsuspecting citizen's faces - putting it into coffee - hiring whores to lure un-suspecting men into "safe houses" where they were screwed and sent off on an LSD trip.  This also was the age of "Project Mind Control" with the official directive: "Every man has his breaking point - your job (psychiatrists) is to find that point and break the man.  Go seek out people who are on 'the fringes of society' so that they will have no power to resist or to complain later or interfere with your efforts". These are direct quotes from the now "de-classified"  TOP SECRET government files which have been exposed on National TV by the Press.



Now, Amy recalls, during this time, how Dr. Al Butterworth - with full legal permission - would give "anyone an LSD trip for the fee of $100.00 per trip".  There was a 100% guarantee that it would be a "good trip" because they would have Amy as their "guide" and she would talk to them while they were "out of their body" on the "inner planes".  Later, they would recall their "out of body experience" and have full consciousness of the "trip" - the more "trips" they took, the deeper into the "inner planes" they could go.  Eventually, they could get out of their bodies at will without LSD and go to the more excited states of consciousness.  Amy was taught all the knowledge of  LSD and how to "prepare" people for their trip so that it would always be "good" - for example, they had a special diet to follow for the two weeks before they went on the trip which included avoiding bananas because bananas contain the "stress hormone" called "seretonin" which causes problems because if you are uneasy or under stress it is hard to get out of your body.  I point this out mainly so that it will be understood that the US Government is totally aware of the so called "inner planes" - especially the Astral Plane and that it is lying to the people when it proclaims differently - the reason that the Government lies is because if people really knew that all the "science fiction stories" about inner planes, UFO's, higher beings on other planets and the like were true - which they are for what it's worth - then the US Government would be powerless to hold them and they would simply leave for "greener pastures" - therefore the Government must lie in order to survive because it knows that when the truth is learned its power (which is illusory) will be ended. This will be the "end of the age".

These were the LSD Years.  Amy recalled fondly and sometimes not so fondly how each night they (her and her husband) would take turns "shooting each other up" with LSD (it was supplied to them as injection in a concentration of 1 mg./cc and as we know this is 1000 "mics" - as little as 50 "mics" (micrograms) of  LSD which would be 0.05 cc could 'get you off') and they would then go out and "run wild in the streets" doing whatever they pleased - they lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans then and it is a natural place to "run wild" and you don't need to be on LSD.  Amy recalls how they would be naked sometimes - Al chasing Amy down the street in the wee hours of the morning.

But, there were sad times too.  Amy had good experiences with LSD but Al did not - he would become "power mad" and violent.  Amy had some daughters but she really wanted a son.  Now she had a baby boy and one night while wild on LSD she recalls in the process of fighting, her son -  her only son - was killed  (This was covered up as 'crib death' or some such lie by Al and forgotten). Amy never forgave Al for killing her son - which she said was "all she had" (to live for).  With all the dope Al used and with the stresses he became impotent and would not even touch Amy in later years - he felt he was "above sex" and instead gave her a "vibrator to play with".

The age of  "Aquarius" with the naked orgies and Woodstock and all was to end as the Government moved into a massive program of repression and return to authoritarianism. The LSD projects ended and Al Butterwcrth, who had been used by the Government when it needed him - was now "driven out of the city" and given the job as "Chief of Staff at Jackson" so that he would be in an out of the way place and would not talk about what he had done.  All the things that Amy knew about LSD and that she had seen were declared to be "a national secret" and she was considered a security risk.  Al was supposed to "keep her silly" with major tranquilizers so that she would never be believed and/or get loose long enough to tell her story to any other person who might be believed.  They did not object to her talking to me because I

had been certified insane and they knew that since I had no "official credibility" no one would believe me and I would be "arrested for hallucinations" if I talked and then drugged into submission to the State.  However, no one could foresee that in the future was Watergate and the destabilization of the "old guard" would allow many people to come forward and tell the real truth - the thought that a US President would be publicly exposed as a liar and resign in disgrace and that people who worked for the CIA would write books and tell the "inner secrets" of the Government was considered "impossible" - but history proved them wrong.

So it was in the early days and in the days before I met Amy.  We now move along the time line to the late sixties when Amy and I first met on the Budditigton Service under the Government Spy Ralph Wells Buddington. And here, with all the other political prisoners was Amy and I and here she contributed to my knowledge of the inner secrets of the US System and her stories were an aid as well as those of other political prisoners whom I discuss elsewhere.

I did not see Amy again until after 71-013 when I began to visit Jackson to see my Mother who was being systematically reduced to a vegetable and who would never see freedom again.  However, although she was not too talkative - the trips to the Hospital gave me an excuse to meet with Amy and Amy was very talkative and we shall now go into her revelations about the inner secrets of  East Louisiana State Hospital and the personal lives of the professional staff there - the doctors and their wives, etc.

The Jackson Years

Here I want to discuss Amy for the period 71-013 thru 73-352 which covers the end of the N1I19 period. During this time I was free and my Mother was still a prisoner in Jackson and I would visit her and also visit with Amy Butterworth and with her husband Al Butterworth.

Al and Amy lived on the Hospital grounds in a house owned by the State. Also, essentially everything in the house was owned by the State and had "inventory stickers" on it with "State Property" and a long number.  The house was called "Residence #103" (and still is although they are not there now). When I first visited with Amy I recall she was surprised because we had not seen each other since the Buddington Service.  Amy then gave me the secret State Network code number 504-525-7124 so that I could call her free from New Orleans any time I wanted to - she could also call me free.

I met Amy's children, Holly, Noel, Martha, and Zac.  Zac was a male but not Amy's child.  Martha was Amy's child and I think so were the other two girls Holly and Noel but I am not sure here, Zac was getting ready to start college or was in college and Holly was going to start LSU in Batten Rouge she wanted to be a Veterinarian and liked animals. The house was full of cats. There were "many" cats and they all had names - and lots of kittens who also got named.  Al would try to dump the cats when he made trips to Angola which was "down the road" but the cats would show up again in a few days with sore feet and usually hungry and knocked up also.

During this time I would usually take the Greyhound Bus which went to Jackson but only on Sunday.  It would arrive about nine in the morning and leave at about one in the evening.  I always felt uneasy in the place even though I knew that I would leave in only four hours.  I had the protection of Amy and Al while there which was "necessary".  This might be well to explain. For one thing,  people who have been prisoners are not allowed to return to the prison once they leave and also



ex-prisioners can be held on anybody's whim if they are caught in the Hospital grounds.  In a way it was refreshing to walk down the streets of the concentration camp knowing that I could be as strange as I wanted and be immune from arrest.  My Mother was on the Infirmary and one visit I ran into some "social worker" there and mentioned that I had to leave now because it was lunch time at Al Butterworth's house and I was going to eat there.  Now this guy just got all panicky (he did not know we were personal friends) and started rambling on about how that section was "off limits" and "You mean the Chief of Staff - do you have an official appointment" and such bull shit.  I told the guy to shut up and just walked off towards Amy's house. When I arrived, Amy was on the porch laughing.  She said the social worker had called for permission to "seize me" because I was "having an attack of paranoid hostility and delusions of knowing them and was 'headed that way' ".  Amy said she told the fool. (they are trained to suspect everyone of 'delusions', etc. ' - that is all they need to know) that she did not think that was necessary and that "they knew how to handle me when I got there".  Amy said the social worker was "serious"
- he really wanted to arrest me on the spot and lock me up there.  At any rate,  the "treatment" dispensed by Amy was not too bad -  a piece of ass.  Al had gone to Angola where he went every Sunday to shoot up the prisoners there with Prolixin - he would leave about the same time I came in with a hand full of  Prolixin Enanthate vials and a fist full of spikes in the other hand. The prisoners liked to be drugged because it put them in "another world" so that they did not remember what was going on from day to day - since what goes on from day to day is not pleasant at Angola (the state prison) perhaps the amnesia effects of the drugs were desirable - after all if you have a life sentence to put in perhaps it doesn't matter really weather your brain is turned off or not.

During our time together Amy and I talked about her family and the staff at Jackson and about the inner motives of the Psychiatric Cult in general.  I met and got to know her kids - Martha, Holly, Noel, and Zac and also sometimes got to talk to Al. Al did not talk much - he was "conscious" of social pressure and wanted to maintain the "professional attitude" which means that you dress up in $100 suits, keep your mouth shut up, and your nose in the air and look down on everyone.  You do not talk because if you did people would realize you were a fake so you rely on the propaganda spread out by the American Medical Association that people will just assume that you know more than you really do know and respect you without question.

In a typical visit, Amy would open the freezer and say "pick one".  The freezer was full - and I mean full - of one to two inch thick T-bone steaks.  Amy would say,  "This is what the Governor (of Louisiana) eats for breakfast so you may as well too.  I'm tired of steak - that's all we ever eat here."  Amy explained that the Hospital receives basically good food from the State - but what then happens is that all of the choice food - like the steaks - is "sold" by the Hospital to its' professional staff and "preferred staff"  for next to nothing (so much for the steaks) - then, whatever else is pretty good is stolen by the kitchen help - they never buy groceries but feed their families on the hospital food they steal and take home - now there is some trash left that no one in his right mind would eat and it is this which is fed to the patients.  They are usually fed "slop" which is a mixture of greens with other trash and maybe some meat scraps mixed in and lots of meat fat (fell off when they were trimming the T-Bones probably and was picked up off the floor and made into "soup").  This explained where all the food went to.  In the Hospital, patients usually gamble for money and use the money to order their own food (like hamburgers) from a restaurant called the A&W somewhere on



the highway.  If you do not have money, you can survive on the "trash food" but it is not pleasant.  But,  back to the breakfast and my T-Bone.

It was a real good T-Bone.  The Governor must be a very content man eating T-Bones for breakfast and fucking all those secretaries and collecting all his bribes and graft - I can just imagine what goes on in the White House when you are sly and crooked enough to manage to become a US President - it must be a ball.

Almost Retirement

After my mother left Jackson on 73-352 the visits with Amy tapered off.  Amy was excited about Al's retirement which would happen on July 15th of 1977.  They had purchased a "camper" and also a house in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  Al was "glad to be leaving" the State System and was thinking about life as a non-contraversial simple private citizen who did not have to worry about Press and TV reporters bugging him (there was one bitch who worked for Channel 33 in Baton Rouge that he simply hated).

During this time Amy ran away one day and came to New Orleans to see me.  She only made it one day before she was arrested and put into some private Hospital in Baton Rouge but at least she was trying.

Amy and I talked mainly on the phone during this period using the free State Network. She and I would discuss the "good old days" when people ran naked in the streets and there was LSD Everywhere.  Amy was sorry the movement had been crushed. She would write to Timothy Leary who was now in federal prison somewhere (he has been released as of current and is a night club comedian now and seems happy - but he was still locked up at this time) and she would feel sorry now that a new age of repression had begun.  She knew so many things that others did not know - and would never learn because the Government was covering up all the truth about these times with lies and propaganda.

Amy and I talked often and we kept planning to visit again.  Somehow it was put off and things would come up, etc.

As I have said, mainly fulfillment for Amy was to see the things she knew come into public knowledge.  She did not live to talk. On Sunday August 22, 1976, Amy ("officially") committed suicide.  The records show that the mechanism of suicide was an overdose of the drug Torfornil which is a antidepressant and MAO inhibitor manufactured by Gigy.

Amy did not "die right away".  It took her several days to die as a matter of fact and this illustrated the nature of the drugs and also of the medical establishment.  Amy was in the Hospital for a couple of days before she died.  The dope Torfronil is specifically designed to have no antidote and to be "impossible to get rid of" - which means it immediately becomes "bound to muscle tissue" and does not wear off completely for five years.  This is done deliberately so that people can't try to avoid being drugged by vomiting or something.  Once the dope is poured down your throat you are done for.  Now, there is also "re-absorption" which means that the same drug stays and keeps you drugged and is not "metabolized" by the body and excreted.

So the people at Earl K Long Hospital could only give Amy oxygen, etc., and wait around.  Noel reported to me that Amy stayed in a coma most of the time but became conscious just before she died as if to say "good-bye".  Noel said she was "talking very fast" which is logical if you had just spent 36 hours out of your body on the Astral plane which operates on a faster frequency.  But, at any rate, no one



seemed to understand Amy's last words and she died - they did not want her here and so she went home - to all of her friends on the inner planes that she had come to know while out of her body on her numerous LSD trips.

I will always remember Amy because we had a special relationship that will be hard to replace.  Perhaps if I am killed by the Government for writing the truth - as it had done to so many others - we will meet again on the higher planes and have a good laugh at all the fools left here who think they know it all but can't see the forest for the trees.


I want to here go thru some highlights of the conversations with Amy on specific subjects.

The Secrets of LSD

As I have said, Amy Butterworth was an LSD technician and was taught all the now secret knowledge of how the drug worked and what it did.  As of current most people who have looked into LSD know that it is a fast way to get out of your body.  People who do not know where they are going once they are out usually end up on the Astral plane where people look "Shinny" and so they are written up as having "hallucinations" of "glimmering people" and if they retain Astral Vision they will see the image of this which is called the "Aura" around "regular Earth people".

Higher realities (these realities are called 'higher' because the frequency is higher) have always been accessible but not until LSD were they "so immediately accessible".  You can let your body make its own LSD by not sleeping and eating (which is how the people in the Bible got out of their bodies and had all those "visions" they wrote about).

Also, you can take your whole body with you by projection.  Simply put, you can take anything you want to a higher reality by changing the angular velocity of the electron pairs in the atoms that make up whatever you are dealing with.  The electrons spin in pairs, one in one direction and one in the opposite.  They spin on an angular velocity just below the speed of light.  Then you increase this velocity it just above the speed of light, the person or object "disappears" and then "re-appears" on the first level up which is commonly called the "Astral World" or "Astral plane". This has been a closely kept secret for ages and is known to scientists but they will not admit to it in public.

The Directions of Psychiatry

Amy liked to talk about the plans that psychiatrists (and here I refer to the associations) had for the future.  Basically, it was a program to continue what they had always done in a more effective way.  The power of Psychiatry comes from drugs - not knowledge.  No doctor tries to help anyone solve his problem - or even find out if there is a problem - as is commonly believed.  Modern doctors do not give a damn about "problems" because they have drugs to erase your brain and make you forget you have problems - therefore the concept of helping people solve any problems is considered "obsolete". The main emphasis is on drugs - and how to force (or persuade) people to take them.

Hospitals are only necessary because drugs are short acting and so someone must be "on guard" to force drugs down your throat periodically.  However, Amy explained, that with the new long acting drugs technology it will be possible to save money (for the State) by simply "committing


people to out-patient clinics" so that they can be drugged. The longest acting drug on the market then was Prolixin Deconate which was designed to replace electric shock treatments as the most effective method of keeping people confused for a long period of time.  This dope lasts for at least six weeks so if you can get a Judge to force someone to take this dope you only have to see him every six weeks to shoot him up.  In this way,  the whole world becomes a "large mental hospital" because you can't leave the planet and with the fast NCIC (Government Anti-Dissitant Surveillance) computers and your control code number, (Social Security Number - SSN) you have no where to hide - and once you are shot up you are automatically sterilized and confused for six-weeks.  If you miss an appointment the pigs are activated to hunt you down and take you to the nearest "drugging station" to be shot up again.

Amy said that the drug companies are working on drug capsules to jab under your skin which will last for one year.  In this way, a few doctors could keep a whole city drugged.  You would have to report once a year to the Government Drug Center (hence the title: "Drug Enforcement Administration") for court ordered drugging - just like renewing a driver's license - if you failed to report, you would be wanted for attempted flight to avoid court ordered drugging and would be hunted down.

The Hospital Systems are now computerizing records similar to the Criminal Justice system so that if you were caught in another State they could run you thru the "certified insane computer" to see what Mental Illness you had been convinced of and if you were wanted for failing to report for drugging - if you were un-drugged,  they would shoot you up and feed into the computer that you had been captured, then drugged and released in (that state) and the next date for your drugging.

Amy closed with "hope" that drugs would not always be necessary because "biological engineering" would replace it by creating a "new race of people" who would be laboratory certified to grow up to do whatever the Government wanted them to do - in this case there would be no need for drugging because you would be permanently altered at birth by Government Scientists to be in conformity with whatever was considered "normal"  for that generation.

The Credibility Game

Amy explained that many people feel that Psychiatry is a "good direction" as opposed to the "old direction" used by Governments to control the masses.  To understand this you must first accept the premise that a Government must maintain power and tyranny over its citizens to remain a strong Government.  In the past, direct force was used to do this.  If you "got out of line" you were beaten into submission or killed - this served as an example to others.  But, Psychiatrists then pointed out that they had a "more humane" way called "behavior modification" which could be used in place of overt physical torture as previously was used.

Psychiatrists admit privately that drugs they use eventually kill the patient by cancer or brain damage but they claim that if they did not drug people into submission that the Government would have to use the "old ways" of mass murder and purges because people must be crushed in some way or the other to avoid anarchy and drugs are more humane than firing squads as used in "underdeveloped nations" for control.

Amy explained that the Russians were first to realize the potential of the use of doctors and hospitals in place of political prisons because it was "acceptable to the World Community".  People get "upset"


if you line up dissenters and shoot them but if you play the "credibility game" you can accomplish the same intent and be on the safe side of  bad publicity.

In the credibility game you separate a person from his "credibility".  To illustrate, there is a "doctor" and a "license to practice medicine".  Now you would assume that the two are sort of partners but this is not quite true. Weather a person is a competent doctor or not has no direct relationship to weather he has a "license to practice".

You can go to med school on an athletic scholarship and be an ass and have a license to practice medicine and you can be a brilliant dedicated doctor say from Sweden and have no license to operate in this country.  So Credibility is the instrument used by the State to make you "ask its permission" to do what you want to do.  Just knowing and being competent are not enough. I n the credibility game, the State can revoke your "credibility" at will - you are still the same person as before and know just as much but no one will believe a word you say because they have been conditioned to believe that if you are not "approved by the State" you do not know what you are doing.

Amy said the Russians were first to use this process "to replace murder".  Until the discreditation process was started if someone was causing the Government trouble they simply went out late at night and blew him away.  Credibility makes this unnecessary because all the Government has to do is to say that "so in so" has had a "mental breakdown" and then shoot them up with dope to make them behave silly and parade them around in this "drugged state" until everyone laughs at them.  Since they have "lost credibility" it does not matter that they are dissenters because everything they say is called a "paranoid delusion". The people soon learn that it is not wise to believe anything said because they could be accused of "paranoid delusions" and get the same treatment. So,  they all run away and recite the "party line" and the person is still "alive" but with no "credibility". Hence, the Government cannot be accused of murder because the guy is living - what they have done is "character assassination with drug assistance" but most people are too dumb to figure that out so it continues.  A prime example here is Martha Mitchell from Watergate - of course she was killed too but the drugging was first.

The Inner Circle

Here we want to briefly go into the inner circle of families of professional staff who live on the Hospital grounds at Jackson. We already pointed out that they live and eat good - T Bone steaks for breakfast just like the Governor.

It is a "little community" with husbands, wives, and kids (who smoke dope like all other kids - screw around, etc.) and there are "family problems" like in a small town.  The difference is that in these "families" the Husband and Father is also a Psychiatrist with the power to drug people to conform to his will.  So if a kid is bad he might get a spanking - but he might also get a mouth full of Thorazine concentrate and be knocked on his ass with "drug power" instead.

This is the big difference.  You do not "run away from home" when your father is a shrink because he can activate all the pigs in the State to find you by saying that you are "dangerously insane" and then force any drug he wants down your throat.  So doctors, who wield the power of drugs over patients, also use that power over their families.



When Amy married Al she did not know that it was a "one way deal".  You do not ask your husband for a divorce if he is a shrink because if you do he certifies you incompetent (then you have no legal rights to sign your name) and he becomes your "curator" and you become his "pet wife".  The same for kids.  In the Butterworth group Martha was a "pet kid".  They had her convicted of Schizophrenia and kept her drugged too.  Amy was always drugged with something.  Amy recalled that when she first told Al she wanted her freedom (a divorce) he grabbed her and smothered her with a pillow until she almost passed out - then he shot her up with all the dope he could find and certified her insane - she never had a chance.

Amy commented that "Al learned about brainwashing while in the Armed Service dealing with the enemy" - later, he liked the idea and became a Psychiatrist so he could "continue to practice his skills".

The other doctors used the same techniques.  Amy and I talked about a young wife that one of the other doctors had - she was "flip to him" and he decided to drug her senseless with massive doses of Prolixin-D which made her silly, dumb, and quiet. Also, he knew that prolixin-D would make her sterile (men don't want kids) and at the same time make her have increased libido (but they like to screw a lot).  So he had a silly girl (pet wife) who could not think of anything to say who was conveniently sterile - and who was "hot" all the time (and just to torture her more the dope made it impossible for her to achieve orgasm so she always "wanted" but never "got").  In this state could keep her as a "pet wife".  Amy and I talked the day she was shot up for the first time.  Amy remarked,  "She doesn't know what's happening to her - poor thing" - but it was all over for her - whoever she was.

This is absolute power - and the reason that Amy finally had to commit suicide.  She really had no choice because she was to be held prisoner as a "pet wife" until she died and be under constant drug control at the whim of  her husband.


AT some point in April 1977,  I learned Martha (who was Amy's real daughter) had committed suicide also. Apparently she wanted to go join Amy because she had not been happy since Amy committed suicide.

There were an "epidemic of suicides" going on surrounding  Al Butterworth then.  Amy,  then Martha, then some of Al's "friends".  I kept putting off visits because it seemed that everyone "close to Al" was committing suicide and since they might not be "real suicides" I chose to stay away.  Al was indicted for some type of manslaughter in one of the "suicides" and he had supplied the dope to all the people who had "committed suicide".


Really, the death of Amy was the beginning of the end for Al.  Al was no longer "useful to the Government" who had recruited him for the secret LSD project but now found him to be a "liability" because he knew too much.  They decided to destroy him.

The sequence towards the end was as follows:  First, Amy committed suicide, then Martha, then some guy Al knew.  The Feds indicted him but he was not "brought to trial" instead the technique forced him to sell all he had bought in his lifetime to pay "attorney fees" (this is the first step in destruction - get rid of all assets).  So now all he



had saved up for retirement was lost fighting "phony indictments".

On July 15,1977,  Al retired and on July 28 he came back to New Orleans with Noel (still alive) and Holly stayed in Baton Rouge (she did not want to get close enough to him to become "another suicide").

Here in the city they lived in an apartment on Esplanade Street and Al had a replacement girl friend named Wallace whom he later married - but then divorced "almost instantly".  He found some chick in the French Quarter who screwed him but did not want to live with him.

Then the Government moved in on him and planted pot all over the apartment and busted him down and told him he would be put away for 20 years.  He got the message and went back to St. Francisville where,  in the meantime,  his son Zac had finished college and become a lawyer and was practicing there (he continues there as of current).

However, then he left St. Francisville arid "went into hiding" somewhere on the Gulf Coast (in Mississippi) where he could not get a phone because his location might be found.

The status as of current is that he is in hiding and has been convinced that he has cancer and that the "end is near" and he has Noel with him.  Holly is somewhere "lying low" in Baton Rouge and Amy and Martha are dead.  Zac is practicing law in St. Francisville but has learned his lessons well and will not talk much about anything - however he says that Al "checks in there" from time to time.

There are plusses and minuses which leave me ambivalent about Al.  On the bad side he killed Amy's only son and brainwashed many people but on the good side it was Al Butterworth who ordered that no shock treatments should be given at Jackson. Until he came there to be the Chief of Staff  they were giving routine shock treatments to essentially everyone and Al ordered that stopped.  In doing so,  he saved many lives.  So there it is - the yin and the yang.


Laws in effect during the N1I19 period and also currently gave power to all law officers to pick up (the word "arrest" is avoided carefully because no legitimate crime has been committed) any one they feel "should be in a mental hospital" and take them to one where they are simply "held" at the doctors discretion for whatever they are in the mood to do to them.

One might wonder how a pig is supposed to know who "should be" and who "should not be" - because this is not specified.  Somehow, you might guess, some type of "information" is made available to pigs so that they can know who to select out and take away.

Well, there is information provided, by "word of mouth", and the story of this is what we call "the requested commitments". Here is how it works:

In New Orleans, all "suspected nuts" are taken to HB5 where they are "given" to either Tulane or to LSU students to be "played with".  These schools have "specific areas of interest" that change from time to time depending upon what type of research projects have priority.  So the schools communicate their "needs" to the Director of Psychiatry - and he communicates those "needs" to the Chief of Police which acts like a "recruitment service" and he "passes the word" to the pigs



on the street as to what type of  "human specimens" are needed for the current medical experiments and what types are  "in short supply".

During N1I19 we learned of this thru obvious experience and the case in point was "LSD".  LSD was "a big priority" during the early part of N1I19 during periods 1, 3, and 5.  Practically "on an hourly basis" someone would be "dumped out on the third floor" who was "on LSD".  Now, nothing was "done to these people" except that they were all sent personally to William Super to be "interviewed" - shortly after the interview they were simply "cut loose".  Those of them I talked to all had the same "interview" story and some said they were told that there was a research project going on to "gather information on LSD"
- and that the police were therefore specifically arresting people who seemed to be on a "trip" - not to help them but to help Super have more people to "interview" so that he could work on the "research report".

Once these people had been "interviewed" - that's what they wanted from them - they were set free to continue doing whatever they were doing.

LSD would not be a "high priority" now because there are "many" research reports already prepared on it.  But there would be "new priorities".  When the schools "pick a project" - say "studying why husbands beat their wives" they do not want to be bothered with police bringing in "a random sample of nuts" -  they want the "specific type of nut that will serve the interest of the project".  So,  if the emphasis is on "LSD" and you are a "wife beater" then the police would ignore you no matter how crazy you were - because your "type" was not in demand now.  But,  if the emphasis was on "wife beater" - look out because you would be scooped up on the "slightest pretext" while people could be "LSD tripping all over your doorstep and be completely ignored.

In this way, one hand helps the other.  Teaching Hospitals have definite specific "needs".  They don't want "patients" generally - but rather "the type of patient" that fills their teaching needs at that time - if you are not that type you can rot and die in the street and be totally ignored - and if you are that type you will get treatment - more treatment - and more treatment - (so the students can practice) until you are literally "treated to death".

To close with another example from the Charity Emergency Room (HB5 set).  I noticed a memo to doctors which illustrates this. It referred to a specific disease and cautioned: "If you get someone with this (whatever) - do not treat him - instead immediately activate pocket pager number______ - so as to notify Doctor _________ who is researching this and wants people like this for Project _________"- etc. So,  whoever blundered in there with whatever it was seeking legitimate help would become an un-suspecting "guinea pig" and probably never know.


Cecile Martin, a broad who was employed at the Tulane Medical Center as a secretary is our informant on the true nature of what is going on within the Center for this investigative report.  She worked for a "professor" who himself was of  "questionable sanity" because he was always "throwing temper tantrums" and screaming at who ever was close to him - he could not keep a secretary because no one could stand to be around him and they all quit.  Cecille eventually quit too.



This weirdo "professor" was a candidate for or actually did - I forget which - share the Nobel Prize for his "research".

Everyone at the Tulane Medical Center is high on Marihuana

And this is because the University has a permit and receives what is called "reagent grass" from the US Government's pot farm at the University of Mississippi where they "are trained to grow the best pot in the world".  This dope is used to "investigate dope" and so much "investigating" is done by the Tulane Students that the dope smoke is circulated throughout the entire building thru the central air-conditioning system and so you "got high" from about one hour after you get to work until about one hour after you leave the building whether you want to or not or even know what is happening (of course, most people do).

Additionally, dope is "legal within the complex" as long as you do not take it outside so all these "researchers" walk around with joints instead of regular cigarettes (you begin to understand the need for all that "hospital security" now - to conceal the truth from outsiders) all day long.  And, for the young support personnel,  like Cecile well it is just routine to be asked "would you like some coffee and a joint ?" at coffee break time.

Additionally - you can get any pills you want - as much as you want - and all medical students are high on something all the time.

Inventing "Super Dope"

Being stoned is considered the "normal state" of a Tulane Medical Center employee so it becomes "boring".  So, the students experiment with the "reagent grass" by adding to it other drugs to make "Super Dope" to use when they "really want to get high" Cecile reports that "one drag of a 'super dope' cigarette will get you smashed for twenty-four hours" and that you are so high that "you just sit there".

Sex and Quaalude

Of course,  after hours there are "parties" with Super Dope and other drugs.  Quaaludes are common at the sex orgies sponsored by Medical Students because, as one student told Cecile "these pills are good to take before screwing".  The reason that Quaalude is good to give a girl before screwing is that it blocks memories from being transferred from "short term memory" to "permanent memory" in the brain so that the things you do while "on Quaalude" cannot be recalled later - in this way females cannot remember who - or how many whos balled them.

A Fun Bunch of People

In general to work for Tulane Medical Center is to be among a fun bunch of people - high all the time - above the law - licensed to do whatever they damn please - and best of all financing all of the "fun" with Federal Aid Money for "research".  It is just a real ball and for a "junkie out there" - if he got a job with Tulane he would think that he had up and died and found "junkie heaven" for sure.


Russell Bailey is employed at the LSU Medical Center as the Chief



of the "Locksmith Department" and so besides "getting around" he has the keys for every door in the complex - and has seen all the shit that goes on there.  Also, he likes to talk and "sensitive information" holds peoples' attention and makes him "feel big" so it is no trouble learning what is happening there from him and the following data 5 provided by Mr. Bailey:

Money Means Nothing  to the people at LSU because it is all State and Federal Money and mostly Federal.   Pieces of equipment costing $100,000.00 are tossed around like toys - if they break they are not fixed - rather they are thrown away to be replaced with the "latest model" of whatever it is.  There is apparently an "unlimited" source of Federal funds available and this results in the purchase of the "most fancy and expensive gadget" available for any job that needs to be done.  Researchers look thru catalogs and brochures from manufactures which don't even give prices - no one even thinks about cost when the "Feds are picking up the tab".

Regular Dope and No Name Dope are available in liberal supply.  All the standard dope - Marihuana, LSD, THC, Heroin, etc. are provided to LSU by the Federal Government just like to Tulane and additionally there is "special dope" that does not have any name - just a number - that have just been invented.  Same as Tulane - it is all legal if you remain within the secrecy of the complex.

The "real" and "cover-up" names  are apparently for security reasons.  Russell's stories concern the LSU installation officially listed as a "Dental School"  but obviously there is much more going on there and in areas that have no relationship to dentistry at all - the main thing going on is medical experiments on Human Subjects and the part of the head involved is not the mouth. Apparently there is also some "dental type training"  there but it is a very small percentage of the "whole story".

Sex in Strange Places.  Russell says he is popular and has received "promotions" because of the "special favors" he can do for employees since he has keys to every door and they only have the key to their office space.  The most "appreciated" favor is to "arrange to unlock" rooms where no one ever goes - like air conditioner equipment rooms - so that staff members can have a place to take a "screwing break" - which, after all, sounds better than a "coffee break".

The Universal Cover-Up Incinerator is described by Russell as the latest thing and the "fire man" who runs the incinerator brags that it has the capability to completely burn up a Human body with absolutely no trace - not even ashes left when the door is opened up again.

The "Spare Parts" room  contains "people parts" in preservatives for teaching.  Sometimes parts are given as "exotic gifts" - sex organs are the most popular.  The "parts man" is very busy receiving "orders for parts and getting shipments ready to be sent to whoever asked for that specific body part" to play with, etc.

The "1984 - Style playroom"  looks like a Nursery (for kids) except that millions of dollars of electronic Spy Equipment - closed circuit TV - special sensors - etc. are hidden everywhere in the room.  Here "problem children" are "left alone to play" while everything they do is monitored, videotaped, and analyzed by "researchers" looking into "disturbed children" - and how to brainwash them into "useful" people in the eyes of the State.

The "Human Pets"  are passed around thru here too.  They have no skull - it been cut away and replaced by a "easy opening" plastic lid so that all the "brain researchers" can open the lid to easily get to whatever they want to play with.




Here I wish to discuss the notion of being surrounded by an atmosphere of incompetence and the special emotional characteristics of such an atmosphere.

To generate the concept so that it will be obvious to essentially anyone,  let us begin by projecting backwards on time line and pick a point at the dawn of medicine. Now take yourself to such a place and say that you have an accident and break your leg. Now you are in a "Hospital" and this "Doctor" is going to "make you well".  Now you know - from being from the "present" what is appropriate to accomplish this but remember you are back a ways where things are "different".

You notice that in this "Hospital" there are a few dogs running around to "lick the floor and keep it clean" and that the "doctor" has a garden and he has come in from the garden,  hands full of mud, wipes the worms off and says not to worry that he is a "Doctor" and he will now "operate on your leg".  Now you know that if the fool touches you you will get secondary infection and die. But,  there is absolutely nothing you can do.

The "Doctor" does not believe in Germs because "Science has not proved that they exist".  You know they exist (being from the present) but knowing the truth does little good when "surrounded by incompetence".  So you scream at the fool not to touch you - his hands are dirty and full of germs, etc.  And so the "Doctor" says "you must be delirious or something" and ties you to a bed and starts pouring whiskey (that would be the only anesthetic in use then) down your throat.

While the doctor is "treating you" (which you know is really "killing you") you can hear his staff babbling:  "This is a weird one - he thinks there are little bugs on the Doctor's hand that you can't see.  That's the best one I've ever heard -  if you can't see bugs then they are not there - everyone knows that - this guy is sure strange but the "Good Doctor" will make him well"

So the "Good Doctor" gets you drunk silly and as the days go by you get some type of secondary infection and eventually die. You know that you will die - and that your death is needless - but there is simply no way that you can communicate what you know to these people - they simply will not understand.

This is the notion of the emotional matrix of  being surrounded by incompetence.  As of current Doctors know that there are "little bugs you can't see" - but the only reason that they know that is because someone invented a gadget so that they can be seen. Otherwise,  they would have never believed it even to this day.  Today we have some other gadgets which can photograph "Auras" (which you can't usually see either) and so some doctors are beginning to believe that they exist also.

However, by comparison to some "absolute" standard, like say the theoretical "sum total of all knowledge" the doctors of today are not that far advanced over the "Doctors" with dirty hands and dogs running around in operating rooms.

If you are a mindless clog, which is what the so called "average citizen" really is - and you do not know much about anything and have been conditioned to "run to an expert" and "believe totally whatever you hear" then you are in good shape because you will have a "happy life".



This is the concept from George Orwell's "1984" (only a couple of years away now) that "Ignorance is Strength" because if you have any knowledge, then US Society is a dangerous place to be because the clogs will not believe you - and as they torture you to death they will complement themselves on having "done you a great service".


Here I wish to develop the notion of how society has found it advantageous to ignore criminals and instead punish victims.

The central theme of the notion is the concept of "image".  A city, e.g., talks about plans to improve its "image".  Here you
should note a difference between the "image" a City has and what is really going on.

When you desire to make p good "image" you do not have to make a "good real thing" - you simply have to make people "believe it is a good thing".

Now lets take a City full of crime and shit like New Orleans.  From "the top" you,  as a politician,  realize that this crime and shit is here to stay.  Since you admit that to yourself you then face the question of how to put forward a "good image".

Now crooks are "shy people" - they do not brag openly about being crooks.  Quietly and methodically they do their thing. What causes a city to have a bad image then, is not the real life fact that there are crooks everywhere - but the fact that victims of crooks complain openly.  Remember that crooks do not talk openly but victims do - they go on TV - they write letters to the editors - and they eventually get written up in national news magazines with their stories about crooks - this gives the city a "bad image".

Now, it is hard to find real crooks, they do not "advertise" - but citizens and committees who "complain about crooks" do advertise and they are real easy to find.

Now the makeup of US Society is basically amoral and the predominant philosophy is Pragmatism - which simply stated means that the easiest way to get what you want is justified regardless of any notion of right or wrong.

You want a good "image".  What is easier from the standpoint of economics - to really get rid of crooks or to "silence the people who complain about crooks".  Well, it is much easier to get rid of the "reformers" than the crooks. So, if you harass victims until they become so frustrated trying to get justice that they "just give up" (and stop talking realizing it is useless) then outsiders will "assume" that you have a crime free city because there is no one complaining to the contrary because you "silenced the victims" by stonewalling them to the point that they have accepted total corruption as a way of life and have given up complaining.  You do not have to "silence crooks" because they do not talk openly.

So, using this process, you can achieve the goal of creating a "good image" because you can say,  "See, there are no complaints of crime in our city" - and indeed there are no complaints because the people have been shown that it is useless to complain and have given up.  Crime is the same as it always was but the "image" is much improved.



As the "image" gets better and better using this technique it eventually becomes "very dangerous" to be a victim and "downright simple" to be a crook.  If you are a victim, then you know the truth the city had to cover up to get this "good image" - and you are a "liability" to the City because if you "talk" then you will "upset the good image" you know better than to talk because the City does not give a shit that you were robbed or whatever - "but it does care about its image" - and if; as a victim, by "demanding your rights" you upset that good image - the City will most likely throw you in jail instead of the crooks who you are complaining about

In such an atmosphere of total corruption, the City appears "simply perfect" from the "outside" because anyone who claims otherwise simply does not live to talk.


Bait and Switch is a standard phrase used to describe a method used by salesmen to lure people into their clutches and to make them buy something they don't want and can't afford.  Basically, Bait and Switch works like this. You run an ad for something very good at next to nothing in cost.  The trick is that what you said was a lie - and really there is no such piece of merchandise - or perhaps there is "one" (to make it technically legal) in your store.  Now, when the suckers come in you "switch" them to some other piece of merchandise at normal price by smooth talking confidence type salesmen.  So the term "Bait and Switch" - the "Bait" gets them close enough for you to grab (out of their homes and into your store) and the "Switch" enables you to stick them with something they had no intent on buying and would never have left home if only they had known the truth.

The technique used by the Psychiatric Cult to lure new people into their clutches is basically the con game of  "Bait and Switch" practiced "medical Style".

People are lured or forced (by others who are "duped") into the clutches of the Psychiatric Cult because they are convinced - or more likely some one in power like a Judge or Coroner - has been told that they are "Dangerous" and they need to be treated to protect "society from harm".  Very very few people actually fall into this category.  What usually happens is that someone may have a "brief period" where they are mad for some reason. Now everyone has "a brief period" where they are sometimes mad but not everyone has other's who want him "out of the way" and who know how to accomplish this.  This is the "Bait" part of the con game.  Some real or semi-real or totally false episode of "violent type" behavior is officially "written up" and submitted to some judge, etc. (in a secret meeting).  As a result of this the "victim patient" is delivered into the hands of the Psychiatric Cult.  This "description of violence" is filed away and never discussed again - its only purpose is to "legally justify the need for treatment" and - in many cases it is fabricated and not true at all.

[After the N1I19 period, my grandmother confessed to me that police showed up and told her she needed to sign consents because "they had found me by the edge of the river planning to jump in".  She believed them, of course, because "police are honest and do not lie, etc".  Totally fabricated - never happened]

Now, for the "Switch" part.  Now, that the person is in the clutches of some shrink - he finds all sorts of things forced on him that have no relationship to the concept cf "being dangerous" at all. He is forced to take drugs which make him sterile and impotent - he is told that he must accept a menial job at substandard pay because it is "therapy" and "doctor ordered".  He is told not to associate with certain people because "the doctor does not feel it is appropriate behavior" and the like. This goes on and on until every aspect of his life is being supervised by some doctor or social worker. And the process continues even though whoever he was accused of being "dangerous to" is long since dead or separated from his sphere of  life in some way so that they never meet.

But if he objects to any of the "nit picking" - the doctors run for the file - which may be years out of date - and take the statement that at some time in the past there was (or it was asserted that there was) this "violent act" - even though it might be from childhood and the patient is now an adult - and wave it in front of a Judge saying "Look see - here it is in black and white - if this guy leaves our care he might get mad again so give us permission to force him to stay with us" - and they usually get it. The paper goes back into the file and the "treatment"- which has nothing to do with the time frame where this piece of paper came from - continues.

It might consist of another "forced dead end job" - more drugs to make you silly, shaking, sterile, impotent, have slurred speech, etc. - and it just goes on and on with no end in sight except the knowledge that eventually you will die.


Michael Traina is a social worker at HB6 (Mandeville).  He used to work at HB9 (Jackson) but they kicked him after he went and told the press some of the things that go on there.  I had many conversations with Mr. Traina and here I want to go thru some of his revelations that relate most directly to the scope of this report:

New Orleans Newspapers Under Control of  Tulane University

Michael was always in trouble because he truly cared about patients and wanted to help them.  When it was exposed on TV that Tulane University was involved with secret government experiments on people with LSD and the like, Michael decided to try to find some of these people who had been harmed by Tulane and report on them.

He sent in personal ads to all the New Orleans newspapers in which he requested that anyone who had been experimented on by Tulane University contact him.  However, all of the newspapers returned his ad and his uncashed check and refused to print the ad.  So powerful was Tulane University that no newspaper would allow anything negative about it to be printed about them.

The Girl with AIDS at Mandeville (HB6)

Michael was working at HB6 with the adolescents and knew from the medical records that she had AIDS.  Also, he knew from talking to the boys that she was giving it away to whoever wanted her.  So he warned the boys that the girl had AIDS and they were looking at certain death if they fucked her.

[All patients on the Adolescent Unit are given the genocide drug Mellaril.  Mellaril sterilizes both men and women but it does not prevent men from having erections so the sex act is still possible]

Now, Michael got in trouble because the hospital said the fact that the girl had AIDS was "confidential" and they would rather just let her run loose fucking unsuspecting boys and giving them AIDS then to take the chance on "hurting her" by giving out confidential information.  As punishment, Michael was ordered never to have any direct contact with patients any more and to only work with paperwork.  Meanwhile, the AIDS girl kept right on fucking anyone she could find.

The Shock Box Scandal at Charity (HB5)

Charity was big on giving Shock Treatments at that time.  They had a contract with some company to fix the Shock Boxes when they broke.  Now, basically, what a Shock Box does is to put out about 160 volts at up to 1.8 amps or so for a certain amount of time.  These three things - the voltage - the current - and the length of time are "prescribed" by the doctor ordering the Shock Treatment.  The prescription would also include the number of treatments and the spacing (three times a week - once a week, etc.).

Now, the broken boxes were sent to this company.  Certain parts had to be fixed because you would notice if they were not fixed.  The on off switch had to work - the timer had to work - and the "push to shock" button had to work.  But, the voltage and current regulator did not have to work because it would not be obvious as long as some "shock" came out of the box.  So, someone at this company started thinking along these lines and decided, since this device was to be used on crazy people who no one really cared about anyway, why not cut corners and increase productivity by just bypassing the current and voltage regulation section and basically "connecting the patient directly to the wall outlet".  So, now people were shocked at whatever amperage the wall outlet put out which is usually 20 amps.  Many died.

Eventually, Charity got suspicious and checked the boxes themselves and discovered what had been done.  But, they were in a bind here because, if they went after the repair company the story would get out and people world start suing for wrongful death.  So, they decided to just stop using that company and not to talk about it. People whose relatives were killed during this period still have no clue - and never will.

Secret Radiation Experiments on Children at Mandeville by Tulane University

Tulane University operates a research unit called the Delta Primate Research Center which is reasonably close to the state hospital (HB6).  At this place, they keep large apes and do "lord knows what" to them and eventually probably kill them.  Anyway, according to Michael Traina, from time to time children from the Children's Unit at Mandeville were taken on a "field trip" to the Primate Center to "play".

They were left alone in some contained place and the staff quietly left.  Then, a radiation source was activated and the kids were exposed to the radioactive source for some time.  After being secretly irradiated by Tulane University scientists, they were bussed back to Mandeville.  This was an ongoing process for the duration of the "experiment".  The government sponsored project was secret, of course, and is still secret as of current.  Since the children who did not die would now be of legal age to sue, it is unlikely that the truth about this will ever be made public.


During the N1I19 period, Vietnam was in full swing and there were protests on college campuses.  At Tulane, they burned the ROTC building (ROTC buildings were the only buildings on the campus made of wood that could possibly be burned) and had some standard "sit ins" and "protests".

In reply to some question, the university President stated, and it was recorded in the campus newspaper, "I am the President of this University and Student Affairs are not my concern."  Now, most people probably thought Longnecker was just being "snooty", but he was actually telling the truth.  Now, let's get into why.

Tulane University is a University - students go there - they get degrees and a pretty decent education.  But, the "student part" is just a cover for the covert activities that Tulane University performs for the U S  Government.  To begin with, Tulane University is an "IDA University" (Institute for Defense Analysis).  There are only about 33 such schools in the United States and, of those 33 or so, Tulane University is the number one IDA University.  Tulane University serves as the center for covert government activity for this region of the country.  The President of  Tulane is always a very high ranking member of the so called "secret government" which actually runs the United States.

Additionally, Tulane University specializes in "Identity Creation" - a highly classified service it performs for the US Government.
Identity Creation is much more than giving a person a new social security number and a new name as is done in witness relocation programs.  Identity Creation is the establishment of a new identity from birth to the present time.

Here is how it works:  The candidate for a new identity enrolls at Tulane and takes some courses.  His Tulane ID will show the new name he will use.  He will most likely stay on campus for protection.  The Tulane campus is a special place - like an embassy.  Even though it is located in New Orleans, the New Orleans Police are forbidden to enter.  Everything inside the campus is totally controlled by Tulane's own police who generally hold US security clearances.

Now, the "special work" of  Tulane begins.  The identity of the candidate will be built from birth.  There will be a birth certificate inserted into the official records.  Then  comes school.  Tulane agents will go to libraries and get their hands on school yearbooks and insert the candidates picture.  They will insert the candidate into official school records as a previous student there.  There may be fabricated newspaper stories about the candidate growing up inserted into official news archives.  A complete "trail of documentation" is fabricated so that anyone who checks on this person will believe he is the "real deal".  When this is complete, the candidate "graduates" and leaves Tulane for his new life - new secret assignment - or whatever.  He might even get a "real degree" from Tulane too (that he never earned).

Now you see why "Student Affairs" are "not the concern" of the President of  Tulane University - he has far more pressing concerns than "ordinary students".


To "train" a new doctor requires lots of money, facilities, teachers, exotic electronic gadgets - and another component people do not usually think about - part of the cost is paid in "human lives" - approximately three human lives needlessly lost is included in the "cost of training".

These are the "practice patients" and young students are told that "it is expected" that thru their negligence and incompetence during the "learning years" they will cause the death of at least three people.  Of course, this is a year or so after they have caused the death of literally thousands of  "test animals" - but these do not count as human lives of course - "they just get you in the mood to watch death you have caused calmly and unemotionally".

So when we "balance up the accounts" of doctors, we must subtract from "all those lives the 'good doctor' saved"  the "several lives the 'good doctor' took away".

The "probability that a doctor will kill you" (un-intentionally) decreases with time because the "grace murders" of "three nominal deaths" are usually used up during intern and residency - later, a "for real" doctor would be more cautious and would, presumably, have learned some "don't dos" from his three negligant homicides in "good ole med school"



Consequently, if you are rich and influential (like a President, who can reserve a whole Hospital floor complete with several hundred body guards) you can increase the probability that whatever is called a "Doctor" under such conditions better damn well be competent.

But, on the other side, if you are just a "person" - and "would be no great loss to the world" if you "weren't around" and add to that that you may not have a fist full of hundreds to wave at a greedy Hospital Administrator - well, the probability that you will be a "necessary to training homicide" is higher.

Not as high, however, as if you do not want anything to do with a doctor - who in return does not give a shit about you - and the reason that you have been "broght together" is because a pig or other "credible person" has had you put in the nut farm for "observation" where the only doctors are medical students, interns and residents who have not even begun to use up their "three homicide limit" and have the right under the law to force on you any drug on the US Market plus other drugs which they have a "special permit" to use such as LSD.

Now, the probability just goes sky high - and when coupled with the fact that you have said something utterly stupid like "I have rights" or "The press should find out the truth about you" - well now you're talking in the 99% range that you will be a "practice homicide".

Doctors, or really student doctors, take murder in stride.  It is part of the "course material".  They are given the statistics, based on the previous class records of how many people they will kill, how many they will cause permanent damage to, how many they will cause sever but reversible damage to, etc.  Then they all sign up with the "school group malpractice plan" are told not to "worry about mistakes - all routine - the lawyers for the company know their business" - but just don't make too many mistakes "over your quota" - and everything will be just fine.

So if you are studying the field of electricity, the prof says "you'll probably get shocked in the lab - all students do - don't be scared of it."  And if in med school, the prof says, "You'll kill a few people but don't worry about it".  It is good advice if you are a student - but if you are a patient, well...



Looking around at things you can control with minimal effort you find that non-living things like tools and machines are relatively easy to control.  And that dumb animals, although smarter than dumb machines, can with little effort be frustrated into submission.  Next in line are dumb people - called the "masses" - who seem to "beg to be led" by someone anyway.

So, in dissecting the minds of smart people - the people you are having trouble forcing to bow down to your will - you want to see what they have that all these  people things you can control do not have - and then scheme up some method to "do away with it".

The "Higher Attributes"

The thing that you blunder into this way are those class of things which are commonly called the "Higher Attributes" and they are the things that separate advanced human beings  from lower life forms and



from non-life forms like machines.  There is a long list of 'attributes' which go by different names in different places and times in history. Basically, to illustrate, some higher attributes are the ability to sing, to compose music, to invent things, to do non-routine "thinking on your feet"type work, and to be creative in any field.  These "random" qualities make controlling people difficult because being "random" they cannot be predicted easily in advance.

In addition to these you have the brain and memory which stores the past and constructs aspirations for the future.

Clearly, this is the "problem" - if you could destroy these "pesky random qualities" and the memory of the past then you (the Government or whatever) would have no trouble in controlling people because the qualities that give them self determination and direction and so separate them from machines would not exist - they would become "human machines".

So this is the "recipe for mind control".

Killing the "Higher Attributes"

By cutting up "test people" it has been determined that certain parts of the brain - mainly the hypothalamus, thalamic regions, and pineal gland are the key sections governing "creative thinking" and "mental imagery" from which unique qualities are born.  The Major Tranquilizers, therefore, are specifically designed to "kill" these specific sections of the brain thus destroying the "higher attributes".

Memory of the past must go

But, even though you kill the ability to do "new creative thinking" you still have the "old creative thoughts in memory" so you need to damage memory (stored in the frontal lobes of the brain) and get rid of the history of the past which is accomplished with high voltage shot thru this section of the brain (shock treatments).


Now, with all creative abilities paralyzed by drugs, and the past shocked away, and still being "alive" you would have little choice but to rely for guidance on "what will I do - who an I, etc."  to whoever happened to be around you - and guess who that would be - the Government paid shrink.


When I was in High School in the early sixties no one knew about grass or LSD.  They used Heroin.  A classmate of mine was Irvin Magri, who later became a New Orleans cop and as all new cops was sent to the vice squad because his face was not well known and therefore he could fool people and operate undercover.

After Irv was a cop and I was in College, we had a talk about things he had learned by running the street undercover - and I will discuss here his revelations on Heroin which were a surprise to me and should be to you.

There was an "old wives tale" that the reason that there were no "old Heroine Addicts" were because they had all died young as a result of using Heroin - or had died very young in drug related shoot outs - but mainly from " the lethal nature of Heroin".

Well Irvin explained, he had learned that this was pure bull shit - old narks - and older people in general who had experience all



described what really was happening as a "phenomenon" called "drying out".  It seems, that for a reason no one had tried to learn, around the middle thirties, there were some body chemistry changes that took place and people who were Heroin addicts simply tended to "loose the desire" to use the drug - and gradually they "dried out" - it all happened quite naturally and "old Heroine addicts" were not "all dead" but quite alive and essentially all were "simply not addicts any more".  So the natural life cycle of a Heroin addict began in say High School, and gradually ended naturally and non lethally towards middle age - they just "got tired of it".

This was on the "old days" before the Medical Cult stepped in to the picture.  Today as then there are no "old Heroin addicts" - but there are "lifetime Methadone addicts" - because Heroine addicts are arrested, switched from Heroine to Methadone - which is not Heroine - is far more and permanently addicting - and so they remain as "hopeless" addicts to Methadone for all of their life time.

The Medical Cult has merely "muscled in" on the Mob - but the Medical cult plays for keeps - it invented its own "super addicting drug" to be sure that no one ever becomes "un-addicted".  And, in the process, it switches the economic gain from the Mob to E  I  LILLY & CO. who hold the patent rights on Methadone no one has a patent on Heroin. And, additionally, now the the government has to buy dope (from Lilly) and build buildings to keep the dope in, and hire people to push the dope to addicts - forever.  If cost was a consideration, they would come cut ahead by giving the addicts Heroin - which is not under patent and so dirt cheap to make - and also because as in the Old Days before "the miracle of Methadone" they could count on the natural "drying out" around middle age - which will not spontaneously happen with Methadone.

But, you know how things are, there are interest groups and things like that and it does increase Lilly's stock to have a nation of "legal addicts" hooked on their super addicting and well patented synthetic dope, and it created jobs in civil service for Dope Pusher I, II, III, IV and so on and it lets the Feds spend more money so as to justify taking more money and all that good stuff - so it must be OK.

Besides, if you happen to be young - well it may not have ever occurred to you that long ago nature had its own way of curing Heroin addiction unless you ran into someone who was old enough to know because you will not find this data in literature but you will learn it from those who remember from their life experiences during the "olden days" (like back 30-40 years)


People generally assume that Doctors are "good guys" because they take something called the "Hippocratic Oath" which is theoretically a pledge before God not to do "evil things".

Now, to begin with, doctors are atheists - to believe in God in the United States is considered a mental illness and grounds for arrest.  So much for God.  In curiosity, we checked an old un-abridged dictionary which was published before knowledge began to be suppressed on the grounds that to tell the truth "offended people" and everyone should therefore be diplomatic, non-contraversial, and non-specific about



essentially everything. The book is Funk and Wagnal's New Standard Dictionary and has a copyright date of 1913.

It says:  An oath administered to those entering the practice of Medicine in early days and believed to have originated with Hippocrates.  In this oath,  the pupil swore to revere and love his teacher as he did his own parents; to practice abstinence;  to refuse to perform illegal operations, or to aid in any manner in their performance; and to preserve inviolate all professional secrets.  A similar obligation is imposed now in some medical colleges.

So there is no "God" in this oath.  What is mainly there is a promise to give allegiance to the school and a promise to keep medical secrets.

This makes a lot of sense because in real life doctors do not give a shit about patients - but they do care about keeping "medical secrets" secret (even if it means killing patients who learn too much) and their primary allegiance is to their school and to medical associations.

At a Medical School like Tulane University - which secretly operates as a Government Front Organization - and does secret research for the CIA, etc., the Hippocratic Oath translates in to a "security clearance" and doctors do take an oath - but the oath they take has nothing to do with "being a good guy to patients" but has to do with maintenance of "medical secrets" (like you are raising 'human clones',  experimenting helpless people to death, etc.) and with allegiance to their source of bread and butter (the Medical School, the Government, the "Professional Associations", etc.)  Patients are merely an irrelevant source of "bodies to practice on" - the medical profession is not maintained by "patients" but by Federal Research Grants and Federal Funds from Medicare and Medicaid which come from general tax revenues whether people want it to be that way or not - or even know.  Also, they get grants from large corporations with financial interests and special interests in the things (experiments) they do.

Whether people get good treatment is irrelevant to to continuance of the "Medical Cult".  The statement  "the operation was successful but the patient died"  is becoming more appropriate as the emphasis is on "unique research projects" which are viewed as "the primary" and are "successful" regardless of what happens to the suckers who take part in them.

The only "usefulness" a patient has to a doctor is that a patient is someone you "practice on to get experience" and "experiment on to get your degree" and "research on to make money and request more Federal Funds".  Whether they live or die is irrelevant as long as there is a continuous supply of ignorant people who believe that doctors do everything in the best interest of patients and exist solely to help others.

Of course you eventually learn the truth - but usually you are in no shape to communicate your enlightenment to anyone else. And,  there are more fools to take your place after you are killed.


Here we wish to go into the slave labor trade in former mental patients.  Obviously, it is not officially "called that" -  but it functions in that way in actual  practice.

Basically, here is how the "market"' works:  After discharge, patients are put in a "clockwork orange" state where they are conditioned to believe that the things they want are "sick" and the things other's want are "well".  If they were not conditioned this way they would have not been discharged in the first place - the eradication of all free will and the capacity to have self-determination is a phase of brainwashing done inside mental hospitals - it is only phase one then the "parole clinic" called an aftercare center or a "catchment center" (in Federal language) takes over for the rest of your life (unless you can manage to escape to freedom somehow).

Now, for the rest of your life, you are "in treatment" - everything you do every day is considered "treatment" and must be "approved" - to try to have any "self initiative" is called "a symptom that your illness (the desire to be free) has returned" and is grounds for arrest.

The slave labor market comes into play when the state treatment system enters into negotiations with private industry - local businesses and business men - to officially  "provide jobs" for former patients.  Now, these are not "jobs" but are "part of treatment" (remember, that everything is called 'treatment' now).  The state has say "X" number of "patients" who are drugged so that they will do whatever they are told - convinced that they are "sick" and then further convinced that they need to do this job to "get well".  They are officially classified as "insane" and so have no civil rights.  Also, the drugs they are forced to take have destroyed all creative abilities, all "higher attributes", the ability to imagine and have insight.  Furthermore, it is considered "sick" to disagree with treatment or to refuse treatment.  The combination of all this makes for an ideal slave - and in a "civil rightsie" type of society there is a demand for "programmed clogs" because the average worker will not take shit from his boss because he knows his rights.  But remember, former mental patients are drugged and have no rights - they make ideal  "working slaves" - and additionally, they can be paid substandard wages because the work they do is called "treatment" and the employer is not considered in the role of an employer but as some kind of  "therapist" and the employee is not considered an employee but a "patient" and the work he does is not considered to be work but "treatment".  So, with this doublethink bull shit you can begin to see the attractive business potential for business men who have "shit details" that no "normal" person in his right mind would accept - they would starve first - and then the State approaches them with an offer they can't refuse:  "Look, we have "X" drugged zombies - you hire them - do anything you damn please with them - they can't leave for better jobs because we have ordered them to work specifically for you as "treatment" - if they give you any trouble call us and we will give them more dope or send them to the Hospital and ship you a replacement zombie slave.  You can pay below the Federal Minimum Wage because of your special agreement with us that you are providing "work therapy" and the State and Federal programs will even rebate money to you for "helping in treatment". Now, how's that !!"

What would any red blooded corrupt money hungry business man say - no unions to put up with - No "organizers" - no protests (resisting treatment, etc.) - just "blank eyed" zombies with all free will and desire to resist crushed and drugged out of them - subject to immediate arrest if it should "try to return".



During the N1I19 period the contracts between the Charters Clinic (HB7) and employers were limited.  Mainly, men were told that "the only thing that could help them" (whatever they have going at the time is always "just what you need") was "welding school".  [Being a welder gradually "consumes" the human body because it ruins your eyes.  This was considered a good choice for the "patients" because no one cares if they are hurt and so it would be better for society to damage them as opposed to a "normal" person] They had a deal with some "welding school" to teach all the men to be welders. This was was done under "vocational rehabilitation". This is not the actual slave labor system" - it was developed later gradually.

As of current, what is being done is that there are "understandings" with "regular private business" like department stores in the downtown New Orleans area and the "shit jobs" - like third assistant janitor - which require heavy work of a non intelligent nature - are being given to former mental patients.

We have an example of one patient, named "JJ" but this is a current example from 1978.  In the case of this "patient" - he sees some "social worker" at HB7 - he was given a job at Maison Blanche as some menial helper at low pay together with a hand full of pills to keep him silly.  There is no hope for this guy because he actually believes in taking these pills and listening to doctors so his life will be totally wasted. However, he had apparently skipped some pills and somehow had a bit of insight and found another employer who would hire him - pay him more -  give him a "normal job" - and treat him like everyone else.  But he could not leave the "shit job" at Maison Blanche without doctor's permission.  The Charters Clinic had no "contract" with this "new employer" so they told JJ he had to stay with Maison Blanche and could not leave and change jobs - he had no choice but to obey.  In this particular case, this man was never "committed" so he could not have been easily arrested - what they used to threaten him was to tell him that the "shit job" was the doctor's recommendation and that he would be "expelled from the Clinic" if he did not follow the recommendation - he had become addicted to Elavil which was supplied to him by the dope pushers at the Charters Clinic - that threat meant no more dope and this man liked the dope he was given - which was a mood elevating anti-depressant - and he was "strung out" on the stuff and wanted it more than to be independent and successful on his own.

This man is classified as "voluntary".  However, for those classified as "involuntary" the same procedure is used but backed up by threats of arrest.  The only reason this guy is "voluntary" is because it has not occurred to him to attempt to resist.  If it did, he would probably  become "involuntary" - and fast.  Digressing here, but it would be good to emphasize the relationship between "voluntary" patients and "involuntary" patients.  There is really no difference because anyone who dis-agrees with a doctor is arrested and is then "involuntary" -  people are called "voluntary" only until they try to resist - but they are treated the same way - in other words people who are "submissive" naturally are labeled "voluntary" because they do not have the guts to formally complain - once they do they are "involuntary".  Doctors say, in so many words, "this is what you will do - submit to me (voluntary) or be forced (involuntary) - but you will obey one way or the other."  There is never any "real choice" involved at any time.

Summing up on the "slave labor market" - this is the basic concept and it is in use currently.  The main points are (1) jobs exist which no thinking person would take with abuses that no regular man would put up with (2) mental patients are not considered "human beings" and have no civil rights in practice (policy 504 or no policy 504) and have been conditioned to accept inhumane abuse and "smile" (3) the fusion of supply and demand thus produces the "Slave Labor Market"




In the US MATRIX the constitution prohibits the Government from having any religious ties.  However, this seems to have been translated to a policy of  "no-religion".  Unfortunately, "no-religion"when actively  practiced becomes a religion.  The name of the religion of  "no-religion" is "Atheism" and the active practice by the Government of its policy of  "no-religion" results in "reverse religion" or active Atheism.

Use of Religion in Church-State Matrices

In countries which use a Church-State matrix there are laws and religion designed to compliment each other.  Laws codify certain behavior as "criminal" and provide penalties like jails. But,  they have no effect on "moral attitudes" at the grass roots level.  In Church- State systems, "the way you are supposed to think" is provided by the "Church" part of the "ChurchState" and the "State" part of the "ChurchState" is concerned with overt actions.  The State can jail you for an overt act - like robbing a bank - but it has little influence on your desire to rob a bank if you do not actually do it - but only desire to do it.  The "Church" in the "Church-State" has the job of dealing with this phase - of conjuring up some dogma that to think about robbing a bank is an "evil thought" (God will know and punish you, etc.) and that if you do you are un Christian (or something). While the "State" part of the "Church-State" can lock you up in jail - the "Church" part of the "Church-State" can use a tool commonly called "excommunication" to make you feel socially isolated.  This tool is like a prison even though you are not actually "confined" because no one will talk to you and you are "blacklisted" as "some un-mentionable and undesirable something".

The System in USSR

In USSR they have a National Policy of  Atheism which would lead you to believe that there is no "church" in the "Church-State".  But, although missing by name, there must be some "force" to accomplish what the Church would do if there - you will find on analysis that all Governments need this "extra component" to enforce their will - although it may be disguised and re-named. So we want to look at USSR to see what there is that is "behaving like" it was a "Church" even though it does not go by that name. In USSR system there is codified law, an "overt justice system" with jails, etc.  This takes care of the "overt acts" part of social control.  But, what about the "how you think" (subtle part) part of the system. Well, obviously,  there is no "Church of Mother Russia" - but there are forces which are geared to the "how you think" phase.  Mainly, the Secret Police (commonly known as the KGB and GRU).  In the classical matrix, "the Secret Police (equivalent of God in the "Church-State" System - here physically personified) are always watching and listening" - looking for "anti-Government" attitudes - these attitudes are not codified but you "learn what they are".  Good Soviets "denounce" others called "dissenters" for the "wrong attitude" and they disappear in the wee hours of the morning to somewhere where they can be taught the "right attitude" - either a Siberia labor camp or a Mental Hospital. The "denouncement" here replaces the "ex-communication" in the "Church- State" Matrix and has the same effect.  You do not "associate with dissenters" is translated from "you do not associate with un Christians, etc." in the Church-State Matrix.

The USSR system did not "get rid of the Church" - it simply made it "part of the Government".  A priest who would discipline an unchristian in a Church- State system and  "put the fear of god" into him would translate to a GRU agent who would scoop up a "dissenter" and "put the fear of Mother Russia" into him.  Both systems accomplish the same goals.

Priests "interpret" what is "morally right and wrong" and KGB  and GRU agents "interpret" what is "in or not in the interests of the State".

The System in the United States

In the US Matrix we see a more complicated design of essentially the same thing.  Officially, there is no "State Religion". Officially, also, "Religion is Free".  There is a codified system of laws against overt behavior and a system of jails.  So far so good.  But we know that is "not enough".  Where is the "covert" system designed to control "how you think" as opposed to "what you do".

The "Church" is not influential here because it is fragmented to the point of being self negating with hundreds of denominations believing conflicting things which have the effect of providing no direction at all.

The force for the "moral right and wrong" which we know must be there disguised as "something" is not the fragmented church. So,  to what have people been trained and conditioned to "look to" for guidance. In general, it is "scientific expert opinion" - and who finances "scientific expert opinion" - well the US Government finances it and it could not survive otherwise. What the hell is "scientific expert opinion" - not an absolute by any means because there are no clear out answers, only "educated guesses" which change yearly and point in different directions at different times.

Now, there is no "Central Church" to provide excommunication penalties against "wrong thinking" - but looking around we do find a group of "scientific experts" called "Psychiatrists" who claim to know what is "right thinking" which they call "normal" and "wrong thinking" which they call "abnormal".  There are "mental hospitals" strung all across the country run by the Government where these "Psychiatrists" turn people with "wrong thinking" into people with "right thinking".  And, although Americans would be "just horrified" if they were told to "denounce their neighbors for anti-Government thoughts",  they seem to accept quite well "turning in their friends and neighbors" for "abnormal behavior" so that they can receive "treatment and become normal". Excommunication is replaced quite effectively by "Mental Illness" as a label for people who are supposed to be "not associated with".  This leaves Psychiatrists as "the High Priests of the State" with the job of determining what is "the way you are supposed to think" - and of using techniques called "behavior modification" (like tying you up naked in a cell for weeks, etc.) to "change you" so that you will think the "right way".

Psychiatrists write what is "the way you are supposed to think" but the US Government provides funds for drug research, building mental hospitals, paying salaries of Psychiatrists and staff, and the brute force to arrest citizens charged with having "illegal personalities" and putting them in one of the many "hospital-prisions".  Where do Psychiatrists get the source ideas of what is "normal" and what is not.  Well, since everything surrounding them is paid for (subsidized) by the Government and the Government does not pay for things that are not in "the National Interest", the ideas of "normal" - if you are a betting man - are the things that are in "the National Interest".  So if you are unchristian in a "Church-State" country,  you would most likely be a "dissenter" if you moved to Mother Russia, and if you "fled for freedom" to the United States you would be "Mentally Ill".

The bottom line is that "real freedom" is a dirty word in any country - under any system of Government - anywhere.  The "words" are changed from time to time and place to place but the intent never changes, although some disguises are more subtle than others.


Murder is fairly well understood.  If you take away somebody's life we call that murder - people seem to understand somehow that it is "wrong" - and, in general,  most societies feel that people who do this should be punished somehow.

This is "total murder".  Now, we want to explore what we will call "murder by parts".  Total murder involves the "complete person" - they are 100% dead.  But suppose only parts a person are killed - bit by bit - from say 1% to 99% and they are not 100 % dead -well, unfortunately, 99% does not count as "murder" in the eyes of the law however, from the standpoint of the "vegetable" who is 99% dead there is little difference.

The new drug technologies - which are not really "new" but just old black magic under a new "reputable" name (but that's another subject) provide a means for "turning off" the human body - piece by piece.

Now we will get into specific examples of what it means to be "x" % dead or "partially killed".  We will start with sex since most people know about screwing and how you "kill" that part of the body (leaving the other parts alive).  Mellaril, the genocide drug, selectively "turns off" sex organs in both men and women.  So we begin the "murder by parts" sequence.

What can we "kill" next.  Well, we "killed" sex so how about the other emotions - we can zap out "hostility" (remember, emotions are paired so you must also zap out the opposite - compassion and love - at the same time) with Haldol which attacks centers in the middle of the brain which no one is competent to explain what they have really done.

Well, what next.  How about memory or the past - well a few dozen shock treatments will take care of them.  But what about the "future" - don't want any "insight" or "free imagination" - we know that the hypothalamus gland is responsible for "insight and imagination" we can turn it off with Prolixin.

Now, no sex, no past, no future, no emotion - lets see what else we can "kill" but still leave the body "legally alive" (so no one thinks we are committing murder or something bad like that).  Well, there is no need for physical energy to walk or anything - we will zap it out with Thorazine.

Now, if we keep "zapping" parts eventually the person will die so we want to be sure that does not happen - we just want to "kill" all the things that make life worth living - but not go "all the way" to complete death.  We can use the drug "proketazine" and say it is a "tranquilizer" because not too many people will realize that it is also (and is marketed as) a "cell preservative" used in the lab to "preserve tissue samples" to put the person we have "almost killed" into a "formaldehyde jar" - to use a quaint phrase.



Ah yes, we don't want to chance this guy talking - better take away the ability to talk and also the ability to read.  We can do these both with a high dose of Stelazine which will cause stuttering and also interfere with the intercommunication between parts of the brain used for reading.

What the hell - lets go all out - a complete catatonic state - we use an overdose of Prolixin-D to get this - this way the guy isn't "even here" - but his heart is beating - so we are not guilty of murder - only "murder by parts" - but that's not a crime.

Now how many "parts" of a person do you have to kill before it is recognizable that you have at least "harmed" that person from a legal standpoint - well apparently, from experience, "quite a few".


PATERNALISM is the general system which functions in such a way that the idea of "parents" never seems to quite completely go away.  They simply re-appear under different names.  You begin in the system with some "for real" parents, with a "father knows best" Father (where the word "paternalism" comes from) and you think that when you "grow up" you will be independent and have self determination - that "you're only a "dumb kid" so listen to me" will eventually be "obsolete" because you are only a "dumb kid" for eighteen years.

Wrongo - guess again - the system of "paternalism" has a whole string of "new parents" - under various names - to follow you from the cradle right to the grave and replacing the phrase "you're a dumb kid so do as I say" with a string of equivalent phrases in various disguises such as "you're inadequate in this so do as I say" - or "you do not have a 'degree' in this but I do so do as I say".  This group of "replacement parents", under various names such as "teacher", "boss", "supervisor", "government agency", etc. seem to fall right into line as soon as "real parents" drop away - but these "new parents", unfortunately, do not go away. Finally, you become old and are called a "senior citizen" - but then the "nursing home system" grabs you and tells you "you're too old to know what you're doing so do as we say".  So, "too young" straight thru "too old" you have this continuous matrix of "professional parents" who keep telling you how you just don't know how to run your life for yourself and how you just really need them to manage it for you - and they get upset if you disagree with the idea and find ways then to say that the "help" be "forced upon you" because "you really want it but can't seem to find the words to ask" - or some such bull shit.

The arguments for "paternalism"

Paternalism is justified by pointing to specific helpless people and saying "look at those stupid people - they don't know this and they don't know that - what would they do without US to help them" - and the person who is conned by this argument stands looking at "whatever" wandering what they would do - since it is true that they don't know "whatever".

The arguments against "paternalism"

However, the people who are for the "for" argument are simply "short sighted".  It does not seem to occur to them that the reason that these helpless people "don't know this and that" is that no one ever taught them - they were deliberately raised to be ignorant.



People are deliberately taught and conditioned that they "need to be supervised" and that they "can't know everything" and that they "must consult experts". Suppose you spent the time that is spent "teaching people that they don't know" teaching them the truth in the first place instead of classifying everything except the most rudimentary and obvious as "state secrets" and such. Suppose you trained people to look for facts on their own instead of running to (and paying off) experts.  Well, all those experts would be out of a job - for one thing - and since they are well aware of that you can bet that they will leave no stone unturned to justify their continued existence, which is inversely proportional to the ignorance of the people (masses).

Long ago, so it is rumored,  a man would take a woman off in the woods (or something) and by some magic they would raise a family and so civilization continued.  Today, they need doctors to deliver kids, and sex therapists to teach them how to screw, plus god knows what else.  Can it be that man has really fallen to such a state of total helplessness - or could it be that he has simply allowed himself to be "conned" into believing that he is helpless.


The Origin of the "Market"

From our source data (i.e. the N1I19 Time Line), we can begin by sighting say colony Nine at Jackson (HB9).  Here, in this place, were "thousands" of "human zombies" who walked around drooling and didn't even talk - they had been there for years and years.  We cover the source of these zombies elsewhere, but basically this place was for people with weird birth defects (like getting born with no brain, etc.)  Only some were "natural" zombies - most were "man made zombies" (the results of medical experiments, etc. - like "Edward" from period five).  At any rate, there were places all over the country where these people were "stored" at state expense - waiting for them to die.

Then came the Federal Programs of SSI and State (from Federal sources) Supplements to this type of "person" - but only if they were in a "Nursing Home".  They got nothing if with relatives - only a "Certified Nursing Home" could collect "for them" and cash in.

Now these people were worth zip before - but now they had "a price on their head" - and the price in 1979 was about $500.00 per head per month - that is what you get if you run a "Certified" warehouse and fill it up with these people.  They are easy to keep - you just pour drugs down their throats to keep them "in limbo" - hire a nurse and some semi retired "doctor" somewhere to make it all legal and you're in business.

How you "get in" on the Market

Now,  some people in other countries call Americans "Capitalist Exploiters" - I can't imagine why they think that way - unless they might note that it is the "ultimate in exploitation" to develop ways to exploit mindless drugged old people right into the grave - of course no one does that, there just doing a service to "help" people.



OK, having run thru the "party line", suppose you're business sense is awakened here and you want the "scoop" on how to cash in on the Damaged Human Body Market.  Let me be your "financial counselor" (for a fee of course - why not) - and guide you right along. First,  contact a politician to see where zombies are stored in your area (ask for the name of an "extended treatment State Mental Hospital).  Now, you want to know how many zombies (call them "patients" when you talk publicly) they have ready to ship say you agree to take shipment of one thousand zombies one year from today ( this is the zombie futures market).  OK, so you're signed up:  ship 1000 zombies in one year.

Check with the State Welfare Department for the "zombie pay off amount" - you find it is $500.00 per head per month, compute $6000.00 per head per year; or gross monthly is $500 x 1000 zombies $500,000.00 gross per month beginning one year from today. Wow - and remember this is Government Pension Money - automatically increased every year as the cost of living increases.  Now, figure your projected take (gross) for the first year of operation (two years from today) it is $500,000.00.  Now, you have nothing - no money - but you will be a millionaire soon.

Go to a finance company - show them the letter from the State Hospital with their promise to ship the zombies - the finance company lends you $100,000.00 based on the "zombie futures" - which you use to build a "Nursing Home",  hire someone who can pass for a "doctor" (competency is irrelevant but he must have a state license) - get a "nurse" from somewhere - best to get a old senile doctor and a stupid nurse just out of nursing school - you can screw her on the side - they all fuck like minks!

OK, now your "warehouse" is built - the State sends you 1000 zombies and one year goes by.

Now, lets see where you are financially - from a start at zip:

                             GROSS INCOME (zombie pensions)   $500,000.00 +
                             REPAY FINANCE COMPANY         $100,000.00 -
                             INTEREST                                           $50,  000.00-
                             PAY OFF STUPID DOCTOR             $50,000.00   -
                             PAY OFF YOUNG NURSE                $25,000.00   -
                             KICK BACKS TO POLITICIANS  $100,000.00  -
                             MAINTENANCE, ETC. + MISC.       $50.000.00    -

                             TOTAL                                                  $400,000.00  -

                                                YOU CLEAR (PROFIT)  $100,000.00 +++

Now, you went from zip to $100,000.00 in two years - and that's only the beginning because you have no debts and next year you can increase your profit to $350,000.00 - or you can become a "nursing home czar" by re-investing your profits in "expanding" your operation if there are more zombies you can bargain for from the local bug farm. The profits are literally limitless.

Once you are "in"

Once "in" you have it made.  You can't loose.  Inflation can't harm you because you are "living off" these old people's social security type money and it is automatically corrected for inflation.  You are prominent and have "status" because you have "become an executive in 'health care' " - so you can't be a bad guy and you are rich, powerful and respected!



Don't believe it - Go see my Mother

I  learned all this "the hard way" because my mother was damaged to "the zombie state" and she has been "sold" to a nursing home where she is kept for $500.00 / month (the state pays that, of course).

So, for the doubter go see her and the other people from Colony Nine at Jackson at the GOUX nursing homes (he owns a bunch of them statewide).  All of these people are kept so drugged that they can't communicate with you - but you will get the "idea".


Words of Wisdom from the Government

While monitoring the US Government police transmissions on a scanner late one night the following conversation occurred between two Government pigs who had finished work and were "just bull shitiing" with each other on the Government radio channel - which they use after hours just like a "private CB set".

One pig said to the other, "You know you can fool some of the people some of the time - but not all of the people all of the time".  This is a "familiar quote" you probably know but in reply the other pig said, "But you see, you really only have to fool half of the people half of the time".

This was a "marvelously true" statement - and it is a key to the philosophy of the US Government that it uses to "hold power".

The Secret is the Notion of  "Continually Changing Emphasis"

To hold power the Government only needs 50% of the people "in its favor" - the other 50% can go to hell for all it cares.  So, the Government plays a "shell game" with the people by "shifting emphasis" continually between different segments of the Society to create the illusion that "it is for them" (actually it is for itself).  Only half of the people have to be caught up in this illusion at any given time - the other half can be screwed, angry, or whatever and it will have no effect on the "power structure".

Your day will come - it will also GO

In the "shell game",  the Government is constantly switching emphasis between groups.  So the groups that are "screwed" see that others who were once screwed are now "making it" and they do not "scream too loudly" because they feel that,  although they are screwed now that "their day will come".  They are right.  It will come.  And then it will go.

The trick is that everyone gets his chance to be "smiled on" by the Government - raised up full of hope and success (which, of course, they seek and wait for) but then after their "moment of glory" they are smashed on the rocks" and thrown back to where they were before - or a little bit lower.

They may say,  "Good times will come again" - and they will - but only briefly.



Free as Fish

The freedom concept used by the US Government is like fish in a bowl - the fish are free to swim anywhere they want in the fish bowl, but when they decide to try to jump out of the fish bowl - they die.

You Can Have any ILLUSION that You Want

People we met during the N1I19 period and also afterward who worked for the US Government all agreed that the US Government was "the best system in the world".  The reason they gave was that the US System had found a way to "make the most people happy".  So what would you want to be happy?  Want some MONEY - you can have it - for a while at least. Want to get away from the whole mess so that you can just be left alone to be yourself - well that' s not allowed - just like with the FISH.


ROLLERBALL  is a movie that has been on TV and it describes a "sport game" that has been specifically designed so that you can't win.  When the people who try to play the game "get more proficient" so that there is a chance they might win - the "game officials" merely change the rules so as to make the game harder.  They practice with the rules so as to work toward the goal of making a set of  "impossible rules" to have a game that is "impossible to win".

No one actually says "we made this game deliberately so that you can't win it" and in the movie a stubborn player (the Star, of course) keeps trying and trying to win and the harder he tries the more difficult the "new revised rules" become.  He contemplates about why this is so - what "reasoning process" is going on in the minds of  those who make up the rules - but he feels that he "just must try harder" because the purpose of the game is to win and so he must win.

The Government Plays Rollerball

Of course Rollerball is a satire on how the Government works.  It has no intention that anyone should ever "win" in the "game of life".  It tells people that they should "work for success" or "fight for (something)" or "try for (whatever)" and then conjures up ways to make this (thing) impossible to get.  This is "real life" Rollerball and the secret of winning in the game that is deliberately designed not to be won is not to play the game to begin with.

What happens when the "players" just won't play

In real life Rollerball, Government concocts "inducements" to get you in to the "playing field" which (they are illusory of course) are designed to generate this "overwhelming desire" to play the game.

Today,  Government is in a bit of a "slump" because it is finding it hard to invent new excuses and the "old excuses" like "the Russians are coming to get you" are just not working.  It stumbles along inventing  imaginary shortages - no oil - no water - no toilet paper (remember that one - it should get 1st. prize) - the air is poison -the water too) - mother's milk causes cancer - giant ants are taking over the world, and so on.

Unfortunately, when people respond to this with "reflective thought" and say, "Is this the latest Government Lie" - "Wow, I wonder what



horse shit they will invent next".  Then the Government gets "real pissed".

Government says, "If you won't believe the 'make up emergencies' we can arrange a 'real emergency' to scare you like say another War where all you young kids will be killed whether you like it or not or believe in US or not".

So, the game goes on. But no matter how many "inducements" you get to play the game the trick is still not to play - and if you can hold out "not playing" longer than the Government - well,  you might just win yourself a game of "Rollerball".


When Oswald was accused of murdering the President in the early sixties he was eventually "dissected" by the Medical Cult who proposed  "theory" to explain why he did it.  The theory was that Oswald had "special genetics" of type "XXXX" as compared to the "normal man" who is "XY".

The theory continued that this case was grounds to presume that all people who were genetic type "XXXX" would eventually kill someone and then proposed that "murder could now be prevented" by the technique of genetic genocide.

In this scheme, school kids would be "tested" while they were still too young to "kill anyone" and whoever was in genetic class "XXXX" would be "taken away" and would have to spend the rest of their life "under supervision" so that they would not be able to commit the murder that the scientists had concluded they "must commit someday".

Additionally - now that it was assumed that type "XXXX" was "not to be allowed in the world" (because they were all potential murders),  the kids who were to spend their life "in protective custody" would be also sterilized - in this way the "murderer type" would become extinct in the world and "science would be victorious once more".

Well, this was discussed quite a lot at that time - got "good press" and all - however it was never implemented - nor was it ever "really proved" - like most everything else scientists "conclude" it was another "expert opinion" and "completely true" provided you were "the expert with the opinion".

Genocide has been proposed for many classes of people - the poor (so the Government does not have to support their kids) - the blacks (because they are supposed to be stupid, etc., and are mainly on Welfare) - and so on.

BUT,  the only class in our society on whom Genocide is actively practiced are MENTAL PATIENTS.  The courts have ruled against and awarded damages to patients who were sterilized by doctors who argued that they  "had too many kids" or "were poor and trash" or "were black" or "were some unliked minority" - but mental patients are routinely forced to take dope that makes them sterile and no one really has ever "seemed to notice" - which seems rather strange.

The same argument is used to justify this as is used to justify other attempts at genocide - namely  "these people are a burden to society and do not have the right to exist - so sterilize them".



The other classes - blacks - poor - minorities - all have some interest or political action group that jumps up screaming when you say this - but if you say "we only do it to insane people" - you hear no opposition - not even a whisper.



Entrapment is a "legal" term and is generally grounds for acquittal and dismissal of charges.  It means that the people who have charged you with a crime have themselves "contrived a situation which caused the crime to happen" and that you were not a "spontaneous 'voluntary' criminal" but were rather a "helpless player" in a "Government contrived game" which was designed with the intent to cause you to commit a crime which you would not have committed if left alone in the first place.

A good example of  "overt entrapment" from experience is a girl I knew who lived with a cop.  The cop - as many cops do - arrested people who had drugs, confiscated the drugs, and sold them himself. But, being "so busy with law enforcement" - this cop did not have time to "sell the drugs" so he made his girl friend sell the drugs for him.  The girl had no job and a kid and she needed to stay with the cop who gave her food, was a "father image" for the kid, and "man friend" for the girl and provided her with things she would not have had (material things) if she was on her own.

When the girl decided to "move on" - the cop simply "arrested her for dealing drugs" - remember the drugs he obtained from "ripping off" pushers and gave to the girl to sell for him in exchange for "his services".

Well, this is sort of "super entrapment" - of course pigs do these things all the time because they have constructed a "public image of credibility" and people simply do not believe they do things like that so they are never disciplined in any way.

Doctors are in a "better position than police" because their "public image of credibility" is essentially "perfect" and to insinuate that doctors might be "less than perfect" is practically "un-American". But,  enough of this hog wash - lets look now at what we will call "medical entrapment" now that we have run thru the idea of just what entrapment is.


You can - under current law - be taken off with no hearings at all to the bug farm and be held at the will of doctors for at least one month and perhaps four months depending on how devious the doctor is in interpreting the language of the law. This imprisonment is called "observation" (to check you out to see if you are insane).

The doctor must take you to "trial" after the end of this period and at the trial he must show the Judge that you are (1) dangerous or  (2) suicidal or (3) so messed up that you need someone to "take care of you" because you can't feed yourself, etc. (this is called "gravely disabled").  Now this is the "requirements for conviction".


This is what you must be at this point in time say "one month from now".  If you are - for the five minutes or so that you will stand before the Judge - you will be put away for life.

So, when we say "Medical Entrapment" we mean the things that a doctor and the staff can "do to you" during the month or so that they have you so as to "make sure" that when you face the Judge you will be (1) mad looking (called dangerous to others) or (2) sad looking called "dangerous to self" - suicidal) or (3) blank looking (called "gravely disabled").  If the doctor can get you into any of these three states he can hold you for life.

Now, unfortunately, during this "month or so" that the doctor is "observing your behavior" he has the right to force you to take any drug on the US Market - and you can be brought to trial drugged also.

The US Government and all other Governments train their spies - who must have "nerves of steel" to begin with to be selected for training - to resist brainwashing.  However, at the present "state of the art", the longest any spy can resist is twenty-four hours after captured by "the enemy" - that's all - if he can't be "rescued" within twenty- four hours after capture by the enemy, he will break down completely.  That is the current picture.  In the bug farm the student doctor you will have will not be "a professional brain washer" - but you will not be a "007 spy either" and he will have one month to play with your head as opposed to "crack time" of only twenty-four hours.

The "Adversary Technique"

The technique that will be used on you is called the "Adversary Technique" which loosely translated means that the doctor and staff will disagree with anything you say and try - complete with drugs and perhaps some torture - to make you compromise everything you believe in no matter what it is.  If you say the sun is up - they will say the sun is down; if you say it is night they will say it is day.  If you refuse to be "led into an argument" they will harass you so that you have no choice with drugs and physical torture.

They can "test you for hostility" by being deliberately aggravating using physical torture and verbal abuse - if you try to resist you will be stamped "dangerous and violent". They can "test you for suicidal tendencies" by putting you in a condition where life is unlivable like stripped naked in a cell for days with drugs forced on you which will make you believe that "you are loosing your mind" and included here is LSD (which they have a Government permit to secretly use).

Additionally, you will probably be subjected to the same routine that people in prison get - homosexual rapes, regular rapes, fights, continuous arguments, threats, and "rough treatment".  If you ever get "mad at all this" you will be written up as "dangerous" - if you get "sad" you will be written up as "suicidal" and if you are neither mad nor sad you will be called "un-responsive and therefore gravely disabled" - and,  in case it has not occurred to you yet, since you must be one of  these three things - there is a 100% chance that you are going to be "documented to have some mental illness" no matter what you do.

Ability to Resist Mind Control

Your state at the trial will be determined by how "exhausted" you are after being played with for a month or so and your ability to compensate for the mind altering drugs you will be forced to take.



These drugs will make you shake, make you unable to think clearly, read and write, and will cause you to speak "strangely" by causing slurred speech and stuttering.  Additionally, you will have no energy and the drugs will cause you to be "so cooperative and tranquil" that you may not have the will to speak up for your rights.  Additionally,. there will be memory losses and impairments and when you face the judge after all you have been thru - the judge will not realize or take these things into consideration and any "strange behavior" you show will be thought to be your "regular - like at home and un harassed and comfortable - behavior".  All the things you have been thru will simply "be ignored" - and since doctors deny they do these things - to complain is useless.

Well, this is what we have decided to call "Medical Entrapment" and you get the general idea -and the general idea is not good.


Most doctors think they are "very ethical" but things in the Medical world and things in the world most of us know are "different" - to be polite.

Consider Dr. Borgne who had everyone in the White House during the Carter Administration strung out on dope (because it is tense to work in the White House - logical).  Busted down for writing scripts in "phony names",  Borgne said that  "in his brand of thinking he had done nothing wrong".  Well in the "Law's brand of thinking he had done wrong".  Borgue said that what he had done was not "writing illegal prescriptions" but was, instead,  "protecting patient's privacy".  Unfortunately, these two phrases - which describe the same act - sound completely different - but in "doctor mentality" they are the same.

The key here is that the "Medical Cult" has developed "its own world" where things look "just great" when written up in "doctor talk" but,  when seen for what they really are and especially when the same thing is described in "lawyer talk",  it is not only "not just great" but "overtly criminal".  So the two worlds do not mix well - again to use a polite description.

Getting more into the "nitty gritty" a doctor would say with "professional pride":  "I have never murdered anyone - I simply give 'euthanasia therapy' to certain patients who I have concluded would oe better off dead".

Doctors live "entirely within their own world" and certain things "protect that world" from the outside world and from the "legal world".  The main protection barrier is the concept of "peer review" which means that "the only person who can criticize a doctor is another doctor".  So if an old relative of yours is beaten to death by a mugger, the mugger can be charged with murder because he is not a doctor. But,  if the same old relative is killed by a "doctor" who would not use use the word "kill" but use the medical language equivalent "euthanasia" then you cannot do anything unless you pay off another doctor to say that the first doctor was wrong.  If you don't have the "pay off " or can't find a doctor to do this then you can't say, just as a person, "you Murderer !!"  because the doctor will say, "You are not a Doctor, therefore your opinion is not a "professional opinion" and therefore it is irrelevant". And he will give you one of those "We doctors are gods, you know" looks and turn up his nose and walk away scot free.



Within the "medical cult" doctors decide on what is right, certify themselves perfect, and certify themselves ethical.  Since no one except other doctors can "come in to their world",  whatever they decide to do among themselves becomes "right and good" and whatever they dream up not to do becomes "wrong and bad" - they are responsible only to the "law of the medical cult" - and live oblivious to other standards including state and federal laws and the constitution.  Lawyers can challenge doctors - but they have to "bring along another doctor with them" to say that what the challenged doctor did was wrong.

So we touch on this "duality concept" which goes much deeper of course.  To get "down to it",  if others did the same thing - like say bank robbers then you could not "arrest a bank robber" unless another bank robber who was a member of the "American Bank Robbers Society" agreed to testify that the, first bank robber did something wrong.

Of course Doctors are not Bank Robbers - but they are not that much above them either.


When I met "Edward" during P5 at HB5,  I was looking at the tip of the iceberg with respect to the ambitions and projects of a certain Dr. Heath , of  Tulane University.  What Edward represented was an early stage of research on a bold scheme to place the human brain under radio remote control.

Edward was early research.  They needed him to cut up to locate the parts of the brain that controlled certain things. He has served his purpose and now has been killed or reduced to a zombie - we know he was never set free because he was tortured by attendants in addition to the research and he planned to go to the press - which could not be allowed.

The public first learned of  "robotized humans" in 1977 when Dr. Heath paraded one of his half man - half computer creations out to be filmed and photographed.  This boy (he was in his 20's) had been "cured of being nasty to his mother"  by cementing wires into his brain connected to a microcircuit gadget triggered by a radio control transmitter (which most likely ended up in the hands of his mother).  A simple touch of the button on the transmitter put the kid into "another world"  to use his description..  To use the description of  Figaro, a local newspaper, "1984 and Big Bother were here early".

The basic research on Edward was concerned with connecting his brain to a computer (a full sized computer which took up a whole room) to analyze the effect of voltage applied to specific areas of the brain.  In order to find desirable areas they tried all areas on a trial and error basis.  These studies are also done elsewhere including LSU Dentistry school in New Orleans.

Now, from all this, the next phase is to miniaturize. This was accomplished with what Heath calls his "brain pacemaker"'.
At present, the quasi zombies being let out on the street have a "crude - non-specific pacemaker".  There are apparently quite a few of  them loose. At least one robotized human - a black female  - was attending Delgado College during the 1977-78 session - and there appear to be others.

These are "crude" successes.  With the development of smaller micro-processor units and a detailed "map" of what does what in the brain,  future robots will be able to be more specifically programmed.



Multi-function micro circuits could have leads going to all critical areas in the brain and the telemetry signal from the "remote control unit" could do much more then send you to "another world".  It could, essentially, direct any activity that the brain is capable of directing and also have a provision for "self destruct" in case the human robot malfunctioned or had completed its mission and so was "expendable".

Dr. Heath says he does not work for the Government. However, this is really irrelevant because Dr. Heath works for Tulane and Tulane works for the Government. Also, all of Heath's work is paid for with Federal Grants and the dope he uses comes from the Feds and, during N1I19, the president of Tulane University was a Federal spy (IDA) and the Director of the Medical School was a CIA agent working on the Top Secret "Project Mind Control".  So, assuming Heath is just "a simple practitioner of the healing art" (which is how he described himself in response to PRESS questions on "1984" , "CIA", and the like) it is neither here nor there because the art he is practicing (mind control) is a subject of great interest to the Government as it looks towards the future "world dictatorship" and, no matter what Heath thinks he is accomplishing,  what he is doing will make that day much closer.


Dr. Heath was director of psychiatry at Tulane University during the N1I19 period.  In the late seventies, when the revelations about the involvement of  Tulane with the CIA and project Mind Control were being revealed by the press to the public Heath was interviewed locally by the City TV stations and he said he had no knowledge of any of this and that he was "a simple practitioner of the healing art".

However, in a book by Edgar Cayce titled "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis",  there are references to Dr. Heath and this book bears a copyright date of 1968.  The book cites an interview that Heath gave to a Newspaper called "the Virginia Lighthouse" and quotes made by him on November 20, 1966.

The Quote Is:  "With the use of chemical brain-control agents it may be possible to control the individual and the .                       masses and to do this unobtrusively and without the active cooperation of the victims - not a question .                       for the future - it is here".

The Newspaper article quoted summarizes its article with "(this could) fashion a prison for mankind and standardize behavior to the point of slavery".

The work done by Heath at Tulane University primarily involved his invention of brain control boxes which could turn a person into a robot and which could be activated by a remote control radio transmitter.  One of his patients - no doubt long dead now was "Edward" who I discuss elsewhere.  But the main point here is to note that Heath and the medical staff whom he directed and controlled had the intent , as he admitted, to use medical technology to control the masses and  make some kind of world order - this was, we now know, the basis of the lavish Government grants to Tulane under the CIA project called "Mind Control".  It is not possible, in the face of such direct evidence, to still argue that patients sentenced to the State System were being "treated" in some way that would suggest



they were being benefited - the whole purpose. of the mental health system is to control people in the interest of the Government and Heath overtly admits it or did in 1966 - maybe that was before the CIA advised him not to brag too much in the open.

The book we have quoted from is by Edgar Cayce and the story given in the book is pieced together from psychic readings of Astral Entities who are discussing the final days of the "lost continent" of Atlantis and drawing parallels between the choice of Atlantis to take "the left hand path" - which leads to certain destruction - and the same choice made today by our Government leaders.  The parallels point out the similarities between Atlantis and the current status here in this country when there is an over concern for materialism and no concern for the true values of life and where Government had, in both cases, worked out "black magic" schemes to totally control people.

Just as in the case of Atlantis,  it will soon be time to destroy the current world order and future generations somewhere on the Earth Planet may read someday of the "lost continent of America" which was beautiful and prosperous but "suddenly was no more" when the choice was made by the leaders to take the "left hand path".


At a party after the N1I19 period but during the L-2 period I met this man who worked at a Zoo.

It came up in casual conversation where he was asked what he did for a living and his reply was, "Oh me - I work at a Zoo". Most of the people standing around knew this guy and they broke out in a spontaneous burst of laughter at his answer.

Whoever asked him was rather "mystified" at this and I was near and we both sort of asked him to explain because this was obviously a "joke answer".

He said, well not an "animal zoo" and went on to explain that he was in fact a teacher at a school for "exceptional children" which, in the trade, is called a "Zoo".

You see, he went on, "these kids are just too smart - they can never be 'turned loose' in our society because they know too much - we keep em here,  try to keep em down - now there's some of em I can get Tulane University to 'take in' - the rest have to be shipped to Mandeville (HB6) or somewhere where they can 'slow em down' somehow with some drugs or something' cause we just can't let em run loose like they are (smart)".

I tried to keep a 'poker face' and look "dumb and ordinary" while the Zoo Keeper (teacher) rambled on and I would hit him with "please tell me" questions like,  "Why are people feared in this country just because they have high intelligence".  His explanation was that there was simply no place in the United States for "really intelligent people" - society was geared to "the average" and things "above or below average" had no place to go but to prisons or "Zoo's" or the Bug Farms. There was simply no other place for them and it was "accepted national policy" that this was 'the way it was'.

Civil Rights advocates make films about discriminated against groups like "Born Female" or his only crime was "Born Black" - but you probably won't see it publicly stated that "Born Smart" is a "bad mark against you also".


It seems a national disgrace that a nation would have a standing policy to get rid of anyone who looked smart while they were still children.  Other national governments go out of their way to recruit intelligent people but our Government sends its best people "to the Zoo" and goes out of its way to recruit stupid people.

Zapping out intelligent dreamers may spell the end for the US Government should it come to a test of power against a Government who takes care of its smart citizens.  The most recent weapon, a directed energy gun, which uses the "artificial corridor" of a magnetic field to direct destructive energy was not invented in the United States because the scientists who thought it up here were told that such ideas were "science fiction" and "hallucinations" and were therefore ignored under the national policy of  "stupid is beautiful".  Russian scientists, meanwhile, built the weapon (which US Spies have now stolen and duplicated)  because apparently over there the Government respects intelligence and "Zoos" are used for animals and not for smart citizens.

If the US Government hates intelligent people, perhaps they should be allowed to re-locate in some other place where their talents are respected.


So the mailman brought you a box of bills that you can't pay cause you only have $10 in the bank and the Mortgage Co. wants $250 and the loan Co. wants $100 - the kid paper boy wants $4 and you know you have that so you give him $4 and tear up the other bills and say "there is no Mortgage Co. and there is no Loan Co." and you jump in the bed and tell yourself that they will "go away".

People might tell you that you are "Withdrawing from Reality" and that they will all be there when you wake up.


What happens when you are the Government and a group of  UFO' s "buzz the white house" and you have a National Debt you can't pay and your economy is shot to shit.  So you say,  "There are no UFO's - I'll let the next administration pay off the National Debt - and I'll just print up a lot of money and stamp the fact that there is nothing behind that paper money "Top Secret" - and then I'll just go hide behind the "Mystique of Government" and when I come out it will be all better".

Well, unfortunately, (luckily for you) no one is in a position to "pull the covers off" and tell you that you are "withdrawing from reality" because you have a way to deal with that charge:  "Invent your own reality".  In this new "invented reality" the method of determining National Policy works like this: (1) The Government only has to deal with those things that it "recognizes" (National Recognition).  (2) Anything that the Government can't cope with it simply refuses to recognize (UFO's don't exist, etc.). (3) Since you only "recognize" the things that you know you have an answer for you are always 100% competent because anything you can't handle you simply "do not recognize as existing".  Very simple - if you are set up as the "Ultimate Authority" - reality is whatever you say it is so you never have to withdraw from it - you just "re-define it".




Many of the people who were patients during the N1I19 period were locked down because they were talking about things that history has now demonstrated were really true things - like the Kennedy Assassination,  UFO's, ESP, getting out of your body, and the like.  All these people were charged with "withdrawing from reality". But,  really it is Society that is withdrawing from reality.  The Masses of Society, scared and frightened, are saying in effect,  "Tell us that everything is just fine and take care of us - Mother Government", And Mother Government says, "OK - everything is fine - we certify it - don't worry about anything except paying your income tax and we will take care of you, dear "huddled masses yearning...".

Then whenever the Truth interferes Society cries out to Mother Government with shit like "Tell us that thing that landed was not a UFO and that there is no such thing".  And Government is accommodating and says, "Of course not - it was marsh gas combined with a hangover - here, these 'tranquilizers' will erase the memory from your brain and give us the names of anyone who needs to be 'cured' of seeing this".

So, who is the patient - Society or the people who society fears because they remind them that they live in a contrived illusion from the cradle to the grave.


Let's first do a little background on political assassinations in the United States.  You should know that there has never been a US President killed by some kind of  "lone assassin".  ALL assassinated US Presidents have been killed by sources within the US Government itself.  Additionally, all of the killings of high profile people during the N1I19 period were also carried out by US Government agents.  For example, the US Government killed Martin Luther King and Malcom X (X's killing was code named "Project X") and, of course, they either overtly killed or arranged fatal accidents for ALL of the dead Kennedys.

Now, having gone thru that, we want to look specifically at the President Kennedy assassination and how Tulane University allegedly played a part.  Longnecker, who was the President of  Tulane, was known to be an IDA agent.  However, none of us guessed, at that time, the true power this man reportedly had.  Reportedly, he was extremely high in the "secret government" of the United States and was "the boss" (for want of a better word) of this particular section of the country.

Now, when the National Security Agency certified President Kennedy a "threat to the national security" and ordered him killed, there were several "kill zones" set up just to make sure he would be definitely put to death in at least one of them if the others proved unsuitable for some reason.  New Orleans was one of those zones.  We know Kennedy was killed in Dallas but it could just have easily been New Orleans.  If it had been New Orleans, the story would have been the same but the "players" names would be different in the history books.  Some "fall guy" whose name we will never know (Oswald was the "fall guy" for Dallas - a different person had been selected for New Orleans) would have been quickly caught - then killed before he could be questioned or tried - then the killer would die or be killed - and so the cover up would be complete.

Now, to Longnecker and Tulane University.  Allegedly, because of Longnecker's high status with the Government, he had to be brought "into the loop" and had to "sign off" on the Kennedy Assassination because of the chance that it could "go down" in New Orleans which was "his territory".

I had been mystified as I would try to get attorneys to help me during the N1I19 period at their obviously terrified expressions when they learned Tulane University was somehow involved.  It was always, "Sorry - can't help you - can't get involved with Tulane".  These are seasoned attorneys who are generally not easily frightened - but they knew the power of  Tulane and they knew Tulane had the authority to have them killed as the Kennedy Assassination cover-up period (where tens of thousands of people were killed by the government) was in full swing at that time.

Fortunately, as Tulane students, we never figured this out at that time because, if we had, we all would have certainly been murdered immediately.


This little article is inspired by the Iran Hostage Incident.  A shrink interviewed by NBC News was giving his opinion as an "expert on brainwashing" to arouse public sentiment for our people and against whoever held them hostage.  The shrink practiced at some State Hospital somewhere and I have no doubt that he should be an expert on brainwashing because that is probably what he does for a living - to helpless people in this country.  Of course this is denied and the reason he was explaining the technique of brainwashing was because he was talking about "another country".


The three principles stated in the NBC News broadcast were:

1. Isolation
2. False Kindness
3. Unspoken Threats

The Shrink stated that, with this combination, you could make a person do or say anything you wanted. And, he is absolutely right. For a quick course in brainwashing, these three points tell the story.

Now,  I want to run thru the points because having been thru all this myself (but not in Iran - in the good ole US of A) I therefore feel: competent to describe exactly what they mean in "language you will understand".




Isolation is the main threat used in the Bug Houses.  It can be ordered by the staff without medical approval on their whim and usually takes the form of  "Do what we say or we'll throw you in the hole and leave you there"

Charity Hospital uses Isolation combined with "immobilization" where not only are you "locked in the hole" but also tied to a bed.  It can be ordered by the staff (that means anyone from the cleaning lady on up) at any time for as long as the staff want.


A true phrase I wish I had thought of when describing events elsewhere in this report.  It is the perfect description for the attitude of  Hospital Staff in general. They seem to have taken a "smile course" somewhere in training.  You know damn well they don't mean it - but they will never admit it.


And sometimes "spoken threats" are the rule in the system.  I have been threatened with death so many times I lost count.  A giant black guy who works at HB5 used to greet new admits with, "This is the State - You get out of line and I'll 'throw you into the wall' (concrete wall)".  And this "ape goon type" was an easy seven foot tall.

Unspoken threats are the rule however because you do not have to "say what you are going to do" because patients have eyes and can see the torture done to others and can see that nothing ever happens to stop it and can see what is waiting for them. So when with "false kindness" some smiling staff member says something you know the "unspoken threat" that backs up a "super polite request" - drugs, shock treatments, the hole, death, beatings, etc. - you see it happen to others so no one has to say it to you directly.

So, the recipe for Brainwashing.  Of course this couldn't happen in the United States because the guy on TV was talking about Iran where the people have some weird idea that the United States is a "Satanic Government" and that US Citizens don't really know what the Government does in secret - all absurd, of course.


Here we will discuss a couple of  bizarre therapies that are actually used and described in medical literature. Elsewhere we have pointed out that Murder - being a "depressing word" is not used by the medical cult but that the word "Euthanasia" - which means "medically approved murder" is used in place so that people who do not think too deeply will not figure out what is going on - it is pretty much self explanatory from there.

We want to get into the Rape Therapy because the explanations here are real cute.  In "Rape Therapy" what you do is to tie down a female patient and let the doctor and any other males you can find to "volunteer to assist the therapist" fuck the shit out of the girl then you untie her and let her loose.  You repeat this as often as the doctor thinks it is necessary to achieve the "therapeutic effect".



Now, to the history of the development of Rape Therapy. Some (probably horny and un-attractive) doctor proposed that the mental illness of  Nymphomania (that means liking to screw) could be "cured" by screwing the patient (girl) so much that she got sick of screwing and did not want to any more.  So, if you work in some mental ward and you want a little bit from some girl patient all you have to do to "take it and make it legal" is to say that the girl is a suspected latent nymphomaniac and you are administering the "appropriate therapy" and you can have at her all you want.

Rape Therapy is for use by male doctors and staff on female patients only - theoretically it could be used on Homosexuals but they have been re-classified as normal so they are not supposed to be locked up any more.

Also,  apparently the reverse therapy does not go - i.e., if you are a horny male patient you cannot get a a female psychiatrist to "fuck you until you're all fucked out". It is only therapeutic the other way around.

The notions of  Murder and Rape "therapies" bring us again to the area of "medical semantics" and point out how the Medical Cult really has no ethics or guidelines but IS adept in "dreaming up medical-sounding explanations" for essentially anything it wants to do and then when the chips are down like in a TV interview saying as little as possible and "looking professional" as if to imply,  "How dare you question my motives - I m a doctor - so bow down to my greatness !!"



We would call doctors quacks if they set up "blood letting" parlors and promised people that they could get well of some physical illness if they let the doctor put leaches on them to suck their blood, or slice some holes in them and let some blood run out.

It was acceptable to do this at one time - as we all know - but that was in the past and today is supposed to be the modern future where these things do not happen any more.


But, blood letting is still a major treatment used against people and it is just as invalid as it was in the "medieval times".

What has happened is that doctors have become "more subtle" - but they still use the same old "bag of tricks" that they always did - and the "subtle" bag of tricks causes an equal measure of unnecessary misery and suffering as did the old bag of tricks.

No one would buy the premise that physical illness could be "cured" by "blood-letting" - but they seem to freely accept that "emotional illness" can be cured by "psychic energy letting".

Now if it makes no sense to cure the physical body by jabbing holes in it and letting a person's blood run out, why should it make good sense to use chemical agents to punch holes in a persons Astral or emotional body and let the life energy run out - but logical or not it is the technique of choice used by Psychiatrists.



What has happened, it seems, is that since no one will accept overt medical incompetence on the Physical Plane any more, they have "moved up" to the Astral Plane where they can pull the same incompetent stuntsin relative safety.


When doctors deliberately cause psychic damage to people with their drugs and other black magic techniques you cannot take them up to a US Judge and charge them for a crime.  The reason is that they are protected by "the cloak of National Secrecy" which asserts that there is "no such thing as an emotional body" so if you "kill it" you have not committed a crime because it "never existed".

In a way, national secrecy is absurd because people who desire can find the truth, learn the truth, and teach the truth - but they just can't get "official public recognition" because of arbitrary national policy that has no relationship to reality.

The trick here is that unless the Government recognizes (this is the key) that something exists you cannot use that something in a US Court of Law.  So,  if national policy says "there is no such thing as a hand gun" - and I have a hand gun - I can blow you away and all your friends can watch me do it but there is no chance that any one can bring me to justice because "national policy" says that hand guns do not exist. So, simply put, you're fucked.

Psychic offenses are punished (for want of a better word) under the system called the "Law of Karma" - it does not matter weather the government says that that law exists or not because when the offender dies the power of the government to protect him ends - and other powers that cannot be bribed - and are really competent - take over - but that's another story.


There are little quotes that I recall from the medical cultists of N1I19 that are particularly interesting and here I will list the "cutest" ones that come to mind from time to time.  They reflect the key philosophy of the particular shrink - also of the general time frame of the N1I19 period -

You know, Social Security Numbers are just great.  What they should do is to tattoo  the number on people's arms when they are born so that it would be easy to identify them - it would make life simpler (for me) if they did that.

Joyce Jean Lemmons, Psychiatrist -  Tulane University Service, Charity (HB5)

I do not believe that I would lock up a person just because he said he was Jesus Christ.  Now, if a person would try to behave like Jesus Christ or do any of the things like Jesus Christ did - why then he would be extremely dangerous and I would have to order him locked up immediately.

Severence Kelly, Psychiatrist
Charters MH Clinic (HB7)

We have permission from the Governor of Louisiana to kill any patient we want if we feel that it is in the interest of the State.

Jim Henry, Psychiatrist Charity Hospital LSU Service (HB5)

We know what "normal" is.  However,  I will not tell you what "normal"   is because,  if people knew what "normal" was. then people who were not "normal" might try to pretend that they were "normal" to avoid Psychiatric Treatment - but we know what "normal" is.

Billy Graham, Psychiatrist,  Southeast Louisiana Hospital (HB6)

Electric Shock Treatments are perfectly harmless.  I know they are because it says they are in this textbook.

Unidentified Intern Psychiatrist -  Charity Hospital (HB5)

There is no such thing as re-incarnation.  As long as you believe in that kind of stuff you are mentally ill and will not be discharged.

Leona Bersadsky, Psychiatrist,  Tulane Medical Center - assigned to HB6
I am the best doctor that anyone could ever have !
 Lathrop, Psychiatrist,  Charters MH Center (HB7)

Chiropractor are a fake. I can't understand why people go to them when they are practicing silly superstitions on them. There is no scientific proof to substantiate what they do so it can't be true.

David Regan, Psychiatrist,  Charters MH Center (HB7)
You know, it's an art we do - giving people drugs - it is like "baking a cake" -
David Regan, Psychiatrist,  Charters MH Center (HB7)
All salesmen are psychotics. You have to be a psychotic to be a salesman.  If you don't want to be a salesman, that's a good sign because it means that you are not a psychotic..
Laythrop, Psychiatrist,  Charters MH Center

Drugs are harmless.  Look at it this way . Look at the food you eat - it comes out of the dirty ground and you eat that.  Drugs can't be any worse than food from the ground and they are made in laboratories where things are sterile and clean.  They can't hurt you any more than all the dirty food you will eat anyway.

George Bishop, Psychiatrist,  East Louisiana Hospital (HB9)

You know sometimes I wonder about locking up all these people who say that they are Jesus Christ.  I wonder how we would tell in case the real one came back.  It makes you think sometimes.  I would not know how to tell the difference.

Unidentified Intern Psychiatrist,  Charity Hospital (HB5)


I am a Super Q Man. You know that is the highest rating they have. I have the power to do anything I want to anyone I want and hold them here as long as I want.

Ralph Wells Buddington, Psychiatrist
Director of  Tulane University Service
Charity Hospital (HB5)

Paranoid Schizophrenics can be real successful in the Business World.

Roland Amain, Psychiatrist Charity Hospital - LSU Service (HB5)

Why don't you let me give you some Vallium.  It's harmless.  I give it to my mother - and other members of my family.  It can't possibly have any bad effects - I give it to everyone

Patricia West,  Psychiatrist - LSU Service Charity Hospital (HB5)


THE   U S   "TRIP"


Doctor (medical cultist) slaps you and you cry - you are taken from mommy for initial drugging and pre-conditioning (silver nitrate squirted in your eyes, blood tests, "foot printing", and your first Government file). Citizen Control Number (Social Security Number) may be stamped on at this time also to facilitate surveillance of your life time ahead.




Introduction to Scientific Atheism. The "party line" teachings:
(1) You came from parents who are descended from same primitive life that began as a unique accident most likely from lightening striking organic molecules.  (2) there is nothing except what we teach you because your mind is a blank storage bin - some kids that are "mentally ill" think they have "un-learned knowledge" - this is scientifically impossible report them so they can be "treated".  (3) since we have shown you scientifically that you can't possibly know anything except what we teach you you will obviously want us to tell you what to do with your life so that you may be a "useful citizen".
(4) The country you live in has National Goals - you are a "useful citizen" if what you do is in the interest of the State - you will want to do these things because we have shown you that nothing else exists. (5) if anyone tells you anything else, they are a subversive and if you think you know or feel anything we have not talked about then you are mentally ill - of course you will want to be "cured".


Same people are not susceptible to Government brainwashing because they are too smart.  For some reason the "party line teachings" have no effect on them.  Henry Thoreu in "Walden" (the handbook of what is commonly called "Civil Disobedience") suggested that perhaps the reason that same people do not follow the "drumbeat of the State" is because they can hear "a different drummer".  Scientific Atheism teaches that there is no such thing but that there is the "unexplained mysterious phenomenon" of  "hearing voices in your head" which can be "corrected".

Basically,  people who have developed their "higher attributes" to any significant level and whose insight and imagination continues to suggest to them that "there is more going on than what I have been taught to believe" are a problem for an organized,  pre planned society which has already decided what it wants the future to be and does not wish to take the chance that some "unexplained phenomenon" will alter that plan.

Approximately 20% of the population fall into this class.  They are shipped off into the mental health system which uses a sequence of disruptive techniques to make the person incapable of any self direction. The sequence is:


Try to con the person into taking drugs so that he cannot think.
Arrest the person and force him to take drugs so that he cannot think.
If the drugs do not work, do bizarre Medical Experiments or use Physical Torture and overt harassment to crush the person into submission.
When nothing works and the person cannot be broken or conned or persuaded - kill the person and cover it up as a "unexplained heart attack"


In the level IV case, the Government prefers to kill people before they have a chance to speak out in public or write a book or something - but, every once in a while, they "slip up".


People who live thru same undeclared war and don't get trapped in the prison system or the mental health system go into the "mainstream" of  US Society.  They live "life in the fast lane" but it is so fast that they never quite figure out where the "fast lane" leads to.  All they know is they "have to keep moving".  They need money.  They believe the Government when it tells them that "the future will be better if they work hard now".  So they work their ass off.

The more money they get - the more the Government takes from them - and the money gets more worthless every year - but the stupid asses still "cling to hope" and keep working and working and working.

They get visions of "65" when they can "retire in bliss" (if they only knew what was waiting for them they would shit and die then and there). But,  they don't know - they don't think - they don't have time to think - they just have time to "work"


The prison system deals with the lower 20% of the population that has no exploitable skill and which - needing food to eat and not knowing any other way to get that food - takes it in the most direct way.

The prison gives the inmates food to keep them alive and then uses them as slave labor for state projects that are so disgusting that no one would do them " for pay".  Anyone who resists slave labor is killed.  People who do good at slave labor may leave prison to work in "freedom" (I am being polite here) at some shitty dead end job somewhere which competes favorably with welfare.  The prisoner must have a job, because he is threatened by a Judge that he will be sent back to prison and the "slave job" unless he "voluntarily" accepts the dead end "free enterprise" job.


Now the fools from the "fast lane" who believed in the Government, got a job, paid all their taxes, followed all the rules, kissed ass and let themselves be humiliated because they thought that it would all be worth it to pay off all their debts and retire in bliss - well, now they find out that it was all a lie - no bliss - no "happy 65" - no "happiness and rest" - now comes the NURSING HOME!

They are tied into a wheelchair and shot up with major tranquilizers.  They stay tied up for a week or so until the mind destroying drugs erase all the memories of their families and lifetime.  If they have relatives,  they come to see them but they believe that "daddy" and "mommy"  have become "senile" - they do not know that it is the drugs that make them vacant and shaky - they have been taught that it is old age so they leave and forget you and you stay there waiting to die - with drugs poured down your throat four times a day - day after day after day.

If you could think you would be mad - but you can't think, or feel, or anything at all.



And, just for "kicks", I will add here that, since the drugs have erased your life experiences,  you will have to come back in a "fresh body" and do another miserable lifetime to "re-learn" all the things that you knew but have now forgotten.

So, the end of the US TRIP


The Scientific Atheists say that death is the end since you came from lightening hitting rocks, etc.  So, if you run into anyone after you die tell them,  "You are not real because the US Government says you don't exist",  and see what they say.


The "U S   TRIP" is a bummer.


Cult. and therapeutic Communities are opposite systems for dealing with essentially the same class of people and the and the same developmental problems.  Therapeutic Communities (Communes) are established and run by the Government, either directly or thru it's  "fronts" - but financed by Government money and with the power of the Government to hold unwilling members in bondage.

Cults are private endeavors by small groups which have chosen to seek independent solutions to their problems.  Cults do not have "arrest authority" to hold members in bondage - but they do have experience and insight into certain "facts of life" that the Government always goes out of it's way to "avoid talking about" and people stay with the Cults because of the love and search for the truth which they know they will never find by listening to the "Government Party Line" or by participating in the "establishment society".

People end up in a Cult or in a Therapeutic Community do depending upon where they happen to be (in whose company) and how much they know when they have their first entrance level experience with "the not talked about facts of life" such as getting out of your body,



encounters with the adjacent dimensions (Astral Plane, etc.) and encounters with a whole class of things that are happening that the Government says are not happening such as UFO's  and the like.

An entrance level experience causes the affected person to realize that "there is more in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your reality" -- to quote a little Shakespeare


Therapeutic Communities have been exposed on National TV by the PRESS.  The news reports document the methods used by the Government against the people who are legally held prisoner there.  The techniques include making boys fuck a pillow with everybody else watching - the pillow is supposed to be the boy's mother and the ritual is based on the Atheist Teachings of Freud the "Father of Psychiatry" who taught that the only motivation in life was the desire for sex.  Additionally,  there are "contrived tests" which are designed so that they cannot be passed [Rollerball]- like a boxing match with the "patient" against ten other larger people.  The object here is to condition the person for failure - to make him feel that he can't do anything and succeed - so he should "give up and submit to the will of the state (i.e., the US Government)".


Cults don't get much exposure on TV unless they do something really bizarre like mass suicide - which is an exception. You will never hear of most cults who quietly do very interesting things like going on "field trips" to other planets and other dimensions where they make friends with entities from all over the Universe.

The entrance level for Cults and Therapeutic Communities is roughly the same but beyond the entrance level the similarity ends. Therapeutic Communities teach their "disciples" to fail - Cults teach their people to succeed.

Everyone is familiar with what people look like when they fail - burnt out, depressed, and eventually dead -- but few people know the opposite end of the spectrum which is total success - the mastery of  life's petty and special problems and the mastery of things beyond life and upward on a road that has no upper limit.


There are a standard set of "problems" or "tests" that sort of come with the life "trip" as standard equipment.  These problems must be handled no matter what approach to life you may choose (or, in the United States, be ordered by the Government) to take.

Now, if you are in some type of supervisory position over people so that they follow your lead,  you can teach them to handle these problems "from the top" and master them or you can teach them that the problems are "above them" so that they will not master them and live, therefore, a frustrated life and fail.

A "Good Master" teaches his students to master life's problems and structures the sequence of problems so that the increase in difficulty is smooth and manageable.  He wants his students to become independent, and someday think of him as a friend and equal and walk away.

A "Bad Master" teaches his students to fail outright or never completely succeed by overwhelming the student with problems that he has not been prepared to deal with.  He wants his students to love him, worship him, and never never leave him.


The U S Government is a "Bad Master".


Now in an age with Watergate behind us and daily revelations by the press of some dastardly deed committed deliberately by the Government against the helpless and confused masses - Whores with LSD Spray cans - poison germs sprayed on cities - and the like - with all this as a little incentive, one might take the "giant step" and question the Legitimacy of the US Government - and ask themselves just what the hell it really is.


It is now openly taught in College Level economics that the US Dollar is backed up by nothing at all but "faith". There is no Gold - there is a little bit but mainly for its use as a metal for science - it does not have any relationship to money at all except the illusion that some people think that the US Dollar is "real".


There is no real direct access to the Government.  In order to get access to the Government, you have to hire an "expert" (like a lawyer) who has a "license from the Government" to deal with the Government - obviously, since such a "license" is at the pleasure of the Government no one who is interested in helping you is going to be given such a license - the only people who are going to get such a license are people who are interested in doing what the Government wants - not what you want - and you, if you are a "ordinary person" cannot deal directly with the Government without a "representative".


If you talk to someone who is in Government off the record - like in the middle of a park with no one else close by - and you seriously refer to "constitutional freedoms" they will laugh in your face

The Constitution is a fairy tale written for kids in grade school and you are supposed to know better when you grow up.

Actually, the US Constitution was suspended by an emergency Presidential Decree in the 1940's and that order is still in effect - it is just not talked about publicly.


In fact, the only choice you have is to follow orders. The Director of the United States is the Chief of Military Intelligence. He is not elected and his identity is a secret and he serves for life.  You don't have any choice about this and he - with the "inner cult or inner party" - none of whom are elected - write the plans for the future - your future.

The president is a figure head - this guy and other politicians are drunks, dope heads, and very good liars - this is how they spend their time at cocktail parties, smoking dope, snorting coke., and having wild sex orgies with your money - EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO, THEY WOULD NOT BE CAPABLE OF RUNNING THE COUNTRY - think about it - you could not do a job if you had such a lifestyle and neither can they - and they don't - they are all puppets.




A US PRESIDENT, like Nixon, (I will use this since it has been documented) can pick up his red phone and have you killed - this is true - this is certainly a force or power to possess but just this is not "legitimate".

The fact that the Government can and does murder anyone who speaks out un-complimentingly about it may be "scary" but it does not mean that the act is "legitimate".

The only explanation that Government has for the people is double talk and a package of  "pat lies and deceptions" of standard answers like -

This is a Secret
You don't need to know
You must have faith in us

AND THEN, behind the cover of night, people "disappear", have "heart attacks", have "mysterious nervous breakdowns" (Martha Mitchell), and generally "just aren't there any more".

None of this is "Government by the People" - all of this shit is simply Organized Terrorism by a private club which calls itself the US Government against anyone who is not a member of the private club.


This is all there is - nothing else exists - nothing at all.  New lies to replace old lies - the promise that the "future might be better" -  the promise to make more promises - all this is to conjure up "FAITH"  in an illusion.


This is why the Government is so so terribly frightened of Religious Level Knowledge.  All they have is this miserable scrap of ground they call US Territory.  In comparison to this piece of shit the truth is that any person can get out of his body and have access to all the knowledge and treasures of the entire Universe and have this forever.

In such a bargain, the US Lies vs. the Truth - guess which someone would be likely to pick.

So, as we have discussed, these liars who call themselves the Government are really trying hard to be "Legitimate" and make "misery and decay" (which is all they have to offer) look real appealing - but it is a joke and a lie and you are a fool if you believe the party line - in a way, you deserve to be screwed, the pain may make you reach for the real truth someday.


Charity (HB5) is a weird place and on the mental floor where nobody will believe you because you are supposed to be "seeing things" and so on the staff - which can be anyone who can pass a simple civil service test - was, during N1I19, a collection of people who were involved with the occult groups (voodoo - low level metaphysics, etc.) that operate in the New Orleans Area (quite secretly) and they had their own brand of special "treatments" which the stupid interns and


residents who thought they knew everything were largely, it seems,un-aware of.

There were "black rituals" done using patients where - so I was told - one patient was "sacrificed" (that means killed in case you don't know) every year.  The staff at Charity was all black.  These black men like young white women who were continually being brought in by the police on suspicion of insanity and they are also into perversion, and bondage and discipline activities. In a place where the victims were "certified insane" and the black staff could tie them up with leather straps and belts (called "restraints") without medical permission at their own whim - it proved an ideal setting for those into black magic and voodoo and the like to "get a job" and then late at night, when they were the only ones on duty and the patients were "asleep", to do their "thing".

One of these things involved a black "nurse-aide", who had a strange last name starting with "P", going out into the French Quarter and getting some whores which he knew (he was probably also a pimp) and bringing the whores up to the nut floor. Then selected "patients" were given LSD which the Hospital had secret authorization to use in connection with the CIA Project "Mind Control" and then doping up the whores and patients on the LSD as part of a "ritual" - this was done at around three in the morning during the late night shift.

The blacks were "tight" and it is questionable weather the residents were ever confided in because they were from different social classes.  However, the black staff routinely seduced the all white student nurses who were in the same general age category and had sex with them in the nurse stations.  No one ever bothered to be "discrete" because it was assumed that the patients either would not remember what they saw or would never live to return to freedom and would not be believed anyway if by chance they did.

Queers,  weirdoes,  whores, sluts, deformed people, sicko's - these are all "hospital people" - apparently because misery loves company.  This is the type you find in these places and you have to try real hard not to become one of them.  There are others that fall into the category of  "Ghouls" - people who "get off working in the morgue" and "grave diggers" and the like.  Doctors are generally the "higher class ghoul type" who like cutting up people and seeing blood and guts but who put on an act of "purity".  Then there are the "vulture types" who like to sit around and watch people who are about to die.

At any rate,  there is a surplus of all of these at Charity Hospital and anyone who has an experience with them will not forget it. The whole place is like a trip to the lower Astral planes where "hell" is located and souls are strung out in unending agony.

The evil masters (Priests, mostly) there are roughly the same as the Doctors and Staff at Charity Hospital which, during N1I19 had a "interface" of some type with the Catholic Church because some nuns, etc. were "on the floor" in some official employee type capacity.

It is most likely that such activities continue today but it cannot be confirmed.  Also, experimental medicine and Voodoo rituals are similar so it is difficult to interpret reports from patients to determine which one they were a victim of.




I wish to spend a brief time here discussing nursing homes which I have personally seen and been involved with because these places are disgusting and disgraceful.  There is a relationship between nursing homes and mental hospitals because both are run by the medical cult and both use the mind control drugs to hold their prey (patients) in bondage.

You may think that you are real cool because no one ever called you crazy but you cannot avoid becoming old and, when you do, if you end up in one of these places, you are going to get the same treatment as mental patients do at a young age - and you will be old and less able to resist the drug torture then so pay attention because, unless you are very very rich, this is your destiny someday.

The first place my Grandmother was shipped to in 1970 was called Saint Judes Guest House.  It was an old private home with a basement.  In the basement the old woman who decided to call herself a "nursing home" and make extra cash had about twenty old people tied to beds.  It looked like something out of a Hitchcock movie.  Grandmother was upstairs and not tied to a bed.  Here the old lady (owner) had a milk machine (the old kind that had two stainless steel jugs with this giant padlock on it - she guarded the food so as to cut expenses.  She also had a weirdo who was younger she used as a "goon" (it had no place to stay) to keep the old "patients" in line.  The place was eventually shut down (very quietly) by the State for numerous violations but there was no publicity because of medical secrecy (to protect the patient - confidential records, bla bla bla)

She was in two other similar joints after that before she was sent to Magnolia Health Center which was a high rise Nursing Home where she was drugged with Vallium and then killed by the staff who beat her over the head when she complained that the food was always cold.

My mother was shipped to a place in Mandeville called Pontchartrain Guest House where the owner said he was going to keep her for her Social Security and that he had the power to hold her because he "knew all the Judges personally in Saint Tammany Parish" and so could do anything he pleased.

I was there for a visit one day when "new recruits" were being brought in - they were fresh old people who had not been drugged into submission yet.  They were tied in wheelchairs and then the wheelchairs were tied to the wall so they could not move.  Then they were kept like that until the massive quantities of major tranquilizers they were forced to take made them into zombies and then they were turned loose to stumble around and try to figure what their name was and what had happened to them.

Young people and others under the influence of Government Propaganda seem to think that all old people are senile - this is not true - many the people who look and act senile are drugged and only a few are legitimately senile but you can't tell the difference unless you know what has been done to them and that is secret under "medical confidentiality".

Lastly,  I want to relate a story from Baton Rouge from my relatives there who had an old one (my Aunt) in a nursing home. While visiting her, they observed young people, in their twenties, in there with the "senile old people" - and these young people acted just as "senile" and "old" as the old people - they said that doctors had told them that they were guilty of Alcoholism and they were so terrified



by the treatment (the electrified floor, etc.) that they had already received that they voluntarily agreed to spend the rest of their lives in a private nursing home for the old because the doctors threatened them that if they tried to leave the private nursing home that they would be sent for more "treatment".



One aspect of the law of Karma, which is part of the system of Universal Law which is, of course, above US Law, is that when a person or group attacks another person or group who is above them in Spiritual advancement they (the attacker) are automatically destroyed.  It is not necessary for the person or group who was attacked to take any direct action because agents of the Universal Force enforce this law against which there is no defense.

Eventually, the US Government will cease to exist as a significant world power because of this.
It is interesting to look back and see how those who attacked me have faired under the Law of Karma - and it is remarkably accurate. Now we will run thru some examples:

Carl Raburn the Coroner who signed the original order to put me away went insane himself and committed suicide.

Richard Nixon who the police who robbed my house said they were working for in a "special task force called GSO" with permission to break all laws at will - not in good shape.

Tulane University the agency responsible for ordering my torture and of attempting to have me killed.  They are near financial ruin as of latest intelligence reports corrected thru 1980.  The reports indicate that business men will not hire Tulane University graduates because of the "radical philosophy" of the University and that expenses of over $10,000.00 are "carefully screened" - that contributions are down and financial status is poor.

I an sure that these people - who are atheists of course - would never believe that there was some relationship between this and the decisions they made to threaten, drug, and kill students in the sixties who had done nothing wrong but were only seeking truth and freedom from Government intimidation - things that are now called "the Civil Rights". But, they do believe, I feel sure, that their pocketbook is hurting.

The US Government responsible for the conspiracy against humanity involving the whole mental hospital system - Project Mind Control - and the Vietnam contrived war for non legitimate reasons - is no longer in complete control of things and will eventually cease to exist as a significant world power - the economy is a wreck.

Ralph Wells Buddington agent of the Government, Q-man , part of the Kennedy Assassination Cover-up who said he had the power to do "anything" is presently suffering from a terminal illness which will cause him to go insane and die soon - apparently the power to do "anything" does not include "staying in good health free from pain and suffering".  When he finally dies - that is just the beginning of his punishment for Religious Law Violations.




After the N1I19 period ended, I was no longer under direct attack by the Psychiatric Cult.  I found a girl friend, Squirrel, and we started hanging out together.  Then I learned that Squirrel was under the influence of the Psychiatric Cult.  I felt that, since I had escaped from the cult and knew all its tricks and secrets, I could help Squirrel escape and become a free soul.

I learned of Squirrel's "situation" quite innocently when she mentioned that she did not have periods any more. Immediately, I asked if someone was giving her Mellaril (thioridazine) - the genocide drug used by the cult - and she responded that she was taking it.  So, of course, I explained to her that the cult used that drug specifically to sterilize people and, if she quit taking it, her periods would come back.

Squirrel had no idea that this was the cause - she thought she might have some female trouble that she was afraid to think about (doctors never tell patients what the drugs are really doing to them).

Eventually Squirrel got her periods back and was glad to be a real woman again.  Of course, she was also quite fertile.

Squirrel lived with her mother.  She was in a typical situation where a parent wants their kid to be a "pet" and never grow up and never leave home.  They use the Psychiatric Cult - which is more than happy to assist - to keep their kids drugged and under control.  If they resist, they are arrested and delivered into the hands of the cult for more brainwashing.

When Squirrel got pregnant for the first time, she was happy she was going to have a baby.  However, her mother promptly locked her in the house and said she could not leave and must stay in bed and rest because "she was in a delicate condition".
Now, this went on for some time and there was no question that Squirrel was really pregnant because she had seen a doctor and been tested and all that.

Apparently, Squirrel refused to stay in bed or upset her mother in some way so her mother called the police to come take her away for more brainwashing on a charge of "disobeying her mother" (Squirrel was in her late twenties then).  The police took her to HB5 where the doctors killed the baby somehow (by doing an abortion or using drugs to cause a miscarriage) and said Squirrel never was pregnant and it was all hallucinations on her part.  Abortions were illegal at that time.

Then, they shipped Squirrel to HB6 for more torture and to cover up what they had done.  I was able to keep pretty much in touch with Squirrel at HB6 and we got together again when they finally let her go.  Of course, she came home with bottles of pills including more genocide drugs.

After Squirrel recovered from this attack by the Psychiatric Cult, she decided that the thing to do was to get pregnant and then run away from Louisiana so that the Psychiatrists could not find her and kill her baby.  So, when Squirrel got pregnant for the second time she took her car and left.

Her mother soon caught on to the fact that Squirrel was no longer here (she told her she was going to stay with me for a while).
Her mother showed up at my house demanding Squirrel so I told her I did not know where she went (and I didn't).  However, her mother had the police track her down in response to an all points bulletin about a dangerous mental patient and they found her and took her again to HB5 where the doctors promptly killed my second kid.

When she was then sent again to HB6 she received severe torture.  She was thrown naked into a seclusion cell for weeks and shot up with massive doses of Prolixin.

There had been some changes in the commitment law by then and I managed to find a free lawyer who would represent Squirrel and try to help her.  Unfortunately, when I checked with the lawyer, she said she had received a phone call from Squirrel and Squirrel had said she liked it in the hospital and did not want a lawyer and so there was nothing more she could do.  Squirrel later said that she was terrified and threatened by the staff and that they forced her to make the phone call and that she had no choice because she was afraid of what they would do to her if she refused.  This made sense because the HB6 staff had threatened to kill me when I called a lawyer but they could not intimidate me.  Unfortunately, Squirrel was weaker.

Eventually HB6 let Squirrel go with a warning that I (they learned I helped her get a lawyer) was the cause of "her problem" and if she ever saw me again they would lock her up and never let her go.  This obviously terrified Squirrel and I did not see her again for some time.

When I eventually saw Squirrel again, she had been surgically sterilized.  How they got away with it - or convinced her to agree to it - or whatever - I never learned.  Of course, I knew that Psychiatrists use a basic Nazi philosophy relative to killing and sterilizing the "useless eaters".  I had tried to explain that to Squirrel, but she still felt that the Government was not intrinsically evil - as I had come to know it was from my experience.

Eventually, Squirrel's mother died.  However, by then Squirrel had been so drugged and damaged that she was not capable of taking care of herself.  Currently, she has either been killed by the Psychiatric Cult or is a vegetable in some "warehouse" somewhere waiting to die.

INCIDENT  N-01-I-019




Section Nine is called Charts.  The original concept was to obtain the medical records from all of the Hospitals and Clinics and file them with the report in this section.   However, this is not easily accomplished because these people will not release records even to an attorney - without a long fight - they seen to still feel that they are in a "private world" where "normal legal procedures" have no effect on them. So - although it is theoretically possible to get medical records - in practice it is not feasible because of the "pay off" - that means finding a Louisiana Attorney (remember Louisiana has its "own brand" of Law in general) who is not chicken to stand up to the State and then paying the guys "price" - whatever that might be.  This issue never came up - there are no attorneys who are available to regular people who will stand up and do this - even though it is "no big deal" - they prefer simple "easy money" cases and want nothing to do with anything having to do with "mental" type cases.  A main reason for this appears to be that,  although lawyers will freely defend a known murderer - by example,  they feel in their philosophy - just like doctors - that there is a segment of the population that "does not have the right to exist" - and "business should continue as usual" and that these people and any problems that they might have should be automatically "ignored" which is National Policy.  There has been no real change in this attitude.

So, here, what I wish to do is to go thru the ten periods briefly to cite things we know are on the "official records" -even though we do not have them - that are significant to the report areas.


The initial commitment records from what we know show that it was claimed by my Grandmother that she felt she was in some type of danger.  The reason she felt that way is she knew that she had been overheard by me on the phone plotting to have my life destroyed thru this commitment process.  Really - she should have feared the Medical Cult - because they finally took her and really did kill her - but such is life.

The interesting chart entries from P1 are probably the diagnoses.  They were being "changed up" almost daily.  First they called me a Paranoid Schizophrenic (this is the usual label given to everyone) but then they changed it to "Schizophrenic" then to "Schizophrenic- Undifferentiated" - then to "Chronic Schizophrenic" and then to "Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenic" so I guess they spun their wheels in some type of "complete circle"


The "official record" for period three shows as the only reason for my arrest "refusing to take drugs" - I have found this very interesting - Especially when you tell that to some attorney and he says, "It is not a crime to refuse to take drugs - so you must be wrong".  Well, anyway , that is what the record shows.


This was the interesting period on the Tuane Service with all the Spies and Kennedy Assassination freaks.  What is written is not known. What is known is that there was no type of pretense of any legal authority at all - no commitment papers - and I did not sign anything - I made


sure of that.  The main thing written was whatever stories Joyce Lemmons made up so as to protect herself from malpractice - she knew I was not afraid of her or the "Super Q-man Government shit" and would prosecute her in any possible way - she put things off by using the existing (from period three) Mandeville commitment - whatever story she told them must have been super good because they came with a special armed car and handcuffs and chains - once they recognized me and we got out of the building they put them away - one was mumbling "we remember you" and "he's never been violent this must be some one else's record, etc".


Period Seven is the mystery period.  A new "Trial" was needed here.  In the last trial, they had used the argument that "my Grandmother was scared I might hurt her" - but this time she was not even with me - she was in a Nursing Home - so that argument would not work.  Either they forged same "fictitious statement" or made up something else - the trial is secret, of course.

Period seven records are significant too because here at a "new" hospital they did not have the "other records" and they decided to call me "Manic Depressive" - which is totally different.  Only the two labels of this and Schizophrenic are used at all so I got to be "both" - it documents the ridiculous nature of the doctors - usually they get each others records and so they "all agree" - but sometimes they slip up and it proves they don't know what they are doing and pull these "labels" cut of the air - when you have the conflicting statements side by side on the same patient - the incompetence is just too obvious to deny.


Period nine is significant because it was a direct attack by Tulane University as an entity - before they had used the "false sponsor" of My Grandmother to say that "they did not want to do these things - but she asked them, etc." - now she was long in a nursing home and I had been living alone for two years - I did not even see her - so they could not hide behind her and showed their true feelings and intentions that they had really had all along to ruin my life because they did not like me.


All of these are "out" periods at the "parole clinic".  Their records must be a complete joke - they would show how I was "responding to treatment" which was "drugs" - it should be interesting to read how I responded to all these different drugs that I took home and saved but never took at all - they would raise them, lower them, say I was improving and all kinds of shit over six years of time and I never took any of the drugs at all - so whatever they have is a great piece of  "medical fiction" to say the least.

Especially more so, since the "medical argument" to order me arrested was that I said I would stop taking the drugs (that I
was never taking to begin with) so they predicted that when I stopped taking the (fictitious) drugs I would "go nuts" and so needed to be arrested - here I was seeing them for years on no drugs and the fools could not even tell - the whole "game" is "in their head" and not in real life at all and this was sure clear to me from what I could see - apparently they could not see.

INCIDENT   N-01-I019





These are basic explanations of the "US CHARGES" - as opposed to the Religious Level Charges which are discussed separately.  The US System or Matrix only "recognizes" certain things as existing and, within the narrow scope of what it "officially recognizes", it has concepts of right and wrong and penalties.  This is only a small part of "All that exists" and so when a person is charged with an act which covers a "broad spectrum" - he is charged in the "US Matrix" with the "portion of the crime" that the US System recognizes as a "wrong" and in the system of  "Universal Laws" with the remainder of the "wrong" which is punishable under "Religious Law".  So, it is possible to "commit a perfect crime" in the sense of  US Law if you use subtle techniques that the government "does not recognize" - but it is not possible to escape justice in the "Ultimate" or "Absolute" sense of a "perfect crime" because there are other forces and agencies of enforcement that DO RECOGNIZE what has happened and have the power and authority to deal with such things.


This charge covers psychiatry in general.  It is not possible to practice psychiatry as it is currently taught and practiced without violating civil rights.  Psychiatry is really the science of  "behavior modification" and is practiced by force.  It is, then, the power of the Government directed thru the organization of Scientific Atheism against the free will of the people to "force them to change from whatever they are to whatever the powers of the Government say that they should be".  You cannot say "people have 'unalienable rights' on one hand and then say also that anyone can be arrested at will and forced to take chemicals designed to change the way they think and feel.  The two are incompatible.  Simplistically you face the situation of a doctor saying, "You have complete freedom under the Constitution of this country to get up and walk away from me; however, as a Doctor,  I can amputate your legs whenever I want to".


People are "supposed to die in hospitals".  Consequently,  if you were a Government and wanted to kill people whom you did not want around in the most "quiet manner possible" where would you want to do it from the standpoint of deniability and cover-up potential - well a hospital is the #1 choice of course because "this is where people are supposed to die".

Obviously,  not all Hospital deaths are murders - but some are and it is essentially impossible to prove.  Only recently, as of 1979,  has there been any public cases questioning and charging doctors for giving massive doses of mind altering drugs.   Two cases, one involving Howard Hughes and the other Elvis Priestly, have just begun to shed  public light on the deliberate debilitation and following death (consequential) of people who were under drug control by Doctors.

Specifically, in the mental prisons or Hospitals,  the main concern is that it is generally accepted that "some patients will die from drugs forced on them".  Who will die?  Well, this is not "officially discussed".  The PDR carries only the statement: "Sudden unexpected and un-explained deaths have been reported in hospitalized psychotic patients receiving phenothiazine derivatives (Major Tranquilizers)."



To decode the medic lease here, all patients in State Hospitals are called "psychotic" for one thing and all patients during the N1I19 period received "phenothiazine derivatives" because they were the only class of drugs on the market at that time as "tranquilizers". So,  some of these people had "sudden unexpected and un-explained deaths" .

Now, since it is accepted that some patients are supposed to die (as part or the routine),  if you happen to be the one to die, it is just "one of those things" that happen sometime.  Your chances of becoming "one of those things" are increased, obviously, if a Doctor knows you have a good malpractice case against him or the political powers that shipped you off in the first place do not want you to live.


Physical assault is well understood.  People would generally recognize,  for example,  if you started clubbing someone and eventually he fell down dead, that you had assaulted that person and killed him.  However drugs are more subtle.  It is not so obvious when you use drugs to kill or torture people because it cannot be "seen in the physical".  We spend a section on drugs in section five and the concept should be clear from the data given there.


The basis for this charge is the fact that it is now admitted (although doctors were aware 'privately' throughout the N1I19 period) that all of the Major Tranquilizers eventually cause permanent brain damage.  Now, brain damage is a question of "delectability".  That means that you have to be "pretty overtly damaged" for a doctor to admit that you are damaged - especially if he was the one responsible for damaging you.  So, while only the most obvious cases are "seen", one can conclude that "subtle brain damage" occurs to everyone and then becomes progressively worse until it is "too obvious to deny" at which time you will not care because you won't be able to think or pronounce the condition that you have or even care - for what it's worth.


Drugs and other methods commonly used are the basis for this charge which is commonly "understood" in the legal community but has usually been associated with, say, divorce cases.  To translate for attorneys, recall the grounds for claiming Psychic Abuse in say a divorce, then note the example (physical) of say leaving someone tied to a bed in a isolation cell for days or (drug) as in the case of prolixin which would make a female incapable of achieving orgasm but would at the same time increase libido so to translate from mediclase to standard language you would have a hot broad who could never get off no matter how hard she tried.  Such situations illustrate the use of the charge.


This is self explanatory - and we point out by example the physical torture center at Jackson.  If tying someone up by his hands for days at a time, lining up people to spit on him (he is stripped naked, of course), and them making him eat his food from a trash bucket filled with cigarette buts and spit - if this is not physical abuse then one must wonder what is (of course since this is done by doctors, it is officially called "treatment" - but then also is murder, rape, and everything else in the "State Hospital System")



Medical Harassment is the notion that doctors are very "pushy" people and they seem to think "its only right" that people should do whatever they say "because they are doctors".  Similarly, door to door salesmen, some types of Religious Advocates, etc. "never stop following you".  In these later cases, private citizens would claim "harassment" but doctors seem to get away with annoying people constantly telling them "what they should do". People who do not want to be constantly told what they should be doing should have the same right to legal relief from medical harassment as, say, they would if a band of Hare Krishna's camped out on their front lawn and would not go away.


This is a main charge. Basically, all major tranquilizers are genocide agents and, more importantly, doctors have "decided" that "mental patients should not reproduce".  Now, that's just cool but quite illegal - other groups would like to run around sterilizing the poor, blacks, etc. - and they do not have the right to do that but essentially all mental patients are sterilized by forcing the Genocide drugs on them - even, say, prisoners on death row who "everyone knows murdered someone" are not sterilized but if you are "accused of mental illness" you will be kept sterile by forced drugging until you can manage to get away from the tyranny of the doctors and the medical cult. The main grenade drug is Mellaril (thioridazine), but if you will not take Mellaril,  then massive injections of prolixin are used to get the same result.


THE PDR  is essentially a compilation of "fact sheets" which are packed with all prescription drugs.  You never see them because the pharmacist throws them away to keep you in the dark -'but if you can't afford a PDR (about $15) and know a pharmacist - he can give you the same data sheet for whatever dope you want to know about.  It is generally accepted that when a doctor shows gross disregard for what the PDR says he should be doing with a certain drug,  it is grounds for malpractice and this is what we mean here.  It is common practice to give two and three times the maximum permitted dose of dope in state hospitals and this is how we use the charge here.


Doctors have no ethics.  However, notwithstanding this they "theoretically" have a code of practice (no one follows it, of course) which is generally used for its propaganda value to convince people that doctors are "honest, smiling 'Marcus Welby' types", when in real life they are lying bastards.

Ethics Violations  include things like raping female patients, failing to give informed consent, telling lies when you give the "informed" part of informed-concent (such as saying that electric shock treatments are "harmless and routine", etc.) and such.

No doctors have any ethics and so it is doubtful that any are ever prosecuted - if there is any way to prosecute them for this.


Charges based on the new technology of "Mind Control" are not established because, not too long ago, it was commonly thought that you could not "control another's thoughts" however, now that you, can - with drugs


and other methods - it is time to attack the legality of the use of this technology and who is responsible for direct and consequential damages when someone's free will is placed under drug control and then he does things he does not want to do and would not have done if left alone.  The special areas of control - such as "microwaves directed at people" and "electronic brain pacemakers" stuck into people's heads are also of interest here.  For example, who is responsible for the behavior of a "radio controlled kid" - the kid or whoever has the "brain control transmitter". Could a female sue for "loss of emotional fulfillment", say,  if the courts ordered her drugged with Prolixin and then she could not have orgasms and was frigid, etc. as a result of this.


When acts committed against people damage them subtly so that it is "not officially recognized"  by the US Legal system that a crime has occurred - nevertheless it has and the guilty party is subject to penalties under Religious Law and the surveillance and enforcement division that handles this process is above and beyond all US Government authority so "the protection of the Government" is of no use at all to people who think they can escape punishment in this way.

Most people don't care about Religious Law Violations because they believe religion is "bunk" and doesn't exist.  However, for those who are interested - and for the others who will eventually wish they had been interested - we will run thru the penalties provided under the Laws in the Universal Series:


Karma penalties apply to lower law violations and govern all who do not know about Spiritual Law because they are ignorant.  The penalties involve time-bondage and where - pleasant or unpleasant - you will spend that time.

Interference penalties are "paid" on the vector keyed to the specific act - where you must pay the penalty after you leave this place (die) - for example, when doctors force major tranquilizers on people to "control emotions" this is an attack on their "emotional body" or Astral Body which is keyed to the second vector (or plane) - when the Doctor dies he must pass thru the second vector where the Religious Charge against him has been recorded and verified - the enforcement division there (police) will hold him in his astral form until the penalty is paid by him in equivalent emotional suffering for all that he has caused to others - there is no escape from this.

Similarly a 'mental attack" must pe paid on the fourth vector in the equivalent, and so one


People who are not ignorant but deliberately violate Spiritual Law are subject to Absolute Penalties.

The maximum penalty for violation of a Spiritual Law is called an AID order or penalty - It means that the entity is forbidden to manifest above or below and normally is enforced as follows:

When the charge verifies - when the charged person dies (looses its first body) it is met by agents of the Intergalactic Police division of  IGC and taken to a dis-integration machine (TSDS Machine) where the remainder of its bodies are destroyed.  It cannot manifest in the lower levels of  heaven without these bodies and cannot enter the higher levels of heaven because it is evil and has deliberately disobeyed the "Absolute" so it remains in the region between the two zones as a helpless atom forever. There is generally no return from an AID command directive.  The entity cannot pay in Karma even if it wants to because to pay in Karma it must manifest somehow in the lower levels of heaven to work off the karma - and it can no longer manifest.

Other entities may,  if they choose, and have the clearance rescue someone strung out like this but it is very unlikely that they would because to have the authorization they would have to be from (cleared thru) the higher levels of heaven and it is because of deliberate contempt for the higher law that the sentence was imposed in the first place so such people are not in good shape to say the least.

People who are charged with such violations may clear the charge if they pay while still alive in the physical but few do because they think that "the promises of the Government to cover-up - stonewall and protect them" is more powerful than the Absolute power of God which is just not correct - someday they will die and then the Government will no longer be able to protect them and their "fling" will be over.

In order to be a candidate for AID  these people must be spiritually competent - the type we are dealing with here are people who are highly advanced - have received "initiations" or whatever in higher levels of heaven - they have great power therefore, which normally comes with this, but abuse of this in ways against the will of the Creator is not allowed and severely punished. Regular people, not aware of all this, are not subject to AID orders but are subject to Karma penalties.  Karma is like a "slap on the wrist for a misguided child" - but when one is an Adult citizen of the Universe the "game is played for keeps".


It probably appears to the "average clog on the street" that things happen in a disorganized way and there is no relationship between major events in this country.   This is because they are narrow minded and cannot look with a broad perspective and is not true.

Most events which occur which effect the general public are premeditated and pre planned by the US Government and coordinated from behind the scene in secret thru people tied together by the Top Secret FTS (Federal Telecommunications System) network and also by "special agents" who are trained to have to have rudimentary telepathic capabilities called "the  Q- men".   They all operate off of a 15 year Master Plan that is made up and executed in secret.

In the following chain of command chart,  we look at the part of the master conspiracy that is relevant to the interference in my life caused by Incident N1I19.



The data to construct the basic chart used here was mainly provided to me by Ralph Wells Buddington who was the Chief of Residents in psychiatry who were on the Tulane University Service at Charity Hospital (HB5) during P5 of N1I19.

Believing that I would be killed and Never live to tell the truth, Buddington admitted to me that he was a secret agent or a "Q-man" as they are called and he also stated that the superintendent of every mental hospital in the United States is also a government agent too.

By de-briefing the "telephone man" at Charity Hospital and later by seeing personally a secret government FTS phone book it was learned that secret FTS lines were connected to Charity Hospital and also to Tulane University where the President of the University was a secret agent for the IDA.

Under the chain of command, the attack launched against myself by Tulane University is therefore traceable and is considered to be an act of attempted murder by the US Government for no legally valid reason.

Under the Chain of Command, the spy Longnecker received his orders from the IDA - a puppet of the US Intelligence Community.

Philip Schaefer, who had a Q-level security clearance,  is considered to be under the command of the "control spy" - Longnecker.

William Super was involved in project Mind Control and is therefore considered to be under control of CIA.

Since Schaefer and Super conspired to initiate the act of war against me it is considered an act of the US Government requiring payment by the Government to me for its sins and crimes.

Under Universal Law procedure - it is valid to charge in Karma the Government of the United States with many violations including violations of Spiritual Law.  Violations of Spiritual Law are justification for the total destruction of the United States of America.



THE US GOVERNMENT is charged under Religious Law (IGC) with Conspiracy Against Humanity. Specifically, that with knowledge and premeditation, the US GOVERNMENT is engaged in a campaign to chemically and genetically alter the structure of the human race in a deliberate attempt to interfere with transcendence.  And further, that the US GOVERNMENT removes from publicly accessible knowledge key elements of knowledge so as to maintain an environment of darkness and ignorance among the people so that it can hold them as slaves to do its bidding.

Specific mechanisms of interference include modification of the food chain to convert to synthetic foods lacking specific enzymes, genetic engineering to redesign human bodies to be preconditioned to slavery, and surgical, chemical , and mechanical / electrical modifications of the existing human bodies (population) to make them unsuitable for the exercise of free will.


THE STATE OF LOUISIANA  is charged with  "Conspiracy to commit murder thru mental and physical cruelty" at the Federal Level under the Federal Conspiracy and Civil Rights Statutes.  The penalty is suspension of all federal funds to the State of Louisiana under HEW Policy code # 504.


The City of New Orleans is CHARGED as a coconspirator with the State of Louisiana.


Tulane University is considered an agent of the US GOVERNMENT because the President of the University - during N1I19 - Hebert Longnecker - is a US Agent operating in secret as an agent of the Institute of Defense Analysis and receiving direct secret orders from the US Intelligence Community of which he is a member.

Consequently, any act committed by the University is charged against the US GOVERNMENT under the "Chain of Command".

The University is charged with Attempted Murder which means that the order was given by Scruton to have me killed is charged against Longnecker and then against the US Government as the primary causal agent.


Dr. Roland ANCIRA          WM  PERIOD 9  GROUP HB5H  D#038   LSU RESIDENT








Dr. George A.  BISHOP    WM    PERIOD 7    GROUP  HB9E    D#034    STATE STAFF





          MALPRACTICE THRU OMISSION:  By the mechanism of refusing
                    to provide data on the availability of Social Security Disability and SSI even though informed
                    that patient had no money and no food and saying instead that "the only source of income
                    she knew of was working at a Goodwill Store for the wage of thirty-three cents per hour"
                    which is not sufficient for survival.

                    By admission to knowledge of the theft of $100,000.00 by the family of
                    Mr. & Mrs. ROBERT ANTHONY PEISER covered by incident report A-72-01-029 and indicating both
                    knowledge and approval of the criminal acts committed by the Peiser Family.



                                                      SPY TO BREAK THE LAW AT WILL)




                    ACCEPTED A CASE














Dr. Alvin  COHEN    WM     PERIOD  8   GROUP  HB7M     STATE STAFF    D# 027


Dr.  W.W.  DAHLBERG    WM     PERIOD  1   GROUP  HB5B    D#007     STATE STAFF




Dr.  DEARMAN    WM     PERIOD  9   GROUP  HB5H    LSU  STAFF    D#009




Dr.  FALIT      WM    PERIOD  1   GROUP  HB5D    D#006   LSU INTERN



Dr.  FORET    WM     PERIOD  3    GROUP   HB6E    D#022     STATE STAFF




Dr.  Billy M.  GRAHAM     WM    PERIOD  3   GROUP  HB6D   D#021     STATE STAFF




Dr.  HAMM    WM    PERIOD  2   GROUP   HB7A   D# 014    STATE  STAFF


Mr.  Earl   HARDWIN     WM    PERIOD  8   GROUP   HB7   EMPL.  N.O. POLICE DEPT.


Dr.  James   HENRY      WM    PERIOD   1, 4 & 7    GROUP HB5   D# 008    STATE STAFF

                    CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT RAPE
                    ABUSE OF A DISABLED PATIENT

.                             TALKING TO THE PRESS


                     MAKING MURDER THREATS





Dr.  Seveverence  KELLY     WM     PERIOD  4     GROUP  HB7F     STATE STAFF






Dr.  J.  Browne   LA ROSE       PERIOD 0     GROUP  N1    WM    D# 001   LA. REG.  M.D.





Dr.   LATHROP     WM     PERIOD  6   GROUP  HB7L     D# 026     STATE STAFF






















          CONSPIRACY:  PARTICIPANT IN THE PLANNING OF THE ASSASSINATION OF US  PRESIDENT            .                                     JOHN  F.  KENNEDY

Dr.  MAGGIO     WM    PERIOD  7     GROUP   HB5G     D#  029     LSU RESIDENT







Dr.   METZ     WM    PERIOD  7   GROUP   HB9A   D# 032   STATE STAFF









Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Anthony  PEISER  WF / WM  PERIOD  8  GROUP  N1   (INCIDENT  N1I29)





          GRAND THEFT IN THE AMOUNT OF $100,000.00

Dr.   PIERCE     WM     PERIOD  2   GROUP   HB7C    D#  017     STATE  RESIDENT




Dr.  REESE     WM   PERIOD 2   GROUP  HB7A   D#  015    STATE STAFF


Dr.  David  B.   REGAN      PERIOD  2    GROUP  HB7B    D#  016     STATE STAFF


Mr.  ROBERTS      PERIOD  3    GROUP  HB6E     WM     LA. REG.   ASCW

















                                   AGAINST PATIENTS BY SPLITTING A  FEE OF $2000.00
                                   FOR THEIR "GUARANTEED"  RELEASE FROM STATE CUSTODY AS "CURED"

                                    COVERUP THEN IN PROGRESS

Dr.   SMITH     WM     PERIOD  8     GROUP   HB7S    D# 012    STATE STAFF


Dr.  Gary   SNEED    WM    PERIOD  3   GROUP   HB6D     STATE STAFF










(William Christian Super's Secretary) (name unknown)  WF  PERIOD 6  GROUP  N1    STATE STAFF


Dr.  WALKER    WM    PERIOD  7   GROUP  HB9D    D# 033    STATE STAFF


                    AND MURDER OF PATIENTS

                    AND FOR PATIENTS
















Dr.  Patricia  B.   WEST    PERIOD  1   GROUP  HB5B   WF   D# 004   LSU RESIDENT


Dr.  Martha   WICKETT   PERIOD  7   GROUP  HB5G

                      "TO TEST THEM TO SEE IF THEY WERE NORMAL"